cubaMiguel Alfredo Gonzalez is currently the “next hot thing” from Cuba, and he is currently in the process of securing an unblocking license from the US government, which will allow him to sign with a Major League Baseball team. He has already been declared a free agent by MLB, so the government approval is all that awaits, and it is expected soon.

In the interim, Gonzalez is pitching in Mexico, and his latest start is happening right now. A huge number of scouts are in attendance, representing several teams, one of which is the Chicago Cubs, according to Jesse Sanchez.

We long ago learned of the Cubs’ interest in Gonzalez, but only recently has it started to sound like the 26-year-old righty is going to require an expensive investment. In fact, Danny Knobler hears that the rumor going around the scouting community is that Gonzalez may command as much as $60 million – a huge sum for an untested Cuban player (who, incidentally, is recovering from some kind of arm surgery). He’s reportedly looked good in his handful of showcases, and young, controllable talent like Gonzalez is getting harder and harder to come by. Teams understand that they’ll have to take some aggressive swings these days on relative unknowns. They won’t all be Cespedes or Puig or Darvish, but some might.

The Cubs are among several teams with serious interest, so it’s going to take a healthy offer to land Gonzalez. The Dodgers are one of the teams believed to be involved, and, given their resources, if they decide to go all out, I don’t think they can reasonably be outbid.

I fully expect that, whatever Gonzalez gets, it’s going to be a shocking amount. In that regard, I can’t decide if I hope the Cubs get him or not. I suppose I probably do.

  • Rich

    Amazing amount of money being thrown around.
    Does anyone know or can compare Puig and Soler ?

    Curious if Soler could play in the Afl and aa next year with a taste of the majors

  • Salesguy

    “The Dodgers are one of the teams believed to be involved, and, given their resources, if they decide to go all out, I don’t think they can reasonably be outbid.”

    If they decide to go all out? I think that ship has sailed, don’t you?

    • Brett


      • Luke

        And sit in the cellar of the NL West, two games back of even the hated Giants.

        Not that the two events are related, but it’ll be interesting to see if the GIVE THEM THE MONEY mentality lasts despite being just three games better than the Cubs.

  • nkniacc13

    Yes Soler can play this fall in the AFL

  • Eternal Pessimist

    If this was a poker game I would just fold on this hand. Too rich for my blood for an unproven, broken piece.

  • mister_rob

    I predict we will learn days after he signs elsewhere that the cubs had a very competitive offer

  • Josh Ed.

    Could be posturing. Baseball is zero sum in the sense that you can totally bid up prices on your rivals and make them overpay for lesser talent due to scarcity.

    Given Theo and Co.’s history against the Yanks and other big market players, I wouldn’t want to be in a bidding war with them…

  • MoneyBoy

    Brett … people lifted an eyebrow at Hanneman … a Cuban, 26, with “some kind of arm surgery.” A CUBAN??? $60 million? Didn’t the Cubs take Bryant because of the uncertainty of arms versus bats? (Shut up Die Hard – I know about Vitters and Jackson!)

    26? $60 MILLION??

    • Luke

      That he’s Cuban has absolutely nothing to with how much it might require to sign him.

      That comes down to his stuff, the market, and the demand. I doubt any team will be happy about forking over that amount.

      • MoneyBoy

        Understood Luke … it was more about the age and the ‘possible’ arm thing!!

        • MoneyBoy

          Edit – oopsie … AND the money thing !!!

          • Eternal Pessimist

            Plus, he’s “A CUBAN”, so he probably spends too much time rolling cigars, which will affect his pitch development.

            • X the Cubs Fan

              I think he meant it would be a bad idea to sign him due to limited information because he played in Cuba not just because he’s Cuban. But it is easy to take the wrong way I suppose.

              • Eternal Pessemist

                Taking the information the right way is not in my nature.

      • X the Cubs Fan

        And this is where we see the ” we might as well we gave that much to Edwin Jackson” comments.

    • Die hard

      The ghost of Yu Darvish reappears

      • Jimmy James

        Yu darvih died? Man I am glad the cubs avoided him…..tragic though

        • Die hard

          On the contrary — he and other foreign players keeping USA ball alive

          • Jimmy James

            Now I’m confused, so he’s not dead or he is and his ghost is keeping USA mlb alive

            • Die hard

              I agree– you are confused… Have to be Careful cause its a contagious ailment sure to spread to those you try to crack wise to;

          • Rich H

            yeah it has nothing to do with Votto, Kemp, Kershaw, Bruce or any of the kids that play in the Little League Series every year. It is about Darvish!

            • Die hard

              Who typically wins the Series?

              • Timothy Scarbrough

                The team with kids who managed to hit full on puberty by age 13.

  • Jp3

    Yeah I’m with a previous poster, too rich for my blood. FOLD

  • Steve124

    Not entirely related but a huge piece that could now be very obtainable is Corey Hart. It was reported he may be looking for a one year deal after being hurt all this year. I think he should be major focus for the cubs this offseason, especially if sori is traded. It makes us better and if we are out of it, he can easily be traded.

