If you’re an East Coaster – even a Central Coaster – and stayed up for the conclusion of this one, God bless you.

It took 10 innings for the Cubs to fully blow another great Travis Wood start, but they made it happen eventually. James Russell was the primary offender, which you can mostly excuse, because that never happens. At least Dioner Navarro homered for the second straight day, and also this …

june 28 box

Full box.

  • fromthemitten

    The “L” should have been credited to Sveum. Parker had no business going out there for the 10th

    • fromthemitten

      and yeah it was brutal. not over until 1:30 am eastern. exciting game if you were a mariners fan

    • JoeyCollins

      who would you have rather seen out there in extras? He doesn’t have a lot of options, and do you really want to burn though your pen on the first game of a road trip out west?

      • Die hard

        Exactly why you let Wood pitch thru

        • Timothy Scarbrough

          Oh damn, why didn’t Sveum think of letting his young starting pitcher pitch 10 innings?

          • Eternal Pessemist

            I agree. I Would rather lose by one and keep Woods arm intact and improve our draft position than win an unimportant game.

      • fromthemitten

        Kevin Gregg was ready to go. He’s our best reliever. I’m not one of those “omg only use closers for saves” people. Having the lead in extras is a luxury. Hector Rondon and Henry Rodriguiez didn’t pitch the day before. It was a atrocious idea to let him pitch 2+ innings after appearing the day before

    • willis

      Well, that and you never, ever load the bases on purpose. It gives such a disadvantage to the pitcher, no matter who he is. And Sveum does it all the time. Dumbest manager alive.

      You just never do that. Your pitcher gets into a mess, you let him figure it out. If he doesn’t, then he doesn’t. But don’t load them up on purpose.

      Especially with Camp on the bump. He has not the stuff for that situation. This one’s on Sveum.

      • JBlades

        You load the bases when there are runners on 2nd and 3rd with one out so you can have the option of a force play or inning ending double play. I have never in my life known of a manager that wouldn’t have loaded the bases when the game is over if a run scores.Do you pay attention to the games when you watch them, before you blast somebody be sure you know what you’re talking about.

        • willis

          Yeah I do. Much better than you do. And I’ve never seen that actually work, when done on purpose. Lou used to do it all the time as well. And every time it backfired. The pressure mounts way more on a pitcher when first base is not open, it takes away half his arsenal and leaves him to throw straight cheese down the middle. And what happens…it results in a hit and a game winning run.

          We disagree and that’s fine, don’t judge the way I watch games though.

          • Crockett

            Totally agree with Willis here. Now a hit isn’t the only thing that beats you. A walk does as well.

            It’s poor strategy.

  • Die hard

    This game shows why Sveum is overmatched–Wood should’ve been allowed to pitch thru difficulty… It’s not like they are fighting for first place

  • arta

    agree, never should have taken Wood out at that point. it was the robot in Dale.

  • letsplayalso

    special request… can you do the boxscores from that sux doubleheader debacle? just for poop n giggles?

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      It would be a mile long.

  • Chad

    I’m tired of the Sveum blame. He doesn’t have a good team! We all know this, right? How can it be his fault when every guy has gone out there and blown a lead at some point? What’s a Dale to do?

    • fromthemitten

      His mismanagement of the bullpen exacerbates the problem. Parker should not have pitched that inning.

    • arta

      some of his decisions!

      • willis

        He’s a bad manager. Done deal. Glad many realize this.

    • Paul

      He is a terrible manager, doesn’t know how to manage pitchers or the bullpen. he is to blame for a lot of the problems on this terrible team.

  • CubsFanSaxMan

    Russell has five blown saves. Brett, how can you say that never happens. Similar to Marmol, Russell does not appear to be a “saves guy”. The only “saves guy” the Cubs currently have seems to be “Goggles” Gregg. I realize that Gregg can’t pitch all of the time . . . . just sayin’.

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      The “blown saves” stat for non-closers is a misleading, and virtually useless stat. Ignore it and you’ll thank me.

      • Jason

        Thanks Brett…Hey, you were right!

      • CubsFanSaxMan

        Sorry, can’t always do that. “Blown” is still “Blown”. We had the lead and then we didn’t.

      • wvcubsfan

        You mean other than the fact that said pitcher gave up the lead it’s a useless stat.

        I know he has been really good to begin the year and was very valuable last year. However, his recent track record isn’t very good. I’m also not saying that he shouldn’t have been used in last night game either, but at some point we as fans need to quit blaming the manager for using the “wrong” pitcher when all of our relief pitchers have the tendency to give up runs in bunches and hence the lead. Which of course makes that meaningless stat appear way more often than we as fans would like.

      • AndyM

        He’s had a rough June. 6.10 era for the month. To be fair, however, his babip is high at .371. But teams are hitting him at a .326 rate when the previous two months it was at .169.

        My guess is that he’s not as good as April/May nor as bad as June.

  • Mike

    How much longer do the Cubs put up with Camp? He appears to have fallen off. His strikeouts are down and his walks are up.

