Enhanced Box Score: Astros 6, Cubs 14 – June 23, 2013

The Cubs scored more today than they have all season, and beat up on the Astros for a series win.

Sure, I could point out that one particular player had yet another terrible game, but …

june 23 box

Full box.

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102 responses to “Enhanced Box Score: Astros 6, Cubs 14 – June 23, 2013”

  1. Kansas Cubs Fan

    Ugh I’m almost tired of seeing Castro in the lineup. He needs a couple days off to watch from the dugout. Kinda starting to feel bad for him lol.

  2. Condescendo

    The point is not well taken.

    1. Matt D

      i’ve kind of been against sending him down, but the more i watch it almost seems like a necessity. get him out of the spotlight, let him regroup, get some confidence in iowa.

  3. Mr. P

    Yeah, yeah we should be happy about those things. It’s hard to overlook the “face of the franchise” struggling though.

    1. Tim

      Nah. The Shark and Rizzo have overtaken that spot

      1. Typical Dumbass

        Rizzo is only hitting .253 with just as many Ks as Castro, but he has 12 hrs so he’s my idol. Maybe one day I can touch his face. Castro sucks.

        1. Mr. P

          Check their OPS’. Rizzo is stil over 800 while Castro is at 585.

          1. Mr. P

            Oh my bad, Castro’s is at 582. #Puke

            1. NO ONE CARES

              Castro has more hits

              1. toot

                than who?

                1. NO ONE CARES

                  Toot: Rizzo

                  1. PRcajun

                    1 more hit? really? Castro 71, Rizzo 70…still I was surprised when you mentioned it….kinda’ like saying ‘yeah, well Rizzo (56) has less strikeouts than Castro (61)…but then again…both going through growing pains.

                    I was also surprised to see Rizzo (32) has as many walks as Valbuena (30).

              2. NO ONE CARES

                Plus if you care so much about stats why isnt Schierholtz one of the “faces of the franchise”? He’s hitting .296, .347, .558 with 10 hrs with a lot less Ks than Rizzo.

                1. toot

                  Yes Rizzo could be a big bust. Theo bet too heavily on this kid.

                  1. hansman1982

                    Wow…this was quite the comment thread…

                    1. Cerambam

                      I was thinking the same thing

              3. hansman1982


  4. cas-castro

    Nice to see some offense today.

  5. jamie

    I’ll focus on it. This is getting ridiculous. Another ofer and another error. Rizzo got a day off. Its time for Castro now.

    1. willis

      Two errors. I was saying last week we have to hope this awful offensive season doesn’t fall over onto the defensive side of things, and it seems it has. I’m not going to pretend to have the right answer, because I don’t think there is one. I’m just hoping this is a bad season and that he’ll find a way to channel his talent and regroup.

      Worse case he doesn’t and there’s plenty of IF talent on the farm. God willing it doesn’t come to that.

    2. Headscratchin

      The ultimate humiliation for a Cubs short stop:
      Ronnie Freakin Cedeno – .250 .280 .348
      Starlin Castro – .228 .264 .318

      1. willis

        That’s bad. Let’s face it, between his shit storm at the plate and his defense, he’s one of the worst SS in baseball right now. Man I never expected to say that.

      2. hansman1982

        meh, I’m not terribly concerned…even Ripken had slumps as bad as this.

  6. MichiganGoat

    Should of taken my suggestion and just black out his line and write “nothing to see”

  7. João Lucas

    BARNEY is now hitting for a higher average than Castro. My God.

    1. Mr. P

      Really puts things in perspective doesn’t it.

    2. Headscratchin

      I suppose the good news could be that Barney seems to have played through his hitting slump (at least his average is going up!) so there is no reason to think Castro can’t. Does seem to me that Barney had a few days off here and there to though. Not that I think a day off is the magic answer, but at this point, what else haven’t they tried?

      I’ve seen the FO mention several times when talking about prospects that they need to force their way onto the roster by their play in the minor leagues. If that’s true, what does it take for a major leaguer to force their way OFF of the roster? We’ve seen some do that (LaHair, Patterson, Cedeno, and many others). Hard to imagine that happening with Castro without a lot of effort to get him turned around. Seems to me like he has lost his confidence. I doubt there is a textbook answer to fixing that.

      1. Find a reason to throw Castro under the bus

        Lahair was like 40 when he was called up and none of them were as good as Castro was or is for that matter.

      2. hansman1982

        Wow, a 2 month slump just destroys the previous 3 years worth of data. Good God, after a sweep, you’d think fans could be positive about something.

        1. Oswego chris

          Yeah, I was trying to be diplomatic, but calling for Castro to be sent down is silly, and could wreck him…

          It’s a mental game, I have seen him hit the ball right at people over the last week…just let him play

          1. hansman1982

            Ya, he gets a day off tomorrow, if they are working on his swing or batting eye its best to let him see live pitching.

        2. willis

          What sweep?

          1. hansman1982

            that’s right, they beat us yesterday…well fuck me

            1. Oswego chris

              Yeah…I didn’t have the heart to point that out…it did kinda feel like a sweep for some reason…

              1. hansman1982

                thanks, I’ll blame the heat or the fact I sliced my thumb wide open with a chisel yesterday.

