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  • It looks like the New York Yankees are going to be without third baseman Kevin Youkilis for most of the rest of the season, and Mark Teixeira just had to go back on the disabled list after suffering some inflammation in the wrist that kept him out most of the season already. That all comes after the Yankees learned they’d be without Curtis Granderson for another month or so. GM Brian Cashman said the Yankees are always looking for upgrades, but I’d think the latest rash of injuries would push that looking into overdrive. Couple the injuries with the fact that Vernon Wells is quickly reverting to pumpkin status after a hot start (.121/.136/.150 in his last 29 games, with his OPS all the way down to .638), and it’s fair to wonder whether the Yankees are going to want to pull the trigger on a bat – any bat – quickly. Alex Rodriguez could be back at some point, so it’s possible the Yankees will be more focused on an OF/DH type bat like, say … Alfonso Soriano?
  • Speaking of Soriano, Bill Ladson hears that the Washington Nationals may need to be players at the Trade Deadline this year to push their best-on-paper roster into the playoffs. And a quality right-handed bat might be the order of the day, and Soriano is going to be available – given his no-trade rights, he can scuttle a deal, but Washington would fall right into his wheelhouse of preferred teams (East Coast, in contention, National League). That said, with Bryce Harper, Jayson Werth, and Denard Span on the roster, the Nationals have three clear starting outfielders when everyone’s healthy. Soriano would be a mighty expensive bench bat/occasional left-fielder. If they’re just looking for a powerful righty to come off of the bench, how about Cody Ransom? He’s slugging .662 with the Cubs …
  • The Padres’ hot streak has them emerging as a possible surprise buyer at the deadline, and they could use a starting pitcher. What do you know? The Cubs have a few to spare, and the front office knows the Padres’ system well.
  • The Orioles have designated interesting 25-year-old utility player Yamaico Navarro for assignment, and I can’t help but wonder if the Cubs might kick the tires. He originated in the Red Sox’s system, so the front office knows him well. He’s a great plate discipline guy, and can play anywhere – including shortstop. That’s a nice utility player to have on hand.
  • Bruce Levine did the chat thing at ESPNChicago, and … (1) Bruce thinks Nate Schierholtz is a keeper, rather than a flip piece (with another year of arbitration left, and with an outfield that could otherwise need three(!) new starters next year, I also think it’s fairly likely that Schierholtz stays … but the Cubs will listen, because he’s got value); (2) young pitching remains the focus in trade for guys like Matt Garza and Scott Feldman; (3) of the guys Bruce projects to be dealt, he thinks Garza, Feldman and Kevin Gregg return the best prospects (assuming the Cubs only deal obvious candidates (i.e., not shocking the world and dealing Jeff Samardzija), I agree on the value, though I’d add Alfonso Soriano in there *if* the Cubs eat a ton of his salary); and (4) Bruce says something he’s said before (and with which I very much agree): Darwin Barney would be far more valuable on a good team with a great offense than he is on the Cubs, where his offensive deficiencies really stick out.
  • Steve Adams chatted over at MLBTR, and … (1) Steve thinks it’s a good bet that the Tigers get a “big fish” to fill their closer hole, which suggests Jonathan Papelbon would be the target; (2) the Rangers would need to include more than just Mike Olt in a deal for Matt Garza (and, although his future might not be a third base, I’d question whether drafting Kris Bryant is going to make the Cubs slightly less interested in Olt – who,¬†incidentally,¬†has been striking out in 1/3 of his AAA plate appearances this year as a 24-year-old); (3) Steve guesses a “C” prospect for Kevin Gregg, which probably isn’t too far off, if it’s a high-upside, but flawed, young prospect; and (4) David Price trade rumors are going to be an offseason thing, not a July thing.
  • steve123

    Although I don’t believe he will bring back a ton, I think Dioner Navarro has a bit of trade value. He might be someone you could add with a guy like Feldman and actually get one player the Cubs really want or two good players. Brett- I am fully supportive of the cubs claiming Yamaico Navarro.

  • X the Cubs Fan

    Soriano to one of his ex teams?

  • Sven-Erik312

    We do not need Price. Spend the cash on kids

  • SenorGato

    I like Nik Turley in the Yankees system. I also still like Banuelos as a more SP-y version of Vizcaino last year.

