stove[Site note: The Wife and I are taking a little  kid-free vacation this weekend, the travel for which will preclude your normal Saturday morning Bullets. Indeed, I’m not entirely sure I’ll be able to get them up until well into the day tomorrow (so you might not see a Pre-Gamin’ either). So, to help sate your desire for CUBZ NEWZ AND RUMOARZ, I’ll offer you a late-night Lukewarm Stove. And I’ll see you when I see you.]

Earlier today, Buster Olney said his sources are telling him the Cubs are now “open for business,” so why not have two Lukewarm Stove posts on the same day? …

  • On Twitter, Buster added to his own report, saying that not only are his sources hearing that the Cubs are ready to sell, they’ve actually started the process of exchanging names with teams on some of their players. I take that to me not necessarily that the Cubs have said “we want prospects X, Y, and Z for Player A,” but instead have discussed specific players of their own with specific teams who might have a need for that specific player. Even that is a few steps down the road from very superficial discussions. And, heck, Buster’s sources could mean that the Cubs have discussed specific prospect/player returns with other teams. That would be very far down the road, and suggests a trade or two might come long before the July 31 Trade Deadline.
  • Dave Cameron analyzes Nate Schierholtz’s great year for the Cubs, and says he’d be the trade target of a savvier club. The breakout has some statistical support, and Schierholtz comes with an extra year of control next year. The Cubs will gladly listen on Schierholtz, but I wonder whether the offers – which you can’t figure would be too impressive for a guy who hews a bit more closely to “role player” than “game changer” – will not be sufficient to overcome the value Schierholtz would offer the Cubs, themselves, in 2014.
  • Speaking of Schierholtz and Olney, the latter speculates that the former could be a fit for the Royals and the Pirates.
  • Jon Heyman looks at the Yankees’ need for a bat, which I discussed yesterday. In mentioning Alfonso Soriano as a possibility for the Yankees, Heyman says, “There have been rumors for years, almost since they traded him for A-Rod, that the Yankees might consider trying to get him back. One big issue is that while the Cubs are willing to pay the vast majority of his $18 million salary this year and next, they’d insist on a good prospect back for him.” The return and the money will always have an inverse relationship. Of course, the Cubs could stand for Soriano to start hitting again, too.
  • Heyman also discusses the White Sox as sellers, noting that with Jesse Crain, Alex Rios and Jake Peavy (if he heals quickly), the Sox have several marketable pieces. Crain could be one of the best relievers on the market, but Rios comes with warts and Peavy is hurt. Not sure how much selling competition there is here.
  • Although I’m not sure he’s basing it on much more than a geographic coincidence, Hank Schulman suggests that the Giants may have interest in Scott Feldman. The Giants are expected to look for a starting pitcher, so that part makes sense, at least.
  • Ruben Amaro is sticking to his story with respect to the Phillies selling, but I’m starting to suspect that he’s just negotiating via the media. Here’s what he told the AP about trading Cliff Lee and/or Jonathan Papelbon: “Absolutely not, because these are guys I’d be better off having on my club than not. Who am I going to replace these guys with to win a championship? These are championship-caliber players. If we think about moving these guys, then I better be getting someone of better or equal value and I just don’t see that happening.” Me thinks thou doth protest too much. Also, thou mentions getting better or equal value too much.
  • Ben Badler’s guess is that the Cubs and Rangers will be the teams most likely to look to trade for international pool space. Teams are limited in the way they can trade for such space (it comes in “slots” – more details here), but the Cubs might want to add more to their current $4.5-ish million pool (which is already the second-highest, behind only the Astros). The next international signing period opens up July 2.
  • Oswego Chris

    Actually I kind of get what Amaro is saying…obviously he will listen on those players, but I doubt the Phillies are going into full rebuild mold, and you aren’t going to get talent equivalent for this year and next

    Although I would bet on Papelbon being available as closers are much more replaceable than a starter like Lee…and I believe Papelbon has a pretty hefty contract…

  • Gcheezpuff

    I could see the Rangers interested in Schierholtz as they may need a replacement for Cruz with a potential suspension coming and I believe this is his last year under contract anyway. The rangers will more then likely come calling on Garza anyway and the Cubs could package for a better return. Let the Mike Olt and Martin Perez rumors begin.

