Enhanced Box Score: Cubs 3, Mets 4 – June 16, 2013

The day was going so well …

With Kevin Gregg unavailable thanks to heavy usage in recent days (which is a good thing), Dale Sveum gave Carlos Marmol the opportunity to close out today’s sweep. Marmol had been pitching quite well recently in low-leverage situations. In today’s high pressure role, Marmol responded by recording just one out – a sacrifice bunt – and giving up four runs, including a game-winning three-run homer. There isn’t much to say.

june 16 box

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  1. kmr1453

    I’ve never watched a hockey game, but thank you to the Blackhawks for giving Chicago something to cheer about.

  2. wvcubsfan

    This isn’t intended as being a defense of Dale, but when players come thru it makes a managers decision look a whole lot better.

  3. Stu

    The defenders of Sveum on this one have to answer the question as to why you would keep Marmol in after he was getting hit.

    Brett? anyone?

    1. kmr1453

      I would like to know the thinking on this too.

      1. DocShock

        I cannot even begin to know his reasons, yo would have to ask him directly. Also every manager makes bad decisions, no manager. If he were he would never lose a game because he would make the perfect decision every time result gin the perfect outcome, which is impossible when you are dealing with people.

  4. Mike F

    Everyone knows the front office micro manages and I am a fan of Theo. So it is completely idiotic to somehow believe Theo isn’t pushing constantly every opportunity to throw Marmol out there in a reclamation effort to get some value. Marmol is not a coaching decision, he’s a personnel decision and frankly he’s junk. Let’s face it, this is where we are, winning doesn’t matter, they are clearly positioning for more flipping.

    The area that does deserve scrutiny is offensive coaching. And if indeed so many are determined to get rid of Sveum look at that. I still think Theo is on a decent track, maybe too plodding, but unless he drags this out until 2017, I think he’s making slow progress which is progress at least. The front line starting pitching is good, the offensive core very disappointing, the fringe good, and the bullpen shameful. Seems to most of this at this time is really personnel and not coaching…..

    1. Tommy K

      Why would Theo think Marmol’s trade value is higher as a terrible closer than as a decent set-up man?

  5. RWakild

    Change of heart. Keep Sveum so he can keep sending Marmol out there when he is bad and gonna lose for sure. Rodon was a beast today. Allowing one run to a powerful North Carolina team. We need that first pick!!!

    1. Rich H

      That is not happening because Miami will probably trade Polanco, Nalasco, Pierre and anyone else with a pulse before the deadline and they are already the worst team in baseball.

      1. YourResidentJag

        Or KC ownership may tank it all to hell and trade Shields, Santana and Butler and surpass the Cubs in losses. In fact, there many teams we could talk about surpass the Cubs in draft picks. This is really a forgettable season.

  6. JR

    You can blame Sveum all you want, but you can’t make chicken salad out of chicken $#!+, there just isn’t enough mayonnaise!

    1. waittilthisyear

      been in italy long enough that chicken salad sounds amazing…all the best to all you commenters back home

  7. Brandon

    Anybody hear that the Tigers want Gregg and will be willing to take Marmol? My dad heard this on the radio and asked if they mentioned it on here. I told him not that I know of but if you get on the computer…to which he stopped me and replied what do I want to do that for I haven’t needed to use one for 64 years! … :-)!!!

    1. Rich H

      We are probably going to give Marmol away for a hot plate special from a truck stop at this point so if Detriot wants Gregg and him all the power to him.

  8. Cheryl

    It’s tough to watch the game that Garza pitched be lost in the 9th. At some point in time there has to be an accounting even with a bad team The longer Theo & Company put off that accounting the more fans they will lose who will never return. They must be aware of that. Why don’t they act?

    1. wvcubsfan

      Yet we are all still here, aren’t we

      1. JOE

        Because we are the best fans in the world…. painfully

      2. 5412


        Cubs are not close to selling out the stadium. The downturn is costing them. With Marmol off the books at year end and Soriano in his last year they better make a step forward.



    2. Timothy Scarbrough

      Who is going to be lost forever? Every bandwagon fan is gone by now, but they will be back the minute the Cubs start winning again. That’s how sports work.

