brent lillibridgeWhen it comes to AAA roster filler, the Chicago Cubs have a pipeline to the New York Yankees.

After earlier this year sending Alberto Gonzalez to the Yankees, today the Cubs sent Brent Lillibridge to New York for a player to be named later or cash. Lillibridge, who made the Cubs out of Spring Training after coming on a minor league deal, was quickly sent to AAA Iowa because he couldn’t get a hit. Like, any of them.

But Lillibridge does have the upside of a nice bench utility player, given that he can play all over the field. He was hitting .281/.331/.425 at AAA Iowa, but the Yankees have had a rash of injuries and can use all the depth they can get.

Don’t expect the Cubs to get much in return here – generally, when you see “or cash” appended to one of these deals, the list of players from which the Cubs will get to choose does not include anyone who would qualify as a decent prospect.

Still, it’s a trade! And it clears up a little AAA positional roster space for a promotion, I suppose.

  • Spencer

    hahahah I love how the best picture of Lillibridge is in a Sox uniform.

    • Brett

      Tells you how long he lasted.

      • MichiganGoat

        I actually forgot all about him

  • North Side Irish

    Chris Cotillo ‏@ChrisCotillo 7m
    #Yankees signed Corey Patterson to a minor league deal today, according to @RailRidersTT

    More Yankees fun…

    • cas-castro

      Sign all the ex Cubs!

  • Xoomwaffle

    “Cubs Clear way for Future All-Star Ian Stewart’s Triumphant Return”

    • Jackalope

      Maybe the Yanks should trade for Stewart. Originally meant this as a joke, but thinking about it, it could be best for all parties, if the Cubs throw in significant cash.

  • Rich H

    Well atleast we know if we trade Barney we will not have to deal with Lillibridge at 2nd.

  • Little Lord Fontenot

    Part of me thinks we could have got for him if we held onto him closer to the deadline , at th very least he could have got us a good lottery ticket in high A ball

  • Jp3

    Ha!!! Someone gave us cash for him??!?!? That’s impressive.

  • Cyranojoe

    Wow, that’s so funny! I stared at my screen and said no effing way when I saw the headline. Has he been performing better in the minors or something?

  • Jp3

    More interesting though, someone may go to AAA then someone else goes to AA, Baez **ducks**

    • Rebuilding

      Alcantara to AAA and Baez to AA. *Ducks with you*

    • Danny Ballgame

      I bet he will up in Tennessee this year, probably not for a little while though. Does anybody know how Torres is doing in Daytona?

  • Gcheezpuff

    It will be interesting to watch Cashman GM now that the Yankees have tightened the purse strings a little have a roster full of aging veterans.

  • Cubes

    over/under $20?

    • Jp3

      Maybe for cash the yanks will pick up the tab on Bryant’s slot value?$$. They’ve got money to burn😀

    • davidalanu

      My guess is a Groupon voucher for Starbucks. But that $20 gets you $40!

  • Patrick G

    I guess that “open for business” thing went to heart real fast

  • Rebuilding

    Lake hit his first HR tonight. OPS at 980 through 60 or so at-bats. If he keeps it up through the All-Star break then you might as well bring him up and DFA Ransom. Ransom has been fine, but if we are in full sell mode a guy his age doesn’t really make sense

    • Danny Ballgame

      I think Ransom may be a decent addition in a larger deal. Lake needs to be playing everyday, also

      • Rebuilding

        True. Lake needs to be playing regularly. If we move Barney, then Valbuena to 2nd. If not, I think between the 3 infield spots he could find enough at-bats

        • Danny Ballgame

          Very true. He has also bee playing some outfield, if I am not mistaken.

          Brett or Luke: Where all has Lake been playing since he returned?

          • Kenster

            I suspect Lake to play 3rd especially if Valbuena is traded. If not he’ll get spot starts all over the field. Plus we wouldn’t just DFA Ransom the rate he’s mashing lefties and he can play everywhere. someone will take a flier on him like the Tigers did with Baker last year.

            • Danny Ballgame

              I agree. He is playing too well not to get anything back for him

          • Luke

            3B and OF, but he could fill in at SS or 2B if needed.

            • Danny Ballgame

              Thanks Luke

      • Jon

        Why in the fck would you DFA Ransom with the season he is having ? Talk about stupid

        • Kenster

          Agreed someone will give up a prospect for him.. And no need to DFA him when Lake is already on the 40 man roster

        • Rebuilding

          Settle down big man. My point was about Lake and not Ransom. You’re right – we should be able to get a C+ lottery spec for him. He’s 37 and is having a career year

    • North Side Irish
      • Alex S.

        I love the fact that they played Apache (Jump on It) as he circled the bases.

  • Serious Cubs Fan

    You never know with these Cash or PTBNL deals. Remember the Jeff Baker deal w/ the Tigers. We got a solid prospect out of it. But agreed though. 90% of the time its cash but most of the time its an organizational filler prospect in return.

    • Die hard

      If player in return depends in success of Cub player after trade then may be worth it– a conditional trade worth gamble

      • Danny Ballgame

        Agreed, no risk/ maybe reward deal

    • HackAttack

      Marcelo Carreno was the return for Baker. He hasn’t pitched all season. Some kind of injury. Anyone know what’s wrong with him?

