Lukewarm Stove: Samardzija, Gonzalez, International Pool Money, Gregg, Marmol, Nolasco, More

stoveA Saturday Lukewarm Stove in June. I never thought I’d see the day. The latest in non-Matt Garza rumors (since he’s got his own Watch going on, he’ll get a separate post) …

  • You can rest easy about those Jeff Samardzija Diamondbacks rumors. Buster Olney reports that there actually were conversations between the teams, but the Cubs asked for tip top pitching prospects Archie Bradley and Tyler Skaggs (as they absolutely should have), and the talks ended quickly (as they probably should have). As I said when the rumor first popped up, because of Samardzija’s unique situation and the Cubs’ theoretical march toward competitiveness in 2014/15, trading Samardzija would only make sense if it was a franchise-shifting deal. And that’s rarely going to make sense for the other team.
  • As I mentioned last night, many organizations were in attendance to check out the latest outing from Cuban free agent Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez. Danny Knobler reports that the Cubs, specifically, were “heavily represented.” Knobler continues to hear that the price tag could move upwards of $60 million over five years, though some are guessing it could be $40 over four years. Either way, it’s a serious risk and serious investment. The Cubs are going to want to be very confident before making a move, and sending a cadre of scouts to last night’s start was just one piece of that puzzle. The Dodgers are still the favorite here, because, you know, SIGN ALL THE PLAYERS.
  • Theo Epstein wouldn’t quite say whether the Cubs are looking for international pool money when making trades in July. “Maybe,” Epstein said about the possibility of acquiring more space via trade when asked by Sahadev Sharma. “It’s not a huge priority, but we have a strategy with respect to [international free agency], we’ll execute it. It doesn’t necessarily require us adding pool space.” Sounds like the right answer, whatever the approach is actually going to be. Given that pool space is so hard to value, I wouldn’t want the Cubs going out there and intimating that it’s worth more than a low level role player, or as a large deal throw-in.
  • Speaking of which, Ben Badler indicates, in response to a tweet about the Red Sox and Matt Garza (about which, more later), that a trade of international pool space could be implicated. That’s, of course, fine, but if the Cubs are dealing Garza, let’s hope pool space is a mere cherry on the top rather than the bulk of the return.
  • Troy Renck says the Rockies are among the teams interested in Cubs closer Kevin Gregg. The Rockies are still in the “scouting” phase, though, as they gather information before reading to make a move.
  • In a tweet that shocked a lot of folks yesterday, Nick Cafardo reported that three teams have interest in Carlos Marmol. Before you get too excited, that doesn’t necessarily mean that three teams want to trade for Carlos Marmol (let alone trade anything of value). It’s at least as likely that three teams are going to wait for Marmol to clear waivers and become a free agent, and then vie to sign Marmol to a minor league deal. The process will sort out over the next few days, but if the Cubs manage to get anything – I mean anything, including a tiny bit of salary relief – I will be very surprised and impressed. Marmol needs to re-establish himself before he can have real value, and it’s too late for that to happen with the Cubs. Hopefully he latches on somewhere with a little patience, and he can get back on track in a lower leverage role.
  • The Ricky Nolasco waiting game continues, with the Marlins reportedly sitting on a bunch offers, waiting for a team to “step up,” according to Juan C. Rodriguez. I still expect him to be the first (bigger) trade market domino.
  • Speaking of other pitchers on the market, Yovani Gallardo has a limited no-trade clause that allows him to block deals this year to the Orioles, Red Sox, Indians, Tigers, Astros, Angels, Yankees, Phillies, Pirates and Blue Jays. That’s a great list from the Cubs’ perspective, as there are many teams that are looking for starting pitching, and may find the Cubs’ options slightly easier to acquire.
  • Alex Liddi as the next waiver wire pickup? The 24-year-old utility man was just scuttled by the Mariners, and hasn’t done much in the bigs, but the minor league track record is interesting. The rub is that he doesn’t play anywhere in the middle, and the Cubs might not be looking for another corner infield/corner outfield type.
  • The Giants are not only looking for starting pitching, but also a right-handed outfield bat, per Buster Olney. Too bad Alfonso Soriano already blocked a deal to San Francisco last year.

Brett Taylor is the editor and lead writer at Bleacher Nation, and can also be found as Bleacher Nation on Twitter and on Facebook.

