Carlos Marmol bummedIn one fell swoop, the Chicago Cubs today severed ties (mostly) with two of the most polarizing players on the roster in recent memory. Declining reliever Carlos Marmol was designated for assignment, and AAA third baseman Ian Stewart was released.

Marmol is in the final year of an improvident extension inked under the Jim Hendry regime, and has been struggling all season long. His stay as the closer this year lasted but a couple weeks, and he has found only moderate success even in low leverage situations. Without the ability to trade him for anything resembling value, the Cubs today elected to clear up a roster spot by DFA’ing Marmol. The team will now have 10 days to trade, release, or waive Marmol. It’s possible a minor deal can be worked out with the Cubs receiving virtually nothing in return. It’s possible he’ll be released. It’s possible he’ll be waived, but there’s no chance he’ll be claimed with his contract. Either way, it looks like Marmol’s days with the Cubs, after some procedural steps, are over.

I’ll have much more on Marmol as the DFA process plays out. After the smoke has cleared, I’ll also have some thoughts on his days with the Cubs, which were mostly brighter than they were dark.

As for Stewart, the release marks the end of an awkward saga that saw Stewart unable to play for the big team this year, and unable to perform at AAA. He griped about the organization’s moves on Twitter, was suspended, and has now been released. His 10-game, without pay suspension was upheld under appeal, so the Cubs will save about $100,000 in the process. He’ll likely now latch on with another organization.

In Marmol’s place, the Cubs have called up outfielder Brian Bogusevic, who has been raking at AAA Iowa, and will now be a big lefty bat off of the bench – at least until David DeJesus is ready to return.

  • Barry

    Geez. Stanley Cup, Marmol released. It’s only Tuesday. This week has genuine promise. Bryant signs?

    • chrisfchi

      That’s icing on the cake.

    • Jay

      This might be the highlight of the year.

      • 5412


        Once Soriano goes the team will finally be out from under the Tribune contracts. I have a hard time seeing Soriano in. cub uniform next year.


  • cubsin

    So who will get promoted to AAA, AA, A+, A and SSA?

    • fromthemitten

      I said it on the other post about Boog but I’m guessing either Ha/Scuzr gets called up to Iowa. They’re not gonnna call up a pitcher to replace Marmol, Booger effectively takes DeJesus’ spot

      • http://www.bleachernation.com Luke

        Ha was called a few days ago.

  • Jesse

    Now who will Dale trot out to lose games in the 8th and 9th?!

    • baldtaxguy

      So…Dale’s fault, FO’s fault, or future reliever’s fault re: “…to lose games in the 8th and 9th?” Not sure where you are directing your comment towards.

      • Rebuilding

        I think he was saying that we need a new whipping boy so we can criticize Sveum when he uses him in a high leverage situation. The easy nomination is Camp

        • DarthHater

          Yea, I think Camp is the designated scapegoat until somebody else proves up to the challenge.

          • willis

            Oh God yeah, Camp is the new target (if he wasn’t before) and will surely step up to this challenge.

  • Jason

    Hey, Brett. Last line of the first paragraph:

    “Declining reliever Carlos Marmol was designed for assignment…”

    • The Future

      Sadly, it works that way too. designated, designed, destined haha

  • Rudy

    I -Cubs roster currently shows 23 active players including Stewart. So with 3 spots open does anyone get a call up? Maybe Szczur or Ty Wright, they only have 3 OFers on the roster (not including Lake or Torres).

    They also are low on infielders if you include Torres as an OFer, unless Maysonet or Vitters are ready to come off the DL. So they could call up Soto or Alcantra but I doubt it.

    • Rudy

      I could see the Cubs calling up the fillers like Wright and Soto but then that opens up spots in AA so Baez and Andreoli maybe to Tenn. or more fillers like Gieger(not a total filler) and Darvill.

    • Cedlandrum

      Vitters had a set back of some sort and won’t be ready for awhile. Darvill and Geiger will most likely not get a push up, especially Darvill who is just 21 and already playing at a higher level then he has ever played and just now getting going.

      You are right about Wright he could get moved back up. I think Andreolli will move up too once Soler is off the DL.

      • Drew7

        I don’t know about you, but Darvill seems like org-filler to me.

        • Cedlandrum

          Wes was really young when drafted in 09- 17. He seems like he has been around forever but has a ton of ability. At this point I wouldn’t call him filler. He still has a chance as a prospect because he is just 21- BUT this is a huge year for him to become a good prospect.

  • EricR

    I’d like to see some cups of coffee passed around….

  • Oswego Chris

    Bogusevic deserves a chance…was just reading baseball prospectus at my kids swim lesson…I did not realize Bogusevic was a pitcher until his mid-twenties…so there is a chance he may just develop late…I would love to see him, Schierholtz and Sweeney start getting regular at bats over Soriano..

    • Cedlandrum

      He is a good athlete. He obviously has a good arm and can play left and right well and passable CF.

