Edwin Jackson’s night started out with a run in the first, but then he cruised for four innings, and all looked well. A hiccup in the sixth, and his night was over – and, unfortunately, so was the game.

Thanks, mostly, to the same guy as it always seems to be these days.

june 19 box

Full box.

  • Kygavin

    This might be my favorite one yet

    • SirCub

      He clearly just traced his hand on the computer screen.

      • MichiganGoat

        And it’s to scale on my iPhone 😉

        • Gretchen

          Yessss. Bam. Goated.

          • MichiganGoat

            Nice my short joke landed with G

  • MichiganGoat

    Wow artwork… well that makes the loss better.

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      I’m not going to lie: I’m damn proud of that fist.

      • MichiganGoat

        It’s a damn good fist I hear it’s Molina’s next tat and goes on his cheek.

      • Kygavin

        fist is dope. very impressive

      • Jan Forty-Two

        It’s clear to see you draw that fist with conviction, Brett.

  • dying cubs fan’s last request

    Someone in the Cardinals broadcast said that they may have thrown at Rizzo because his slide at the plate was ‘way too hard’… thats a joke.

    • MichiganGoat

      They’re just mad he didn’t commit to the Cardinal Way

  • Dustin S

    Can’t blame Jackson too much on Molina’s HR. Inside, but it was a pretty good pitch that he golfed out. I don’t think it would have even been a strike.

    • dying cubs fan’s last request

      Except that he loves that ball inside, even out of the strike zone.

      • Chad

        Except JD was saying in order to beat Molina you have to pound inside, inside, inside, because he loves the ball outside where he can extend his hands, so I guess you just have to walk him every time.

  • http://vdcinc.biz 70’scub

    Dale had the boys fired up? Two hits today maybe at the break the Cub FO shakes up the hitting coaches the Cubs have two Dale plus another hitting coach. Castro, Rizzo, Barney and the catcher are not responding. Sori and the guy they signed from the Mets have shown little power. The Cub infield 240 five home runs at third, 235 3 HR at SS, 210 3 HR at 2nd, 240 10 HR none in the last month at 1st and 1 HR 250 with 2 walks at C. This is how the young talent is responding to this hitting staff. What Gives? Castro and Rizzo will be lucky to hit their weight at this pace.

    • MichiganGoat

      Shaking fist at FO!

    • Matt D

      well….tech third has 13 hr. since its a platoon… castro and rizzo are 23. slumps are part of the game and being young players. they need to adjust and i think they will. castillo has primarily focused on his d and calling games, which is the priority of the catcher. lets take it easy.

  • willis

    2 hits? 2 f’ng hits? Lord have mercy.

    Positives….um, Parker looked pretty good. I wanted this game badly after the last two nights. Tough result. But you aren’t going to win anything with 2 hits.

    Where did our Castro go?

  • rsquared

    At what point do the hitting coaches start working with Castro???

    • willis

      At what point are they held accountable? He’s a wreck right now. All the talent in the world, and it’s being flushed down the crapper. It’s hard to watch. As much as I’ve grown to root for and love him the last three years, it sucks to see him struggle like this.

  • wasssssup

    Ha! On a lost season, you always know how to make me laugh. How many times did you have yo erase the fist until it was perfect?

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      First try, baby.

  • DarthHater


    There. I fixed that for you.

    • MichiganGoat

      Beer almost sprayed all over my phone… You truly are the Dark Lord of the Image.

    • Internet Random

      Heh. Nice.

    • Jp3

      Why is the bird in quotations? Is it NOT really a bird?

    • Jp3

      Oh it’s not quotations😝. I’ve had one too many beers this evening

    • cas-castro

      i almost choked on my lunch when I saw that. too funny!

  • cubfanincardinalland

    Just a complete amateur hour approach hitting. Tried to pull the ball all night against a soft tossing sinker ball pitcher. And for those waiting for the sori hot streak, good luck, the bat speed is gone.

    • http://vdcinc.biz 70’scub

      Agree, I’m certain this hitting coach was the last thing the FO thought they had to address. Maybe Dale needs to let the hitting coach do his job. Most players only want to hear one swing thought at a time, changing bat positions, foot kicks and overall demanding they take strike one means the Cubs are hitting in 0-2, 1-2 counts hence they are trying to put the pitchers, pitch in play = low batting average low power numbers. Castro has one triple this year far below his average Rizzo looks like a punch and run singles hitter.