    • AD

      I agree. No matter the suitors, a pairing of Garza and Schierholtz makes a lot of sense. How about Wilmer Font or Joey Gallo as possible targets.

    • oltfan

      I have seen Mike Olt play 3 games against Des Moines this year. After a slow start due to some vision issues from a concussion in winterball he is tearing it up now and demonstrating why he belongs in the majors. No better third baseman in the minors defensively and he has incredible power at the plate. In a venue like Wrigley he would be a force. Trade Garza for Olt now! A Rizzo-Olt combination would be awesome.

      • someday…2015?

        I agree 100%. Imagine a big 5 of Olt, Almora, Baez, Bryant, and Soler.

  • Die hard

    Nobody’s mentioned our catchers.. Take em

  • Jon

    Anyone have an update as to why Almora was replaced in the KC game 2night?

    • Dustin S

      I was at the game and didn’t notice a reason for him being pulled. Disappointing too, I had been looking forward to seeing him and he only got 1 AB.

      • Rebuilding

        Hopefully he’s moving up. He’s too advanced for Kane County. Leaving him there might lead to bad habits. Almore is the kind of player that needs to be challenged

        • Rebuilding

          Aka… He needs to struggle a bit. Just like Baez did for a bit at Daytona. The truly great ones, the ones you want, make adjustments. Almora is toying with people at A ball. No one knows if he has plate discipline because he hits the only ball thrown over the plate at KC

          • toot

            Could be.

      • cms0101

        They don’t typically pull a guy because he’s moving up a level, except when they’re going to the big leagues or getting traded. He’s not going to the big leagues yet, and I don’t think they’re going to trade him anytime soon, so I’m guessing there may be an injury or illness.

        • Rebuilding

          Well, that’s absolutely not true. I’ve seen plenty of guys pulled at in the low minors. If he was moving up, and not saying he is, he has to get to O’Hare, catch a redeye to Florida, get a limo and find someplace to stay. Then a climate tomorrow and play Sunday. It happens all of the time. Especially if there are a flurry of moves

          • Rebuilding


            • Rebuilding

              Besides, we know with Lillibridge moving something is happening to the Iowa roster and probably on down. Again, I have no inside info but Andreoli needs to move up and Almora definitely needs to. So it’s possible

      • Abe Froman

        I was at the game too and wondered why they were pulling Almora. Davenport, IA has a really picturesque ballpark, it’s a great place to catch a game. I want to see one of these four hit games by Almora, he’s dipped below the double Medoza line (.400), how troubling.

    • Dynastyin2017

      Apparently, Mr. Almora was pulled for not running out an easy out. That hustle thing bit him in the ….

  • AD

    Gregory Polanco would be an interesting get from the Pirates. The Pirates could be interested in Garza, Schierholtz, Soriano, Russel, and Feldman. Theyd be an interesting target.

  • nkniacc13

    I think part of the reason Feldman’s name came up in regards to Giants is that historically they don’t go after the top players available especially pitchers at the trade deadline

    • Rcleven

      Feldman is a SF area product. Second tweet by same author quoted Feldmans dad saying Scott would like coming back to the SF area.
      Take it for what it’s worth.

  • LEO R.


    As always thanks for all the updates on everything Cubs. Enjoy your weekend. You deserve a little time off.

  • Jp3

    I’m also in the Baez fan club but he was 0-3 tonight with 2 Ks… That’s 4 Ks in 2 days, he’s going make me lose my sanity with his SSS huge swings one way or the other

    • Cub Style

      The Baez watch is fun.

      K’s = Mass Panic
      Hit = Huzzah
      Walks = Party
      Home Run = Sacrifices Virgins to Maintain the Harvest

      • Dynastyin2017

        No kidding. Maybe it would be best for all if we only got a Javy report once a month.

        • Kyle

          Everyone needs to just look at his whole-year stats. Constantly trying to parse the right arbitrary endpoint to judge by is a path to madness.

          • Dynastyin2017

            Madness? I resemble that. (but the new meds seem to be working).

            I will slightly disagree. Yes, any arbitrary beginning and endpoint will have a distinct sampling error, but with ALL prospects, looking at a month to month snapshot can help determine how someone is progressing. Obviously scouting would tell us more, but us fans don’t get to see that.

