The day was going so well …

With Kevin Gregg unavailable thanks to heavy usage in recent days (which is a good thing), Dale Sveum gave Carlos Marmol the opportunity to close out today’s sweep. Marmol had been pitching quite well recently in low-leverage situations. In today’s high pressure role, Marmol responded by recording just one out – a sacrifice bunt – and giving up four runs, including a game-winning three-run homer. There isn’t much to say.

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  • Frank

    Marmol has no trade value, so just release him. At least they’ll open a spot on the 40 man roster. The only reason their letting him pitch, is to blow saves and get a high draft choice next year. That’s a bullshit way to run a team.

  • http://It'searly Mike F

    a whole lot of hate for people who little more than a year were touting long term losing to win. Now they want the manager’s ass, which is just a cheap surrogate for Theo and Ricketts. Should be interesting to see just how intelligent we are. We bought in, but must have been too stupid to read the fine print.

    For my part, the one thing bothering me is the core: if that is being defined by Rizzo, Castro, Castillo, and Barney. Barney out to be shipped. And any of the rest could certainly put it together. Add to it two guys to really watch. Almora could be the rocket of the class. I would not be shocked to see him take off big time. And if he gets signed early there was plenty of talk that Bryant might be ready very quickly. So who knows, but it would help if we didn’t act like we weren’t expecting this……

    • 70’scub

      Barney and Castillo are not core, playing because their are cheap and available maybe the FO core adds Shark and a signed Garza vs. trading him as a 1/2 year rental. Still the FO needs to cut players who are past their prime and or no longer do their job. Last year they ate “Z” .

  • Frank

    The manager little control of what players that are on the team. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s gotten orders to put Marmol in there for draft choice possibilities. I’m sure everyone knows he’s made a lot of mistakes, but can you be sure those have been his decisions?

    Theo has the idea that everyone is fine with a five year rebuilding plan. I have news for him, he’s wrong. Ricketts better better put his foot up Theo’s ass before they’re averaging 2,000 people a game. ( I know that’s impossible, because everyone knows we’re all stupid enough to fill up the park whether they win or lose and lose and lose)

  • Chris

    Theo and Jed are perfectly content to settle for mediocrity in this team and less than that from their manager, Dale Sveum. It doesn’t make sense to pay top dollar for a talented manager to oversee a team that doesn’t have the talent to win anyway. Its like putting a NASCAR driver in a Volkswagen Beetle and asking him to win the race! When the pieces to this team finally come together you can rest assured Dale Sveum won’t be around to see it. Thank God the CUBS didn’t hand this team to Ryno and set him up to fail!

  • Frank

    I agree with you. In a couple of years, Sveum will be an assistant coach somewhere with a record of 180 and 306.

  • Frank

    I wondered why they didn’t hire a big name manager and settled for Sveum. A sacrificial lamb.

  • carklos

    After the sori explosion in todays lose, quite a few writers talk about old sour puss losing the team. Folks, let me tell you old sour puss lost this team very early this year. As more time goes on you can really see what a Poor team manager he is. As for FO input in EACH game, they don’t tell old sour puss who to play. They have general requests, but not in each game. Those details are up to the present manager. This manager is just about to not just sour but rot.

  • jt

    can’t say it is Sveum’s fault
    just couldn’t resist being #300

  • jmc

    Sullivan in trib says a season only a masochist good love. Sun Times equally brutal assessment.what’s the over under number of lost games after tradable players gone?what’s the over under for attendance this year and next?do we expect next year to be any better?2015?

  • bryan

    It seems like everyones expectations this year was some miraculous world series visit where we stunned the world. Sveum has very little talent. This team is rebuilding. Its year freakin two. Why don’t you guys worry about the really important things in life like breathing and taking care of your families. Sveum and marmol and castro have done absolutely nothing to affect your life. Quit the bitching. i mean some of the bullcrap i read in these comments utterly amaze me. I mean really guys, your overreacting more than a 17 year old girl whose period is one week late.

    • JOE

      Nobody expected a World Series, or even a glimmer of the playoffs this year. What we all expected (and should still expect) is for the front office, coaching staff, and players to do everything in their power to win ballgames on a daily basis. We are rebuilding, yes, which means we’re at a deficit of talent. However, that is no excuse for not trying to win game in and game out. When restoring Marmol’s trade value is placed as a higher priority to this team than winning a ballgame, like it was yesterday, that’s when we as fans have the right, and the obligation, to raise hell. Sure, some have overreacted, but I’d rather see that overreaction than complacency and acceptance of placing an individual agenda above winning.

      • bryan

        well its not like marmol cost us the World Series. And its not like sveum put marmol out there just to cost them the game. Sure he sucks but if anyone had any ideas of trading him then he needed to prove that he had value. Clearly he didn’t. If he puts marmol out in a save situation today then fine be angry but seriously it was one game. ONE. who else was suppose to go out there with Gregg sitting out…? and don’t say anyone bc any of our current relievers with the exception of russel suck. Individual agenda doesn’t apply at all. Its not like Theo’s plan is to have 5 straight 100 loss seasons. and if you think that than your dumber than a pile of dog shit.

        • bryan

          I guess at the end of the year when we are 63-99 and not 64-98, ill understand all your guy’s pain. As of now, i don’t understand it. At all.

  • jmc

    more like 100 years late

  • jmc

    we Cubs fans are like a crack ho looking for a rock. We know it’s bad for us but we just can’t help it. Brett needs to start a 12 step program for us. Lol

  • carklos

    Hey Bryan.. this is a cub blog ( Baseball ) Not family fued or family affairs. Get your lines straight!!

    • bryan

      Seems more like a therapy session for some whiney ass know it alls. i just cant stand reading how angry people are really getting. Especially about a game ….. in june….. in a rebuilding season….with a team that has little talent….. when we are 12 games under .500.. I mean its like yall are entitled to something when your not….at all.

  • jmc

    nah sometimes we talk about Syria

    • Jp3

      We do talk about Syria sometimes… And Derrick Rose is a drama queen

  • carklos

    The true Bryan come to surface… talk about a whinnie adolesent

  • bryan

    whinnie? well i wont argue with a guy who cant spell his own name. or whiney. or adolescent. keep working on that GED pal

  • Voice of Reason

    Wait a second…. you guys can’t say marmol stinks!!

    Where is the study like the one about Edwin Jackson not pitching poorly? Show us all that marmol is better than bruce sutter. Or the statement that Edwin Jackson is holding the ball incorrectly?? Tell us that if marmol just gripped the balk tighter his problems would be solved.

    There was also another study that said the offense isn’t that bad this year.

    My point is if you’re going to call out marmol for sucking then call the others out who absolutely stink.

    Someone said valbuena is none of the best third baseman in the league and dejesus one of the top lead off men in baseball. Seriously???

    • DarthHater

      Yes, I am shocked, SHOCKED, to find hundreds of different people expressing opinions that are inconsistent with each other.

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  • Frank

    I’m a whiny ass know it all that doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground. All I know is that I was born a Cubs fan and will die a Cubs fan. It hurts when they lose and when someone like Marmol keeps blowing saves, I get pissed off to no end. I have that right.
    Top things that piss me off.
    1. The word “Cubbies” I’m sorry, the fricken name is Cubs.
    2. Lovable losers. Up yours
    3. Matt Holiday. Last year he made a statement after a loss to the Cubs. Sorry I don’t have a quote, but generally speaking.. “How could we lose to a team like that”.
    Well F_ck you Matt. You little self centered monkey turd. And while I’m at it. F_ck you cardinals.

    Nuf said

  • jmc

    atta boy Frank