Don’t let that silly run in the sixth inning fool you: Matt Garza was ridiculously dominant today. He was missing bats left and right, and commanding the game completely.

Starlin Castro had his second straight two-hit day after his day off. Just sayin’.

Trade season makes everyone a little conspiracy-prone, but I can’t help but find it interesting that Dale Sveum threw James Russell again today in a blowout. I’m sure it was partially about getting him work – he’d thrown just twice since June 16 (though one of those was yesterday). But Russell got the call on back-to-back days in starts by Scott Feldman and Matt Garza (*cough* tons of scouts in attendance *cough*), even though today’s game was well in hand.

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  • sleepy

    Hey y’all,

    OT, but the family and I will be heading out to see the KCC tomorrow night. I’ll be wearing my BN T-shirt. Any advice on where to sit, park or what goodies to get from the concessions?
    It will be the 1st time out there for all of us. Can’t wait to see the kids play!

  • another JP

    Apparently the Rangers are really wanting Garza badly & I’m thinking they might put Olt & Perez up as they did last year to consummate a deal. What I’m wondering is if Bmore was to offer up an injured Bundy + prospect(s) if that would be a better deal to take? I can’t see any team other than the Pirates putting a package together that would beat what Texas or the O’s could offer.

  • Zach

    I haven’t seen any news with Scott Baker recently. Anyone want to fill me in?

    • Edwin

      He’s still recovering. I’d guess that if he does pitch for the Cubs this year, it won’t be until Sep.


    Garza, barney and Navrrero for a Tommy John Bundy in a heartbeat but I cant see the Os trading him hes a beast. Baker is in AZ the last I heard.

  • http://msn Sacko

    Keep Russell and Schierholtz