167 responses to “Lukewarm Stove: Samardzija, Gonzalez, International Pool Money, Gregg, Marmol, Nolasco, More”

  1. Zachary

    Doesn’t Gonzalez go against the salary cap if he signs. Cause if the dodgers spend the money on him and extend Kershaw they will be paying the a huge luxury tax

    1. Tim

      No because he is 26 years old. I think the age cutoff is 23 where younger than that he would count towards the cap

    2. Timothy Scarbrough

      It’s pretty safe to safe the Dodgers will be paying a huge luxury tax regardless of what happens.

  2. Colocubfan

    I figure the Cubs will be all over that Cuban pitcher, especially since he’s had prior arm surgery!

    1. Deacon

      Cubs’ Strategy: Sign/Trade For all the Tommy John pitchers!

      1. billy

        would that still be a bad philosophy if say…they trade for the tommy johns dylan Bundy?…or can a team not trade an injured player?

  3. The Dude Abides

    Brett where is Gerardo Concepción these days is he hurt?

    1. fromthemitten

      they’re putting the kid gloves on him and plan on him pitching in the fall/winter leagues

    2. HackAttack

      He has some kind of issue with his back. Not expected to pitch this season.

  4. Zachary

    That would be the draft pool cap I’m talking about salty cap for the team. Cause he would be signing a major league deal

    1. Tim

      The draft and international free agents are completely unrelated. He is signed and added to a roster just like every other free agent. Once he is declared a free agent and approved work visas by the U.S. government

    2. Tobias

      Too bad that teams could not trade for draft pool money.

  5. Adam

    Would love to know what the Diamondbacks thought they could propose for Samardzija and get him for…I mean seriously, the dude is about to enter his prime and is under team control.

    1. Jeff

      Well, they might have looked at our Front Office and saw the Marmol disaster, the Ian Stewart debacle, the Edwin Jackson signing, the Scott Baker signing, and all the other bad decision making and might for a second thought that Theo/Jed would be dumb enough to let Samardzija go cheaply. Certainly plausible…

      1. Carew

        Doubt it. All GMs try to buy low

        1. Carew

          and sell low I guess in certain cases

      2. Jed Jam Band

        I feel it necessary to remind you that this FO DID NOT sign the Marmol contract, Edwin Jackson has actually been better than his numbers indicate, and that we ALWAYS knew Scott Baker was going to have to rehab first. Ian Stewart was bad, but really, that was a worthwhile gamble. Honestly, you’re skewing the picture here to make Theo/Jed look bad. Forget about the trade for Travis Wood? That rocked. Getting Kyle Hendricks and Christian Villanueva for Dempster? That looks mighty good right now. Hell, they got a legitimate prospect for Jeff freaking Baker. Not to mention signing DeJesus, signing Schierholtz, picking up Gregg, picking up Valbuena, and picking up Ryan Sweeney. Drafting Albert Almora and Kris Bryant was also pretty cool, as was the signing of Jorge Soler. Oh, and there was that whole getting two actual prospects for Tony Campana thing.

        1. tim815

          and got two living organisms for Tony Campana.

        2. Blublud

          Damn, you know, I never put together a whole picture of what the FO has done since taking ovet. Theo and comp has been very good.

        3. Rcleven

          ” Edwin Jackson has actually been better than his numbers indicate”

          Numbers are a funny thing. They are a tool to be used not the the end all be all.
          It’s the end result that matters and Jackson has not been good. Will he revert to the mean, who knows? Expectations were too high for the contract received from Cub Fandom. Watching him pitch for the CWS for the few months he was with them he has reverted to the mean.
          Let’s hope he will be better in the future.

          1. Crockett

            I think I take the numbers to mean that we just shouldn’t be freaking out about Jackson yet. He’s had some bad luck, made some poor pitches at exactly the wrong time, etc. But the overall picture says we just need to be a little more patient. I have no issues with that, considering where this team is headed the rest of the year.