  • another JP

    Schierholtz is going to be a popular target in my estimation– obviously better than Sori and even Dejesus because of his performance, age, and favorable contract. I’ve stated before that dealing all these guys would make sense since Sweeney, Hairston, and Bogusevic could fill in just fine and the Cubs could get a good haul of prospects in trade. Our starting pitching would be just fine too if we were to replace Garza and Feldman with Villanueva and Rusin. The Cubs might have a top three farm system by July if they find some decent trade partners.

    • mudge

      or Scott Baker.

    • Kyle

      All the reasons other teams want Schierholtz are great reasons why he’d be a valuable member of the 2014 Cubs.

      • mudge

        You are correct as usual, logic man.

      • another JP

        True, and I wouldn’t necessarily complain if the Cubs held on to Nate, but Sweeney really makes him expendable. With all his positives, Schierholtz could get a good haul by himself…

      • cms0101

        But if there was a willing trade partner and the offer was a better than average prospect or two, they’d have to consider it, right? It wouldn’t be a bad outcome if they kept Schierholtz for next season, but I would guess the only players not being consider for trades are Castro, Rizzo, Shark, Jackson, Wood, and Castillo. Great signing by Hoyer, seeing value where others may not have. Sweeney was a nice pickup too. They’ve shown they can pick up lefty hitting outfielders with talent for cheap, that’s for sure. Too bad Hendry didn’t have that skill…

  • TheMagicMan

    Jacob Hanneman just doubled in his first career at bat.

    • Jp3

      I’ll bite, where is he playing? Didn’t he just sign a couple days ago?

      • TheMagicMan


        • Danny Ballgame

          Call up?

    • CubbiesOHCubbies

      Best third round pick…..EVER!!!!!!! Too soon???

  • Jp3

    Damn, sounds like his stipulation in the contract was that if you sign and take this $1mill you’re starting tomorrow in Boise.

  • another JP

    Lake 3-3 and a triple short of the cycle. Guy is on fire.

    • Kramden

      Interesting in that Lake is killing it in AAA, is just a level away from the majors, yet everyone talks about Cub prospects at the A level and below who are years away from where Lake is now and we only hope at this point that Baez, Almora and Bryant will have the same success at the upper level that Lake is having right now.

      What do the Cubs do with Junior Lake and why does it seem that the FO would rather talk about Baez, Almora and now Bryant?

      • Dumpgobbler

        Ehh.. Shiny new toy syndrome. Lake hasn’t quite been able to figure out how his tools fit together as well. The PCL is notorious for heavy hitting too. You’ve seen several of our prospects destroy it as recently as a couple years back. Its the same as Vitters. Young, did well at AAA, but it doesn;t account for the medicore other steps they took at different levels.

      • Rebuilding

        Lake just doesn’t have the same pedigree as those guys (you’re talking about Top 10 picks). it happens in every organization. Look at Corey Dickerson. The Rockies just called him up, but he was an 8th round pick he was their #16 prospect entering the year. Then look at his stats – hes hit everywhere. For some reason everyone thinks these guys at Baseball America have all of the answers. Those guys dream of MLB jobs. Let me tell you – there are people on this board that would be good GMs. It’s not a bunch of Rhodes Scholars that run these teams – although through Moneyball etc that’s changing.

        Everyone has always said that he has all of the tools. He has an incredible skill set. If he’s truly harnessing it then we’ll all be happy. But most people just go by the rankings

        • Dynastyin2017

          Very well said.

        • Timothy Scarbrough

          Theo’s father was a rhodes scholar, actually.

          • Rebuilding

            Interesting. Did not know that. Looks like we’re ahead of the curve

  • Jp3

    I love Paul Blackburn has only given up 3 hits 0 runs in his 1st 9 innings at Boise.

    • another JP

      Would be awesome if Blackburn could be promoted to KC by the end of the year. At just 18 he’d be quite young for the league.

      • cubbie blue thru n thru

        He’s 19, but if he kept this up maybe a start or 2 in KC would be warranted. He must of been throwing something heavy tonight 10 groundouts in 5 innings

        • Rich H

          I agree that he is definitely mowing them down now but lets wait till people see him a couple times and get a book on him before he gets moved to KC. Would love for him to get about 10 starts at KC this year but that may not happen.

    • Idaho Razorback

      O ER in his first 10 innings to start the year.

