contractWell, I’m officially going to have to start getting better at spelling “Zastryzny.” (Zastryzny, Zastryzny, Zastryzny.)

Today, the Chicago Cubs’ second round pick in the 2013 Draft, and newest Cubs pitching prospect, announced via Twitter that he’s signed with the Cubs:

No word yet on terms or anything like that, but it’s good to know that Zastryzny (Zastryzny) is formally in the fold. Described by some on Draft Day as a “reach” at number 41 overall, Zastryzny was not expected to be an early second round pick. Even still, he was a well-regarded pitcher this year in the SEC, and his selection wasn’t completely out of left field.

I did a comprehensive rundown on the lefty shortly after he was drafted, which might be worth your time now that he’s signed. The short version: opinions on Zastryzny were greatly varied going into the Draft (Keith Law ranked him as the 58th best draft prospect, while Jonathan Mayo didn’t have him in the top 100), but the post-Draft buzz generally focused on the mid-90s fastball he was showing late in the year.

I particularly liked Baseball America’s scouting report: “Zastrzyny effortlessly adds and subtracts from his fastball, usually sitting around 90 mph but capable of dropping down to 86 or elevating four-seamers up in the zone at 95. The 6-foot-3, 193-pounder can locate his fastball to either side of the plate and gets good angle, which helps it play up further. His most reliable secondary pitch is his changeup, which shows flashes of being a plus offering. His breaking ball is less consistent, as he will switch between a slider and curveball. Zastryzny throws strikes but will need to refine his command in pro ball.”

The Cubs spent a great deal of time on their second and third round picks, and all indications are that they got the two guys they really wanted there, including Zastryzny. Although he’s not a sure thing to appear on the Cubs’ next round of top ten prospect lists, he’ll probably be right there in the second cut – and that’s mostly because the Cubs’ positional prospects are so good, and so deep. In a system without a ton of high level, quality arms, Zastryzny is right up there with the best in the organization.

Since he’s pitched a full collegiate season this year already, I wouldn’t expect to see him doing too much work in the minors this year. An appearance in Mesa with the AZL Cubs and/or in Boise with the Hawks is probably all we’re going to get – just a handful of innings.

It’ll be interesting to learn how much the Cubs spent to sign Zastryzny. Right now, the prevailing belief is that they’ll get him for a touch below the $1,361,900 slotted for the 41st overall pick, which will help the Cubs financially with other over slot picks. That said, the Cubs weren’t going to use their second round pick on a guy they didn’t really, really like. Saving money on the signing to use elsewhere is just the gravy.

  • TWC

    “[B]ut it’s good to know that Zastryzny (Zastryzny) is formally in the fold.”

    A name so nice, he typed it twice.

    • DarthHater

      If we ever get Zastryzny , Szczur, and Samardzija on the field at the same time, it would have to be some kind of record.

      • DarthHater

        And throw in Rizzo.

        Dare I say it: The Killer Zs.


        • kenster

          Tony zych possibly?

      • King Jeff

        I am definitely winning baseball names scrabble next time I play.

      • Headscratchin

        Can you imagine Harry trying to pronounce THOSE names. He’d probably do better when he tried to do them backwards.

      • Tobias

        Let the club claim Mike Zagurski also.

  • Jono

    I was hoping for some legal jarging, brett. I guess we don’t know the details yet, though.

    • Jono


      • TWC

        That’s strike two, Jono…

        • Jono

          To be fair, I am stupid

          • King Jeff

            I’ll bet you were just thrown off trying to remember how to spell Zastryzny.

            • Jono

              Nope, im just an idiot.

          • TWC

            I actually really, really like the word “jarging” though. We need to make that a thing.

            • Jono

              Hahaha. “Dude, I was totally jarging her boobs”

      • King Jeff

        ^cough…jargon….cough. ahem.

        • Jono

          Thanks. Ill get ’em next time

          • Hansman1982

            Probably not, but keeping think you will.

            • Jono

              You jerk

              • hansman1982

                The word of the day is prick

                • Jono

                  I like “jerkbucket”

            • Mr. P

              Huh? I’m not as thunk as you drink I am?

        • Internet Random



          • DarthHater



            • Jono

              Gosh, I hate all you guys. Im going home

            • Internet Random

              Mark Gonzales:


              • TWC



                • Internet Random


                  • TWC


                    Kinda hate myself for that one.

