The day was going so well …

With Kevin Gregg unavailable thanks to heavy usage in recent days (which is a good thing), Dale Sveum gave Carlos Marmol the opportunity to close out today’s sweep. Marmol had been pitching quite well recently in low-leverage situations. In today’s high pressure role, Marmol responded by recording just one out – a sacrifice bunt – and giving up four runs, including a game-winning three-run homer. There isn’t much to say.

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  • Bryan

    Im so glad its marmols last year.

  • Mark S


  • OCCubFan

    I don’t have too much trouble with using Marmol to start the 9th, but Sveum should know by now that Marmol’s performance is binary: he is either pretty good or really terrible. After the HR and the walk, he should have been replaced–by the batboy if necessary.

    • willis

      Absolutely. I didn’t agree with putting him in, but oh well, it wasn’t the worst thing ever. After seeing that he had jack shit today, you have to pull him. That’s what a real manager does. But Sveum is brainless. Has no business being in a major league dugout making decisions.

    • Eric

      couldn’t agree more! sveum should have yanked him right after the walk. even my wife said so!!!!

    • King Jeff

      Putting him in is excusable, leaving him in when he is clearly struggling continues to baffle me.

  • Cubbie Tim

    F this mf. He’s garbage.

  • Steve C

    Can we give Marmol away for a couple of Old Styles and a dog? Packaged deal.

  • Cheryl

    DFA Marmol. If its his last year why keep him?

  • Tyron

    Release this mofo an send a damn message
    To everyone u don’t give a shit bout wat u make

  • Patrick G

    Top of the order looked good today, the rest, not so much. Got really lucky with the Mets throwing the ball around like a tee ball team, but I guess it doesn’t really matter.

  • Steve

    Sveum is an idiot, Marmol has consistently shown he can’t handle the ninth, yet the genius manager cost us yet another game. Dale must go, bottom line.

    • willis

      Amen. His players put his team in situations to win many times. And many of those times his decisions cost them the game. This team goes nowhere with him at the helm.

  • Britt

    At least Blake Parker got some solid work in during that wholly and utterly pointless 9th inning warm-up session.

  • another JP

    Now’s the time to DFA this Bozo. Must do it to set an example and for the overall morale of the team at this point because there’s nothing to gain by keeping him on the roster. No way can anyone tell me that Blake Parker, Rodriguez, or anyone else is a better option than Marmhole. Three blown saves in five attempts on the year is absolutely laughable.

  • chrisfchi

    If I was Garza I’d choke the crap outta Marmol.

  • TonyP

    Thed can shove Marmol’s non-existent trade value up their ass. All they would get is some fringy prospect that most likely wouldn’t amount to jack shit anyway…..

    • Rizzo44


  • Kygavin

    At least he got one out? But seriously this is getting old

    • Britt

      Yea, on a sacrifice. Marmol literally couldn’t “create” a single out against the bottom half of, at best, the second-worst offense in the National League.

    • another JP

      To be accurate, the Mets got themselves out. Sac bunt-

  • LER

    Sveum has finally convinced me beyond argument that he shouldn’t be in a dugout (not making decisions in one, anyway).

    • Earl Cunningham

      He’s a stubborn goober.

    • willis

      You’re spot on.

  • jmc

    where have all the flowers gone? when will they ever learn…

  • Ron

    Glad i had better things to do for fathers day…like fold cloths and stuff.

  • Mike Taylor (no relation)

    This is on Sveum. We have 13 pitchers on the roster. Someone should have been ready to go by the time the sac bunt was recorded.

  • another JP

    I think they should take a pic of Garza now and see if he’s still smiling. Hahahaha.

  • Rizzo44

    Screw Marmol and screw Sveum. Marmol needs to go already… Next up Cardinals. Probably looking at a sweep.

  • Ron Schwermin

    Enough is enough…marmol should take the cub uniform off and leave and never return again and dale sveum needs to be FIRED his decision making SUCKS and does not belong in the majors!!!!!!!

    • Jp3

      But he fits in so well with the current culture??

  • Big Joe

    Ok. Let’s try this again…

    Rizzo in June:

    8-43 (.186 avg.)
    0 HR
    3 RBI
    .233 SLG
    .630 OPS

    Rizzo’s last 7 days:

    4-23 (.174 avg.)
    0 HR
    0 RBI
    .217 SLG
    .623 OPS

    Am I STILL wrong? STILL complaining?? STILL griping???

    Here’s your link:

    Give the guy a day off. Hell, give him a couple days off.
    And, no, I’m not saying he’s awful, or that I hate him. Don’t start that shit again. He’s struggling. Badly. To keep throwing him out there, every day, is foolish.

    • Kyle

      Giving your best hitter time off every time he slumps seems like a good way to miss the beginning of all his hot streaks.

      • Big Joe

        I’d be inclined to agree with you, if he’d been a little cold, for, say, a week. We’re pushing almost 50 ABs, at this point. All I’m suggesting at this point, is a day off. Just one. Will that “cure” him? Doubtful. Will it hurt him? Absolutely not.
        By the way, what, exactly, qualifies Rizzo as the team’s “best hitter”? I’m not being sarcastic. Not trying to be difficult, either. But, if he’s “the best”, then we’re in a sad state of affairs right now.