  • Tremendous Slouch

    Just curious… We’re the Cubs linked to EY Jr. at all in the last week… I was disappointed they didn’t manage to bring him into the fold… Seems like with DeJesus out for an extended period we could have given him a long look. He’s had some marginal success both in the minors (more so) and majors with Colorado and could turn into a prototypical lead off guy…

  • SenorGato

    My dream for this deadline is to land a Zachary Wheeler type deal with a contender using Soriano or Garza. Some dream scenarios:

    Garza for Jesse Biddle
    Garza for Sonny Gray(+?)
    Garza for Yordano Ventura (I like Dan Duffy too)
    Garza for Tyler Skaggs
    Garza for Zac Lee
    Garza for Martin Perez and Luke Jackson
    Garza for Nik Turley+

    • gocatsgo2003

      … all of which are completely unrealistic for a rental player.

      • BT

        true, but the Mets did get Wheeler for a Beltran rental. All it takes is one desperate delusional GM.

        But probably not.

        • Coop

          Although that was also under different draft compensation rules than we have now.

          • Featherstone

            Actually no, Beltran had a clause in his contract saying he couldnt be offered arbitration. So in essence it was exactly the same as it is now.

      • SenorGato

        Uh yeah, there’s precedense for such a deal not even two years ago. No one said they’re realistic, OTOH to rule such a move out IS completely unrealistic. We the Internet like to prop up youth and prospectdom, but sometimes for some teams that takes second priority to winning. All of those teams are in winnable divisions and have WS hopes this year.

  • cub4life

    as much as I like Garza, I am starting to lean twards trading him if we can get 1 or 2 that can help us next year (maybe even this year) and some prospects that can help in the future.

    as for Barney I agree send him to a team that has a good offense that can use a simi speedy great defensive 2B (maybe as part of a package with a pitcher or Sori)

    What are the arb levels for Valbuena, Sweeney, Borbon, Ransom and the guys in our bullpen? What was the deal that we gave to Hairston and Navarro? And do any of them have any kind of trade value. Now I’m not saying trade and of them (unless we get the right deal) but just wandering. If any of them can help us next year and not stop us from using a “better” young player that might be ready.

  • Big Joe

    Please-o-please, don’t go after another DFAer. Please. Guys are DFA’d for a reason. “Stashing” guys in AAA over, and over, and over isn’t showing results.
    These guys aren’t kept on a big league roster by their original team for a reason: they aren’t good enough.

    • BT

      exactly. When are we cutting Kevin Gregg anyway?

      • cub4life

        and didn’t we get valbuena the same way……

        • Brett

          And his platoon-mate.

          • cub4life

            I was just about to say that…….speedy guns there Brett

        • Kramden

          Valbuena? Gregg?….. Great! But look where we’re at anyway.

          • cub4life

            we aren’t saying that they are the saviors of this team, just that taking a flier on the DFA’d players isn’t a bad thing. They can be decent players for us, we just have to add to the roster with the correct free agents (and in no way does that mean the “best” free agents out there (pujols, hamelton etc)) and good trades. We will figure it out soon, we just had to get through the almost complete destruction of the old ways and try and bring in a new culture.

    • gocatsgo2003

      … for those teams. Sadly, they could very well be worth a roster spot for the 29-41 2013 Chicago Cubs.

    • cub4life

      some aren’t DFA’d becuase there not good enough but they are DFA’d because they have other more pressing needs (like us loosing Whitneck because we needed an infielder to replace Barney on the DL)

    • Rich H

      So Valbuena, Bourbon, Gregg and a number of others are not needed? I would like to be to a point that the DFA’d players are a rare thing but we are not there yet. If I had a choice between seeing some AAA player that is nothing more than a roster filler the second half or taking a chance on a flawed player that has been DFA’d then give me the later.

    • Kenster

      ya screw Julio Borbon, Cody Ransom, Luis Valbuena, Shawn Camp and Ryan Sweeney.. all of whom have showed success with the Cubs at one point or another..

    • Frank F

      Before you go knocking DFA pick ups, don’t forget Casey McGehee, who we we DFA’d and will probably regret for years to…hey, wait a minute. I thought we were still supposed to be regretting DFAing Casey McGehee.

      In all seriousness, anytime a one time top prospect is DFAd at a youngish age, it’s tempting to pick them up, assuming that you have a roster spot for them.

    • Rebuilding

      Sweeney was a nice pickup

  • DarthHater

    Why would the Yankees be interested in an OF/DH type bat with a line of .249/.280/.393 ?

    • Mike

      …because the Yankees like signing washed up, old players who used to hit home runs left and right, show good stats for a couple months, and then go down hill for the rest of the year. Classic 2013 yanks.

    • When the Music’s Over

      The Soriano for more than a minor league flyer type return ship has very likely sailed far far away.