        4. Reality Check

          travis wood has had 14 good starts; that does not make a trade so hold off on cubs winning that trade. marshall could help the reds win a W.S.
          cashner is looking pretty good right now………better than Rizzo.
          and they do not get credit for taking Bryant; they tanked the season to do so and they could of taken gray……….you know a player who is signed.
          and I’ve not seen Hendricks or villeneuva play for the Cubs so unless they do; then really no value to that trade yet.
          lets not forget Vizcaino who is out his 2nd year.
          hairston who is below .200
          and concepcion who was signed for 6M and has basically been hurt since day one; kinda like Fujikawa for 10M.
          this team is not better since theo took over; it’s worse. drafting almora and Bryant were easy; high picks.
          take your cubby blue blinders off.

          1. Crockett

            So much yuck in this post.

            Marshall’s arm has fallen off twice this year. Wood’s value exceeds Marshall’s this year to the tune of 2.6 WAR to 0.1 WAR. So you can say that WAR isn’t the end all, be all, but Wood has 26x the value of Sean Marshall in 2013 so far. Yikes. Innings pitched do matter…who would’ve thought.

            I love how you state that Cashner has more value than Rizzo when Cashner has only made 17 starts TOTAL for the Padres since the deal. Rizzo is still posting a 1.7 WAR and has the 8th highest hard-hit-ball percentage in baseball yet the 118th BaBip. Obviously something has to change there (see Crasnick’s recent article about unlucky players). To say this was a bad trade is foolish.

            Cubs dealt away a rental for 1 top-10 prospect and a pitcher with some upside in Hendricks. That pitcher is showing that upside this year. How is that a poor deal?

            Vizcaino has been a sore spot obviously, but what exactly did the Cubs deal away that they didn’t immediately replace in FA with Feldman/Sweeney.

            You cannot fault any FO for injuries, especially when they were to 1) A young player 2) A veteran with no injury history at all.

          2. King Jeff

            Actual reality check: Wood pitched for the Cubs last year too and had 12 or so quality starts, add that to the 14 this year, and I think the Cubs are well on their way to winning a trade for 1 year of control of Sean Marshall.

          3. DarthHater

            “they could of taken gray……….you know a player who is signed.”

            Congratulations. Your shitty grammar is only the second stupidest thing about this statement.

            1. Jeff

              For someone critiquing someone else’s grammar, stupidest is not a word.

              Congratulations, your just as much of a dumbass!!!

              1. Big Joe


                Just sayin…

                1. YourResidentJag

                  Oh, it’s a pissing contest. Now there’s something you don’t see very often on here. :)

              2. DarthHater

                Stupider and stupidest are in many dictionaries, but not in others.

                In contrast, “could of taken” is just wrong – as is “your” for “you are.”

                Congratulations on displaying your (correct usage) ignorance.

                1. Die hard

                  I looked in a Thesaurus and DarthHater was listed under each as alternatives

                  1. Internet Random

                    Is that really the best you could come up with?

                    1. DarthHater

                      Don’t criticize Diehard. It’s the first time in years he has actually tried to look something up. We should encourage him. Good work, there, buddy.

              3. Internet Random

                “For someone critiquing someone else’s grammar, stupidest is not a word.”

                Yes, it is.

            2. CubsBuck22

              Since when does a blog need to have perfect grammar? Any time someone doesn’t agree with an opinion they have to rip their spelling or be obnoxious. Find a better way to disagree.

          4. nkniacc13

            Read the new CBA understand the spending restrictions and the fact that most teams are signing their stars to long term deals and then you may understand why most every deal they have made has been even or they have won it.

          5. caryatid62

            So Wood’s “14 starts” (which are actually 26 starts) “aren’t enough to make a trade,” yet Cashner’s 17 are?


          6. Jim L

            Pining for the days of The Tribune Co./McPhail/Lynch/Hendry?

        5. Big Joe

          Two thoughts:
          First, ” Edwin Jackson has been better than his numbers indicate”.The fact is, he hasn’t been very good…even if you pick and choose the stats of your liking. Even if you grab ahold of the mightiest of sabermetrics…he’s been less than impressive, if not, bad.
          Secondly, a Samardzija trade, or lack thereof, is off limits, due to his age/team control/value, and not the fact that he’s a CY winner in the making. Don’t overvalue his talent. He’s good. Not great. Never will be.

      3. scorecardpaul


  6. mudge

    Maybe the Giants would take Hairston.

