Chicago Cubs and Ian Stewart Reportedly Close to Parting Ways

ian stewart cubsChicago Cubs President of Baseball Operations Theo Epstein recently said that the organization had no intention to release AAA third baseman Ian Stewart, who was recently suspended by the team after saying some not-so-nice things about his bosses on Twitter.

But “releasing” Stewart isn’t quite the same thing as parting ways under a negotiated separation. And according to Jon Heyman, it sounds like that’s what is going to happen. Heyman, citing sources close to the organization, says the separation is expected within the next few days, and the financial implications aren’t yet known. Stewart is owed a little more than $1 million over the rest of the year.

Stewart’s 10-game suspension was without pay, and was accompanied by an appeal. The best guess on an amicable resolution here? Stewart drops the appeal and the Cubs give him his release. In that way, he gets to move on to another organization without losing his entire contract, and the Cubs get to save the 10-games’ worth of salary (about $100,000).

If Stewart ends up latching on with another team – he’ll get a minor league deal somewhere – and making it up to the bigs, the Cubs could end up saving the pro-rated portion of the Major League minimum salary, too. Given how things have played out, that’s probably the best deal they were going to get.

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80 responses to “Chicago Cubs and Ian Stewart Reportedly Close to Parting Ways”

  1. Fishin Phil

    Good riddance, he had no belly fire. ;)

  2. Rich

    Disagree..he gets what he wants..TO BE PAID…without much effort.

    1. ssckelley

      True, but we do not want a player like this anywhere near prospects. Parting ways is the best scenario for both sides.

      1. MichiganGoat

        yeah and thats where just cutting him makes some sense… can’t we just do something where we continue to pay him but he can’t play anywhere else? I really don’t want him to get exactly what he hoped his twitter spewing would get him.

      2. Jabrone Ponce

        i saw where the dodgers let stewie go too. He’s forgot how to hit over the last three years.Poor attitude, poor hitting, and the next stop is the lunch bucket league. I hope he goes into business for himself, because bad mouthing your boss in the real world will get you to you know where. He had a nice run too bad it over. He could be the poster boy for the I”m entitled generation. Adios Stewie..

        1. Jon

          Poor Stewie has just been “unlucky”!

  3. Jp3

    Great, he can get back to Twitter soon seeing the man won’t be holding him back…. I’m over the blame game with why did we resign this guy because I know every morning Hoyer wakes up, looks himself in the mirror and says, “man, what was I thinking on that one?” We’ve all got ex-girlfriends that we knew was a bad idea too.

    1. willis

      I have lots of those.

      But yeah, enjoy your twitter you prick. And get the hell out of this organization.

      1. Jp3

        Much like those ex-girlfriends I mentioned, Stewart had a lot of “potential” but just never put it all together😀

  4. MichiganGoat

    I’d hate to think that we will release him and only save 100k. It would be exactly what he wanted. If 100k is all the Cubs can save then I hope they leave him to rot and get ready for the next round of twitter stupidity. Please don’t let him go without saving more money than $100k. I’d be okay with a 500k which I guess isn’t much in the grand scheme of payroll but I don’t want this asshat getting his full contract to go pay for someone else.

  5. North Side Irish

    Paul Sullivan ‏@PWSullivan 13s
    Marmol DFA. Stewart released.


    1. Jp3

      Whoa!!! If he only had tjs he’d be someone we’d be looking to take a flyer on😝

    2. DarthHater

      But, but I thought Sveum just said that Marmol wasn’t going anywhere?

      1. Jp3

        What happens if he refuses the assignment? Obviously he’d pass through waivers being nobody will want him at that price tag, is he a free agent and we just have to pay him anyways???

        1. DarthHater


          1. Jp3

            Hmmmm… Very interesting, especially seeing its promotion time, I’d think that this could start a bevy of roster moves. Between Ian getting dumped, Marmol probably won’t take the ass(😀), there could be some minor league shuffling.

            1. Kramden

              If true, looks like Theo & Jedd are getting serious now about the rebuild by getting rid of the dead wood and opening up some spots for some promotions and likely some trades that may have been agreed on.

      2. Dustin S

        Sveum also hinted he wanted the Cubs to draft pitching first round. I’m not sure he’s as plugged in with the FO as he might think.

        1. Whiteflag

          He’s running the show. Just ask Ian.

    3. jh03

      That takes some serious balls from the FO.

      1. MichiganGoat


    4. North Side Irish

      Chicago Cubs ‏@Cubs 2m
      #Cubs have designated RHP Carlos Marmol for assignment and selected the contract of OF Brian Bogusevic from @IowaCubs.

      1. DarthHater

        I guess Parker stays after all.

        1. Spriggs

          Well, I hope they have better reasons than just keeping Parker.

      2. ssckelley

        Why is another outfielder being added to the active roster? Has Soriano been traded?

        1. X the Cubs Fan

          Dejesus may be out longer than suspected

          1. Josh

            Yes but we still have Soriano, Hairston, bourbon, Schierholtz and Sweeney…..why are we going back to 6 outfielders, when we are only carrying 5 infielders?

            1. DarthHater

              Maybe more moves are coming.

              1. MichiganGoat

                how there is a change a coming

      3. Josh

        Gotta say….I like this, but isn’t this another left handed outfielder… many do we need

        1. Pat

          Apparently LH outfielders are to Jed are what crappy second basemen were to Hendry, you can never have enough of them.

      4. aCubsFan

        This is incredible news. It’ll be interesting to see if any other team takes a flyer on him.

    5. hansman1982

      Holy crippity crappity WOWSERS…

    6. Spriggs

      WOW! You mean I no longer get to ask, “how can he possibly still be pitching in the major leagues?”