  • Frank F

    Any chance that Bubba Starling’s status has dropped low enough that we could get him for say Feldman, Ransom, and change? Didn’t think so. But that package is very comparable to the Maholm/Johnson one that got us Vizcaino, who if nothing else can fill the void on the DL that Wood and Prior left so many years ago.

    Anyone else have a broken top 50 guy for cheap?

    • rickyp024

      I think it may still be too early for KC to give up on him. He hasn’t hit at all, but it’s still only been a short time.

    • King Jeff

      Starling has terrible plate discipline. He’s a raw athlete that would have fit in great during Hendry’s years, but I don’t think he’s the type of player we are looking for.

    • SenorGato

      Starling kinda sucks. The Royals’ Ryan Harvey at this rate.

      • Kenster

        ya im glad we drafted Javier Baez after I was begging for Bubba Starling to slip to the Cubs at 9.. worked out so far

  • someday…2015?

    I’m thinking Garza and Soriano for Olt and Martin Perez would be a good trade for both sides.

    Dream trade would be Garza, Soriano, and Russell for Archie Bradley. – completely unrealistic.

    • SenorGato

      Back in 2011 maybe. I still like Perez some but Olt somehow still manages to be overrated.

  • baldtaxguy

    Are there any good offensive teams needing a 2B piece that Barney would fit within? Last year, Detroit stood out, but I cannot think of one this season.

  • Rizzofanclub

    If the cubs get 5 million in salary relief for next year I would be thrilled. Soriano is a nice guy and I have a lot of good memories of him but I think it would be best for everyone to end this relationship this year.

  • King Jeff

    Jon Heyman was just on MLB network and is trying to push that Bryant is going to push for an overslot signing. I don’t think that the Cubs are ready for that.

    • SenorGato

      Theyre probably very ready for it. No way theyhad no idea. I alreadyposted it earlier but Law believes he will get the highest bonus in the draft.

    • gocatsgo2003

      Pretty sure that EVERY drafted player is going to push for an overslot signing because… why not? It’s just a matter of whether the team is willing to give such a bonus.

      • King Jeff

        Probably true, it just puts a little damper on the rumors that he’s going to sign for far under slot.

    • Luke

      If that is the case, the Cubs likely knew it when they took him.

      The rate at which the Cubs are handing out overslot bonuses strongly implies that they either don’t care about the penalties (unlikely), or they know how much Bryant will demand and have that factored into the calculations.

      • King Jeff

        Probably true, but as compared to the early reports, this pushes the Cubs closer to the ceiling of what they can afford before inciting the draft pick penalty. Gotta keep calm and trust that these guys know what they are doing.

      • EricR

        Luke, what’s the leverage? That he returns to school?

    • BluBlud

      There is no way Bryant gets an overslot deal. The Cubs likely drafted him because they knew he would go overslot. If he agreed to go underslot before the pick, but then changes his mind now, then the Cubs could crush his credibility and cause him to slip in the draft next year, and lose even more money. The Cub will sign Bryant and save at least a million.

    • ari gold

      If he’s pushing for an over slot he can leave the $6M on the table and go back into a much better draft next year where he’ll likely fall a bit. I’d call his bluff.

  • Rich H

    After doing a little bit of research the one team that I see that would be a good fit for Barney is Baltimore. Because Ryan Flahtery is laying an egg worse than Barney is but they still are in the league leaders in hitting. Not saying they would give up much for him just that it is an interesting fit.

  • BluBlud

    Ok, i was originally against the selloff, but now i think the Cubs should sign any OF not name Schierholtz, any IF not name Castro, Castillo or Rizzo and any pitcher not Name Shark or Wood. 19 man Selloff, i’m good with it.

    • BluBlud

      Trade, not sign.

    • Kygavin

      Werent you 100% against the Schierholtz signing? and now you want to not trade him? funny how things change in 4 months

    • Drew7

      Not to be a jerk, but I do find it pretty funny that the 2 guys you hated on all offseason are the top-2 in fWAR on the entire team.

  • Serious Cubs Fan

    Can we expect a phantom Hector Rondon injury (classic rule 5 stash move) coming to make space on the 40 man roster? He’s been decent but is taking up room on both the 40 man and 25 man roster.

  • The Dude Abides

    Sounds like things are really lining up nicely for our players to be moved from quite a few different teams. Hopefully we land a couple of top 10 AA or above players at a minimum. It’s about time other teams recognize our available talent.