      • cubbie blue thru n thru

        Great start to the year, although I’ve never been a fan of pitchers errors not resulting in earned runs

  • Rcleven

    Missed the biggest trade of the season so far. Lillybridge to Yankees. Traded for the famous player to be named later or cash.

    • Tim

      You know somehow the Yankees will make their way to the WS and he will end up being the MVP in the series

      • DarthHater

        No, that would only happen if he went to the Cardinals.

        • JayPaul

          Besides….that’s Campanas’ award to lose already…or is it Colvin can’t remember. :)

  • Patrick W.

    Sappelt just tweeted about a 3am wake up call. Roster move?

    • Danny Ballgame

      Big club trade?

      • Die hard

        Milk the cows and feed the chickens

  • DarthHater

    Enjoy your min-vacation, Brett. If you even look at an electronic device, your wife has my permission to use the Force to choke you.

    • MichiganGoat

      I’ll throw in a goat hoof kick to the taint.

  • toot

    Let’s at least get #2 in the draft next year!

  • dan

    Pease trade Castro now if anyone offers us a good deal, There will be no place for him in a coupe of years

    • http://deleted cub2014

      No room for Castro? Castro hit around .330 in the minors
      none of his (replacements?) have come near that. He has
      had around 50 months of proball and he has had 1 really
      bad month. Lets talk again in August. RELAX!!!!!!!

    • Rich H

      Do you understand that if Castro was still in the minors his line would be 330/375/500 average over the last 5 years? That would not just be our top prospect but probably the best in baseball.

      He is struggling right now but the things that made everyone drool over the last 4 years are still there. He needs to get his head right and get over this. Not given up like he is Ronnie Cedeno.

  • cub2014

    I like where the cubs are at going into 2014,
    but a lot of work to do: Who probably will be
    traded or gone? Feldman,Villanueva,Marmol,
    Ransom. Who I hope will be coming to chicago?
    CF-Ellsbury FA LF-power hitter? RF Sweeney/Lake
    3B-RBI guy (who?) 2B-Alcantera. I feel they will go
    after a top of the line starting pitcher and a lefty
    veteran reliever and a closer (Gregg?). They will
    potentially have Baker and Vizcaino. Clevenger and
    Lake will be the super subs.

    • mdavis

      couple issues with that^. Hairston i dont think has much value, because he’s not hitting. Ellsbury, meh. he had one good year otherwise i’m, not impressed and he cant stay on the field. Alcantera is still in AA. He won’t skip AAA IMHO. Watkins has a better chance of being the 2B if Barney is gone. Sweeney and Lake….i hope not. Sweeney is an excellent 4th outfielder, and i think Lake could be a decent utility guy, but if thats our RF it won’t be pretty. and for a Top line starting pitcher….there are none on FA market. The top pitcher will be Garza. unless they dip into the pool and trade for someone, which i doubt. Baker is on a 1 year, i doubt he’s back. Vizcaino will be babied, and i doubt we see him in Wrigley before August next year. Just my 2 cents.

  • Rich H

    It is a little early to discuss who will be where in 2014 So lets look at what we are going to be building on the 2nd half of this year instead.

    Lets start with our pitching

    Shark will still be here.
    Wood will still be here (I hope)
    Jackson is not going anywhere.
    Baker will be back at some point towards the end of July. This is what he was signed for so he can build himself back up after a lot of the arms were gone. I am hoping he sticks around on a loyalty type discount for us giving him a chance this year.
    Rusin has done decent enough in AAA to be given another chance to stick this year.

    Our starters are not going to be as much of a drop off as last year and that is why we signed all the depth that we did this off season. We could also keep Villanueva as our 5th guy but I like him in the BP if he is still here.

    The Bullpen is where you will see the most upgrades the second half of this year.

    Marmol will be paid to go away or be added to another trade but I do not expect to see him in Chicago. Camp will be released. Gregg will be traded with some other pieces to get the max return.Rondon gets 90itis and ends up being a good stash next year.
    Russel is up in the air. I think he stays but he could be traded just because he could actually return a lot for a reliever for all the same reasons that he could stay. For that reason I am counting him on the move out list.

