jorge soler cubsI’m officially a fan of the World Team.

The 2013 Futures Game rosters have been announced, and the World Team is going to feature at least two Cub prospects. Hailing from the Dominican Republic and representing the Tennessee Smokies will be switch hitting shortstop/second baseman Arismendy Alcantara. And in the outfield will be Cuba native and current Daytona Cub Jorge Soler. Soler is one of the Cubs three best prospects (only three because Bryant has not yet officially signed) and Alcantara, after his breakout season this year, is very likely to feature in the Cubs Top 10 for a lot of analysts.

But the crop of Cubs could get even richer.

Even though the Cubs drafted him out of a Florida high school, Javier Baez is officially credited to Puerto Rico. That means he is eligible for the World Team roster. He is also one of five finalists on the ballot as fans vote for the final member of the roster.

Baez could use your vote. Carlos Correa is on that ballot, and he is also one of the best and best known prospects in all of baseball. The 2012 No 1 overall pick will not be easy to beat. If you want to see Baez in the Futures Game (and why wouldn’t you?) warm up your clicking finger and start voting.

The Futures Game will be played on July 14.

Scores From Yesterday

Iowa – Iowa had a travel day on Wednesday. They will open a series in Omaha tonight.
Tennessee – Great pitching and a big inning resulted in a nice win. The Smokies walked away victors, 6-0.
Daytona – Daytona was rained out.
Kane County – Kane County rallied for two in the bottom of the eighth, but they walked way the losers 5-4.
Boise – There was a doubleheader in Boise yesterday. In Game One the Hawks came from behind with two in the seventh to win 4-3. They lost Game Two, though, 3-2.
Arizona – The AZL Cub scored three times in the eighth and ended up  the 6-5 winners.

Performances of Note

  • [Tennessee] Christian Villanueva is up to eight home runs. The latest was a two run shot that highlighted his 2 for 4 day.
  • [Tennessee] Starter Kyle Hendricks did not have his best game, but eight shutout innings is still extremely nice to see. He struck out six and allowed just five hits and a walk.
  • [Tennessee] Zach Rosscup struck out one in the final frame.
  • [Kane County] A day after his fourth steal Dan Vogelbach was lifted for a pinch runner (Oliver Zapata). This was after Vogelbach had gone 4 for 4 with a double and a walk.
  • [Kane County] Gioskar Amaya launched his third home run of the season as part of a 2 for 4 game.
  • [Kane County] In 3.1 innings of relief, Justin Amlung struck out six and walked two without giving up a hit.
  • [Boise] Jacob Hannemann picked up two more hits and a stolen base (his first) in Game One.
  • [Boise] The starter in Game One, James Pugliese, gave up three runs (two earned) on five hits and two walks while striking out four over five innings. Carlos Martinez-Pumarino allowed nothing but a walk in two innings of relief.
  • [Boise] The starter in Game Two, Paul Blackburn, struck out eight in five innings. He gave up three runs (none of them earned) on four hits while walking one. He has yet to give up an earned run this year.
  • [Boise] Tyler Bremer pitched the final two innings of Game Two. He allowed no one to reach base and struck out five.
  • [Boise] Second baseman David Bote went 3 for 4 in Game Two and picked up his first stolen base.
  • [Arizona] Erick Leal, one of the pitchers picked up in the Campana trade, struck out seven in five innings of one hit ball.
  • [Arizona] Second baseman Francisco Sanchez doubled twice as part of his 3 for 4 game.
  • [Arizona] 2013 draftee Giuseppe Papaccio went 3 for 4 and stole his first base.

Other News

  • Kane County managed to lose on Wednesday despite outhitting Beloit 13-5, striking out just 5 times to Beloit’s 10, and picking up 4 extra base hits to Beloit’s 1. Beloit was able to string together 3 runs in the fourth, though, and despite all their chances the Cougars simply could not get a sustained rally going.
  • BluBlud

    Luke, How realistic of a prospect is Erick Leal. He seems to have a lot of upside. If he turns out to be a legit pitching prospect, the Campana trade might be a steal.

    • Dumpgobbler

      Leal is the absoulute definition of a lotery ticket. Very small chance he pans out, but if he does you certainly have something. Its extremely hard to project teenage arms. The front office has done a good of loading up on big, strong kids hoping a few will develop into something.

