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  • Dale Sveum doesn’t care what you think about his performance as manager of the Cubs. “That’s people’s prerogative,” Sveum told the media, including CSN. “I don’t really care what people think about me. That’s part of this job. You’re always going to be second-guessed and all that. There’s nothing you can do about that. Players are put into positions to perform. And if they don’t, obviously, the decision-making is always going to be second-guessed.” This is, of course, the right attitude to have. Even if we were blasting Sveum for a particular, correctable decision, I’d hope like hell he wasn’t listening to me or you. Instead, I’d hope he’d already know the issue – or would have a staff in place that helps him divine and correct the issue. No good can come from Sveum paying attention to the morass of commentary floating around the ‘net.
  • If Sveum did use the Twitterz to respond to his critics, however, I’d like to think he’d use that picture liberally. (Relatedly, there are so many good “Haters gonna hate” images out there that it was brutally difficult choosing the best one to use here.)
  • Speaking of which, GM Jed Hoyer is still defending his manager. “He’s kept the guys really upbeat. He continues to relate really well to the players,” Hoyer told Patrick Mooney of Sveum. “I’ll say the same thing I said at the end of last year: The talent on the team – we’re not up to par right now with the Cardinals and the Reds. Those are really strong, mature organizations and that’s what we’re trying to get to. In the meantime, he’s doing his best with the product that we have and that’s on Theo and on me – the talent.”
  • Hoyer also defended Sveum’s use of Carlos Marmol in that fateful 9th inning, based mostly on what Sveum had available at the time. If Blake Parker, who was warming up at the time, had come in and blown the game, Hoyer said folks would have questioned Sveum for using an inexperienced young pitcher in a save situation.
  • Sveum confirmed, by the way, that, if a save situation comes up and Kevin Gregg is unavailable, Carlos Marmol will no longer be used. He’s going to stick to lower-leverage, earlier innings.
  • In his Cubs debut last night, Henry Rodriguez showed what he can do – which is to say he threw near triple digits … and hit the umpire and Carlos Beltran on successive pitches.
  • David DeJesus had his MRI yesterday, but unfortunately it didn’t reveal much. It confirmed he’s got a shoulder sprain, but there still isn’t a time line for his return. And there’s still swelling.
  • Javier Baez was the Florida State Player of the Week for the second time after his four-homer game buoyed his week. His teammate, Jorge Soler, has missed a little time with a slight calf strain. He might end up on the DL, but it’s not anything serious.
  • Although it wasn’t precisely his point in either case, Jim Callis says he likes former high-end draft picks Anthony Rendon and Carlos Correa better than Kris Bryant, the Cubs’ top pick this year. Not that it’s a knock on Bryant, mind you.
  • Terry

    Carlos Beltran would have been a nice addition, still think the Cubs could have traded for Mark Trumbo after the Angels signed Pujols.

  • @Rooting4Wrigley

    Everyone but Svuem knows Marmol can’t mentally handle pitching the 9th. Svuem put him in a position where failure was nigh inevitably. That doesn’t help Marmol’s confidence, because he’s been pretty good doing set up. That is a bad manager, in baseball or any other job.

    Svuem knew Gregg wasn’t available and had other options, like Russell and Villanueva. Sure, they might have lost too, but Marmol in the 9th is a sure loss. Take a chance with another option.

    • bbmoney

      I know Marmol isn’t very good, he probably wasn’t the right choice.

      But it wasn’t inevitable and certainly wasn’t a sure loss. That’s just hyperbolic and inflammatory.

      • hansman1982

        Why do you love Marmol, can’t you see he is a BUM!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!

  • bryan

    Next time the cubs are searching for a manager they need to come to the BleacherNation forum and read all these qualified canidadates. I mean everyone knows exactly what their talking about and if you don’t agree your a moron. And with all these statistics and such…. I mean seriously the next joe torre is probably babbleing away on this comment thread!

    Ill listen to Brett and Luke. They know their stuff and if you disagree with what they say they wont slay you for it.

    Btw, quiet the argument up there ^ … and its all about bunting lmao

    • hansman1982

      I don’t think I could be Joe Torre, the NY press would eat me alive. I’ll settle for being the next Joe Maddon.

      • Cubbie Blues

        Need to eat more hamburgers then.

        • hansman1982

          Careful, I’m nearly qualified for NJ Governor the way it is.

    • Cubbie Blues


      “its all about bunting” I’d call it more about run expectancy.

      • RizzoCastro

        It was about the correct Managerial decision. Which in my mind was the bunt and in others was letting him hit. Then people have the need to be rude with what they say then more people including myself got rude so from there it went into what you see above. I myself just want the Cubs to put their best effort on the field for 9 full inning’s. I want the coach to look at the numbers like Dale does most of the time. I can live with some of the things but putting Marmol back in during the 9th inning of a game only up by 3 was not a good choice in my mind. But enough about this lets hope for a good game tonight by Shark and start the makings of another win streak! Go Cubs!

        • Cubbie Blues

          At least you got the last word in.