    So our Bullpen could end up looking like this

    Dolis when he returns from the DL
    Putnam same as Dolis
    Parker stays up and hopefully gets some closer experience 2nd half.
    Henri Rodriguez lets hope that we can get him to control his 100mph heater and he ends up helping us in 2014.
    Brooks Raley
    I would love the last spot to be Trey McNutt but I do not think he will be here yet. So it will probably got the Coleman or Schitter because they have both been up before.

    • Mysterious4th

      Rich, Rich, Rich…….*shakes head*

      that bullpen is worse than what we have now. Parker, Putnam, Rodriguez, and Dolis…..they might be able to pitch themselves out of a wet paper bag from time to time. How can it not be a drop off if Gregg and Russell are gone? They are the rock of of the ‘pen at this point.

      If they sell off the ‘pen can we just pick a few lucky fans to get the call in the late innings each game?

      • Rich H

        Never said it would be better. Just that it would be here. Last year we were subject to horrible starting pitching second half and this year it is going to be the Bullpens turn.

  • Rich H

    Now lets look at the position players that we are still going to sending out there everyday to get healthy, get exposed, or get experience.

    1st Rizzo- He has to get more consistent this hot cold stuff is going to give me an ulcer.

    2nd Watkins/Valbuena- This is the place that I see a lot of movement with Barney beginning to heat up against LHers and his always top notch defense he could be moved for a nice return. Packaged in the right deal with one of the starters could bring the return of a very nice almost ready arm that we desperately need.

    SS Castro- the signs are there that this is just a slump and he will have his typical 2nd half.

    Vitters/ Valbuena. One more chance for Vitters to figure things out. Please kid get it together and get healthy.

    C Castillo/ Clevlanger. I really do not think that Navaro will be here come Sept 1st. Back up catchers that can hit off the bench have value.

    LF Jackson. Here is where it gets tricky. I think they can move Soriano but I am not sure it will be what they want in return. Reality will set in and they will just pay instead of paying and expecting a nice return (which was the hold up this spring). I could also see Hairston getting most of the AB’s here if Brett Jackson proves to not be ready still.

    CF Sappelt/Borbon This is the yuck factor of our outfield. I really hate that these guys are even on the 40 man but it is what it is.

    RF Shierholtz. Yes he has huge value but I think we do away with the platoon after the deadline and to see if he can be a good piece. Even though his career numbers say that he is playing over his head against lefties.

    That only leaves on spot until Sept call ups and I think it goes to McDonald just to have another IFer on the roster.

    IF you notice the players I think are traded are DeJesus, Soriano, Barney, Ransom, Sweeney, Garza, Feldman, Gregg, and probably Villaneuva/ Russel but not sold on the last ones.

    • Josh

      Two things….one McDonald is an OF not IF……second if you think the cubs will be able to trade 9-10 players you are crazy….they barely got the dumpster/soto deal and the Maholm/Johnson deals done, and even they were not constructed the way the FO originally wanted….no way do we get 10 players moved…..maybe at best we move 5 if really lucky and stars align/injuries happen then we get 6

  • Deacon

    Since the Rangers are the usual suspect for a Garza trade I looked up the names we talk about. Martin Perez is ripping it up with an ERA under 2.00. Meanwhile, Olt is hitting under .200. Personally, with Olt`s struggles and now with Bryant in the system I just don’t think he adds anything more than Vitters.

    • cubzfan

      Perez is slated to start today’s game for the Rangers. If he continues his success in the majors, they won’t need to trade for Garza. So I guess we should hope that he’s somewhat effective–good enough to trade for, not good enough for the Rangers to keep. Since Garza is a free agent at the end of the year, we might be at a point where Perez and one B-level prospect is all we could get.

      • gocatsgo2003

        “Continues his success”? He has a grand total of one start this year in which he gave up 3 ER and 9 hits in 5.1 innings. Going to guess he’s got a lot more work to do at the MLB level before the Rangers are confident in his abilities to help out this year.

        • davidalanu

          pretty sure he meant carry over his success, like from AAA to the majors.

          • cubzfan

            Exactly. Thanks. “Continue his recent success in the minors as he transitions to the majors.”

    • Kramden

      I don’t think Olt or even Castellanos are needed by the Cubs…. Lake, Vitters, Bryant…. Law of averages say one of them will develop as a good 3rd baseman. Then there’s Soler, Almora and even Alcantara to join Rizzo, Castro and hopefully Wellington. That could be a pretty stacked lineup at some point.