      1. DarthHater

        And therein lies your better reason than just keeping Parker.

    7. MichiganGoat

      Holy Shit Snacks Batman…

  6. JM

    Just a sad reminder that baseball is a business, and you’re not a” great guy” just because you pull on the Cubbie blue.

    1. Spriggs

      True. And Marmol is a pretty great guy too.

      1. JM


    2. Cubbie Blues

      You don’t tug on Superman’s cape.

      1. Jp3

        Superman got released today too… Maybe that’s who we’ll be signing to take Ian’s place😞. Super Joe

  7. Josh

    Cubs signed both Garner and Wilson to underslot deals…..175,000 (about 25,000 below) and 130,000 (about 29,000 below)….so we are still over by 187,000. We may need to sign Bryant to a pretty decent below slot if we are going to give Clifton and possibly Alamo above slot deals.

  8. BD

    Marmol just got DFA’d.

    1. BD

      Sorry, didn’t see the previous posts. (page wasn’t refreshed)

  9. cubs82

    Cubs Designate Carlos Marmol For Assignment; and Release Ian Stewart

  10. MichiganGoat

    Brett right now

    1. DarthHater

      Longest gif ever

      1. MichiganGoat

        its one of the best ones out there

        1. hansman1982

          It has been ruined for me by a video out of russia where a guy gets his face beat in with a fire extinguisher in a bar fight.

          This was after that guy broke another guys arm.

          1. DarthHater

            If you haven’t seen the movie “Idiocracy,” you should. You’d enjoy it.

            1. hansman1982

              Seen it, enjoyed it.

              I guess I can kinda see the connection.

              1. hansman1982

                And I now see the full connection…I think.

                Feeling that you are subtly mocking me.

                1. MichiganGoat

                  nothing subtle there at all

                  1. hansman1982

                    Well, no, not after I have ran through the movie in my head.

            2. hansman1982

              Well played good sir, well played.

    2. Jp3

      Awesome! He’s got to be thinking C’mon guys, y’all are me with all the breaking news. Or maybe he’s subcontracting breaking ingot to some of our own guys😀

      1. MichiganGoat

        not sure if english?

        1. Jp3

          Shit, I got carried away there😀. Sorry, I meant you guys are killing him with breaking the news before he gets the chance. Auto correct fell asleep on that one I think.

          1. hansman1982

            Still not sure if this is english.

  11. gocatsgo2003

    But… what are we going to complain about around here with Marmol gone? Continued harping on whether Castro needs a day off? That’s going to get OLD.

    1. DarthHater

      Yea, I mean, everything seems pretty much perfect with the Cubs now…

      1. gocatsgo2003

        And where did I ever say that “everything seems pretty much perfect?” More like “one of the handful of things that is constantly raised in the comments on BleacherNation is no longer relevant.”

        1. DarthHater

          No you suggested that there would be nothing left to complain about. At any rate, half the people around here would be whining even if the Cubs were working on their third straight world series.

      2. Jp3

        Meh, trade rumor mill and Bryant signing and progress will carry us well into July….

        1. North Side Irish

          Don’t forget the July 2 international signing period where we all obsess over 16 year old Latin boys. Which isn’t as bad as it sounds. OK, it probably is.

          1. hansman1982

            We’ll watch over them like a dingo watches over a human baby.

      3. JM

        You. We’re all getting what we’ve been asking for… Let’s see how it all plays out.

    2. ssckelley

      Rizzo’s batting average, the lack of Borbon playing (he is the new Campana), Garza being traded (or not)……ect ect.

    3. Spriggs

      I can still talk about how much I hated Jeromy Burnitz as their big signing in 2005 right?

      1. Jp3

        Ugggg!!!! I forgot about that signing! Thanks a lot

      2. DarthHater


        1. Spriggs

          dang it. The whole Izturis thing, maybe?

    4. willis

      We can complain that there are too many left handed outfielders on the 25 man active roster?

  12. curt

    That’s funny Michigan goat n probably true.

  13. Little Lord Fontenot

    Part of me is upset we didn’t hold on to Marmol closer to the deadline, I feel iike we could have got a decent lottery ticket stashed away in low A ball

    1. Jp3


    2. DarthHater

      Burn the heretic!

    3. JM

      That brings up a good suggestion… Marmol DFA’d to where? AA? A? Low A? My kid’s rookie league?

    4. Dustin S

      For them to do this makes me guess they tried really hard to find someone to take Marmol over the past few days and realized they wouldn’t get anything at all for him. With his contract he had negative value really, so they wouldn’t have even got a low A player back. It also looks like any salary relief would have been too small to even be worthwhile.

      It’s an interesting set of moves by the organization to set the tone moving forward. These would make me a little concerned if I was Castro. It shows that they would probably be willing to doing something severe like send him to Iowa for the benefit if needed. Maybe it’s the adrenaline still pumping after the Hawks won the Cup last night, but it’s nice to see the FO be strong and make some tough moves for the long-term benefit of the team.

  14. socalicubsfan

    Long time reader and seem to post only this time of year….

    Agreed that it was time for Ian to hit the road. Not sure that he’ll have a difficult time finding work elsewhere and wish him well. Now go tweet that you fangdangled a good chunk of change outta the Cubs.

    Sad to see Marmol go. He reminds me of Lidge a few years back with the fall from greatness… though very different pitchers, I wonder if Carlos was tipping pitches and a signing to the Yankees Organization would be in the cards… reunited with Larry R.

    Thanks Brett for your work and hope you’re getting rest while you can…

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