      1. YourResidentJag

        Maybe. Depends on the coverage the Cubs get nationally and regionally. Cheryl has a point in that, if WGN ends its association with the Cubs, it represent the end of a long era when WGN, for better or worse, brought the Cubs to the national consciousness. Oh sure, there going to loyalists who grew up on the Cubs and those in Chicago and close by that will stick with the team. I wouldn’t be so confident in the upswing in fans, though. Some regionally may also jump ship to other teams, like the Twins when the likes of Sano and Buxton come up to the majors.

        1. DarthHater

          Yea, as I said the other day, I think the Cubs should put all their day games on WGN in order to maintain their national market share and put the more lucrative night games on some local sports channel that will pay bigger bucks. Of course, I have no idea whether the contractual rules would permit such a set up.

          1. YourResidentJag

            That’s really solid idea. Hope the Cubs will at least consider it. I just hope they get more of those night games.

          2. MichiganGoat

            That might be a nice stop over until the CSN contract expires but then somebody will want the entire TV contract not just the evening games. Plus with the growth of MLB.tv and smart TV the need for a “superstation” has diminished. Now if MLB could just stop this blackout crap.

            1. YourResidentJag

              Yep. Got Directv. Get out of market NHL. Check. Out of market NBA (should I want that to watch). Check. Get out of market college basketball and football. Check. Out of market baseball. CRICKETS.

            2. DarthHater

              I suppose you could be right about the new technologies. I’m just an old fart living in golden memories of watching the Cubs after school.

              Why was I going to school in the summer, you ask? Silly goat… ;-)

              1. MichiganGoat

                I have those same memories infact I’m sure most of us are here today because of WGN (well and my family wouldn’t allow me not to watch the Cubs). The summer my friends knew if the Cubs were on I’d be busy.

                1. MichiganGoat

                  Man I miss having that much free time

  9. pfk

    Where I was once optimistic about the way this team was coming together, I now have deep concerns and pessimism. Rizzo has been unable to adjust once the pitchers got a book on him. And even when he does hit he’s poor in the clutch. I gear he is maxed out offensively. Castro has shown little to no improvement defensively and no winning team can have a shortstop with that bad of a glove. Worse, his hitting seems to now e in the .250 – .260 range. No slump, it’s where he seems to have leveled off. Castillo’s bat is so/so and he has a long way to go defensively. While I love Barney’s glove and overall heads up play, his bat just isn’t Major League enough to stick. Great utility player only. Starting pitching is very good but bullpen is atrocious. Outfield only average but studs are coming. I thought 2014 would be a good year and 2015 or 2016 a go for it all year. Now, this year is a bust and 2014 will be no better. By 2015, given the awfulness of the club, the good pitchers will opt to go elsewhere and we have little coming along. The stunning decline of Castro and Rizzo is at the heart of my pessimism. I thought they’d be a core – not any longer. Neither will get much better and we can’t build around either. I’d trade either or both to get one good ball player. And hope the supposed studs on the Farm pan out as billed.

    1. caryatid62

      Whoever had two months in the “DA SKIEZ IS FALLIN AND WEZ NEVER GETTING BETTA” post, collect your money.

      Rizzo’s OPS in 2012 (337 PA): .805
      Rizzo’s OPS in 2013 (286 PA): .794

      If you want to call that a “stunning decline,” then more power to ya, man.

      1. YourResidentJag

        I buy the Rizzo argument. But as you have defended your point with, and only with Rizzo, I’m leaning more toward @pfk here.

        1. Caryatid62

          He said “stunning decline of Rizzo and Castro.” We’ll, Castros had a bad two months after 2.5 very good years, and Rizzo’s numbers are identical to last year, so I don’t know what to tell you.

          1. YourResidentJag

            Notice I still said I buy the Rizzo argument. :)

    2. Carew

      You do know that both Castro and Rizzo are only 23 years old? There are growing pains

  10. Bryan

    Pfk find a new team to root for. I mean seriously just stop following the cubs. If things are so bad then just stop.

    1. YourResidentJag

      It’s kinda hard to do that if you’ve been a fan for 30 years. But then, by your statement, I see how you won’t comprehend the significance of this.

  11. James Gillmeister

    I’ve been easy on Sveum, but he should get this loss. This one is all on him. He knows Marmol can’t handle close game situations. He shouldn’t put him in them. Right now, Marmol should be the last guy out of the pen, when the game is out of hand one way or another. Unless Sveum is usingMarmol to send a message the the front office

    A sweep would have been great.