              2. willis

                Haha, because it should have been. Wood made a bad mistake yesterday, an other than that the Cubs dominated the series. He was real good too, just left one pitch up.

                1. hansman1982

                  well, there was also the strike 2 call on Barney that wasn’t a strike and the blown call on Soriano.

                  no wonder I blocked that game from my mind.

                  1. willis

                    It’s better to block it, I’m trying to.

    3. Find a reason to throw Castro under the bus

      Barney has a lot less ABs

      1. Headscratchin

        Thought provoking comments. According to fangraphs:

        Patterson left the cubs after 2337 PAs. His high point was 2003 with 298/329/511
        Castro has had 2233 PAs now and his high point was 2011 with 307/341/432

        I certainly hope Castro isn’t the next Patterson, but he needs to get it turned around before he becomes that. No one in 2004 thought Patterson wasn’t going to figure it out, but he never did.

        Barney has 1479 PAs. Who knows which direction his career is heading at this point. If he could maintain .250 average and his golden glove defense he could still be salvageable. A .250 short stop with Castro’s error rate is a problem. Let’s hope he doesn’t devolve into that!

        1. willis

          Lord have mercy that’s a terrible thought. I hate you for bringing that up and now I’m doomed to deal with nightmares and cold sweats all week. Thanks.

        2. cubchymyst

          Your also talking about an OPS+ for Castro of 98 during those at bats versus 82 for Patterson.

          1. Headscratchin

            Yes. I’m not trying to make the case that Patterson was ever as good as Castro, just that we have had some cases where superstars (well at least strong potential stars) have flamed out rather unceremoniously and that I sure hope Castro doesn’t follow Patterson down that road.

            1. cubchymyst

              Every team have cases where a players shows a flash of being a superstars only to flame out and never quite make it. But, projecting that this half season represents what his average and slugging will be for the rest of his contract makes no sense. The past 3 years suggest that Castro will hit in the future. Even if he struggles the entire year, next year will likely be closer to what he has done the past 3 years then this year.

              1. Headscratchin

                My worry is that the slide actually started last year and is just now bottoming out, or at least I sure hope it is bottoming out! From 2011 to the end of 2012 his avg dropped by .024 and it’s down another .053 so far this year. I’m fairly new to the depth of statistical analysis of many on this site, but I’d like to see a month by month breakdown of his stats last year and this year to see when the downward trend actually started.

        3. Jimmy James

          Soooo long ago, I remember the first half of 2003 it seemed like Patterson was the only offense they had

    4. Die hard

      Yea… Starting to look like I was right 40 games ago.. Tsk tsk

  8. mudge

    Castro should try the Southside ribtips appetizer at Famous Dave’s.

  9. Cubbie Tim

    Good game Castro. O’fer. Nice. Glad we signed you for 6 years. I’m glad I have Howard Stern. Hey now! Baba Booey

  10. EricR

    I like Dale and I’m far from being an expert on the matter, but I just don’t see what can be gained from running Castro out there everyday like this. Everyone needs a break when things are going bad.

  11. Condescendo

    Everyone but Castro. He needs to be trotted out to his position every single game until he explodes.

  12. Kevin

    Maybe Ozzie could help!

  13. Dustin S

    It was so nice to see Rizzo driving the ball again, and if Sweeney turns out to be a keeper like it’s starting to look that will be a huge positive from 2013. Defensively and on the basepaths this game was about as bad as yesterday, but one step at a time.

    Baez 2 for 3 with a double and SB tonight…I can’t imagine he will be at Daytona too much longer. It will be nice to be able to catch him on milb.tv once he gets up to the Smokies.

    I’d about be ok with Lake and Castro swapping for a couple weeks at this point. They know Castro best and whether he’d respond well to being sent down though. Some players would take it as a challenge and get fired up, others would just sulk and get more down on themselves.

  14. Oswego chris

    Maybe one game off, but sitting Castro isn’t going to be a cure all…and I don’t think sending him down is an option…this sounds crazy but I would lead him off for awhile…

    I really don’t want to see them trade Schierholtz at the deadline…

    1. Tobias

      I agree. The season is a lost cause so what good will it do by sitting Castro. Cubs need to let Castro work through his slump. Besides, Castro will have time off at the All-Star break.

      1. Geo

        Trade him now, & get something of value before it gets any wort then there screwed big time. That will jar himawake from making mental lapses. I still think he’s smoking weed or something, maybe he needs prescription adder ok cause of suffering from add.

        1. Geo

          Meant to say adderol

          1. Geo

            Come to think of it , he’s a punk who’s of in lala land that thinks he’s untouchable. Notice how his pockets hang out unpurpose , no other player on the cubs roster does that. They need to scare him in to being an alert & responsible man .

            1. Geo

              Demote him now, & show you don’t condone the league leed in errors if your serious about all this instilling of a new cubs way!!