  7. Lou Brock

    Anybody else see that Logan Watkins played SS last night for Iowa and went 4/5 ?Think it may be a precursor to his promotion?
    Cubs should be talking to Nats on Garza and asking for RHP Giolito, RHP Jordan, and LHP Krol a relief pitcher from Hinsdale who is on the current big league roster. We can throw in Russell for this to work.

    1. Jed Jam Band

      Not really. I think they want him to get reps there so that he is more valuable when he does come up to the majors, but right now he’d be sitting on the bench more than playing and I think they’d rather see him get regular at-bats.

    2. nkniacc13

      No way should cubs have to add to add Russell to that deal

  8. Timmy

    Trade them all. All this talk about how we’re winners with bad luck is fantasy baseball. There’s not one mature leader or stable hitter on the club.

    The lack of protection in the middle has led to agressive pitching to young bats and consequent poor development by our future stars. This is GM 101: anchor the middle or the rest of the team suffers.

    It’ll be years and years until we’re better since we’re refusing to sign free agents that might help the team.

    1. Jeff

      Well said!! Unfortunately, I don’t think the current owners really give a damn if the team is competitive or not.

      I hope people stop going to the games in record numbers and start hurting their pocket book.

      1. Timmy

        Yes, I agree that it’s current ownership that’s sabotaging the team. I also think that Theo has in a strange way been short sighted in his long sighted project. He’s making major mistakes at every turn in youth development.

        1. waittilthisyear

          seems to be an influx of negativity lately. although some of the moves of the front office didn’t hit, the strategy behind them has been sound. we knew from the start this was going to take at least a couple years, be patient fellas. if none of these young guys pan out, then we can go gran our torches

        2. Kevin

          It’s really Sam Zell’s creative tax evasion scheme which called for the Rickeets to carry high debt. Here’s for a flat tax.

          1. Timmy

            Is it George Bush’s fault that Obama conducts drone attacks on civilians without court approval?

            Bad analogy, I know, but at some point they have to take responsibility for dismantling the team and unwillingness to invest in their own investment. They bought a public trust and are treating it as their personal cash cow.

    2. DocPeterWimsey

      “There’s not one mature leader or stable hitter on the club.”

      Speaking of fantasies, there aren’t any orcs or hobbits, either. There are no correlations between how much better/worse a team does than their base numbers predict and anything. A team that over-performs one year has a 50:50 shot of underperforming the next year: and vice-versa.

      Much like goblins and phlogiston, people see “leadership” and “consistency” when they believe it is there and they do not see them whey they believe that they are absent.

      1. Luke

        Was Campana small enough to qualify as a hobbit?

        1. Die hard

          Are u picking on someone your own size?

          1. Carew

            Dude, come on

      2. Timmy

        A strong experienced middle lineup hitter improves the hitters around them. That’s the oldest wisdom in baseball. You can’t abstract and then quantify thought processes, you can only account for results with those measures.

        Any person on the street knows that if you have a hitter that a pitcher wants to avoid they’re more likely to pitch to the rookie or 2nd/3rd year player, unless they’re Trout or a young Pujols or something. This gives younger hitters better pitches to practice with, and improves the team all around.

        What you describe sounds a lot to me like gambling with a dose of cynicism. That a strong player may not improve a team isn’t reason not to sign someone who could contribute.

        1. YourResidentJag

          Like Cespedes ;)

    3. Matt23

      Just out of curiosity, who would you have signed this past offseason? Josh Hamilton was probably the best bat available, and look how that worked out for Anaheim (about as well as Pujols the year previous).

      What specific moves do you feel the front office/ownership should have made the last two years that would make them contenders this season? Genuinely interested to know.

      There is a certain percentage of fans who are going to complain no matter what they try. People are still complaining about the soriano contract, but now other people are complaining that we’re no longer giving out Soriano-like contracts. Go figure.

      1. Timmy

        Clear evidence of administrative logic that’s antithetical to baseball. Some contracts go bad but I’d rather see the money in the hands of a hard working player than a conglomeration who’d rather see the team lose than spend revenues dedicated to team improvement. Fantasy baseball mentality has gotten so out of control…

        Stop routing against your own team!

  9. Deacon

    Brett, do you think Martin Perez is untouchable now in a Garza trade with the Rangers given how successful Perez has been so far?

  10. Lou Brock

    On trading Feldman we should deal him to the Giants with Soriano and cash for RHP Agosto, LHP Escobar, and C Susac.

