Don’t let that silly run in the sixth inning fool you: Matt Garza was ridiculously dominant today. He was missing bats left and right, and commanding the game completely.

Starlin Castro had his second straight two-hit day after his day off. Just sayin’.

Trade season makes everyone a little conspiracy-prone, but I can’t help but find it interesting that Dale Sveum threw James Russell again today in a blowout. I’m sure it was partially about getting him work – he’d thrown just twice since June 16 (though one of those was yesterday). But Russell got the call on back-to-back days in starts by Scott Feldman and Matt Garza (*cough* tons of scouts in attendance *cough*), even though today’s game was well in hand.

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  • Matt R.

    Huge game for Garza and also a huge one for the Cubs.

    I love Garza, but I love the Cubs more, and if he brings more talent to this team, i’m all for it!

  • socalicubsfan

    Well said, Matt!

  • JoshO

    Tweeted you about Russell’s appearance being a showcase. Looks like my question was answered…

    • Brett

      There may not be anything there, but it was certainly interesting.

      • Chad

        What are the cubs closing options if Gregg AND Russel get traded? Rodriguez?

        • Tobias

          There won’t be many options, but Cubs probably don’t look at doing much in the second half. Second half could be looked to see if they have any internal candidates for closer heading into 2014. Most likely, it will be a closer by committee.

  • someday…2015?

    I think that was Garza’s last game as a Cub. Same with Navarro.

  • willis

    Another series win, hooray!

    Garza was very good. The bats came alive when needed. They better get one hell of a return for Garza. He’s pitching great.

  • Stevie B

    I was just telling my father in law…. A bad outing today wouldn’t really hurt any trade value, but a DOMINANT outing sure doesn’t hurt.
    Good bye Matt… We hardly even knew ya.

  • Rich H

    How about this stat line for the team. 12 K’s and only 2 walks. That will win you ALOT of baseball games. It seemed like every time there was trouble today there was a big K to get us out of it.

  • Dale Jr

    what does garza bring back?!!

  • Joel McKinnon

    Love Garza. He’s a great teammate and clubhouse guy. Even in blowouts he’s the first out of the dugout in between innings. It’s going to be such a shame to lose him, but he is going to bring us back a big haul.

  • Bilbo161

    I can’t help thinking most trades will be multi-player deals. That’s the only way we get top prospects in return. Theo and Co. Just need to remain cognizant of the value these players have on our team too and insist on good returns.

  • Mr. P

    I’d love to get the type of haul that the Brewers were able to get with Greinke last year. Not sure if we can find a team as dumb as the Angels to work with though. Still can’t believe they gave up Segura for renting Greinke.

    • Blublud

      Segura is a good player, but he was really consider a top, untradable, prospect.

      • Mr. P

        He was their top prospect at the time after Trout was called up. I don’t know, I thought he was too good to be traded for a couple months of Greinke. Maybe my standards are too low and I’ll be pleasantly surprised by Garza’s return.

  • Tobias

    Any thoughts on BB? I know it’s such a small sample size, but I like what he’s brought so far.

    • Jon

      by BB are you referring to Brian Bogusevic?

    • Cyranojoe

      Way too small a sample size so far, but if he keeps it up, awesome.

  • Seamhead

    Dealing Garza, Feldman, Gregg and DeJesus is our one chance to stock the upper levels of our system with quality pitching prospects.

    Theo and Jed cannot blow this opportunity.

    • CubFan Paul


  • Jon

    Can we see if the O’s will let us wet our beaks? They really got a nice collection of young arms and I think Delmonico would be a perfect fit for us as well.

  • Bryan

    Ill take bundy as well. I no the TJ is an ehhh but w/e. with shark ejax and wood the ML team only needs two more pitchers. And of course keep rusin raley and hendricks for depth

  • fromthemitten

    Juan Francisco = Cubs killer?

    • Rcleven

      Parkers pitch was down below the knees and outside off the plate.
      When your hot your hot.

  • Awakeape

    I would love to keep garza if we think we are making a run at it in the next two years. Otherwise I hope Edwin can pick it up a bit pretty disappointed so far.

  • d biddle

    Î would like to sign and keep Garza. Players like him does not come around everyday.

  • Awakeape

    I would too if we think we are going to contend in the next two years and I certainly hope so!

  • md8232

    So did Garza give himself a shaving cream pie to the face?

  • Bric

    Off topic but I went to the Rays game yesterday and good lord was it sad for the Rays. They managed only 2 hits and a walk in nine innings. 3 base runners in the whole game (which was completed in a shockingly fast 2 hours and 10 minutes). R.A. Dickey pitched a complete game shut out on only 93 pitches! Just sayin’ we complain about the Cubs a whole lot these days but it could be very, very worse.

