contractThe signing reports keeps trickling out as we’re now two and a half weeks past the 2013 MLB Draft. The Chicago Cubs have  signed another couple college pitchers, 13th rounder Trevor Graham and 15th rounder Michael Wagner, per Carrie Muskat and Patrick Mooney. Each report also includes 8th rounder Sam Wilson and 11th rounder Jordan Hankins, though their signings have been discussed here before if you want to check them out (Wilson here, Hankins here).

Graham, a junior out of Franklin Pierce University (DII), won all kinds of awards in his league and region, including Pitcher of the Year honors for the ABCA East Region. His stats, for whatever they’re worth, were silly good: 1.63 ERA over 110.1 innings and 16 games. He struck out 123 while walking just 21.

Wagner, a junior teammate of Kris Bryant’s at San Diego, was a well-regarded Draft prospect, ranked as high as 58 by MLB.com. Baseball America had him at 192, and Keith Law did not have Wagner in his top 100. Disparate views, I suppose, probably based on whether you’re ranking him as a future starter or future reliever (he was a dominant reliever as a sophomore, and a mixed year in the rotation in 2013). Although a 15th rounder, I think it’s fair to include Wagner in the group of big, strong college pitchers the Cubs took earlier in the Draft (think Tyler Skulina, Trey Masek, and Scott Frazier in rounds four through six, for example) in terms of intrigue. Not all of them are going to take off, but, because of their advanced age and development, we could see one or two from the group emerge as top 10/15 prospects in the Cubs’ system by the end of next year.

Depending on how the Cubs viewed Wagner – and how he viewed his own ability – the Cubs may have had to pay more than the $100,000 limit for signees after the 10th round. In other words, any amount the Cubs gave Wagner over $100,000 counts against their bonus pool.

Speaking of 8th rounder Sam Wilson (I did speak of him up in that first paragraph), a lefty out of Lamar Community College, Jim Callis has signing bonus information: $130,000. Further, the Baseball America Draft Database lists 7th round pick David Garner (previously discussed here) as receiving a $175,000 bonus. That’s $25,400 below slot for Garner, and $29,400 below slot for Wilson, which will help the Cubs slightly as they aim to lock up some of the great talented they selected in the Draft without losing a future draft pick.

First round pick Kris Bryant remains the only unsigned player in the Cubs’ top ten rounds. With the other nine locked up, the Cubs should have a very good sense of what they can afford to offer Bryant. While finalizing his deal might take a little time (the deadline is July 12), no one expects any last minute hiccups.

  • ETS

    Is Michael related to billy?

    • DarthHater

      Or Honus?

      • ETS


      • scorecardpaul

        or Robert or lindsay

        • Bilbo161

          Or Train?

  • Mr. Gonzo

    What did the Cubs’ 41st round pick, TWC, sign for?

    • DarthHater

      One year of unrestricted access to the team doctor’s pharmaceutical cabinet.

      • TWC

        My contract has an NDA, so I really cannot tell you that both you and Ace are *entirely* correct.

        (It also has an NTC, so there’s no getting rid of me, jerks.)

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      So, so many Funyuns.

      • http://www.bleachernation.com Luke

        The first hundred thousand Funyuns do not count against the signing pool. Unless TWC is feeling exceptionally hungry, this should not impact the Cubs ability to sign Bryant.

      • Mr. Gonzo

        Hopefully Flaming Hot Funyuns – gotta get that bellyfire up to snuff..

        • davidalanu

          As God as my witness, I didn’t know they made Flaming Hot Funyns. Tell me you’re not making that up.

    • Bilbo161

      I think it was way under slot. They need an intern in the TV booth to get the beer and hot dogs.

  • Serious Cubs Fan

    Any realistic chance we could trade Garza at the deadline for prospects and then resign him during the offseason? Or since he won’t have that qualifying offer tied to him, and won’t cost a team first round draft pick to sign him, the bidding on Garza will be to costly for the Cubs? I really like Garza but he is definitely not worth Anibal Sanchez money

    • Smart Ass

      Are you serious?

      • X the Cubs fan

        Also Garza is better than Sanchez

        • Serious Cubs Fan

          I’d agree Garza has better stuff then Sanchez but his injuries the last few yrs make me weary of giving him Sanchez money.

    • X the Cubs fan

      Anibal Sanchez is not worth Anibal Sanchez money… But to get a good pitcher you’re going to pay!! It’s all possible but don’t expect Garza to take a home team discount.

      • Serious Cubs Fan

        What do you think range of Garza’s new deal he’s going to get this offseason? Low being 5 yrs-$50mil / high being 5yrs-$85mil?

        • X the Cubs fan

          Closer to you’re high but that’s all unless Josh Johnson gets paid

          • X the Cubs fan

            From Toronto

        • Justin

          I think the Cubs can sign Garza for around 4 yrs $48Million if they hold on to him all season and have the qualifying offer looming. If he gets traded midseason, he could easily get $100 Mill. I really believe the compensation is that big of a deal. If I am Garza I am praying I get traded so the compensation following me goes away.

  • Rebuilding

    Both Garza and Sanchez debuted at 22 and have thrown around 1000 innings in the big leagues:

    ERA+ Sanchez 113 and Garza 108
    WHIP Sanchez 1.33 and Garza 1.28
    BB/9 Sanchez 3.2 and Garza 3.1
    K/9. Sanchez 7.9 and Garza 7.6
    HR/9 Sanchez 0.8 and Garza 1.0
    Strange Fielding Plays: Sanchez ? And Garza 100

    For all intents and purposes these guys are the same pitcher. It would be curious that we supposedly went hard after Sanchez if we are unwilling to extend Garza at 5/85 (if true) unless its health, something they see in mechanics, attitude, etc… Garza is 4 months older

    • Rebuilding

      I should say extend Garza at whatever we were willing to give Sanchez minus 1 year

      • Rebuilding

        So around 4 years $60 million. So Garza would have to be a 3 WAR player per year to earn it. He’s been that…when healthy. Given his recent history I don’t think it’s worth it

        • Justin

          I think 4 yrs $60 Million is a very fair compromise on both sides. I mean the Cubs could really mess with Garza’s value and hold the qualifying offer against him. Also, he comes with a fair amount of risk. I still find the whole “stress reaction” in his elbow scary. Can something like that lead to TJS? He comes with some risk for sure…

          • Serious Cubs Fan

            I would take Garza at 4yrs $60mil. But I have to think some team is going push the envelope because with out the qualifying offer the team won’t lose a 1rd draft pick. I just think someone is going to give him that 5th or 6th year. He’s probably going to get a tad more then Sanchez’s contract

  • North Side Irish

    Tyler Skulina (@tskully31) tweeted at 7:50 PM on Tue, Jun 25, 2013:
    It’s official #chicagocubs http://t.co/XcDfpld0Lh

    We knew he signed, but now we have proof…that he signed something.

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