boise hawksThe Boise Hawks, the Cubs Short-Season Low-A affiliate in the Northwest League, is one of the best covered teams in the Cubs organization. In addition to being able to catch all the free radio streams from the Hawks’ website (linked daily in the Scores From Yesterday section below), you can also follow the voice of the Hawks on Twitter. Mike Safford is one of the sources of Hawks info out there, including real time accounts of the bus breakdowns that seem to plague this team every season.

In addition to that, local papers, the Idaho Statesman and Idaho Press-Tribune, both do an excellent job of covering all things Hawks.

From the perspective of Cub fans nationwide wanting as complete a look at the new and youngest wave of talent as possible, the Cubs short-season team could not be better situated. Boise is great sports town that does an excellent job covering their local team, and we all stand to reap those benefits all season long.

Scores From Yesterday

Iowa – It was a pitching duel in Iowa, and the Cubs came out on top 2-0.
Tennessee – The score looks like a pitching duel, but the game was stranger than that. The Smokies still won, though, 2-1.
Daytona – On the first day back from the All-Star break, the Cubs got clobbered 9-2.
Kane County – Kane County is off until Thursday thanks to the Midwest League All Star Game.
Boise – The Hawks had opportunities, but they could not find the big hit. They lost their home opener 8-6.

Performances of Note

  • [Iowa] Chris Rusin pitched the complete game shut out and struck out eight in the process.
  • [Iowa] The Cubs had trouble scoring themselves, though. Brian Bogusevic and Donnie Murphy each hit a solo home run, but that was all the runs Iowa could manage.
  • [Tennessee] Chad Noble, Anthony Giansanti, and Jonathan Mota all had two hits for the Cubs.
  • [Tennessee] Eric Jokisch struck out 3 in 6 innings of one run ball. Trey McNutt (2K), Tony Zych (1K), and Frank Batista (2K) all pitched a scoreless inning in relief. It was Batista’s 9th save.
  • [Daytona] The only pitcher to have a scoreless outing for the Cubs was Jeffrey Lorick. He allowed 3 hits in 2 innings, but none of those runs reached the plate.
  • [Daytona] Dustin Geiger drove his 8th home run of the season in this one. Ben Carhart (2 for 4) had a double for the only other extra base hit.
  • [Boise] Duane Underwood had a rough start, and the bullpen did not fair much better. Tyler Bremer was a bright spot, though; he struck out two in the final inning.
  • [Boise] Yasiel Balaguert doubled as part of his 2 for 4 night. Jacob Rogers also had two hits for Boise.

Other News

  • You probably guessed this already, but the wind was indeed blowing in at Iowa yesterday. The box score records it as in from left at 8 MPH.
  • Some how the Smokies managed to record 12 hits, 1 walk, and benefit from 4 errors and yet only produced 2 runs. That is what happens when all 12 of the hits are singles and the team also strikes out 11 times. Consider this game Exhibit A for the value of extra base hits.
  • The Hawks walked 8 times in this game, and struck out just 7. Very nice.
  • BluBlud

    I have been refreshing this page every 2-3 minutes since 8 AM looking for this. I can’t remember it being this late before a post in a long time.

    • bryan

      me too blubud lmao. and usually after 9 I take my work break to read Bretts bullets lol

    • Brett

      On days with a morning EBS because of a late game, the schedule gets pushed back slightly.

      • BluBlud

        Oh, it’s cool. But you have to understand, once you spoil somebody with something, they get used to it. Around 8:30, I started having withdrawal symptoms.

      • Jp3

        “It’s the Cardinals. And it’s on ESPN. Get up.” Brett

        Eh hemmmm!!😝

        • Brett

          I was up and with it until the last two innings, but it was already 11:30 my time, and I had to be up at 5am to take care of The Little Boy (which I’m doing today while working). I got as up as I could get.

          • Jp3

            Yeah me too, game didn’t start until 10 et but in all fairness I was only up because I’ve got a 6 month old that’s teething …. Screaming from about 12:30 1:30 ensured me that I’d be up to finish the game unfortunately

  • bryan

    I hope Rusin comes in at the end of the year and pitches well. I like him a lot and having another lefty in the pen/ rotation is never a bad thing. If I remember correctly he had a few solid starts at the end of last year right? I get him and Raley confused at times but I remember one of them doing a pretty decent job up in the bigs last year. Even if he doesn’t make the rotation ill take him as a lefty reliever. we only have one so that could aalways be beneificial

    • Melrosepad

      Bryan, here are the starts from the majors last year. I too am hoping when we trade some guys at the deadline that Rusin can come up and pitch like he is right now in AAA.