    1. 70'scub

      Loss goes strait to the FO every day Marmol wears a Cub uniform!

  12. caryatid62

    Complaining about a manager is just about the most boring conversation ever.

    How about a discussion about what Garza’s current value is relative to his contract length and recent performance? How about Feldman?

    Any discussion of Schierholtz? Is he a longer-term asset (only 29), or a tradeable commodity? Is his longer-term value greater than a prospect he might be flipped for?

    What about a discussion of whether or not spending money on a bullpen is value spending? Aren’t both Marmol (bad) and Gregg (good) a good example of the wide variability year over year of relievers? If so, is it worth it to spend anything more than minimal dollars on them?

    All of these are more interesting things to discuss than the F’n manager.

    1. Dynastyin2017

      Thank you for letting me know what I can talk about.

      1. caryatid62

        I don’t care what you talk about. Nowhere in my post did I say you couldn’t talk about the manager.

        That doesn’t mean it isn’t a stupid, boring topic.

        1. willis

          Well, it’s kind of important seeing that he is responsible for this team losing as much as it is. He makes wrong moves. Which result in losses, so yeah, it’s pretty important and not stupid.

          1. Caryatid62

            No, it’s stupid.

    2. 70'scub

      Garza is not signing his prime away for this organization, 1/2 year rental is such a loss in return for the Cubs.

  13. Kramden

    Another great start by Pierce Johnson of Kane County.

    1. Rcleven

      Kid pitched a hell of a game today and still didn’t have his best stuff.
      He is pitching well above KC level and will have to be moved soon.

  14. Brian

    Can anyone out there tell me the “real” story on WHY Marmol is still pitching in the major leagues????? What would it hurt to send him to another team (ANY TEAM) or the minors??????????????

    1. DarthHater

      No other team would take him and he has enough service time to refuse an assignment to the minors. So the only option would be to just cut him loose.

      1. 5412


        I think he will be cut before the season ends.



        1. DarthHater

          It’s certainly looking more and more that way.

          1. caryatid62

            At this point, there is no value to keeping him on the roster–it’s a sunk cost without any likelihood of recouping anything for him (even the most marginal of prospects). There’s only 6-8 weeks of time left until trades can no longer be made, and his failures are only alienating potential paying customers.

            There’s no baseball reason or business reason to keep him anymore.

            1. DarthHater

              Yea, the concept of “value over replacement player” comes to mind…

    2. The Cleanup Poster

      He has compromising pictures of Sveum and a donkey…. That’s the only reason I can think of as to why he is still pitching.

      1. baldtaxguy

        Appears you have really thought this out.

    3. Scott

      I am with you. Marmol is a triple A player at best

  15. Dynastyin2017

    Brett, buddy, you need to make a Bleachers Nation rule book. It’s getting tough for us to know what we can talk about. Or what trades can be proposed. Or what stats we can like or dislike. Or even what prospects we can like…..it’s getting tough out here.

    1. DarthHater

      While you’re at it, Brett, would please ban everybody who disagrees with me? :-P

    2. caryatid62

      Methinks you don’t quite understand the difference between criticism and censorship. Calling managerial discussion boring is “criticism.” Removing the post or declaring that it cannot be discussed is “censorship.”

      The difference is fairly clear.

      1. Mr. P

        People like to vent when they are pissed. Sorry you feel it is boring. Nobody is forcing to read the responses about the manager though so feel free to not read them.

        If this was the first time, it wouldn’t be a big deal but this has happened several times now. Marmol can’t be trusted in pressure situations and Sveum knows that (Why would he have Parker up). Losses like this can kill the morale of a team and our young players need as much of that as possible.

        1. DarthHater

          Hell, this is nothing. There were a few times last year when folks on this comment board really had the torches and pitchforks out for Marmol.

          1. MichiganGoat

            All while screaming for Campana to start every single game.

            1. DarthHater

              Hey, if we still had Campana we wouldn’t be in this mess. He could just run round and round the earth at such a high speed that time would run backwards. Then Sveum could fix his dumb decisions. :-D

        2. Caryatid62

          Sorry youre upset by my criticism. Nobody’s forcing you to read my posts. (And round and round it goes ad infinitum…)

          We all have opinions. About everything. And this is where they get expressed.