              1. Carew

                Calm yourself. Its not gonna happen

              2. BT

                Every great GM makes major roster decisions based on players pocket dispositions. That’s why the Red Sox traded Babe Ruth. He showed up with his pockets hanging out one too many times.

            2. cubbie blue thru n thru

              How alert and responsible were you at 23?

              1. Geo

                We need to be more like the cardinals & less like you & the cubs making up excuses for losing & being content with losing . How does that sound for ya?

              2. Geo

                I could also tell you that I wasn’t a professional baseball player being payed what 6 mil a year to produce offense & defense & proffesional attitude comprable to a professional level! Or are we comparing me to Castro you idiot?

                1. X the Cubs fan

                  In Derek Jeters age 23 season his BA dropped about .20 pts from his rookie of the year season and his Ks went up by 20. Not saying his slump was as big as Castros but everyone slumps.

          2. MichiganGoat

            You mean Adderall? Geez you fixed your spelling error with a spelling error. Next.

    2. willis

      I don’t think that hitting him leadoff sounds crazy at all. In fact, he’s had some success in that spot and maybe that will light his fuse a little. I’d go:


    3. cubchymyst

      I’d like to see all of the regulars get semi-regular off days. The cubs just finished 16 games in 16 days with traveling and day and night games. Catchers get days off because of the wear on their knees. It is not much of a leap to think all players get worn down some from a schedule like that and could use an off day every now and then besides just the scheduled ones.

  15. mudge

    I like this idea also, of Castro batting first. Or seventh, and bat Sweeney second.

  16. another JP

    All this focus about time off for Castro is missing the point I think. How tired can a 23 yo be? His overall game is down- not just his hitting, which points to other factors IMO. If he’s allowed to work thru his slump he might be below the Mendoza line by August. A lack of confidence can ruin a career, and with Lake, Alcantara, and Baez coming in the next couple years it’s easy to see where Castro might be pressing.

  17. Bob Johnson

    LaHair was 29 when he came up & spent the entire 2012 season with the Cubs.

  18. Oswego chris

    Young shortstops make errors…Hall of Famer Robin Yount had seasons of 44, 31, 26, 28 errors in his first few years…have Castro’s errors cost any games this year, I honestly don’t know, just asking?

    Now obviously if he doesn’t hit, then you can’t live with those errors…but he has hit for three years, and yes this is a very prolonged slump but I would hold off on being overly concerned until he goes the whole year not hitting…

    1. spearman

      And how many championships did he win!

    2. cubchymyst

      Castro lead the NL in errors for a shortstop, but also leads the NL in putouts for a shortstop.

  19. Ralph Wiggum

    My cat’s breath smell like cat food


    1. Jimmy James

      Unfortunately, my cats breath smells like cat poop…he is wearing pajamas though

  20. Ralph Wiggum

    Aargh, reply to Bob

  21. Lou Brock

    Slump buster time for Castro, go do what Mark Grace used to try, and I don’t mean burning your bats.

    1. Jimmy James

      Gracey is out, Jed should bring him in to mentor young starlin

  22. cubs2003

    Is it time for Rowson to go at the All Star break? It seems like all of the Cubs “core” hitters have taken a step back, with the possible exception of Valbuena. I don’t think the vets need much instruction. This rotation is good enough for a playoff team(not a World Series team), but we’re just pissing it away. I think we’ve been seeing the collateral damage of punting two seasons in a row. Players are human, after all. The only guys who are really succeeding are playing for their next contract or hoping to stay in MLB, with a couple exceptions(Wood, Russell, etc.).

  23. Die hard

    Yea… Surprise surprise Castro stinking up the joint… The Cubs express ignorance and disbelief …. But if you look back to accusations by girl you will see start of decline … Something happened to affect this kid …

  24. Gcheezpuff

    Didn’t Castro just have a kid? I am not making excusing, but when my son was born, the first three months were hell. No sleep, constant worry, and just trying to figure it out. Definitely affected every other aspect of my life and I was 33 not a kid of 23. Maybe being a new Daddy is weighing on the kid… Just a thought. I got a 2nd one due in 2 months, gearing up for that first 3 months again. Definitely worth it, but not easy in the beginning. I think we forget these kids are human sometimes.

  25. Die hard

    Quade was right… But he wouldn’t drink the Castro kool aid being served by Hendry and was shown the door

  26. another JP

    I don’t know Matt Towbridge from Adam, but this Rockford writer nailed the Castro issue over a year ago:


    And Quade wasn’t the only other guy that was shown the door… Brenly also didn’t last in Chicago (albeit for different reasons I’d guess)

  27. Die hard

    Take pressure off by moving to CF and lead- off … But I have been arguing this since last August and so far have been proven right he can’t play SS and bar anywhere else… If this doesn’t work then to the minors

  28. arcola

    Brett when you were singling guys out in the box score I think Barney deserved a little credit.

  29. Jp3

    Sure I already missed it, if we’re demoting H-Rod to Iowa and bringing up a position player, who will it be? I don’t think another OF, Watkins (yawn)?

  30. Patrick G

    Well Jacob Hanneman hit his first homer tonight

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