    1. Tim

      If the giants would agree to that, and Soriano decides to accept that trade (he refused a trade to San Francisco last year,) then absolutely.

  11. Dustin S

    The whole trade posturing thing is odd sometimes. I’m sure Arizona is a highly professional front office, so why would they even contact the Cubs about Samardzija and not go in knowing the price would be at least that high? That type of situation seems to pop up a lot. At times it feels like a guy walking into a new Cadillac car dealer with $5,000 and saying let’s make a deal. I’m sure it’s just posturing for later negotiations, but overall just seems to be a waste of both sides time. I can’t imagine they’ll get lucky and just happen to catch Theo at a time when he’s going to give up Samardzija for that far below value. He wouldn’t have a job in the big leagues for long if he did.

    1. Bric

      It might seem ridiculous but it never hurts to ask. Sometimes there are hidden issues that nobody knows about (like Thedstein thinks they can’t resign Shark next year). You never know, it doesn’t hurt to ask. I’m probably the only one here that thinks this but I’ve said before and say again, I wouldn’t be surprised if Shark gets traded. Three players for one is really hard to pass up when you have so many holes to fill.

  12. Die hard

    Maybe Yanks would take Valbuena?

    1. Crockett

      Ugh. That’s just what I’m going to reply to all of your comments from now on. Troll elsewhere.

    2. Die hard

      Eh? They are going after Stewart as need 3B… Valbuena better at this point… Hide your weakness so we will think better of you

    3. chrisfchi

      yeah and we will take A-Rod. horrible idea

  13. Lou Brock

    Rangers deal only works for Garza & Soriano if we get Perez, RHP Edwards, RHP Font, & LHP Claudio.

    1. Crockett

      I’d be stunned if the OF Texas wants is Soriano, but I don’t see them dealing Perez at all. And if they don’t, I struggle to see where the value comes from out of their system.

      1. Lou Brock

        Nelson Cruz soon to be suspended will create a power outage for Texas. Soriano provides that from the right side. Have you checked the numbers on Claudio or Edwards ? Those guys have been dominating at the levels they have gone thru.

        1. Crockett

          I think it’s far from certain that Cruz will be suspended, and while those two guys are nice prospects, I struggle to believe the Cubs couldn’t get more elsewhere.

        2. Big Joe

          “Soriano provides that (power) from the right side”.

          Umm, yeah. In Bizzaro world. Where have you seen that from Alf this year? Tell him to come back. The team needs him.

      2. SenorGato

        I could see them moving Perez. Hes got a hot hand and is definitely a real talent barring injury, but they want to win and hes still extremely young.

        His stuff is good enough to get ML hitters out now but he needs more polish to be where he can be.

  14. Melrosepad

    I think Liddi might be a nice pick up to see if he could possibly replace Ransom if he gets added to a pitcher to sweeten a deal.

  15. Zorag

    Maybe the DBs want someone to bite on Nolasco. If they show interest in Samardzja, who knows who else they’d want. Or maybe they have an interest in Nolasco.

    I love following the trade rumors and then seeing what deals actually get done.

  16. King Jeff

    I’ve seen a few tweets that say Baltimore is close to trading for a starting pitcher. I think the rumor started from a basketball writer who says he has a reliable source. Probably just someone trying to get site hits, but I’ve seen it a few places now, so there could be something there.

    1. nkniacc13

      I think they maybe ready the ? is do they have enough to get something done at this time. Balts got a couple of roster ? coming here by the all start break with players coming off DL so it will be interesting

    2. Rcleven

      Jon Heyman ‏@JonHeymanCBS 3h

      #orioles are interested in garza now after being lukewarm earlier, but so far they believe price is 2 high. #cubs

      Something to think about.

      1. nkniacc13

        well with the O’s farm system cubs would want Bundy (inj) or Gausmen so I can see why the o’s think its to high

        1. Carew

          I wonder if Britton could be an add-in. Young lefty that the O’s have no room for.

  17. Kevin

    I went to Safeco Field last night for the 1st time. The Jumbotron is 11,425 sq ft and doesn’t look too big at all, it fits the stadium quite well. The Cubs want 6,000 sq ft and are having trouble getting it approved.

  18. SenorGato

    I notice that Blake Swihart is turning into a nice catching prospect.