    3. JayPaul

      Or how many consecutive post can be whiny in nature? :)

      1. DarthHater


  16. Tommy

    One walk.

  17. Amie

    This loss is on Dale Sveum pure and simple. He even had Parker warmed up ready to go, yet was too stubborn to use him. Marmol has not been good in the 9th for a long time, and there is no way he can fool people into thinking he is. The 8th is not the 9th. The problem with this MANAGER is he will spend all day explaining what happened, when he needs to STEP UP and tell fans he was wrong, that he erred in judgement. Otherwise fewer and fewer fans will be willing to offer their patience.

    1. JoeyCollins

      Yeah that stubborn manager who is unwilling to bring in a rookie, with no 9th inning experience, into a 2 run game with one on and no outs.

      1. Mr. P

        So your answer is to bang your head against the wall with an option you know has failed very often? I’ll take the unknown option over the likely failure.

        1. JoeyCollins

          No, not my answer, i wanted him pulled after the walk. I just don’t think it’s stubborn to believe Mamol with a three run lead is a better option than an unproven rookie.

      2. Jim L

        Can you imagine the howling from the Sveum haters if he did that?

    2. baldtaxguy

      “The problem with this MANAGER is he will spend all day explaining what happened, when he needs to STEP UP and tell fans he was wrong, that he erred in judgement. ”

      I’ve never heard a manager state that “he was wrong and erred in judgement.” Maybe they do that and I’ve missed it- have you read such a quote from a mgr? If Sveum did, would that make you feel better? If he did, would you then excuse Marmol for sucking?

    3. Ben

      You want a manager to just take a dump on one of his players like that? By publicly stating he made a mistake bringing Marmol in in the 9th (which was once what the guy did), That is exactly what he would be doing. Hell, maybe there is still someone out there willing to get Carlos back to form. Rather than just giving up on him, maybe deep down they are still trying to figure out the issues. We are paying the man. Let him do what he does.

      This is a lost season folks. I don’t see why losing 1 to the Mets is that big of deal. Getting closer and closer to a top pick next season. There is no reason to call for Dales head at this point. I’m betting he is doing what he is told to do.

      I know it sucks and is frustrating, but there is no reason to fret things out of our control.

  18. DarthHater


    1. Jp3

      Ha, that’s an awesome caption this gameday pic…

    2. The Cleanup Poster

      Best meme ever, on the interconnected webs

    3. DarthHater


  19. JoeyCollins

    Dale sveum is by far the best manager the Cubs have had… since 2010. Fun with small samples, and short memories, works with both players and managers.

    1. DarthHater

      Best comment on this board since June 16, 2013 at 8:57 pm.

  20. 70'scub

    This loss is on the FO/cub owner they are to cheap to cut Marmol they suck as a front office. This guy should have been moved when Kerry Wood retired, he killed Qball’s chance at winning two years ago. This situation compels us as Cub fans to finally understand that this FO is failing to change the Cub culture from a merit based on performance organization vs. play those that the FO and owner spent on. This manager is the same position that Lou and Qball was in he will get fired just the same!

    1. DarthHater

      It’s not cheapness. They have to pay Marmol the same amount, whether they cut him or not.

      1. 70'scub

        No it is a mind set, the Cubs always play the players who are paid the most. Got help the minor leaguer that out plays one of the first round picks that got a big signing bonus.

        1. Caryatid62

          That’s why first round picks like Blaskko, Brownlie, Clanton, Harvey, Pawelek, Colvin, Jackson and Simpson are such a big part of the MLB team and later picks and/or minor league free agents like Castillo, Barney, Valbuena, Sweeney, and Gregg aren’t.

        2. hansman1982

          Like Starlin Castro, Anthony Rizzo, Welington Castillo, Logan Watkins, Dustin Pedroia, Luis Valbuena, Travis Wood…

          wait, what in the hell are you talking about? Maybe that the Cubs are trying to maximize the value of the players they do have? Oooo, then the prime example of them playing the guys who will succeed regardless of money is Ian Stewart riding the pine as the 34th player for the ICubs.

          Damnit, there I go again raining on the piss parade of the boo brigade.

    2. Internet Random

      Quade couldn’t manage the ’75 Reds to a victory over a church-league softball team.

      1. hansman1982

        How dare you slander someone’s managerial abilities who isn’t the current Cubs manager!!!