                    • Internet Random


                    • TWC

                      HA! Okay, you win.

  • jt

    I just remember that no matter how I TRY to pronounce ZNY I know it ain’t gonna happen.

    • DarthHater

      Rhymes with Disney

  • mudge

    Could pan out to be a Mark Buehrle type lefty.

  • Rebuilding

    He’s fairly skinny for that height. If he can add weight/muscle and add a few MPH maybe A Tony Cingrani comp

    • #1lahairfan

      That’s who I would compare too as well. In fact Cingrani was even more overlooked then Rob Zyzstrany. I think he was drafted in the 3rd round.

    • cas-castro

      Probably not a good comp, but I’m thinking Chris Sale with his build.

      • #1lahairfan

        Compare Sale and Zyzstrany’s stuff. I just don’t see a match at all.

        • X The Cubs Fan

          He said the build.

          • cas-castro

            Yep, tall and slender. That’s what I meant by build. I don’t know enough about Cingrani to make a comparison. I’ve only seen him pitch twice against the cubs. Maybe Paul Maholm (sp) with a better fastball, stuff wise.

            • #1lahairfan

              Whoops didn’t see that.

  • BWA


    Just a fun little vid of Bryants cranking a BP homerun in slow mo

  • carmelo

    Any word on Soler? Not in line-up for tonight’s game, and was taken out of All Star game on Sat. without playing.

    • Jp3

      I’m betting hamstring or something like that but someone joked earlier and said hopefully not Visa problems😝

  • Gcheezpuff

    He got 1.1 million, just read on twitter. Almost 300k saved under slot.

    • Deacon

      Yep, confirmed on MLB Daily Dish. Good savings for the Cubs and good deal for Zas given that he was picked much earlier than anyone expected. Win-win and would expect similar savings for Hahneman.

      • andoalex

        Well that basically cancels out Skulina’s overslot.

  • #1lahairfan

    On that pro sports daily Cubs draft thread by Yagyu+ there is a person saying that Bryant signed for 5.6 million.

    Take it for what it’s worth.

    • Jp3

      Make my day! Meme would be helpful here Darth

      • DarthHater


        • Jp3

          Even better than what I had with same legend, dammit😀I’m thinking if Dirty Harry wasn’t so old he could be our lead negotiator? Maybe he could work on the rooftop deal too?

    • hansman1982

      Help us Assman-kanobi, you are our only hope.

  • http://Yes Dude

    The hate for Svuem is stupidity. The Cubs goal this year is to lose and lose big. He has nothing to work with and the results are as expected.

    • Justin

      Sveum was given a no win siutation for sure his first 2 yrs. Although, he does say some stupid/weird/what? things quite often… I generally like ‘ol Dale, but he needs to get it together with the media when the Cubs are actually decent.

  • Kevin

    We need instant replay! Break the union, who cares? Just get the call right.

  • AD

    Took away three things from the Iowa Cubs game today.
    1. Chris Rusin was lights out. He threw a complete game shut out while giving up only one walk I believe. I painted the corners and have a good breaking ball. He became for dominant as the game went on. Only had to work out of one jam. Perhaps he can turn into a Travis Wood type.
    2. Junior Lake is an absolute specimen with an arm. Rifled one from behind third to end the game. Didn’t look great at the plate, but overall he’s been playing well so I wont place too much stake in that.
    3. Brett Jackson looks totally lost at the plate. Very long swing and missing everything. Only squared up one ball. Very disappointing.

    • Jp3

      You should sign with the Cubs if you paint the corners well and have a good fastball. Righty or lefty?

  • SenorGato

    I can see myself liking this arm in a year. He’s big, still has some projection on him, and throws with the fairer hand. Sounds like he knows how to use his fastball, and could become very good at spotting it. That’s always a good thing to be able to do as a pitcher. Good athlete, good mechanics and follow through…From there’s it’s staying healthy and seeing how his fastball and breaking ball develop in the pros.

    I assume this mean he’ll get some innings this year, probably in Kane County.

  • Hebner the Gravedigger

    I am curious to see what Derek Johnson can do with this kid. The Cubs finally have their minor league pitching coordinator of choice and a few young arms.

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