      With any Garza, Feldman and anyone else, the goal should be to get top pitching prospects in return.

      If the Cubs can assemble on the pitching side now like what they’ve been assembling on the positional side, the future would look mighty rosey for them indeed.

      • Kramden

        Forgot Baez

      • DocPeterWimsey

        Actually, the “law of averages” really is against that. The probability of either Vitters or Lake turning into a good MLB player is, at this point, very low. So, the probability of both failing is quite high. Although Baez does have his lovers here, players with his deficiencies also have a very high failure rate in the end (see Patterson, Corey).

        I won’t bother to compute on Bryant. First, he still has to sign. Two, we need to see how well he makes the adjustment to a wooden bat. Three, we have to see if his large size necesitates moving him out of the infield (that’s just a chiropractor’s nightmare!). Four, we need to see if he actually does have a batting eye, or whether his “sweet” zone was just bigger than his competition’s strike zone. Even if it is most probable that he’ll pass each of those, it might be improbable that he passes on all four!

        That written, I’m less keen on Olt than I was. He looks like he might be that 3 true outcome guy with way too many K’s.

        • Kramden

          The law of averages is pretty overwhelming against anyone being a major leaguer, but when a player manages to reach AAA at a young age, sometimes lightning strikes in spite of all the advanced metrics that basically indicate that no player is perfect or really close

          • DocPeterWimsey

            Sometimes? Maybe, although I’m hard pressed to think of any cases out of hand. It certainly is not probable: it is much more common that guys are still able to succeed at AAA because pitchers/batters capable of exploiting their deficiencies are all in MLB. (And that, by the way, is what I have come to suspect a AAAA player is!)

            In part, I’m never quite sure what people mean by the “law of averages”: it is to statisticians what the line “looks like a duck, waddles like a duck, quacks like a duck, it must be a duck” is to logicians. However, if you mean that it’s better than 50:50 that one of those four guys will be the Cubs “answer” at 3rd, then I think that the answer is “no, it is less than that.”

            • Kramden

              I assume that you’re implying that althought less than 50:50, either Olt or Castellanos garner more favorable odds than Lake, Vitters or Bryant and even if that’s the case the Cubs would be better just trading for a major league 3rd baseman than putzing around with prospects?

              Bill Madlock was a prospect when the Cubs traded for him.

            • Eternal Pessimist

              So if the Cubs end up with the 3rd best minors system we are still likely to have few make it to the majors and are doomed to be a below average team forever…and the clubs with worse minor league teams (which would be most teams) are doomed to an even worse future. Therefore, the teams with the 1st – 3rd highest rated minor systems should have .500 teams in the future and everyone else will have below .500 teams. How does that compute?

    • mdavis

      i wouldnt take Olt as the centerpiece, but if we got Perez with Olt i wouldnt be upset. He was hurt early this year.

  • Deacon

    Quite possibly. Am I the only one who still looks at how Chris Archer is doing for the (Devil) Rays and keeps hoping against hope that he busts? It’s unbelievable the way Hendry mortgaged the farm to get Garza. Now I’m just hoping against hope they have something to counterbalance the success Archer and Lee have over the next several years when Garza is long gone.

    • mjhurdle

      that is assuming a lot to say that Archer and Lee will have success over the next several years. Neither has been particularly dominant in the minors, but out of the two, i would say that Archer has the best chance.
      The trade for Garza was not really that bad imo.
      The Cubs got a proven MLB #2 starter.
      They gave up some minor league filler, Sam Fuld (4th OF, which are replaceable), Lee, and Archer. The best case scenario for Archer is to one day be the pitcher that Garza is right now. The only way that trade looks bad imo is if both Archer and Lee hit their ceiling projections, which is unlikely.
      just my opinion though.

      • davidalanu

        I can’t bring myself to hope that Archer busts, but if he continues to his walk rate of 5, he’s going to have trouble maintaining success.

    • mdavis

      really? Archer’s ERA and high walk rate upset you? I think he’s destined for the bullpen.

    • jeff1969

      I kind of agree about the Garza trade, but Archer & Lee haven’t done anything yet except be prospects. The other three that went with Lee & Archer haven’t done anything, but the idea that 5 players went for Garza is still shocking. I remember being very confused about why Hendry would make that trade at the time. It seemed like he was trying to put a band aid over that crap team. Hopefully the Cubs will get major value for Garza, but hoping Archer & Lee bust is a waste of time imo.