    • HackAttack

      The Brewers could give him a one year qualifying offer. So he could cost a draft pick.

      • Steve124

        I though there was some injury restriction for compensation picks?

        • HackAttack

          I don’t believe there is an injury restriction.

      • X the Cubs Fan

        He would accept that in a heartbeat.

    • Rebuilding

      Goodness…I hope not

  • 5412


    If they would go $60 million on a Cuban kid with a history of arm problems, then why the hell don’t they take that same money and get Garza and Samardzija extended? Put the money onto a known quantity for crying out loud!


    • Die hard

      It’s the fantasy of finding a diamond in the rough that drives such folly

    • Die hard

      A better question may be why do they have to so often go outside the US to find talent— may be that Baseball is dying here among youngsters — only activity I see on baseball diamonds that aren’t vacant with overgrowth are far middle age guys playing slow pitch– kids here today want nothing to do with the game– if other countries would wise up they could kill MLB overnight by forming intl league of players earning comparable salaries– with the talent drain caused by keeping their kids home MLB would have only homegrown talent to field the teams .. The drop in quality of play would be so significant that MLB would shrink to half the size of its size in 1950… Not to mention destruction of minor leagues… One wonders if the Negro Leagues said no to MLB and went on to overcome bigotry and remain independent and strong

    • nkniacc13

      Well that would be because Garza apparently wants to test the market and will likely demand more and Shark doesn’t want to talk ext until he s closer to FA

    • caryatid62

      In Samardizja’s case, he still has two years before he’s a free agent. There’s absolutely no reason to extend him now.

      In Garza’s case, he’s three years older, has a clear history of injury, and is interested in testing the market.

      Finally, while an unknown commodity, Gonzalez just happens to be one of the players who doesn’t fit under any spending caps, so there’s a supply-demand markup.

      It’s just the reality of the modern amateur market.

    • Pat

      60 million might get you two years of F7 and Garza combined. That still might be worth more than Gonzalez, but it would hardly lock both of them up for any significant amount of time.

  • mak

    No chance he gets $60M. Chapman didnt even get 30m, right?

    • nkniacc13

      Different market now with all the TV deals and the cap on draft and international spending

  • Cheryl

    We need to keep reminding ourselves that baseball is a game, a very expensive game, but a game. Just saw a mention on the news that the man who saved the life of a 4 year-old and was paralyzed just died.

  • ray morales

    Well right now I belive that the best option for any team that is looking for a real plus above average arm and a very powerful hitter is the Cuban free agent Dariel Alvarez Camejo , he was named as the number one Cuban prospect In 2011 , this young played for Camaguey’s team and in the # 50 Cuban’s national serie hit for 363 Ave , with a record in hit for the team all time of 125 , 404 OBP , 22 / 2B , 2 3B , 20 HR ,81 RBI’S ,SLU % OF 613 and 1017 OPS IN ONLY 90 GAMES , those are good numbers ,aren’t they ?
    Teams think about this guy , this is a real treasure !!!!!!!

    • Scotti

      Agents are now posting on BN? Which one of you guys is Scott Boras then???

  • robert w pfauth cedar spring / grand rapids michigan

    Now me my thaught is theo and compeny lit teams like the dodgers and who ever over pay big time then their hand cuffed : ) and the cubs then can be in a posetion to be in the runing for known name players that well help them none foren injured mlb players smarter moves : )[img]undefined[/img][img]pics[/img]

    • stevie b

      What he said……….

    • Huh


    • Theo Epstein


      • Internet Random


        Sorry, Theo.

    • CubsFaninMS

      Drunk Cubs posting. I’ve never done that one.

  • Pat P

    Bleacher report (which is a joke of a site in comparison) recently ran a “slide show” on where the top trade chips will end up. The read had little value as it basically made the bold prediction that most will stay put, but it did say Garza would end up in Baltimore. I took their guess and thought the discussion to this site for a more educated discussion. Given the Baltimore scenario, what would be a realistic return?

  • ChicagoMike702

    Can’t recall a big Cuban national team member being a bust, usually big time players.

    • King Jeff

      Dayan Viciedo has been a bust.

  • BleedingCubbieBlue

    It really would be nice to see Bryant playing in Boise right now waiting for a call up to Kane County. Sign and let’s get this show on the road. I want to see a lineup with Almora, Vogelbach, Candelerio, Shoulders, Golden, Amaya and Bryant this year.

  • sect209row15

    In response to die hard and lack of kids playing ball take a visit to Norrridge some weekend and see some of the local talent. Three diamonds of little and pony league. And this a is a tiny suburb of nine thousand. Watched a kid pitch with three scouts with radar and this kid was maybe 14.

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  • Zachary

    If he signs does he go a faints the salary cap. Cause the dodgers will be paying a nice luxury tax if they sign him and extend kershaw

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