      Rusin, 7 starts, 6.37 ERA, 3.3 BB/9, 6.4 K/9, 1.652 WHIP
      Raley, 5 starts, 8.14 ERA, 4.1 BB/9, 5.9 K/9, 1.808 WHIP

  • Coldneck

    Off the topic, but I’ve often wondered whether the statement “complete game shutout” is redundant. Can any of you writer types shed some light? I’ve always thought of it as redundant because by definition, a shutout is a complete game. But it’s used so much by the media that I just assume I’m wrong.

    • Brett

      For my part, I’ve always just said shutout. It is, by definition, a complete game.

    • BT

      I’m assuming it’s painting the difference between a single pitcher or multiple pitchers pitching the shutout. I suppose you could just say he pitched a shutout, but saying complete game shutout confirms that no one else came in to finish it up. Not 100 percent sure though.

    • Kyle

      There are two definitions of shutout. One is a complete-game version, the other is any game in which a team scores no runs.

      Since “complete-game shutout” differentiates which of those meanings you are using, it’s not redundant.

      • Coldneck

        A shutout, he official stat, implies a complete game. By saying someone “pitched a complete game shutout” you are saying they threw a complete game scoreless complete game. It’s redundant to me.

        BT, multiple pitchers cannot combine for a shutout (the official stat, I mean).

        • miggy80

          “all certified mail is registered but not all registered mail is certified”

        • BT

          Of course they can. Shut outs are just as much an official stat for a team as they are for an individual. Go to Go to mlb, team stats. Unless 11 different Pirate pitchers have pitched complete game shutouts, then the stat listed is simply showing how many shutouts the team has pitched, not how many complete game shutouts the team has pitched. Seeing as how they have 0 complete games, I’m fairly confident it’s the former.

        • Jp3

          How about a rain shortened game or in the Minors, they play double headers that consist of 2 7inning games. Do they count as a complete game shutout on the pitcher’s record?

        • Andrew

          Perhaps that’s what the stat is but I can say XXX pitched a shutout through 6 innings, so I should also be able to say XXX pitched a complete game shutout

        • Kyle

          Words can have more than one meaning (you have no idea how often failure to acknowledge this is the problem in a semantic discussion).

          • DocPeterWimsey

            My personal favorite on that score is “theory.”

        • Spriggs

          What if someone threw a shutout but nobody was there to see it? Is that a shutout?

  • Stinky Pete

    Well, as long as we’re nitpicking language, I have an issue with the phrase “neither of those runs reached the plate. ”
    Then they’re not runs, are they?

    • Timothy Scarbrough

      I always thought you were supposed to say runners at that point.

  • JulioZuleta

    Javier Baez has a new career high in walks after last night.

    • JulioZuleta

      For a BB rate of 5.55% and a K rate now under 23% (22.9%)

      • BluBlud

        He has walked 6 times in his last 6 games(23 PA), while only striking out twice.

        Small sample size, but a good sign.

        • hansman1982

          Over his last 100 PA (the smallest, semi-quasi-acceptable sample size for BB and K) he has a 9% BB rate and a 16% K rate.

          Holy crap, I hope I was wrong.

          • BluBlud

            Yeah, thats even better. If Baez is a 9% BB/16% SO guy for his career, I would be willing to bet he is a sure fire hall of famer, because there is no doubt what he can do when he makes contact.

            • BluBlud

              I doubt he keeps those numbers for his career though, but we can dream.

  • AD

    Rusin was quite impressive yesterday. Despite the wind blowing in from the left, not too many balls were even hit to the outfield. He worked both sides of the plate, got ahead in the count, and had great control. He really only had to work out of one jam. Whether he has MLB talent or not, its great to see he is making adjustments to dominate Triple-A.

    • Spriggs

      Chris Rusin is John Koronka.

  • ced landrum

    The wind was blowing in yesterday at the ICubs game, but in truth Rusin didn’t need it. There was only two “hard hit balls against him all day in the air. One was a deep flyout that I don’t think would have got out to straight center and the other was more of a line drive to the ally that Jackson made a sick play on. I have seen Rusin a good number of times and that was the best he has looked. He didn’t give in and he in general will attack the hitters even though his fastball sits in the 87-89 range.

