respect wrigleyRight now, the Chicago Cubs are presenting their renovation plans for Wrigley Field to the Chicago Landmarks Commission, which must sign off on the plan before the Cubs can move forward with aspects of renovation that touch on landmarked structures. We learned last night that Alderman Tom Tunney does not expect to support the Cubs at today’s meeting because of a handful of items with which he still disagrees in the Cubs’ plan.

According to a Sun-Times report, it sounds like Tunney will get his way, at least temporarily. The Commission will today approve the Cubs’ proposed changes to the dugouts, the outfield walls, the new entrance on the western side of the ballpark, and the new Captain Morgan Club, per the Sun-Times report. The Commission will not, however, approve the Cubs’ 6000 square foot video board in left field, or the 1000 square foot advertising sign in right field. Decisions on those items will be deferred to the regularly-scheduled Commission meeting on July 11.

Tunney, per a letter he sent to the Cubs yesterday, would like to see the video board no larger than 3500 square feet, and the sign in right no larger than 600 square feet. The Sun-Times describes the fact that the signage will not be decided today as a two-week opportunity for Tunney to try and get the Cubs to come down on their signage demands (intimating that, at present, the Commission/City Council could be favoring the Cubs’ plan, though I don’t want to read too much into it).

For their part, and you can read more details in the Sun-Times report, it doesn’t sound like the Cubs have any intention of reducing their signage demand. Perhaps this is simply a negotiation tactic by Tunney, trying to get the Cubs to agree to reduce the signs by any amount, even if not the full amount that he actually wants.

I’ll be candid: when the Cubs announced that they wanted a 6000 square foot JumboTron and a 1000 square foot sign in right, my first assumption was that they were “over asking” so that they could get the four or five or whatever thousand square foot board they really wanted. So, if they have to come down slightly, I wouldn’t be surprised. That said, if the Cubs truly want a 6000 square foot board and a 1000 square foot sign, and the impact of those items on external people/businesses/whatever is negligible, then they should be permitted to do whatever they want. It’s their house.

We’ll find out more about the Commission meeting and the next steps later today, I’d expect.

  • Grant

    “when the Cubs announced that they wanted a 6000 square foot JumboTron and a 1000 square foot sign in right, my first assumption was that they were “over asking” so that they could get the four or five or whatever thousand square foot board they really wanted.”

    This was (and still is) precisely my line of thinking.

  • Caleb


    Not snarky. I can’t see very well so the bigger the board, the better.

    I also can’t help but feel that, given the way the legal system works, the cubs couldn’t make all sorts of hell for recalcitrant rooftop owners if they wanted. Or, alternatively, give competition-crushing perks to rooftops who go along with cub plans.

  • Ron

    So much for fast tracking the process, the city will approve only the parts that dont really impact the financials of the deal.

  • JB88

    I’m very surprised that Ricketts is leaving the kid gloves on. I’m surprised there haven’t been intentional leaks about the Cubs putting heavy pressure on the Mayor’s office to get Tunney in line.

    At this point, I am sincerely curious to understand their end game and negotiating strategy.

  • North Side Irish

    jon greenberg ‏@espnchijon 15s
    Cubs want to cut first three rows of LF bleachers for LED board, like in right field.

  • Kevin

    i don’t believe gloves are necessary. TR does not want to fight. If he doesn’t get EVERYTHING he wants he simply finds another place to play ball. Very simple! Next topic please!

  • Tommy

    Danny Ecker ‏@DannyEcker 4m
    Landmarks staff member says she previously didn’t realize that the bullpens at Wrigley were on the field #facepalm

    Can we get some people who have any knowledge of the situation??

  • Tom Tunney 44th Ward Alderman

    That Ricketts guys is real pain in my ass. I already told him I won’t help out the Cubs! I mean its not like they are the life blood of the neighborhood and bring in millions of tax dollars for the city, bring in business for all my other business in the surrounding area. I mean lets be real here I TOM TUNNEY AM THE ONE WHO KEEPS ALL MY PAIN IN THE ASS, BITCHING AND MONING CITIZENS OF THE LAKEVIEW COMMUNITY’S, PROPERTY VALUES UP. I Tom Tunney will never give in to one thing the Cubs requests for renovation plans because me and my neighborhood are more important. After I’m done blowing Rahm, you will please need to excuse me, I have more important business to attend to such as the the rooftop owners complaining about a dog taking a dump on their front lawn.

    Tom Tunny (had a stick up my ass since 2003)

    • Rahm

      Tom…you will never be done.

  • Tom A.

    I am at meeting. First hour just showing details of proposal. Presented by Landmark Commission Office (I think). Looks real good ! July 11 sounds like real date of decision.

  • MatthewJ

    I hope the Cubs leave the city, and then Rahm enacts special property and sales taxes only on businesses and residents in Mr. Tunney’s ward to make up for the lost revenue.

  • Dynastyin2017

    How long can this be pushed back before it becomes impossible to start this winter.

  • pondorotravis

    I hope when Ricketts gets his new jumbotron that he offers free advertising to anyone who will run against Tunney.

  • North Side Irish

    Danny Ecker ‏@DannyEcker 30s
    Tunney speaking to Landmarks Comm now: “this continues to be a long and arduous process”

    Well you’re certainly not helping…

  • Vin23

    As a Cub fans who wants future success, we should implore Ricketts to move to Rosemont.

    There is so much revenue that will be left on the table at Wrigley, it will hurt the overall budget. Rosemont is a business-friendly town. It’s right off the blue line and there would be PARKING! The metra is a shuttle away as well.
    Many many many Cub fans come from the suburbs and it will be even easier to get to.

    Sox, Bears and Bulls all got some sort of help from the public. Cubs are getting zero and still getting torn apart by $7 canned beer sellers who own rooftops and the city. It’s time to stand up to the awful run city and move.

  • clark addison

    In the drawings released by the Cubs, the jumbotron dwarfed the scoreboard and the bleachers. I could easily live with a smaller one.

  • hawkcub

    Was not 6000 sqare feet jumbo tron and 1000 Sq. feet signage on the table when the cubs,mayor and Tunney came together on the initial deal? Now all of a sudden he wants to change things up. What a joke

  • North Side Irish

    Danny Ecker ‏@DannyEcker 50s
    APPROVED unanimously. Walls moving back. Next up is much more important July 11 meeting.

  • Austin

    I must’ve missed this at some point but why do they need approval for the dugouts? That’s not apart of outfield wall/ivy. Also what are they going to even do to them? (If anyone knows)