Well, he wasn’t going to remain perfect forever. Kevin Gregg blew his first save tonight, but it’s not like it was an ugly one. A walk, a groundout the moves the runner up, and a single. That’s all it takes sometimes. Not that you should be too elated or too panicked about Gregg’s trade value anyway, but don’t lose your mind over this one. In isolation, it has zero impact on his value.

Fortunately the Cubs were able to come through in the 11th to salvage the game (which was ably started by Jeff Samardzija (and Aaron Harang, actually)).

Eh hem.

june 29 box

Full box.

  • Die hard

    If Theo can’t trade Sori to AL team after last couple of games then he needs to resign

    • Drew7

      Any GM that decides to trade *for* Soriano based on the last 2 games should be fired.

      • Alex

        Haha got em.

      • Die hard

        For whom the bell trolls,,, it trolls for thee

        • Drew7


        • DarthHater

          Right. Because pointing out that no remotely intelligent GM would or should base a trade decision on 2 games’ worth of data is clearly much more trollish than posting some empty-headed clap-trap about Theo needing to resign.

    • demz


      • Nick


  • Nick

    It was nice to see Soriano pull through, I’m liking this whole DH thing. Anyone know where you can buy the throwback jersey or hat? I love them.

    • Rcleven

      Saw a tweet earlier tonight’s game jerseys will be up for auction For Cub Charities.

      • cubmig

        Could be. At the game today, the announcement was made that the Mariners Old time shirts would be put up for auction with proceeds going to charity.

    • Nick

      Yes they will be up for auction on July 7th per Carrie Musket

      • Nick

        Thanks, hopefully they have the hats too. The jerseys are great but will be pricey

    • cub2014

      anyone know if zastryzny has been assigned?

      • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

        Believe he’s heading to/is in Mesa right now to throw on the side before being assigned (almost certainly to Boise). He won’t pitch much this year, after a full college season.

        • cub2014

          thanks brett for the update

  • waittilthisyear

    shark deserves better. happy to see parker perform well in that situation. soriano heating up at the right time, and castro hi the ball hard a few times. all right

  • Deacon

    Talk about the definition of flip value ambivalence — Sori hits a home run only made able by Gregg blowing a save!!

  • Alec

    I like What Parker is doing. Could be a future closer

    • demz

      He closed a lot in AAA

      • http://www.bleachernation.com Luke

        A whole lot. I believe has the Iowa franchise record for saves.

        • Alex

          I remember reading about that, he was closing games with Putnam at the time.

    • willis

      He’s got the stuff. I like him a lot. Needs some more seasoning but he’ll be a good bullpen arm.

      • Oswego chris

        Smardjiza was throwing 96-97 with movement on pitches 105 to 110…his split is getting better, he could be one of best pitchers in league next year…that’s why I would like to see us go into next year looking to contend…you have a guy like Smardjiza in a playoff series he could win it for you…

        Just need a bullpen and about 6 or 7 position players

        • João Lucas

          Not to mention four other starters.

          • DarthHater

            Yea, cuz that Wood guy has really sucked.

            • João Lucas

              I was half kidding. Just trying to catch up with Oswego Chris. I don’t think he really believes we need a whole new bullpen and 7 position players to be competitive either.

        • http://vdcinc.biz 70’scub

          If Shark wants to be traded to a winning team and refuses to sign a contract extension?? The Cubs should get five premium prospects for him!

  • Don

    Sori is improving his trade value. Great DH for an American League team.

  • TonyP

    What AL contenders are looking to upgrade at DH?

    • fromthemitten

      Stankees, Rays, Tigers (as an OF), Indians, Rangers, Orioles,

  • Cyranojoe

    What’s all this about Sori being a DH? He’s said time and again he wants to play in the field, he’s not willing to accept a trade to a team that’s going to DH him all the time. Is there a reason to think he’s changed his mind? Or is there a way for a team to promise, contractually, that he’ll get time in the field?

    • waittilthisyear

      reading into alfonso’s recent comments (and hopefully not reading in to much), he seems a bit exasperated with, not just the losing, but the way this year’s team is losing games. he is old, being surrounded by the mistakes these younger guys makes seems to have taken the wind out of his sails a bit. i would not be shocked if was willing to reconsider some of his past demands in terms of trade partners (open to more teams, open to DH’ing, and the like)

    • Rcleven

      The clock is ticking on Al’s career. He seem to be realizing this may be his last contract. He might be a little more open minded. He doesn’t need the money. He wants a ring.

      • Jay

        If he really wanted a ring that badly, he would have gone to SF last year instead of whining about the cold. What’s funny is, we’re talking about sending him someplace where he can DH when finally last year he did some work and turned himself into a reasonable good left fielder, much to everyone’s amazement.

        • Rcleven

          SF winning last year is a arm chair call it is hind sight. They were not a sure thing at the time. Comfort levels come into play. He has played 6 1/2 years in Chicago and he knows the expectations of management and fans here. Changing jobs is stressful to anybody. Some people will avoid that stress as much as possible. He may have even bought in to the Cubs Way. A season later a lot can change.