  21. Mike F

    Wow. Everyone wanted moneyball and rebuilding. So we got it. 1.4 years and all caps included and throw the bums out?

    Marmol is there to leverage something from and clearly thats coming from the front office. They could have traded him in the offseason or released them at any time. Look, maybe Sveum gets fired, maybe the front office isn’t that good, but it sure as hell 1.4 years into it is way too early to judge much with the putrid AAA- MLB talent level of the Cubs. I’m just as impatient as anyone, but you can’t just blow it up every 5 minutes. And as opposed to Sandburg, who they will never hire and still isn’t a manager in the majors, Sveum had multiple suitors.

    1. EvenBetterNewsV2.0

      Well said.

    2. Internet Random

      Yeah, +1.

    3. @cubsfantroy


      1. Jeff


    4. mjhurdle

      you pretty much summed it up perfectly.

    5. 70'scub

      This is a Cub culture thing playing time needs to be based on results not directed by the FO/Cub owner to try and cover up bad payroll decisions! 1.4 years later no change in direction from the Qball year, this is getting out of control. Today was a disgrace a slap in the face to us the loyal fans this same result has happened several times now. Maybe Shark-Garza don’t sign with the Cubs I can’t blame them, they are getting into the prime of their baseball years.

      1. mjhurdle

        no change for Quade years? have you been paying attention? the minor leagues is much better today than 2 years ago. And it is only getting better.
        Add to that the fact that they are improving the system while at the same time being on pace win 12 more games than last year.
        The Cubs are not where they need to be, but compared to other teams that neither improve their system nor their record every year, they are doing something right.
        To act like there is some “culture” problem with the Cubs is almost as ridiculous as the notion that the Cubs are deliberately losing games.

        1. Jeff

          Change for the worse at the big league level!

          Quade netted us a #7 pick in the draft.
          Sveum got us the #2 pick and is working on getting us another one.

          Your farm system should be improving espically when you suck so bad that you get high draft picks. Not the course the Cubs should be emulating though.

          Lousy ownership and poor FO!

          1. mjhurdle

            The pick you receive is as dependent on what other teams do as what you do.
            but thank you for answering.
            At least you cleared up the doubt i had about whether you were trying to make a legitimate point or simply repeating the frustrated posts from earlier.

          2. JBlades

            Jeff you are an idiot and apparently don’t know shit about the cubs.Like the farm’s vast improvement, reduction in payroll, bad contracts not responsible for, and the process of rebuilding and doing it from the ground up without a ton of money to throw around on free agents, because the prior F/O left you with horrible contracts and depleted the farm system as well. They didn’t draft well and it was a tough task at hand for anybody. I am thankful Theo came because I have never seen a cubs regime with this much planning and doing all the little stuff to get an edge from the ground up. The player development is where it’s at and soon the fruition of the minors comes to the big plus the renovation and advertising $. We will be sitting pretty

            1. 70'scub

              Are you defining Soon as 5 more years? This FO can’t cut dead weight that is keeping the Shark-Garza’s from signing.

              1. hansman1982

                Wow, if you think Marmol’s contract is keeping the Cubs from extending Garza and/or Samadzija, then you are not as smart as we thought you were.

                1. 70'scub

                  Blowing wins like today is not helping, in the off season find and/or sign some back end pitchers to help finish games. Who wants to watch their efforts wasted especially when they are so close to the prime of their careers.

        2. 70'scub

          Playing time needs to be based on performance not based on hiding bad contracts. That is the culture problem with the Cubs high paid low effort players that keep their starting positions. I think for the good of the organization and maybe even Marmol, he needs to be cut. I for one want to see Theo do it instead of killing his manager. Can this on going losing culture sign the Shark-Garza types? Change starts at the top of the food chain Yankee-Cardinal fans don’t have to put up with BS

          1. mjhurdle

            A-Rod was starting with the Yankees even with poor performance due to his contract.
            Stewart was paid 2 million dollars to go to Iowa because of his performance.

            I don’t see how anyone could make the argument that salaries dictate playing time when Stewart is in Iowa while Valbuena starts at 3B

      2. MichiganGoat

        Really, “a disgrace”? Because every team ever has never had a reliever blow a save. The only reason we are all over reacting is because it’s Marmol- yeah it sucks but it’s not the worse thing ever in the history of the Cubs.

