contractToday, the Chicago Cubs made their first official announcement regarding draft signings, identifying eight signees so far: 2nd rounder Rob Zastryzny, 10th rounder Zach Godley, 16th rounder Cael Brockmeyer, 18th rounderĀ Giuseppe Papaccio, 20th rounder Zak Blair, 22nd rounder Kevin Brown, 23rd rounder Tyler Ihrig, and 30th rounder Zak Hermans.

We’ve discussed most of these signings already – you can see Zastryzny here, Blair here, Brown here, Ihrig here, and Hermans here – and there are other players with whom the Cubs have reportedly agreed to terms. I’m guessing that this set of eight are simply the first eight to have fully agreed to terms, completed all of the paperwork, and passed physicals. Many more official announcements are coming.

Although the tea leaves had been strong on Godley, Brockmeyer and Papaccio for a while, this is the first formal report of their signing.

Godley was a senior starting pitcher at Tennessee, where he put up decent numbers (it’s a good conference), and slipped into Baseball America’s top 500 draft prospects. As a senior selected in the 10th round, his deal is expect to be at slot or under, thanks to the mechanics of the draft’s spending limitations.

Brockmeyer, a junior catcher from Cal St.-Bakersfield, was one of a number of catchers taken by the Cubs in the middle rounds of the Draft. An organizational need, the Cubs decided to fill the catching problems with depth. Given the hit-or-miss nature of catching prospects, I’d say that’s a good approach.

Papaccio, a senior shortstop at Seton Hall, was a dominant player in his Big East days, and was the only unanimous All-Conference selection.

The signing deadline is July 12.

A separate note on Zastryzny: Jim Callis has confirmed a report from Chris Cotillo that Zastryzny is getting a $1.1 million signing bonus, about $262,000 under slot. That’s good news for the Cubs, who’ve already inked some over slot deals. I’m going to have a full round-up on where things stand financially for the Draft, but I didn’t want to leave this hanging.

  • Bric

    When did Kevin Brown go back to school?

    • Brett

      Reinvented himself as a hitter.

      • Bric

        Generation X, buddy. They can’t keep us down :)

  • BluBlud

    I wonder why it is that bryant has not signed yet. I know it’s expected that the Cubs will sign him, but I don’t see why they would take so ong. Boras got Appel signed early, and Gray has signed, and they probably won’t even pitch much for the rest of the year. Bryant, as a hitter, I would think would wanna sign early, because he will be busy for the rest of the year. Being that the guy in front of him has signed and the guy behind him as sign, it doesn’t make much sense to me. Hopefully he gets sign and in camp by early next week.

    • Dynastyin2017

      A rumor out there has Bryant agreeing to sign for 5.6 Mil. Hope it is true. The only thing holding it up is Bryant is taking a few days off and is unavailable for his physical. I hope he’s hanging out with Ian Stewart.

      • Spriggs

        There isn’t any testing that goes on during those physicals that Bryant might be worried about is there?

        • Dynastyin2017

          I hope not. (but the thought did cross my mind). A few days off is okay, who knows, he may have school things to finish up. Let’s hope for the best.

    • SenorGato

      I don’t think its very common for top guys to sign early anyway. Appel only signed so quick because it was his second trip and Houston wasn’t going to not sign him this time.

      The guy gets a month to chill…which is probably not happening anyway…before doing this pro baseball stuff for the rest of his life. There’s zero worry he wont sign so let him have it.

      • Norm

        Exactly what I think…he gets a little summer break out of school and takes a few weeks to himself.

    • Scotti

      I would imagine that Bryant has agreed to underslot but that the Cubs have also agreed to pay him the what is left over that they can’t spend on others (guys who refuse to sign for X). So, say he agreed to sign for (arbitrary number) giving the Cubs $1,000,000 under “cap” to work with but the Cubs only use $850,000 of that. Under such a mutual agreement, Bryant then signs for whatever is left in the Cub draft budget ,or close to it (i.e. Bryant gets $100-150 k more). If the number the Cubs need winds up being less, he gets more. If it’s more, he gets less (within an agreed upon framework). He does not have to go down to the deadline wire under this scenario, FWIW.

      • Sandberg

        This is where I’m at too.

    • King Jeff

      Appel hasn’t signed yet. Luhnow said they haven’t even talked face to face yet because Appel was at his commencement ceremony this weekend.

      • SenorGato

        Oh word. 22 (next month IIRC) with an engineering degree from Stanford to go with being a top athlete. Shit.

        • King Jeff

          He’s got to be loving life right now. The best part is, he doesn’t have all of the student loan debt that the rest of us have.

          • SenorGato

            All that work to have people flip their shit over him asking for the same money Jameson Taillon got out of HS as the #2 pick.

            Ive followed the draft for literally ten years at this point and this kid’s story is probably my favorite. That is just an exceptional human being, no working your way around it.

  • Jacob

    What happens if a team goes over the amount their allowed to spend? Like if they over-slot too many guy out of the top 10 rounds and don’t make up for that money in the top 10? I’m sure you’ve said it before and I’m just dumb and don’t remember.

    • Dynastyin2017

      I think they can go 5% over their pool amount. If they exceed that amount they lose pick(s) in next years draft,

    • Ben (BG2383)

      they lose the first round pick in next year’s draft if they go more than 5% over. if they go under 5% over but still over they get taxed heavily on the overage

    • cubchymyst

      up to 5% overage has a 75% tax added on to it. 5-15% has loss of next years 1st round pick and 100% tax on overage. Greater than 15% results in loss in next 2 years first round pick plus 100% tax on overage. I believe those are the penalties if I recall correctly.

      • Jacob

        Thanks, all.

  • jacob w

    can go 5% over and pay tax on it 10% and they lose first rounder and pay tax and it goes up from there.

  • curt

    I really hope Bryant signs soon so he can get into the system the sooner he gets started sooner gets to Chicago , comeon boras giter done.

    • #1lahairfan

      Personally I think a deal is done pending physical. I heard that it was for 5.6 million yesterday.

  • Jacob

    Jim Bowden just said Justin Verlander is the #2 on the Tigers and if he had to go win one game he’d take Scherzer over Verlander. #smrtbaseball

    • JB88

      And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why Bowden is working at ESPN and not in a ML FO.

      • Jacob

        Exactly haha.

        Scherzer is good, don’t get me wrong… but c’mon.. this is The Verlander we’re talking about!

      • YourResidentJag


  • #1lahairfan

    Godley signed for 35K.

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