      • Kramden

        Confused about Hendry’s trade for Garza?

        I’m still trying to figure out where his head was at with his trade for Juan Pierre!

        • DocPeterWimsey

          Hendry believed in something called a “true leadoff man.” What is that, you say? Oh, I suppose that would be a high OBP guy who has less power than typical for guys with his OBP. That would make sense in the leadoff spot.

          Nope. That means a guy with no power and who didn’t strike out: and thus who had an appallingly low OBP. Earl Weaver would have been spinning in his urn if he’d been dead.

          That written, it’s not like the Cubs lost much. Only Nolasco turned out to be anything, and the only thing that he could have done for the Cubs was be a trade chip in 2007 or 2008. And, no, he would not have been that guy to get Angelos to let Roberts go tot he Cubs…..

          • davidalanu

            “spinning in his urn” – I like that. kind of a dust tornado image. But with Weaver there would also be much profanity.

            • Condescendo

              Ah, let Weaver be. He’s urned a rest.

          • Scotti

            “That means a guy with no power and who didn’t strike out: and thus who had an appallingly low OBP.”

            .355 (career through six seasons to that point) was hardly an “appallingly low OBP.” He had a .356 in 3 COL seasons and .354 in 3 FLA seasons so the OBP was legit. He WAS coming off a low .326 OBP the prior year but, if the current Cub bosses make a pick up that that, it’s considered genius and a good buy because the player was due to bounce back (see David DeJesus who came to the Cubs with a career .356 OBP but a .323 OBP in the prior year).

            • caryatid62

              The current Cubs FO wouldn’t trade two top 10 prospects (Pinto and Nolasco), a young cost-controlled pitcher, AND pay the full salary for David DeJesus.

  • JeffR

    Would Archer likely be our top pitching prospect?

    • SenorGato

      Yes. Still not all that appealing.

    • Drew7

      Yes, and it wouldn’t be close.

    • Jimmy James

      Yes but that doesn’t say much….

  • SenorGato

    I’m liking the fight in Amaro. He should totally give up Jesse Biddle for Matt Garza.

  • Deacon

    In this year’s Baseball America Prospect Handbook, for perspective, Chris Archer gets a 60 grade. The highest rated Cubs prospect is Vizcaino and he also gets a 60 grade…but with high risk. (I’d put that at even higher risk now that he’s had his SECOND elbow surgery.) For what it’s worth, Martin Perez gets a 55 grade. So to answer your question, I’d say Yes!

    • Kyle

      Being better than any of the Cubs’ pitching prospects isn’t exactly high praise.

      • Hansman1982

        AAnd the cubs should be able to get no worse than a Chris Archer back.

  • True(ly) Blue

    I enjoyed Garza’s performance yesterday. However I can’t understand how a pitcher who can consistently hit a 3 inch spot while throwing at the plate can’t hit the first baseman’s glove occasionally. If I were the opposing Mgr and Garza was on his game I would bunt every at bat. Garza won’t last an inning.

  • Kevin

    What are the chances Dale Sveum is still the Cubs manager in 2014? I don’t get excited watching him and something tells me the players feel the same.

    • Josh

      Most likely will be his last because if I remember theo or Jed said they want to be competitive by 2015 and sveum is just a guy they brought in because they knew the team would be bad
      I think he’s a great bench coach but not a manager

    • caryatid62

      If you want a manager because he’s exciting, you might as well take Bobby Valentine.

      If Sveum makes sound and defensible tactical decisions, teaches good habits in young players, and maintains a positive, collegial clubhouse, he should stay. If not, he should go. How he appears to fans should have zero weight on whether or not he is the Cubs’ manager going forward.

  • Josh

    Oh sorry so yeah 2014 will be his last year

  • Tobias

    Cubs must be on the verge of promoting some players because I saw that Cubs just traded Takahashi to Colorado for the PTBNL.

    • cubchymyst

      I was hoping he be a second lefty in the pen, he has been pitching well in Iowa and better then some of the relievers currently on the 25. Oh, well still hoping the Cubs manage to gain some International money with one of these trades.

    • MichiganGoat

      Yup and I’m think we are getting ready to see a lot of movement in the minors.