        1. DarthHater

          Yea, everybody knows that the worst thing ever in the history of the Cubs is the goat curse.

          1. MichiganGoat

            Us goats didn’t curse anything it was the slave owner that kept our brethren in bondage that laid down the curse.

            1. DarthHater

              Sorry, there’s no ‘scape, goat. :-P

              1. baldtaxguy

                Nice one.

        2. 70'scub

          Been watching the Cubs for 40 years and it is true this Marmol thing is not the worse I have seen.

      3. baldtaxguy

        The “disgrace” is the offense not scoring more than 1 earned run.

      4. JBlades

        You don’t know shit, 70′s cub This is a lost year and they are trying to get value for Marmol, or anybody that’s not in the long term vision,before the trade deadline. Instead of just lose him for nothing. He pitched like shit the first half of last year but was pretty good the second half. He has been very bad, and then good for a stretch this year as well.He could go on a mini streak before the trade deadline and get a prospect or at the least get some financial relief back to the organization. This year is a lost year, a rebuilding year. Yeah it is painful but necessary. The F/O is turning our farm from shit into damn good. And with Ricketts reducing the payroll and the bad contracts Hendry left the F/O the last two years they didn’t have another choice but to rebuild and it will take time, no long/bad contracts, and extra revenue(which is coming soon) We will be good every year instead of once or twice a decade if we’re lucky like the last 100 years.

        1. Pat

          You could probably still make your points without being quite so hostile. It doesn’t really add much to the conversation.

        2. 70'scub

          At JBlades your message just made my point Marmol is at best inconsistent. Inconsistent short inning wild pitchers get nothing in return. This year will really be lost if such sloppy management can not resign Shark-Garza. Some part of the FO’s responsibility is to manage the current roster while stocking the farm. When calling people a shit, dumb ass and idiot on the computer I for one would suggest you would find such a person by looking in the mirror with both of your eyes wide open.

          1. hansman1982

            Yup, in case you haven’t been watching they did a pretty good job of assembling talent this year. Unfortunately, a Castro/Rizzo slump, Cubs luck and a series of injuries to Fujikawa have sunk this season.

            At this point, getting pissed at a Marmol blown save is a waste of time.

            1. 70'scub

              You are right the Cubs have had a lot of tuff luck this year. Rizzo and Castro will be alright long term a lot to ask 23 year old to carry the load.

    6. James

      In the long run dose it matter if the Cubs are out of it by 5 games or 30 games by the end of the season. The Cubs are not going to compete with the Reds and Pirates this season. Cubs need to keep trading players away at the deadline and bring back prospects. Building for the future isn’t going to be easy. It is really hard to watch a team that sucks. I do see improvements from last year. People will make a arguement that the fans will not show up because the team is bad. Fans will not show up more on the ticket prices then the teams performance. We see that right now all across baseball. By the end of the season Marmol will be off the books and Soriano will be off the following year. A team with a low payroll and top prospects coming up will be a team that will do well in the future.

      1. 70'scub

        My point is get them off the books now, winners try and win everyday this is supposed to be a professional FO!

        1. baldtaxguy

          How do you get Marmol “off the books now?”

          1. 70'scub

            off the roster because he cannot do his assigned job with any degree of consistency which is a top requirement of such job called short back-end pitcher. Yes, this means Cubs suck up the lost money like a food store throwing out bad food instead of getting their customers sick.

            1. baldtaxguy

              Likely will happen if Marmol shows no sign of positive value as we get further toward 7/31. But the fact that he is “on the books” creates option 1 of attempting at getting some value for him. Yes, Marmol is not holding up his part of the bargain, the Cubs have lost a few games as a result, and his value is below zero, so only with hindsight, this (Marmol on the roster/playing) is “a stupid FO move” and Sveum playing Marmol calls for “his head.” Yes, the window period for any value of Marmol is closing, or may have just closed, but if they release him today and he is picked up by a team and rattles off 6 saves by the All-Star break, do you still play the hindsight game again and highlight another stupid move by the FO, that they left value on the table by releasing him this early?

  22. @cubsfantroy


    My name is Troy, and I am a Cubs fan win or lose. I hate the losing, but I know it will take a couple of more years of losing before the Cubs are ready to compete. Until then, I will keep shaving my head so I don’t pull my hair out.