        • King Jeff

          Pushing 50 ab’s which amounts to about 12 games. Yeah, definitely needs benched. Maybe he should get sent back down to Iowa.

          • Big Joe

            Again, you’re taking this to the extreme. Benched? I would say that a day off is hardly a “benching”. It’s a day. Sent to Iowa??? Who said anything about demoting him?? ONE day off. Clear his head. Again, will it send him into a month long surge? Most likely, no. Will it hurt? Not at all.

        • Kyle

          He leads the team in wOBA among full-time players who aren’t being platooned.

          • Big Joe

            He’s having “quality ABs”, in the midst of his slump. Nice to know.
            I could also say that he’s “trying his best”, and still not seeing results.
            Day off, please.

            • Drew7

              Getting on base 40% of the time and, “trying his best” are hardly the same thing. I’m sure he’s doing both, but the former actually matters a great deal.

            • hookersocake

              Hey look if your gonna give guys with sub 650 ops for the month the day off…

    • Dustin S

      Agree 100% on Rizzo.

      On Marmol, curious if the decision to put him in that kind of situation is from Sveum, or if the front office has directed Sveum to put him in those situations. Otherwise it doesn’t make any sense at all to put him in and leave him in when he’s off. Is it another vain attempt to try to build Marmol’s trade value? Or is this the first step of the “tank” strategy? Putting Marmol in any game late where the Cubs lead and leaving him in even when he’s obviously off would be one way to do it. It’s either one of the most apparent attempts to throw a game or pretty awful managing that I’ve seen in a long time IMHO.

    • Cheryl

      But that’s what Sveum does. He does it with Castro, Rizzo and Marmol. I just don’t understand him. Maybe he needs a change of scenery as well as Marmol and a few others on this team. I know they want players to have a certain amount of at bats in the minors but its time to bring up some of these players and see if they can do any better than what we have,

    • Drew7

      I like how there’s no mention of the .397 and .406 OBP’s during those time frames.

      • King Jeff

        Yeah, I noticed that too.

      • Big Joe

        Yes, he’s drawn a few walks. Forget what I said. 0-4, with a base on balls each day, is just fine. Keep him in there. Ruin what little confidence he has remaining. Hell, watch him repeat June, for the rest of the season. Seems like a plan to me. Have you watched the guy at the plate? The other day, a poster said it better than I ever could. After another strikeout, Rizzo “couldn’t get out of the batter’s box quick enough”. The guy isn’t comfortable, confident, and has no rhythm at the plate. But, yeah, a couple walks makes it all ok.

        • Dynastyin2017

          Joe, I think we are in the minority on the walk thing. Walks should be considered part of what determines a good hitter, not a majority. People forget, 67-75% of OBP is determined by hits. 100% of SLG in determined by hits. More runs are driven in with hits, opposed to walks, right?

          • Drew7

            OBP actually has a much stronger correlation to RS than SLG.


            • Dynastyin2017

              If you want your slugging 1st basemen hitting under .200 with an OBP of .400 and a slugging of .250, fine.
              I want the OBP to be more of a 3-1 hit to walk ration.
              Didn’t say OBP wasn’t important.

              (didn’t Doc do a spreadsheet last year showing the importance of SLG %, or am I mistaken?)

              • Drew7

                You’ve successfully moved the goalposts.

                My reply was to your post, which was discussing the importance of OBP. I gave you a link discussing the fact that OBP is 1.8 times more valuable to offense.

                But, to answer your last question: no, I don’t want a light-hitting 1B’man. What I don’t find troubling is our slugging 1B’man going through a 3 week slump while getting on-base 40% of the time during it.

                • Dynastyin2017

                  We’re debating different things. I’m not saying OBP is worthless. Never did. Just can’t get excited about a .400 obp being driven by a 3/1 walk to hit ratio.
                  I’m personally not that concerned with Rizoo/Castro/Castillo just yet. This is a perfect year to go through the learning process.

                  • Drew7

                    Nobody is asking you to get excited about it – I’m certainly not. I’m also not accusing you of thinking OBP isn’t important.

                    Rizzo continuing to have a good approach and take walks is a good sign. Not only does alleviate any concern about his recent lack of power, it has also allowed him to contribute offensively despite the lack of power.

                    Hitters go through peaks and valleys. That Rizzo has managed to contribute offensively (unlike Castro, for instance) during one of his valleys is a good thing in my eyes.

          • Big Joe

            Well, why doesn’t Rizzo bat leadoff then??? I mean, hell, good OBP, right? Oh yeah…he bats 3rd in the lineup, because he’s expected to drive in runs, and hit homeruns.
            Listen, walks are a good thing. A high OBP is a good thing. But, I want Rizzo’s high OBP to be the result of, um….hitting the ball, which he’s not doing right now.
            He’s in the middle of the order for a reason: drive in runs. His OBP can be good, as a result of hitting the ball in the gaps, too.
            Day off.