  • Mike

    The outfield is a little thin at AAA Iowa now, maybe Matt Szczur gets the calll from AA to AAA? Or the obvious, safe option of Ty Wright. Perhaps Rubi Silva. I’d guess Matt Szczur. The infield will be a little thin as well with Stewart’s release, maybe Arismendy Alcantara to Iowa? I doubt the front office will do that. Maybe they’ll just sign a veteran AAA infielder.

    • Rudy

      Seems like a lack of infielders especially up the middle in AAA and the bigs so this could set uo well for an Alcantra call up to AAA and Baez to AA but it’s probably a bit premature

  • Jp3

    Reid Brignac? He’s an option for AAA I guess. He can’t be a worse player than lillybridge even though the Yankees say so

  • kenster

    This week just keeps getting better! Hawks win! Marmol is gone. Stewart released. Sappelt want called up and bogusevic was!

  • Ivy Walls


    Let’s see June 24th and the cleaning begins. Marmol was a cancer. If you have ever competed at a level, you hate to see this but when a player is deadwood or worse directly causes you to lose, you hate being around him/her. They are always full of excuses, and others to blame.

    Now more moves have to be made.

    • BT

      2 things. Marmol never blamed anyone but himself as far as I know, and it’s June 25th.

      • Bric

        I don’t know if you could consider it blaming, but he sure bitched and whined a bit to the management and FO for leaving him as the set up man for so long when he clearly didn’t have the command or mental toughness to close out games.

        You combine a fringe retiring manager and a used car salesman GM to give in and suddenly the inmates are running the asylum.

        And I don’t ever think Marmol truly blamed himself for anything. Hence the “Treat him like a 12 year old and don’t let him call his own pitches” mentality. That alone should’ve brought this sad chapter to a close long ago.

  • http://bleachernation.com someday…2015?

    Couldn’t be happier right now! Hawks win it all, Marmols done with this Cubs, and Stewarts on his way out. Great day(s)!!

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    THEY sent Stewart Packing … about time.

  • Fastball

    Sean Camp is still on this team there is work left ro be done. The long blade needs to get Camp.

  • OlderStyle

    Wow, our closer is DFA’d (I know he sucked but when he was on was dominant) and our great hope for 3rd base has gone down in flames and is released and everyone is ecstatic. Sad that as Cubs fans our bar is set so very low. I’ll be happy when we don’t suck. That seems dysfunctional in light of most fans reactions.

    • DarthHater

      Gimme a break. Marmol hasn’t been what he once was for two years. And nobody ever called Stewart our great hope for 3rd base.

      • willis

        Yeah dude, we’re ecstatic because the right thing to do is move on from both of them and this may help move things forward as an organization. Stewart was not good at baseball and publicly bashed the organization, while Marmol blew games and hurt this teams’ chances of winning.

        Both players are terrible. It was time to move on, the Cubs did it. Bravo.

        • OlderStyle

          So, business as usual? It was time to move on, I don’t dispute that but I can’t be very excited about my team in last place and two more player failures. Who gives an flying frick if Marmol was a Hendry sign, it seems some people would rather fail with Hendry players than just win with *Cubs* players. Sigh, we still need a closer and a 3rd baseman.

          • TWC

            “[I]t seems some people would rather fail with Hendry players than just win with *Cubs* players.”

            That’s stupid.

            *NO ONE* who would prefer this situation to Marmol being a lights-out, shut-’em-down closer. But he’s not, and hasn’t been for a long, long time. This move could have happened a week or a month ago and not been unexpected. This outpouring is relief that it’s finally time.

            • OlderStyle

              Of course it’s stupid but that doesn’t exclude the reality. Are you saying a that its not out there? I’ve seen evidence to suggest otherwise.

              • TWC

                Do it. Show me one comment saying that someone would rather see the Cubs lose with Hendry-signed players than “win with *Cubs* players”.

                I’ll wait.

      • OlderStyle

        I’d rather have what he used to be than DFA’d, wouldn’t you?
        Stewart was a rather expensive experiment that blew up in our faces.
        Its not a happy day. Its cloaking failure and disappointment in celebration. Pathethic, really.

        • DarthHater

          Some things work, some things don’t. When they don’t, recognizing that it’s time to cut one’s losses and move on is a good thing. But you’re right that being happy about anything does not fit the narrative of overreactive outrage about everything related to the Cubs.

          • OlderStyle

            When things don’t work out it’s pretty SOP to move on. So, for that I say “meh”.
            But sure, my “overreactive reaction” doesn’t read very well in light of your BN narrative (don’t post unless positive, and if not I will criticize you) There is a kool-aid factor to the cult of personality Theo generates.

            • TWC

              “There is a kool-aid factor to the cult of personality Theo generates.”

              Oh, gee, I had forgotten about this line of bullshit. Thanks for bringing it up again.

              • DarthHater


              • OlderStyle

                You’re not welcome. It does exist

                • DarthHater

                  You’re right. I even found a photo of you making scientific observations of the phenomenon:


                • TWC

                  In. Your. Head.

