The Cubs scored more today than they have all season, and beat up on the Astros for a series win.

Sure, I could point out that one particular player had yet another terrible game, but …

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  • caryatid62

    I commend Brett on the growing popularity of his site. Lots of new commenters making what are clearly well thought out and deeply considered points, backed with impressive statistics, scouting information and understanding of the game. Comments like “Castro must be smoking weed” and “his pockets are out” are particularly compelling–I am intrigued by the authors of these stunning intellectual oeuvres and would like to subscribe to the authors’ newsletters.

    With discourse at the level it is in this comment thread, things can only get better.

    • MichiganGoat

      It is truly impressive

    • Matt D

      agreed. i mean, his pockets obviously arent out because he just pulled his batting gloves out of them…oh….wait.

      he’s 23. he’s in a slump. it happens. he needs to work through it and i believe he will. pump the brakes people, hes not preventing us from getting to the playoffs this year.

      • hansman1982

        Worst case scenario, even if the slump is him falling apart completely, he will still be highly tradeable next summer.

  • Castro to Barney to Chance

    Instead of Castro, let’s hate on Lance d*****bag Berkman, a great punching bag when things are down. From Buster Olney’s latest column…

    “Lance Berkman, a member of the 2011 Cardinals team that repeatedly ripped the guts out of the Rangers in the greatest World Series of all time, has enjoyed teasing his new Texas teammates about all of that. “To the victors go the spoils,” Berkman said with a smile, as part of an interview that we may show on “Sunday Night Baseball.” After the on-camera discussion, Berkman detailed his verbal (good-natured) torture of the other Rangers, saying that he has asked them whether the Texas clubhouse was more silent after Game 6 or Game 7.”

    Seriously, what a d***bag.

  • bryan

    Castro wont be in the lineup today guys. So no more give him a day off crap, and just let him learn and develop.

  • bryan

    I hope shark doesn’t get extended. Imagine if he does and has one bad start…. People will want him crucified for ripping off the team. Not to mention the derogatory comments that will surface about how Theo Epstein has no clue what he is doing. SMH

    • Voice of Reason

      You don’t want the cubs to extend shark because he could take a beating in the press if he has a bad start?

      • BluBlud

        I think he was being a bit sarcastic. It was basicly a shot at the people who comment, not at Shark or the FO.

  • Chad

    If the cubs can extend Samardzija on a similar deal to Rizzo and Castro they better do it or else the FO will really get ripped.

  • Die hard

    Castro to the Giants for Lincecum would be acceptable

  • Derrick

    OMG trade him now he is slumping soooo bad we are sure to get 3 Top 100 prospects for him. Relax its a slump those happen, name the last Cubs position prospect that the Cubs either signed or draft and had a start like Castro? We will be lucky if either one of the Baez/Almora/Soler/Bryant group even make it to the bigs.

  • dumbledoresacubsfan

    Didn’t get to see the game yesterday (sadly–these butt whoopins have been few and far between), but I saw the replay of Rizzo’s bomb yesterday..

    Did anyone else notice the hair cut? Maybe it’s just a coincidence–but Rizzo cut his hair and then went out and hit the ball. Just saying… Maybe it’s all in the hair. :p

  • toot

    castro .265 OBP is sickening. I think DIe Hard is right, this kid needs to back to AAA.