        • Drew7

          Where were you yesterday after he went 3-5?

          I have a hard time buying that getting on base at a 40% clip is crushing his confidence.

          • Big Joe

            True. And his June stat line AFTER his 3-5 day is still bad.
            I believe you’re not understanding where I’m coming from. I really like the guy. I believe that he’s the answer at 1st base, for probably, the next decade. He’s slumping right now. He needs a day off.
            Prior to yesterday, Rizzo was 5-38 for the month of June.
            Did his good day kick-start a hot streak? No.
            He was 0-5 today.
            Day off needed.

            • Big Joe

              * 0-4 today. My mistake.

            • King Jeff

              I see what you are saying, I and probably others just think that there is something to letting young guys play through slumps. If it goes on into July, then yes I think he might need to take a step back. I just don’t think that sitting him is necessarliy the best way to go.

              • Big Joe

                That’s your opinion, and you’re entitled to it. For our sake, and our sanity, I really don’t care which one of us is right. I just want the guy to succeed. Day off, or no day off, just hit.

        • King Jeff

          If he is getting on base 4 out of 10 times, then yes, I take that all day long.

        • Drew7

          “0-4 with a base on balls each day, is just fine.”

          That was never said, nor is it what his cold spell has amounted to on a daily basis.

          Right now, his June triple slash has amounted to around an average game of 1-4 with a BB. I’m OK with those results when a guy is in a mini-funk.

  • kevin

    Ricketts should be making a suggestion to the ‘boy wonders’ or heads need to be rolling!

    • EvenBetterNewsV2.0

      That is the last person who should make recommendations to the “boy wonders”.

  • William

    Marmol needs to be sent Boise, because nobody would make a trade for him.

  • RyanWEIt

    Marmol is trending on twitter…cubs fans should be proud haha

    • Jp3

      I’ll bet it’s not flattering

    • Jp3

      Give is the best quote, I need a good laugh.

      • RyanWEIt

        Marmol blew a save … In other news the sky is blue, beer is good and Kate upton is hot…there is a lot trust me haha

      • DarthHater

        “#CarlosMarmol takes a lot of heat from fans, but when it comes to pitching, he walks the walk.”

        • Jp3

          He definitely walks the walk, and then walks the extra mile… I think Sveum hates having to pitch Marmol but he has to keep sending him out until Theo forces his hand and cuts his ass finally. If Ian got in trouble for embarrassing the franchise why Marmol not be suspended for the same?

          • DarthHater

            Be careful. If you say Marmol’s name three times, he appears and gets to pitch! ๐Ÿ˜‰

            • Jp3

              Marma—lade???? Close as I could think to the the Beetle-drink reference, good as I can do on short notice๐Ÿ˜€

          • DarthHater

            New instructions to Wrigley organist. Carlos Marmol’s new walk-up song is: “I Wanna Walk You Home,” by Fats Domino.

            • Jp3

              How about Beck- Loser? Seems pretty relevant.

      • DarthHater

        Or, my personal favorite:

        “#dalesvelm I hope you drop dead on this Father’s Day. Anyone responsible for #carlosmarmol still being on our team I wish the same.”

        Kinda makes your heart warm, doesn’t it? I feel sorta sorry for dalesvelm. ๐Ÿ˜›

  • jmc

    well we can always talk about Syria again, or Hamms beer. What evr happened to Hamms? Lol

    • YourResidentJag

      The new Dr. Pepper commercial is very reminiscent of the type of commercials that Hamms marketed back in the day. And funny too.

  • cubs82

    I think theo have to do something about it. They cannot let sveum keep doing this over and over.

  • Brad Swann

    I can’t watch Marmol give up games any more…This man must be released or at the very least never again given the ball in the ninth inning…He fools nobody…and you know you are going to get a good pitch to hit because he is trying so hard not to walk anybody…He has cost us so many games that when I see him in the ninth…I know we are going to lose…We could have gone into St Louis on a nice little roll but instead we have to go in there on a loss because of Marmol…I can’t do this anymore…He has to go…

  • cubzfan23

    Marmol definitely needs to go. What is the deal with keeping him. There will never be any trade vlue for him so eat the damn 9 million and move on already.I think the worse thing is the moral of the team seeing this guy continue to blow games.

    Jed and Theo need to stick with what they said and start holding this guy accountable for is lack of pitching, who cares that he was doing good as they put it not me. DFA or just outright release him. Let his teammates say nice things about him and than we can move on.
    I am willing to bet my remaining years salary that noone picks this guy up. My thought is Marmol is pretty much done in the MLB.

  • RWakild

    Rodon from NC state is having a great game. Maybe a good first round pick for us next year. May as well watch good baseball. Sveum is an idiot for keeping marmol in there. No way a real manager keeps Marmol in there after that walk. Anybody who knows Marmol knows that he either has it or he doesn’t.

    • Jp3

      As a tarheel fan watching this game if rather eat my shoe then take Rondon… But yeah he’s good