    Brett Jackson looks very lost at the plate. It’s funny you would think that he strikes out a ton because of his patience, but he actually seems to K way more when he is aggressive. He was up there hacking early on and then in his last AB took some pitches and got robbed by a very good play by the 1st baseman. Either way though he doesn’t look good right now at the plate. Field is another thing. He made a very very good diving catch.

    Bogie, looked sub-par against the lefty until his last AB where he hit an absolute laser beam out to right. When you look at his splits against lefties they aren’t that bad, which is funny because in the 2 games I have seen against the lefty he was over-matched.

    Junior Lake looked pretty bad at the plate today, but I was excited to get my eyes on him. He is really a pretty tall and fairly well put together guy. Lean muscle but he isn’t a hulk either. The kid can flat out run. I was surprised by his speed. He hit one to short or third can’t remember which but he made the play close(ish) at 1st. He has an absolute CANNON for an arm. The only problem he has is that the ball sails a bit on him. He has such a good arm that he throws off his back foot a bit much with a straight leg. If he gets his mechanics together and drive off the back foot with a bit more bend in the kneed he can stick at third in my opinion.

    I was a bit surprised at how tall he stands at the plate. He has a quick load and has pretty quick hands, but he unsurprisingly hasn’t had much power because his load is pretty minor and so the power he does has comes from a lot of arms and speed. What I’m trying to get at is that he doesn’t use his legs to drive. He has the frame and bat speed that if he can learn to use his legs and hips more he could hit 30 bombs. It was only one game though so I am interested to see him again and see how he looks because he has been hitting. Just my opinion looking forward to seeing them all again soon.

    • ced landrum

      Damn I need an edit button. Alley or gap would work too, but it wasn’t in the ally

      • AD

        I agree with everything you said. Lake seemed impressive as an individual, but unimpressive at the plate. And, Brett Jackson looked quite lost. He was just up their hacking. Only made good contact on that one ball. That diving catch was a game changer though.

  • Rudy

    Off topic, but Team USA is coming to Des Moines to play Cuba in July:

    Any possibilities some of those top Cuban prospects will be there?

    Maybe I can get one to defect and stay in my extra room for a small fee, ha!

  • Brian

    Just back from the MWL All-Star Game. West lost on a walk-off single in the bottom of the 9th. Went with my son and best friend all decked out in Cubs & Kane County gear. Some of my thoughts on the Cubs guys in the game:
    Vogelbach: Started at DH. Absolutely turned on a 93 mph fastball and belted an RBI double in his first AB. Singled on a bouncer up the middle in his 2nd. Walked in his 3rd. Got thrown out trying to scoot (didn’t look like running :)…) from 1st to 3rd on a single to medium LF. Definitely a bad-body type player, but gets great swings in there.

    Rademacher: Came in around the 5th and played RF. Just missed a HR to deep RC in his first AB. Wind was blowing in at 5/3 Field knocking down a bunch of balls that may have left the yard otherwise. 2nd time up with the go ahead run on 2b and 1 out in the 9th he grounded out to 1st to advance the runner to 3b. Got burnt with bad positioning for a bases clearing 3-run triple one inning (was playing way too shallow) that put the East squad up. Made a big throw from the wall in RC holding a guy to a double. It was clear why the Cubs thought he could/can pitch. He showed a cannon on the throw. Line drive to 2nd base from the fence.

    Shoulders: Another HR that the wind knocked down in his 1st AB as DH sub for Vogelbach. RF caught it at the base of the wall. Wind clearly kept pushing it up higher and wouldn’t let it leave the yard. 2nd AB was in the top of the 9th with 2 outs and the go-ahead run on 3rd (after Rademacher had advanced him). He got his knees buckled on a slider for strike 3. Looked foolish with the same pitch on the strike 2 offering too. Was about a 78-79 mph pitch per the scoreboard radar gun (which seemed low on the MPH all night). My buddy and I joked about he and Rademacher already struggling with RISP due to the logo on their jersey.

    Scott: Looked okay in his appearance. Struggled a little with command. Fastball was 87-88 (again, radar gun seemed about 3-4 mph slow). Long and lean frame. Fell behind both batters before getting a pop out and a strikeout.

    Dorris: Pitched to 1 batter and retired him on a groundout. Was during the portion of the game where the managers were making multiple pitching changes per inning. Threw 3 pitches.