  • Josh



    I love the heads up Drag bunt by Nate. Perez has been lights out smart play. Do you honestly think Brett that the Cubs will strip it to the bare bone and trade all of those guys. Sori,gregg,russell,nate, navarro,sweeney,dejesus,garza feldman. Personally I think if Dejesus proves he is healthy they are going do it. They wanna secure a top three pick again all of those trades will do it. Like Theo said u wanna be in the race or completely outta of it.Who would be the top 3 projected draft picks next year?

    • http://Bleachernation Lou Brock

      Rodin LHP NC St., Beede RHP Vandy, Nola RHP LSU are top 3 collegians.

      • Adam

        Don’t forget about Trey Turner NC St SS.

        Would love for the Cubs to blow this team up and end up at #2. I think the Marlins at 1 would go cheap regardless of what a talent Rodon is.

      • http://www.bleachernation.com Luke

        For now. That will change before we get to next June.

    • CubsFanSaxMan

      Trade ALL of the Cubs. (I enjoyed the bunts as well.)

  • Alex S.

    Nice to see the bullpen (with the exception of Gregg) pull through today. Though Russell giving up 3 hits was scary.

  • http://Bleachernation Lou Brock

    Correction Rodon from NC St.


    Thanks Lou for the response. Should be an intresting next couple of weeks of trades.

  • King Jeff

    Soriano, best DH ever. Seriously.

    • EvenBetterNewsV2.0

      Ha, I was partial to Edgar Martinez, but Soriano will do.

  • Matty Ice

    So I was just perusing the minor league box scores for the night and saw Dillon Maples pitched in relief for KC tonight. He had an interesting line, going 3 innings giving up 2 runs on no hits and 4 walks. I was wondering if that was an outlier on the walks, but it turns out he has walked 30 in 29.2 this year. Yikes

    • Rcleven

      I saw him at KC on one of his better nights. He has three pitches. A fastball, curve and straight change. Fastball was at 93/94 a curve and change about 74. Had great command on all three pitches that night but his control on his fastball was suspect at best.

  • arta

    the younger guys r tired of his (Sori’s) play!

    • Carew

      What on earth do you mean

      • DarthHater

        “younger guys” = 10-year-old blog trolls

  • Turn Two

    History shows all those guys will be available but we will only trade two or three. Generally you hold onto big trade chips for the right time and most fall through and while your working on those you lose the chance to trade the little pieces. Two years in a row now its happened.

    • Rich H

      Really? We traded 2 pitchers, a catcher, an outfielder, and a utility infielder last year. Yes if Garza would have stayed healthy it would have been more but we still traded away 5 players not 2 or 3. This year it is going to be worse the question will be what 5 will be left the way the rumors have started this early.

    • DarthHater

      Yes, history shows that every rumor dreamed up by millions of fans cannot possibly happen and that some fools will nonetheless whine about it.

  • toot

    Sorryass lowered the draft pick. Can’t leave us alone.

  • Tim

    Kevin LIGHT OU……oh

  • arta

    “younger guys” = 10-year-old blog trolls….u should know!

  • Die hard

    Fill in the blank…. 3 way trade— Valbuena to Yankees … Chamberlain to Baltimore…. Baltimore sends ——– to Cubs?

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      Valbuena’s value far exceeds Chamberlain’s, so it’s unfillable.

      • Die hard

        Chamberlains experience could be more valuable short term in helping reach playoffs… And Valbuena appears to be having an above avg season that may not be repeated over long term…

    • Hansman1982

      A guy to your house to take your Internet service

      • Die hard

        We have good service at the nursing home… Every evening we watch All in the Family and Sopranos reruns while we reach concensus as to what to post on BN the next day

  • Cubes

    some sori #s as a DH
    .377 AVG 8 HR .779 SLG 1.187 OPS sample size only 77 AB… don’t think this includes tonight.

  • ClevelandCubsFan

    Anyone else think those retro uniforms the Cubs wore were kinda bad ass? I wouldn’t mind the Cubs moving to a new uni with a retro feel. The road uniforms have generally been a bit ho hum my entire life. The home uniforms are great, but maybe it’s time for a change. We’ve not ALWAYS had pinstripes. But we’ve never won it all in pinstripes… No one talks about the curse of the pinstripes, though. Anyhow. Back to baseball. I’ll leave the fashion to the front office. Just sayin’…. it was a classy look yesterday. And classy always goes good with a win.

    • X the Cubs fan

      Yeah i’ve been trying to find one all day.

    • Alex S.

      I’m not sure if I’m remembering right, but there is a part of me that recalls hearing that the Cubs have a really good record when wearing throwback uniforms, so…yeah, change might be great.

      • Alex S.

        Sorry, double comment here, but I just found it. I remember they were undefeated in retro uniforms before losing to the Giants last year. With this past game, the Cubs are now 6-1.

        • DarthHater

          And along with retro uniforms, Cubs need to bring back the 1908 mascot:


          • ClevelandCubsFan

            Little known fact: The bear was a rare pygmy grizzly. After the 1908 championship, it contracted Lyme disease. A Greek veterinarian who attempted to cure the bear reportedly cursed the Cubs front office for being so negligent of the lovable ursine with the words, “As the tick burrows deep into the umber fur, so the searing pain of defeat shall burrow deep into the Chicago Cubs. The bear passed away soon thereafter. Repeated attempts to replace the mascot failed. It is believed that over-hunting and global warming led to the eventual extinction of this beautiful creature, ursus arctus cubbinus.

            • DarthHater

              Who knew?

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