contractThe Chicago Cubs have reportedly signed three more college pitchers from their 2013 Draft, which featured a boatload of them early. According to Patrick Mooney, the Cubs have signed 6th round pick Scott Frazier, 7th round pick David Garner, and 8th round pick Sam Wilson. The latter two we’ve known about for a little while based on Twitter tea leaves, but it’s good to hear a formal report, as well as word on Frazier.

Adding those three into the signings we’ve already discussed, and the Cubs have now signed – officially or unofficially – each of their top 12 picks, save for the man at the top, Kris Bryant.

Frazier, a junior starter at Pepperdine, is a big, strong right-handed starter whom scouts really like, but whose numbers this past season weren’t overwhelming (4.06 ERA over 88.2 innings with 83 Ks and 40 BBs). That said, most services pegged him as a top 100 talent in the Draft, expected to go as high as the late second/early third round. Landing him in the sixth round is a great value for the Cubs, and we’ll have to see what it took to sign him.

Garner, a junior at Michigan State, is thought to be a future reliever, given his smaller frame. The righty has good stuff and a big fastball, so there’s no reason to sleep on him.

Wilson, a left-handed starter at Lamar Community College, throws in the low-90s with a steady, repeatable delivery, and was a positional player, too (indicating nice athleticism).

You can see more on the three college pitchers from the Day Two post for the Draft, as well as in Luke’s instant reaction piece.

  • North Side Irish

    So shouldn’t the Cubs know exactly how much they can offer Bryant now? If the rest of the Top 10 picks have signed, it seems like they should be able to know how much pool money is left. I’m sure they’d love to save some to go after some of the later picks, but you have to figure Bryant is close.

    • cms0101

      At minimum, we should be able to get an idea what the range of Bryant’s bonus is going to be, just by doing the math on the other contracts. We just need all of the remaining signing bonuses published.

    • Grant

      Not necessarily – bonus money spent on players after round 10 goes against the cap if it’s over $500,000, I believe. I don’t know the draftees well enough to know if there’s anyone who warrants that kind of bonus or not, but if there is, that could impact Bryant’s bonus.

      • hansman1982

        It’s $100,000 limit.

        Also, a part of the rumor mill output is that Bryant wants a few weeks off.

        • Grant

          Thanks for the correction. I considered looking it up, but knew if I had the wrong figure, someone here would know the right one.

        • cubzfan

          Let the wild speculation begin. Is he going hunting with dad? Taking make-up exams? Getting married? Taking this one last opportunity to try out for American Idol?

          • ssckelley

            Letting the “stuff” get through his system before taking his physical. (wink wink)

            • The Other Matt

              Not funny.

    • ssckelley

      I still hold out hope that the Cubs are able to sign Alamo, but I think it will take more than 100K in order to sign him.

      • SenorGato

        I thought they landed Alamo? That sucks. He is probably the.most interesting catcher they drafted.

        • ssckelley

          All I have seen is his twitter looks like he is excited about being a Cub. It says “Catcher in the Chicago Cubs organization” and “Chasin my dream to one day play in the big leagues”. But he remains unsigned and has been working out at his high school.

    • Luke

      Odds are very good that the Cubs knew how much Bryant was going to sign for before they took him. They aren’t tossing around money like this unless they already have the parameters of a deal in place.

      • Die hard

        Maybe he wants assurance to have legitimate shot at 40 man roster next yr

  • SenorGato

    Any new video on Sam Wilson? I only saw his HS one. I liked it.

    Frazier might be my favorite arm they drafted this year. Hes huge, throws hard, can spin the ball, and his mechanics are more fix ‘r upper than complete overhaul. I believe he has been healthy. Hopefully he thrives here with Derek Johnson and friends.

  • bryan

    Ill bet ANYONE 10,000$ that Bryant will sign and his contract will be between 4-7 million dollars. Any takers?

    • ssckelley

      I say between 5 to 6 million, a number I keep seeing swirled around is 5.6.

    • mjhurdle

      A lot will depend on how much over-slot TWC signs for.
      The details of his contract will play heavily into the amount of pool left for Bryant.
      According to sources, the Cubs expect that it will take no less than 400K to pull TWC from his scholarship from the Bleacher Nation BellyFires. If it gets up too much higher than that, it could take quite a chunk out of what the Cubs are able to offer Bryant.
      Fingers still crossed that we land them both.

      • Coop

        I heard TWC is holding out for additional Old Style – the league is trying to figure out how that translates into cap numbers.

      • MichiganGoat

        Well at least Wrigley would have a the best grass mower and weed puller in the business.

    • Featherstone

      That’s like saying, I bet anyone that a baseball team will win the world series this year. Your making a statement that is so wide it can’t be wrong.

  • http://Bleachernation Lou Brock

    I checked on games between Frazier’s school Pepperdine and BYU since they play in the same conference to see how Hannemann did. The kid was 3/4 with a triple and a walk. Frazier did not have a good game at all giving up 7 earned in 4 plus innings.

  • SenorGato

    Keith Law believes Bryant will get the highest bonus in the draft.

    Ive been thinking the past couple of days that all the focus on Appel/Gray threw off the fan perception of how Bryant is percieved. Law’s comment that he believes Bryant will get the highest bonus does nothing to throw that off. He is extremely well thought of.

    • Jp3

      That will not look good on Boras if so, I’d be pissed if a guy working for me does a better job for someone else who’s paying less than I am. I won’t believe it until I see it but you could totally be right.

  • Dan

    Could it be possible that since they know they’ll get another pick next year if Bryant doesn’t sign that they’ll risk all these overslot deals and risk losing a 1st round pick? Paint Bryant in a corner with the fact they know they’ll still have another 1st round pick next year anyway type thing.

    • gocatsgo2003

      Pretty sure they would be in line for a significant monetary penalty and sacrificing draft picks at the rate they’re oversigning guys — anyone know how it works if picks are sacrificed due to spending too much (top-down, bottom-up, etc.)?

      • Mike

        If he doesn’t sign, the Cubs lose his slot money from the bonus pool. This would put them well over their allotted money and end up in a tax on the overage and a loss of at least a first round pick next year.

    • Dan

      For the record the next post by Dan is someone else. Just wanted to be clear on this.

  • Dan

    He’s long as it’s close to slot he’s go makes no sense for him to return to school- can only go one slot higher and the $$$ won’t be different .

    • wvcubsfan

      What Dan said, I think.

  • Freshness21

    Who does that leave us left to sign (beyond Bryant) who we should care about. What is the status of the remaining HS guys we took later on that others were afraid to sign?

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