            • DarthHater

              That is such a complete and utter crock of horse manure, it makes your previous use of the word pathetic uproariously laughable. Many of us find it quite possible to post negative views about Cubs actions here without being a sniveling anal pore about it. Not to mention that most of the people celebrating loudest today are usually the most vocal critics.

              • OlderStyle

                There you go again with your critcisms and not-so witticisms. Not finding much civil and intelligent discourse on the interwebs today. Have I called you foul names shrouded in ha-ha’s? We don’t need to interact.

                • DarthHater

                  Yea, calling everybody but you pathetic and dropping the kool-aid bomb is truly intelligent discourse.

              • MichiganGoat

                Kool-aid snorter

                • DarthHater

                  Watch it, or i’ll grind you up into horny goat weed.

                  • MichiganGoat

                    I am their main source

                    • DarthHater

                      Cuz you so horny.

            • Drew7

              I’d also like to see such a thread. While there are plenty of people here that are fans of this FO (myself included), I don’t know of any that have *never* disagreed with something they’ve done, let alone hope for poor performance from Hendry players. I think the blind-faith card is way overplayed.

              • DarthHater

                It’s the Goat’s fault. They are naturally herd animals with little or no ability to take an independent stand. 😛

                • MichiganGoat

                  😉 you bastard

                  • DarthHater

                    My work here is done. Later all. 😀

  • nkniacc13

    gotta kinda of wonder if Sapplet is going to get moved as well here soon after supporting Stewart.

  • Carew

    I like internet fights as much as the next guy (it gives me an excuse to eat popcorn), but can we please relax. I’m a Marmol fan and want him to find his way back. I was a Stewart supporter, but then he decided to be an asswipe, and that’s just not acceptable. All parties involved see that times are changing and agree to change with them. That’s just how it is.

    • DarthHater

      Kool aid drinker! 😛

      • Carew

        It’s happy hour, every hour

        • DarthHater

          Spike that kool-aid with some liquid belly fire!

    • willis

      That and the ever positive Hoyer is even saying “yo, this dude was a distraction and a sideshow blah blah blah.”

      That’s more than enough for me (and should be for all fans) to say thankfully this nightmare is over and it’s time to move on. Guys, it sucks that Marmol was terrible this year. It really sucks because it cost this team games. But once it was established that he was terrible, and that it has come to light that he was becoming a distraction, the celebration is happening not because people celebrate all this FO does, but because it was a needed action that will result in better days ahead for the organization.

      • Pat

        It’s only an improvement if the next guys can do better. Considering Camp is still on the roster and Gregg is likely gone, I would not consider that a safe assumption.

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  • Die hard

    Some team will sign Marmol and convert back to Starter and he will be 15 game winner for next 5 yrs which is what Cubs should’ve done

    • Drew7


    • DarthHater

      Okay, Brett, please frame this one and run an article with that headline every June 25th for the next 5 years. PLEASE.

    • TWC

      No, no, and no.

      But don’t let that stop you, gramps.

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      I actually want you to be right about this one. Cantpredictball in the extreme.

    • Patrick W.

      Just might work. If he could just develop a tertiary pitch… or a secondary one… or a primary one… but yeah… it might happen.

      • DarthHater

        OMG, he’s drinking the Die hard kool-aid! Somebody stop him!!!

    • Carew

      Um. I dont think so.

  • Die hard

    Stewart showed Cubs something couple of years ago or wouldn’t trade for him — was Cubs fault in not getting him to find that spark they saw … Could’ve shown MLB that they were stand up organization by letting him play 3B rest of yr … Cubs throw around millions like Halas used to throw around nickels to paraphrase Ditkas famous comment

    • TWC

      Ah, it’s the 4pm (PDT) Die hard troll-fest. It’s like clockwork. That’s how I know the day is almost done.

    • Carew

      But he stunk, got hurt, and continued to stink. And he was never accountable for himself, always seemed to blame someone else. Remember the twitter rants?

    • Patrick W.

      OK but saying Halas throws around nickels like manhole covers means that he doesn’t really spend money (in Ditka’s view on important things), and I think you’re suggesting the Cubs spend a lot of money uselessly.

      • Patrick W.

        It is somehow important to me that this logical dissonance be acknowledged.

        • TWC

          In Bizarro-BN, where everything Die hard posts actually makes some sort of sense, such a clarification might be appreciated. Alas, here, it’s just par for the course.

          • Patrick W.

            Mayyyyyyybeeee he’s saying the Cubs throw around manhole covers like nickels?

            • Pat

              Well, to be fair to die hard, millions of dollars (even in paper currency) would be somewhat heavy. And just imagine if it was all in change.

  • TonyP

    “He had a really good second half last year, and no one bid at the August deadline, and we didn’t have any offers other than someone else’s undesirable contract for ours,” Hoyer said. “There was a lot of talk about trade value and things like that, but that’s something we’d given up on long ago”.

    So much for the building trade value theory…………………

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