    Thank you.

  23. Jeff

    “Sveum had multiple suitors”

    Not any more with his performance over the last 1.4 years. Doubt this guy ever gets a managerial position ever again whenever we finally cut our ties with him. Please let it me soon, at the end of the year at the latest.

    “Conversation overheard between Theo and Jed upon being hired”

    Jed: How are we going to get early draft picks without looking like we are tanking it?

    Theo: Easy, we are going to hire Dale Sveum as manager.

    Jed: Brilliant!!!!

    Here we come #2 draft pick for 2014!

    1. 70'scub

      Dale like Qball is being told what to do by the FO/owner period. I see this thing getting out of control 100 losses next two years. Some body has to stop the buck and cut a bad high contract player like Marmol! This should have been done when Qball got fired Dale should have never coached this guy.

  24. North Side Irish

    Jim Callis (@jimcallisBA) tweeted at 8:37 PM on Sun, Jun 16, 2013:
    #Cubs sign 4th-rder Tyler Skulina for $800k. Kent State RHP has frontline stuff, 91-96 FB, tight 80-84 SL, inconsistent command. #mlbdraft

    1. Jp3

      Good to hear but after the Appel signing this weekend you had me giddy when you said Jim C tweeted..!!!.. Skulina😞. I was really hoping to hear Bryant

  25. curt

    The only reason marmol still pitches for the cubs is about his money if they release him they still pay , if they send him down they still pay , the fo is begging for a miracle that he gets on a hot streak and they can get more than a bucket of balls for him, but I’m pretty sure even if he returned to his former self no ones giving anything but and this is probably best case maybe a little salary relief and I don’t know if there’s any team that desperate, do just eat the money and send him to triple a or dfa him you know no ones claiming him then he either takes that assignment or walks either way he’s not killing the heart if the starters anymore, steps down from the soapbox. at least garza looked great .

  26. DarthHater

    Earlier in the year, some folks were suggesting trying for a mutual-change-of-scenery swap of Marmol for John Axford who, at the time, was looking just as bad as Marmol. However, since May 15, Axford has made 16 consecutive appearances for the Brewers without giving up a run.

    1. Timothy Scarbrough

      So what you are saying is it’s all Theo’s fault for not running with that deal?

  27. Mike

    I think it’s time to just cut our losses and release Carlos Marmol. You want to see him succeed and at the same time it’s obvious he isn’t able to be an effective major league pitcher. He has had chances and just cannot get the job done. I can’t fault Sveum for leaving him in because he should be able to do his job. If most of us can’t do out job the way we are supposed to, we are looking for other work. I get the money aspect and it was a bad decision on his contract. Let him go and let’s just move on.

  28. DarthHater

    Sullivan article with a few Sveum quotes that will undoubtedly further enrage the mob: http://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/baseball/cubs/ct-spt-0617-cubs-mets-chicago-20130617,0,6393641.story

    1. MichiganGoat

      Yeah tomorrow this will be the only story anybody talks about. Marmol needs a DL stint and we might as well do a Stewart with him because at this point nobody will pick him up on waviers and I doubt anybody will sign him as a FA so his only option will be Iowa.

      1. DarthHater

        Nah, if he refuses assignment and becomes a free agent, some team will offer him a minor league deal. and at this point, I’m sure he’d rather be in anybody’s system other than the Cubs.

        1. MichiganGoat

          Fine that would be best for everyone… and then we’d have to find another player to put the hate on. Wait maybe this is Sveum’s genius keep using Marmol so the haters aren’t only pissed off on him. ;)

  29. Rich H

    OK my last comment for the night about this. If you have 3 guys that can take the ball in the 9th inning. One has 4 blow saves and very little closer experience. One has 2 blow save and has been a closer before and one is a rookie that you think can handle it but you want to make it easy on him as possible who do you start the 9th with?

    Russel leads the team in blown saves that is why he pitched the 8th when you knew Gregg wasn’t available. Marmol started the 9th because he has done it before lets see what he has tonight. He then got another pitcher up to take the ball if Marmol struggled.

    The only bad decision in this whole scenario is not going to Parker immediately but you never know. Some times these decisions are harder in the game than on the sidelines.

  30. DarthHater

    Well, I have worked enough hours for one Sunday and it’s time to head home. So I leave you all with one final meme that best sums up my view of today:


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