  • Rebuilding

    Not sure if this has been posted, but it’s a nice article on Schierholtz from Fangraphs. The comments are interesting given that fans of the Giants, Yankees, Pirates and Indians chime in saying he’s be a great fit:

  • Kenster

    They Yankees should’ve kept the last Cub player they traded Alberto Gonzalez instead of Lillibridge. Lillibridge was garbage..

  • nkniacc13

    to bad they cubs cant combine both ptbn from yanks and get an actual semi decent player

    • Wester

      Why not?

    • cubchymyst

      If they were going to combine them I’d rather see if they can get their hands on some of the Yankees international draft money.

  • Jacob

    So, Brett totally called Starlin’s slump before the season even started… He just meant May-June as “early-season” haha.

    “It’s Castro’s first child, so congrats, Daddio. If his early-season production dips, we’ll know it’s because of all the midnight diaper changing.”

  • another JP

    You’re right about one thing Brett- the Cubs are indeed open for business. The Lillibridge deal isn’t anything great but teams like to know that Theo & Co. will consider moving some pieces. From a tiny acorn a giant oak grew…

  • Mike Taylor (no relation)

    I think trading Valbuena/Barney could put Alcantara on the 40-man, since Lake and Vitters are already on it.

    • Rcleven

      If the Cubs want keep(which they should) Alcantara will have to be added to to the fourty man roster by at least one week after the World Series. Alcantara at that time becomes Rule V eligible. To protect him from selection he would have to be added to the 40 roster.

  • Rebuilding

    I hope the FO plays hardball when it comes to Gregg. This isn’t just luck – he has figured something out and is pitching as consistently as any reliever in the league

  • Rebuilding

    Gregg and Shierholtz or DeJesus are exactly what the Tigers need. I would include Russell and go after Smyly. I know it might not be enough, but I think it might be hard for Detroit to turn down once Benoit blows a couple of saves

    • Rcleven

      I know we are Cub fans here but there are better options for the Tigers than Gregg.
      Sale of the White Sox would fit Detroit better. 24 yo under control till 17. SO/BB 4.33
      for $850,000 a year with a .269 ERA. The CWS will be sellers.

      • Dynastyin2017

        Do you think they will really sell Sale?

        • Rcleven

          Heard that he would be available. White Sox need starting pitching for the future. Sales had arm troubles. For a crappy farm they seem to pull starting pitching out their arces thru trade.

  • North Side Irish

    Smokies on Radio ‏@SmokiesonRadio 15m
    Arismendy Alcantara hits a leadoff solo shot to right field, his 10th home run of the season. Smokies lead 4-2 in the top of the 5th.

  • Dean

    Guess the Yanks thought this was one of those Black Friday door buster sales!

  • Dean

    Cubs threw in a Tony Campana bobble-head to sweeten the deal.

  • http://. Sven-Erik312

    Not that I’m trying to get rid of him, but when I saw this news, I wondered if the Cubs had thought of trying to offer Darwin for a better prospect return since the Yanks need good infielders

    • Rebuilding

      We are in the catbird’s seat this year. Look at the AL East and the NL West. Not to mention the Tigers and Nationals struggling. All of those teams are going for it now. If you are the Nationals all you have to do is get the 2nd wildcard for instance. And then with Strasburg and Gonzalez anything can happen. We can poach someone because we have useful pieces. Garza, Shierholtz, Barney, Feldman, Villanueva, Russell and Gregg are all valuable pieces to winning a World Series. People are underestimating the trade chips we have.

      For instance, do you think the Dodgers wouldn’t trade Joc Pederson given the emergence of Puig? Or the Diamondbacks wouldn’t trade Davidson since they signed Prado?Or the Rockies wouldn’t trade Dickerson since the have CarGo. Or the Orioles wouldn’t trade multiple prospects since they could finally win that division? Or the Tigers wouldn’t trade anyone for someone that can nail down games?

      There is a great deal(s) to be had. Lets see if the front office makes it happen

      • sven-erik312

        You’re on the money there Rebuilding Sir. If the Cubs trade Garza, it’s a pretty clear indication that they don’t see the team getting much better next year as well. I like the FO’s plan of keeping the kids in the minors for a long time. Once those guys do come up, there will be huge preasure on them to perform at the major league level. Though I’d hate to see som of the regulars on this team go, I don’t see the team being more than a little bit better next year and the kids are not ready yet. May as well get some more kids then and wait, and wait, and…

        • JeffR

          Or it’s an indication that he may not want to resign with the cubs. At least for what the cubs see as a reasonable contract. If he pitches well the rest of the year he is going to get a pretty big contract.

  • Darlene Paul

    Brent Lillibridge is an extra ordinary player. This year he has signed with the oldest club New York Yankees. Hope both will be benefited by it. Best of luck.

    • Condescendo

      Yes, he is deeply ordinary.

  • cub4life


    Did we get anything back for Gonzales yet? If not can we put these 2 trades together and get a slightly better player from them?

    • Brett

      It’s possible, but if you’re the Yankees, wouldn’t you rather give up two of nothing instead of one of something?

  • cub4life

    I absolutly would if I were them……..just making sure I was up on the rules……hopefully the front office at least checked on it….

    Are there any other player to be determined that we are still waiting for?