contractThis weekend, the Chicago Cubs officially announced a couple signings, one of which was new: 17th rounder Kelvin Freeman.

Freeman, a senior first baseman at North Carolina A&T, had the kind of huge offensive numbers you’d expect from a senior college first baseman who gets drafted. He was the MEAC Player of the year, a third team All-American, and tied for 9th in the NCAA for homers this year (16). (That really puts Kris Bryant’s 31 into further context, yes?)

Freeman will need to hit extremely well if he’s to keep moving up the ladder for the Cubs, assuming he’s stuck on first base. Although his bonus has not been reported, it will not be higher than the $100,000 limit (before it impacts your bonus pool) for draftees in rounds 11 through 40.

Jim Callis reported the signing bonus for 6th rounder Scott Frazier, about whom I wrote last week, and whose signing the Cubs officially announced in tandem with Freeman’s. That bonus for Frazier? $267,600, which is the slot value for where he was selected. Frazier, a starter at Pepperdine, was considered by many to be a top 100 overall talent in the Draft, so Callis was impressed that the Cubs got him in the 6th round (especially for a mere slot signing bonus).

Getting bonus information for Frazier is very helpful as we continue to estimate/evaluate/etc. the money the Cubs will have available in their bonus pool to sign first round pick Kris Bryant, as well as over slot players in the later rounds. I wrote at length about where the Cubs stand financially on Friday, and you can now incorporate Frazier’s bonus into that equation.

With Frazier getting slot, the Cubs remain about $250,000 over their bonus-pool-limit-plus-5%, meaning they are technically in the red zone for risking losing a future first round draft pick. I’m still not worried, however, as the Cubs need only sign Bryant for slightly under slot, and they can quickly be back in a safe range.

  • Cubbie Blues

    “He was the MEAC Player of the year, a third team All-American, and tied for 9th in the NCAA for homers this year (16). (That really puts Kris Bryant’s 31 into further context, yes?)”

    Another one to put Bryant in perspective. Schwarber out of IU was 3rd in the nation with 18.

    • Rebuilding

      Another thing to put Bryant in perspective – since the NCAA went to the new bats homers are down about 60% in college baseball. Bryant’s 31 HRs were more than 80% of all Division I… TEAMS

      • hansman1982

        Wasn’t Bryant top-5 all-time with his HR or something like that? I seem to remember a comparison to the old bats that was fairly impressive.

        • mdavis

          yeah i read somewhere that if he had the old bats he would of been in the 46-50 HR range. i forget the article and fancy math….

        • Timothy Scarbrough

          Here is an actual study done on the change in bats the ball leaves the bat 4.7% slower. It is pretty interesting.

      • Rebuilding

        Yeah, some guy did a fancy study looking at all of his fly ball outs and determined that he would have hit 9 more with the old bats. Then he extrapolated that to additional games played to determine he would have broken Incaviglia’s record of 49 (Inca played 74 games the season he broke the record and Bryant only played 54 this year)

  • X the Cubs Fan

    that’s a pretty good signing on Frazier.

  • Dale Jr

    When is he gunna sign?, any day now would be

  • Nomar’s left glove

    Does anyone else get the impression that the delay in signing Bryant might be coming from the Cubs’ side? Like, maybe the Cubs want to see gown many over slot later round picks they can actually sign before offering Bryant a considerately under slot deal. I tend to believe, as Brett had previously stated, that given the unlikelihood of Bryant repeating his last season, the Cubs may have a decent amount of leverage to offer the under slot deal to him.

    • BluBlud

      I think they know the minimun he’ll take and they know that they can use the extra to sign players. After everybody has either stated that they will, or will not sign, I’m sure they give him that agreed upon minimun, and what ever is left over. Similar to the way they handled Almora.

  • BluBlud

    I’m proud to say that Kelvin Freeman Graduated from the same school as I did. Aggie Pri-eede. The guy can slug. I hope he get a legit shot. Not sure how far his hit stick will carry him, but his power will not be an issue.

    • Cubbie Blues

      It’s spelled pride. Moran. 😛

    • Josh

      Hey blubud I’m going to be a senior in high school this year which school is better A&T or my hometown school….WSSU

      • BluBlud

        Are you serious going to ask an Aggie what school is better between A&T or WSSU. It’s definitely A&T, even though WSSU football team is very legit. Lost in the Championship Game. Honestly though, they are 2 great school. 2 of the best Historical Black College and University in the country.

        • josh

          Man if you said WSSU was better that would’ve made my day. Do you know if schools still do that minority scholarship for white people? Yeah I know wssu is good at football but idk about A&T, but I am going to see the App Sate vs A&T game this year so ill check them out then.

          • BluBlud

            I’m sure they all have some kind of scholarship they offer for different groups. It’s been a while for me so I’m not sure how they all work.

    • ssckelley

      Rock Shoulders was drafted in the 25th round out of a junior college and he is getting a shot. If Freeman goes to Rookie or Boise and can prove he can hit then he will get his chance as well.

  • The Dude Abides

    Luckily for us Boras is oblivious to all this and will take what we offer. Bryant will get a good deal at the maximum amount the Cubs can offer based on what is left. Theo and Boras have worked well in the past, I’m sure they have it under control….

  • North Side Irish

    Jim Callis ‏@jimcallisBA 2m
    #Cubs sign 8th-rder Sam Wilson for $130k. Lamar (Colo.) CC LHP, also OF, 6-1/205, 88-91 to 93, SL has promise too. #mlbdraft

    Slot was $159,400…