    • #1lahairfan

      I actually like Jesus Castillo ( the other prospect we got in the Campana deal ) better than him.

      • Serious Cubs Fan

        Agreed, Leal will only go as far up the organization as his fastball can add velocity. If he could consistently hit 90mph with that fastball then he’d be a much more legit prospect and would be more projectable for the majors (but the kid is still only 18, so you never know). If I remember correctly he had a small frame, with not much projectablity to add to his velocity on pitches

    • mak

      Don’t know anything about the stuff, but for his age, he has (since the beginning of the year at EXST) very consistently throwing strikes. Very encouraging. Can’t really get excited until he works his way up to Boise (which, theoretically, could happen later this summer if he keeps throwing like this).

  • BluBlud

    Also, not to bring up the Baez debate, but i question how Soler was just chosen to the World team, and baez wasn’t. Is it a matter of position. Baez is clearly the higher regarded prospect, and is also having the better season. I think Soler should be there, as well as Alcantara, but Baez should probably be there also.

    • On The Farm

      Probably because right now, Wong plays a better SS than Baez

      • BluBlud

        That’s what I figured. Less a matter of one guy better then the other and more of a positional requirement. But, wouldn’t Baez be eligible for the US side also.

    • Norm

      Position. I believe Boegarts and Lindor are there for World Team and Rey are still regarded as better prospects.

  • On The Farm

    “Alcantara, after his breakout season this year, is very likely to feature in the Cubs Top 10 for a lot of analysts.”

    Speaking of this did you decide when you were going to do your mid-season analysis of the top prospects?

    • Luke

      I’m waiting on Bryant to officially sign. It will show up in a Sunday “This Week In The Minors” soon after Bryant (and any other candidates for the list that might sign) is officially in the organization. If not the Sunday immediately following the signing, it should be no later than the following week.

      Key phrase – should be. If other stuff happens that demands attention in the meantime those plans could change.

  • BluBlud

    Paul Blackburn will not be in Boise for long. He has been pretty dominant in his 3 starts. He has struck out 20 batters in 15 innings and has only walked 2. he has a .667 WHIP and has a 10 for a SO/BB rate. Boise is usaully a lerague that you can pass through pretty quickly if you dominate, so I don’t think Black will have any problems getting promoted. I suppose if he has another 2 or 3 dominant starts, he get the bump to KC and finish out the year there.

    • chrisfchi

      I would love a peak at him in the bigs this September.

      • Timothy Scarbrough

        That probably will not happen.

        • mdavis

          i hope that was a joke…he’s 19, you will get a peak at him in the bigs….in 2016 (maybe).

          • BluBlud

            Damn, I didn’t see your post before i posted below. Guess were think alike. 😉

          • chrisfchi

            I ment next September, was not completely awake when I typed that.

        • Jp3

          That def will not happen…. He does look good though.

      • BluBlud

        You will probaby get your wish. I can see him being call up to the bigs in September………………2016 Maybe.

  • Timothy Scarbrough

    Is there actually a limit on how many times you can vote for Baez? Because I’ve voted quite a lot of times.

    • JoeyCollins

      I was wondering the same, but i just keep voting.

  • praying the cubs get ready to win

    Is there a site to see the minor league standings?

  • Edwin

    I’d say Hendricks had a great game. 6/1 K/BB ratio, only allowed 5 hits. His WHIP for the game was under 1. Is there a way to calculate Game Score for minor league pitchers? I’d bet this last start for Hendricks ranks right up there with the best of what he’s done so far.

    • Norm

      Game scores are listed at Baseball-Reference by clicking on his game logs.

      • Edwin

        Cool. Wish I would have known that instead of spending the last 20 minutes createing it myself in excel.

        His start got a game score of 77, which is tied with 2 other starts (4/29 and 5/23) for his best starts by game score this season. He also had a 75 on 4/23.

        I get what Luke is saying, but I’d still call his recent start one of his best starts this season.

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  • David

    Brett- why did you conclude Hendricks did not have one of his better games??? 8 innings of shutout??? 5 hits & one walk? That sounds pretty good to me.

    • Luke

      That was me, not Brett. And it was a very good game – I’m not taking anything away from that.

      But if you look over what Hendricks has done in Tennessee this year, there are a handful of games in which he was even better than that. That was my point. That game, as good as it was, was not one of Hendrick’s best.