    • Serious Cubs Fan

      Yeah, but I’m pretty disappointed Dejesus got hurt. Tarnishes his trade value. I really thought we could have package him with a pitcher to get a pretty solid prospect or 2.

  • macpete22

    Barney would be a great fit in Baltimore. Flaherty isn’t very good and they have one of the best offenses in baseball.

  • G2Ellis

    Could Theo please find a trade with KC with Feldman Garza and Barney for Venturi and another 15-20 ranked prospect in there system

  • Serious Cubs Fan

    I don’t want to sound like a bad fan but if I were Theo/Jed I’d completely blow up this team at the trade deadline (accept for Castro, Rizzo, Samardzija).

    -Travis Wood (his value is at his peak right now. He’s pitching like a #2 when he’s really a #4. I get good solid #4 lefties don’t grow on trees but if we can package him for a player that has higher upside and if Theo/Jed really like him I’d pull the trigger)
    -Schierholtz (playing well, has value, and the additional arbitration yr makes him even more attractive possibly)
    -Soriano (Trade him/package him for the best prospect value you get for him. If people only offer crap then just hold onto him for leadership purposes)
    -Dejesus (If he shows he’s healthy when he gets back before the deadline then trade/package him for the best prospects you can get)
    -James Russell (Trade him, he’s a young great lefty set up guy which are valuable trade commodities, but relievers can lose it whenever in their career just like that. Sean Marshall type trade possibly?)
    -Darwin Barney (Love the guy, scrappy, high character, great glove but the guy flat out is a black hole in the lineup. He’s a cost controlled player whose defense has value to other teams. I’d also like to see what Junior Lake/Logan Watkins could do in the bigs eventually later this year. Let them develop their swings up in the bigs with the best hitting instructors in the organization and let Theo/Jed evaluate what they have so they can answer the 40 man roster problems they are going to have next year.)
    -Cody Rasum (Try and trade him like they did last yr with Reed Johnson by packaging him with a pitcher)

    I understand this won’t happen and that it isn’t realistic to see this many player to get traded at the deadline but seriously its a lost season completely and try and make a run to catch the Marlins for that #1 overall pick next year. It may damage the Cubs reputation a little by being thought of a team that will just sell everyone off, but if you sign with Cubs then you already knew it was a possibility that you’d be a trade chip in the end. I wouldn’t mind seeing the cubs become a minor league team for the second half of the season if it meant an influx of talent in the farm system from trade acquisitions and if we got the #1 overall pick next year. We’d also get the highest bonus pool money for the draft and international. It may make me sound like a terrible fan but I am really not. I’m just all in for the future. PS: I know you are happy I’m not the Cubs GM. You got to be bad before you can get better

    • #1lahairfan

      No reason to trade Barney, Russell, and even Wood now, too much surplus value.

      Other than that I agree with you

    • Rebuilding

      I think at this point most of us here wouldn’t mind most of those guys being traded. The only guy I’m hesitant on is Wood because he is cheap, good and hard to replace. But even if we trade all of those guys we have enough depth now to not get the Top pick.

    • 70’scub

      Agree except I would keep Wood, sign Garza and sign Shark.

    • Cyranojoe

      No question, they’ll *try* to trade anybody and everybody. And if they get value back, they’ll pull the trigger. But a trade takes two sides, not just the Cubs wanting it. Not easy.

  • Rudy

    August/September Lineup?




    That’s 23 and leaves room for a couple pieces coming back from the trades or DFA flyers. I really like the flexibility with both Clevenger and Lake as well. Am I missing anyone obvious?

    • Cyranojoe

      Holy cow, man. You’re proposing that our FO pull off an incredible number of trades (and a release or two, I imagine): Soriano, DeJesus, Marmol, Garza, Barney, Gregg, Feldman, Hairston(?!!), Camp, Valbuena, Villaneuva, Navarro, and Ransom! That’s a baker’s dozen.

      In 2012, we traded Baker, Soto, Dempster, Maholm, and Johnson (and Lalli late in the season). That’s six. I’d be satisfied if the FO manages as much this year, honestly.

      Everyone in the list above has the potential to be traded or dropped, except Hairston. He’s got a two-year contract, and has played baaaadly this year. He’s not going anywhere, except maybe AAA.

  • Rudy

    Yeah, I was going off of what people are saying above. Not thinking this will actually happen. I think I would prefer to keep Garza and extend him right now anyways unless a great deal comes up. Also, forgot about Hairston he’ll probably stick with his performance and multi-year deal. If we are gonna tank though, that would be an interesting team to see. We’d finally get a long look at some guys who are on the cusp of ‘do or die’.

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