  • Wester


    • Danny Ballgame


  • Kyle

    Castro down to .594. I wouldn’t mind if it turned out this is a fake Castro and the real one is spending the year in jail or on a secret mission or something.

    • willis

      Sure doesn’t look anything like him at the plate, does it?

    • Corey

      Bruno Mars has secretly been playing SS for the Cubs this year.

      • Internet Random


      • cas-castro

        have you ever seen the two of them in the same place at the same time…although i think bruno is 5’5″ compared to castro’s 6’0.

  • http://Bleachernation Lou Brock

    First at bat illustrated what is wrong with Castro , took strike one down the middle, swung at second pitch a foot outside, worked count to 3 & 2 then swung at a pitch at his shoe tops to ground out which would have been ball 4.
    He is so concerned about striking out he swings at anything he can put his bat on. Pitchers have finally figured out they do not have to throw him a strike to get him out.

    • http://vdcinc.biz 70’scub

      Jump on strike one mix it up.

  • http://vdcinc.biz 70’scub

    I hope the FO considers bringing Sandberg back into the Cub fold.

    • Dustin S

      You and about 2 million other Cub fans (including me). But sadly that ship may have sailed. He made some not entirely subtle negative comments about the Cubs when he left for Philly (well was forced out), and he sold his last residence in Chicago earlier this year. I think he’s a lot more interested in beating the Cubs now than coming back. The big question would be whether both sides would let bygones be bygones and if he would consider coming back if offered to manage (and if it was his only offer). The problem is that word is he’ll be offered the Philly job once Charlie Manuel retires. If I were him, the opportunity to manage a team in arguably better shape in Philly, plus be in the NL where you get to beat up the team that in his mind did him wrong, would be pretty appealing.

      TLDR at this point he’ll probably get other managerial offers than the Cubs to pick from. It would be great to see, but there’s probably been too much bridge burning to repair.

      • toot

        Sandberg coming back to the Cubs is a pipe dream. He made some not to subtle comments about the Cubs, but how do you substantiate such statements?

    • Jim

      You mean to hit 7th or what?

  • Michael

    What do they have against giving Castro 2 days off? Let him rest, maybe he’ll return with a fresh set of eyes.

  • Die hard

    Instead of giving Castro day off should give Sveum week off … or more

    • toot


  • cooter

    How did Barney get an RBI when they called it an error on the catcher?

    • BT

      late to the party, but the error was for allowing Sweeney to 3rd.

  • curt

    Attica -Attica-Attica-while shaking the fist lol

  • curt

    Castro is hitting 235 myb he should sit for a series,how serious is his slumps and what can be done to help him.

    • bryan

      He can play through it. and while everyone believes its best to bench castro and teach him a lesson, I am not so sure that he will respond positively. Some guys don’t have the maturity and/or mental strength to take a benching and learn from it. In a lost season I say play castro every game until august and see if he figures it out himself which could be a big step for castro in his development. He is a 23 year old kid with virtually a new life with his kid and wife and the pressure of his contract is probably all weighing him down. I think on top of that he is pressing to make the changes the coaching staff wants him to make. Don’t trade him and don’t bench him I say. just let the kid develop and in a few years it could be beneficial to him.

      • cms0101

        It’s probably not a bad idea to give him a day off though, just to clear his head a bit. He’s clearly pressing. I don’t think he should be punished and sat for a series or demoted. One day off while he’s scuffling like this seems logical.

        • bryan

          yeah but I question what one day off will really do… im starting to think the approach management is taking with him is the wrong one. Id rather have the 200 hit castro with a .290 average, then a .250 castro with a higher walk rate and 15 homers.

  • cubs2003

    Someone’s obviously in Castro’s ear about taking more pitches. It’s not working. Just let him go out there and be the player he is-a contact hitter with a little power. Keep working on cleaning up the defense, but he’ll never be a high OBP guy. He looks so messed up with his approach right now.

    • cms0101

      It does seem like he artificially is trying to become a patient hitter. He’s taking strike one all the time now. He used to be so good at jumping on the first ball fastball. Now he’s always hitting in the hole 0-1. Everyone agrees he should be more patient, but I want to see the aggressive hitter he used to be.

      • cubs2003

        I’d love to see Castro take more walks, but not at the expense of his entire ability to hit. You can only try to change a guys approach for so long until you admit it’s just not gonna happen.

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