      It’s just another way of pointing out that Hendricks is having an amazingly good season in Tennessee (something I’ve talked about several times already).

  • IlliniBone

    Kyle Hendricks – 8ip, 6k, 5h, 1bb and thats “not his best game”?

    I mean I guess it could be a little bit better, maybe a no hitter, but that seems like a pretty damn good game to me.

    • willis

      It was. He had one rough inning which he wiggled out of thanks to a DP. Other than that was balling. We’ve come to expect great starts every time from him, and we are getting it mostly. Pretty good year this guy is putting together.

  • Idaho Razorback

    The link to Game 1 of Boise’s box score gives me Kane Countys box score.

  • Ralph

    Just voted for Baez about 20 times. I’m at work and supposed to be doing course development.

    • Chris Lattier

      haha — I did the same this this morning @ work — who did you vote for the AL? I went w/ Castellanos…I wish they would show the numbers thus far…

      GO BAEZ!

      • Timothy Scarbrough

        I went with Nimmo, mostly because it was my favorite name.

      • Rudy

        I did too… Also went with Castellanos.

      • Ralph

        Just ignored the A.L.

  • North Side Irish

    Sahadev Sharma ‏@sahadevsharma 36s
    Soler has a stress fracture in left tibia. He’ll be in a walking boot, it’ll be 4-6 weeks before he can resume baseball activities.

    At least it’s not being amputated…

    • Dustin S

      Just heard that on the radio. That sucks. They said he may miss the rest of the year and will definitely miss the Futures game. Not good.

  • North Side Irish

    Boise Hawks Radio ‏@BoiseHawksRadio 7m
    Indy News – former @BoiseHawks Hadyen Simpson (So. Ill.) and Alvaro Ramirez (Rockford) released, Ben Klafcynzski (Lake Erie) signed

  • RoughRiider

    If Soler out for the Futures game, has any mention been made anywhere about a Cub minor league player such as Baez replacing him on the roster ?

    • Luke

      I’m not sure how that will work. We’ll keep an eye on it.

  • stevie

    All we have heard is how bare the system is with pitching, at least for a long while. Some think that its still not real deep, but I have to say I’m starting to see it differently. Johnson, Hendricks, Castillo, auresnd Blackburn have all been pretty good, some have been dominate. No team has extreme depth in pitching throughout their systems, and while we may not have the depth other teams do have, I firmly believe we have some kids that not only have a strong shot at making the majors, but a few have a shot at been extremely good and productive guys in the majors. Johnson and Blackburn stand out the most to me. They both have a while to go, but I really see either kid, if not both, moving through the system at a pretty rapid pace. Hendricks may not have the pure stuff other top kids have, but what he has is good enough, and he seems to be a very smart kid that knows how to utilize what he has to the utmost. Greg Maddux didn’t have dominate stuff, however he was a dominate pitcher due to his intelligence. I see a bit of Maddux in Hendricks.

    Vizciano could also be dominating once healthy, and he’s still pretty young. I don’t see him as a starter however with his injury history, but an electric, dominating closer I can see with him. Maples has the stuff, they just need to bring him along slowly, until he puts it together. Leal is another kid I really like. He’s pretty young, and I suspect that his stuff will get better as he matures. Castillo looks to me as if he’s starting to figure it all out, so his development has been nice. I admit that I know very little about the kids we drafted this year, but I expect some of them to move thru the system at a pretty good pace, considering they’re mostly college kids. I have no doubts that we will have a number of good prospects there once they begin to show themselves on the mound.

    We also should be adding a couple of promising type arms when the trade deadline comes and goes. Theo talked about waves of pitching, well he began that direction when he came on to run the organization. By this time next year, we should have a few guys break into the majors, with the college kids likely moving thru at a good pace, plus guys like Johnson, Hendricks and Blackburn should be able to keep a rapid ascent. I can’t wait to see the finished product on some of these kids.

    • nkniacc13

      people say its bare at the top levels there are intriguing arms at some of the lower levels but especially with pitchers its kinda tough to get hopes up a bunch when they are in AA or lower

  • fromthemitten

    Hanneman’s doing his damndest to put himself in the consideration for a top ten organizational prospect rankings

    • Kyle

      I would say top 20 even is a stretch.