  • Dustin S

    There are 2 things I would be fine with not having to see again; Soriano striking out on a slider low and outside, and Camp pitching in 2013.

  • mudge

    I’d have left Villanueva in to pitch the eighth.

    • DocPeterWimsey

      Now, that is a a “legitimate” criticism as opposed to the “Dale should not have pitched X” criticism. To paraphrase what others are writing, the Cubs bullpen is a dream for the other team. (Gregg might be actually pitching well: but it will take a bit more than 2 months for other batters to forget what a delight it was to face him over the past 4-5 years.)

      Along those lines, however, Villanueva has not exactly been lights-out this year, either. There is just as high a probability that he would have coughed up runs as there is that Russell would have done so.

      • willis

        To me, it’s not about bodies or who so to speak. It was the decision to load the bases on purpose that drove me nuts. He went with the hands he was dealt and that have proved effective out of the pen. The loading the bases…never good.

      • jt

        “To paraphrase what others are writing, the Cubs bullpen is a dream for the other team. (Gregg might be actually pitching well: but it will take a bit more than 2 months for other batters to forget what a delight it was to face him over the past 4-5 years.)

        Along those lines, however, Villanueva has not exactly been lights-out this year, either. There is just as high a probability that he would have coughed up runs as there is that Russell would have done so.”
        Doc is clearly encompasses the problem.
        He also hit the nail on the head.

  • Deacon

    Agree with Mudge. It was the 3rd straight game for Russell. I’d have left Villanueva in as the bridge to Gregg. I know we say hindsight is 20/20 but it didn’t feel right at the time.

  • @cubsfantroy

    Walking Jason Bay three times is the worst part about this game. I can handle the bullpen losing the game, it has been happening all year, I can’t wrap my head around walking a guy like Bay who has struggled to hit .200 the last 4 years.

  • Larry

    Is it time to let Camp go and see what some of our minor league relievers can do? Couldn’t be much worse.

  • Rcleven

    Come on Cubbies. Iwakuma 90 pitches thru eight innings
    Either be more selective or drive the ball.

    Wood did a great job but he got to start to be more economical with his pitches. He has to start getting deeper into games. 103 pitches to go 6.1 innings. With the three walks it took at least a inning and he could have gone deeper. Picky I know but the less of the pen we see the better.
    Baby steps.

    • jt

      Wood was this good in about 80% of his MLB starts last year.
      I was hoping he would be this good in a bit more of his starts and that he would have more starts in 2013.
      I’m happy, make that really really happy, with his production.
      If he remains a really good 180 IP/yr guy then that would be fine with me.

  • Mvandy524

    Cubs bullpen needs work. I’m tired of Sveum receiveing the backlash for this and equally as tired that wood isn’t getting the w’s for his efforts.

  • UCF

    Lost of blame for Russell on this board. I don’t know how many of you watched. Russell didn’t pitch bad. The Mariners had some great at-bats. The lead off double came on a decent pitch, and the Ibanez triple came on a decent pitch too. Not to mention that Bogesevic completly botched the Ibanez line drive allowing the tying run to score from second.

  • Idaho Razorback

    This game was terrible. I got up last nite at 9:00 to get ready for work and we had a 4-1 lead. The rest is history. We get all the Mariners games here in North Idaho and they are terrible. Last nite was their game of the year. Watching their post game show you’d swear they just won the World Series.

  • Patrick W.

    I was at the game, and when Parker came out for the tenth I was a little surprised but then I looked up and noticed he had only thrown 19 pitches in his 1.1 innings, looked very effective, and had only sat about 5 minutes between innings (enough time for Perez to strike out the heart of the Cubs order)

    • hansman1982

      What’s # of pitches? I mean, comeon, he pitched a full inning, that’s all that matters.

      • Patrick W.

        He had pitched 1.1 innings. I think it’s defensible to send him out considering he sat about as much time as it would take to clear a rogue squirrel off the field.

        • JBlades

          What the hell does an inning pitched have to do with stamina, it’s the pitch count that deals with that. What if a reliever throws 3 pitches in an inning he shouldn’t go for 2 innings. I could see if during the next 1/2 inning there was a rain delay. But pitch counts should matter in a managers decision. Look at Marmol, he would always have a high pich count per inning and his arm has suffered because of it. Just like the starters have a gauge of 100 pitches, give or take. I think relievers should have one also, even if they haven’t completed an inning I say take them out.

  • Die hard

    Brett– hate to agree with you but ESPN just showed stat that Sorianosy be best DH in history of game … I almost spit out my mouthful of Ale

    • waittilthisyear

      if it takes something espn says to verify something said here, u may have your priorities mixed up

      • Die hard

        Trust but verify…. Ronald Reagan

        • waittilthisyear

          fair enough. “Reagan smash.” -ronald reagan

          • chrisfchi

            “Reagan sleepy”-Ronald Reagan

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      Broken clocks, and all that.

  • Die hard

    Would Brewers take Hairston now that Hart out? And if lose Braun to suspension ?