  • SirCub

    I’m not so sure about that, Brett. Yea, Garza’s bat is awesome. But I think it’s his arm that will bring the real trade value.

    Not his pitching arm, mind you, but his fielding/throwing arm. Making throws over to first base after a slow roller back to the mound is where he REALLY shines.

  • X the Cubs Fan

    Cubs trade: Matt Garza and Kevin Gregg

    Red Sox trade: Will Middlebrooks, Henry Owens and Brandon Jacobs?

  • JungleDrew

    Just for fun we should trade them Ryan Sweeney too, make them give us another prospect or a fixer upper like Bailey or Bard

  • Die hard

    Yea just think what he’d been doing if Cubs listened to me 40 games ago… Just saying (the obvious) that the kid needed to sit the 4th Marlins game and then some more afterwards… Sveum may be asked to step aside after this mishandling of a potential superstar— my theory is Sveum was jealous being the plow horse up against the race horse Castro

    • Carew

      This may be the most Die Hardian comment ever

      • Cyranojoe

        God he is so pitiful. Sad, sad, sad.

      • Timothy Scarbrough

        Although he does have some pronoun antecedent issues, the grammar in this is correct far too often to be the standard bearer for Die Hard

      • Chad


    • Rich H

      Yeah you said sit him IN AAA! You wanted him demoted a month ago and to call up a .100 hitting Stewart. Yeah they should have listened to you.

  • 5412


    Nice to win. Cubs had 3 earned runs and 3-15 RISP. We need to be looking for another young ARAM, not pitching.


    • Carew

      Why not both. Who has both?

  • http://Bleachernation Lou Brock

    Very possible Russell and Garza are going in the same deal. This should bring a top 5 prospect , a top 10 prospect , and two or three more B prospects from the team doing the deal. Keep your eye on the Nationals or the Padres on this deal. Rizzo at Washington is a sharp guy and gets what he wants. He is a local guy from the NW side of Chicago. His dad was a White Sox scout for years.

  • Oswego chris

    What I want for Garza is at least one prospect who is ready for a shot right now…no more low A guys…we are in good shape there….a guy like Olt from Texas….not saying that’s the guy, but a guy who would be playing if he weren’t blocked…

    • willis

      I just don’t think the cubs get value for value in a Garza trade. They may get ok prospects, but no one that will give what Garza can. Which is why I’ve always been in favor of keeping and extending. But they aren’t going to do that so it’s kind of a shame.

      • Oswego chris

        I prefer extending him as well, but it sound like he wants 5 to 6 years…

        • willis

          5 to 6 for a pitcher is pretty much crazy. So if that’s the case, then yes, get what you can for him. And that’s what is going to happen. I just hope it’s a package that can do something at this level.

  • EvenBetterNewsV2.0

    With people thinking a Garza trade happens soon could international money be involved? See no other reason to trade him this early.

    • Luke

      It wouldn’t surprise if the Cubs try to get some in the deal.

      • Oswego chris

        Luke…since you know a ton more about the farm than I do…am I wrong wishing for more advanced prospects, feeling our lower levels are good?

        …or maybe teams don’t trade those types any more

        • Luke

          Teams do, but the cost sometimes goes up as the player rises through the minors.

          An elite pitching prospect in Double A or Triple A (Jameson Taillon, for example) is going to be extremely expensive. But if you can manage to deal for a guy like that before he breaks out the price is potentially a lot lower. That’s a bad example in the case of Taillon because he’s a former number one pick, but the point stands.

          If the goal is to restock the system with as much talent as possible, there is more bang for the buck in trying to pick up players as early in their career as possible. The IFA market is a great place to do that.

          But don’t mistake this into an either/or scenario. A team can use drafts and trades and IFA signings to load up on all the young talent they can find while still using trades and other signings to pick up some more advanced talent.

          Also, if the lower levels are stuffed with quality prospects, a lack of advanced prospects is a problem that will correct itself in time.

          And I’m not sure the Cubs have that problem to a great degree. Double A has quite a few pretty good prospects in it.

          • Oswego chris

            Thanks Luke….

            I suppose if they outbid everyone for Gonzalez that would be an advanced prospect right there…

      • EvenBetterNewsV2.0

        Thanks Luke for the response. At this point, I would hope we take that over a trade filler.

    • Die hard

      Such funds violates anti- trust exemption… As well as coddling players who violates substance abuse laws but whose counting, right? … Exemption should have been struck during Sosa era but MLB was making billions off the hype which they spread around to key politicians

  • 5412


    If we do not extend Garza, Samardzija just got more expensive.