    The Yankees have one I like in JR Murphy as well.

    The Cubs’ system could use a solid catching prospect. I am not a Castillo fan, and the org depth in general sucks.

    1. nkniacc13

      I agree they could use a solid catching prospect thou kane has a couple interesting ones but the Cubs cant make that the top player in a Garza deal because they have more of a need for impact arms

      1. SenorGato

        Hedges can headline a Garza deal for sure.

        1. Crockett

          I drool at the thought.

          1. SenorGato

            Yeah, Hedges is way high up on the list of prospects I would want.

            I really like that Swihart is a switch hitter…Another guy I want the Red Sox to give to the Cubs is Andrew Miller, who the Cubs immediately start transitioning back into the rotation.

        2. nkniacc13

          Yeah he maybe the only one

      2. Rcleven

        Yanks have no interest in acquiring pitching. Wound need something else. Still need big bat but Al, I doubt would be enough to get it done.

  19. Lou Brock

    How about Garza & Feldman to the RedSox for LHP Owens, RHP Ranaudo, INF Cecchini, & C Swihart ?

    1. David

      Massive overpay for the Red Sox, and I doubt they want to trade for TWO rental pitchers. All four of those prospects could be top 100s, with Cecchini and Owens probably in a lot of top 50s. You aren’t getting that for anything outside of Shark, Rizzo, or Castro.

  20. Ryan

    So, just to join the armchair GM fun (why not?) here’s what I’d like to see (today anyway =):

    – Shift Gregg and Russell (+ mid-tier prospect if necessary) to Detroit for Castellanos. Detroit’s in terrible need of bullpen arms and Castellanos could start at the MLB level, freeing up DeJesus and Schierholtz for possible trades (though I do like the idea of keeping Schierholtz)

    – Trade Garza (and Navarro?) for an almost-MLB ready starter (Perez or similar) + prospect(s). Cubs aren’t going to re-sign Garza but getting someone they could shift into the rotation ASAP would be good

    – Trade Feldman for mid-tier pitching prospects (or Feldman + DeJesus/Schierholtz for better prospects).

    Then sign Bryant and I’d feel really, really good about the Cubs starting lineup in 2015 onwards. Then draft Rodon (because face it, you’re gonna suck the rest of this year anyway) and tie up Shark and Wood – and fill in the rotation/pen positions as they emerge.

    Just my two cents, but it’s fun to think about. Cheers Brett for all the good work – really enjoy the site.

    1. SenorGato

      If Russell + Gregg could get Castellanos then this FO would have made that deal the second it becomes available.

      1. Ryan

        Yeah true enough. Although given Detroit’s terrible need for ‘pen help I wonder what could be packaged with Gregg/Russell that could pry Castellanos. Would love to see that guy on the Cubs roster come late July..

        1. David

          There really isn’t anyone. Sure they are desperate for bullpen help, but Castellanos is the type of prospect you trade for an all start SP or bat that has 2+ years of team control left. Think if we were competing and needed bullpen help, would you really trade Soler for a rental closer and two years of a lefty reliever? No, you’re looking to include him for the Yovanni Gallardo-type SP.

  21. EvenBetterNewsV2.0

    Why not go big or go home? Shark and Garza for Bradley/Skaggs/and 2 high upside lottery tickets. Or Shark and Baez for Bradley/Skaggs/and a lottery ticket? We need pitching, and they really need position players in their system. I personally think the Shark and Baez deal could atleast get them to consider. Unless, they go Shark for Skaggs/Delgado/ and 2 low level lottery tickets. I wouldn’t like that, but the FO seems enamored for Delgado. Last year we tried for him. He could be a solid 2nd piece. I would atleast want 2 high end upside pitchers in return for Shark that are advanced. Shark will be a Cub, imo, for a couple more years. The FO did what they should do.

    1. nkniacc13

      why when Shark should be able to get you 2 top pitching prospects like Skaggs and Bradley by himself

      1. Big Joe

        Is that why Arizona hung up the phone when the Cubs asked for those exact to players?
        No. No he’s not worth those to guys, or any other two comparable players.
        He’s good. Not great. Never will be.

        1. EvenBetterNewsV2.0

          I do think both handled the call or situation the right way though. Our FO would be dumb not to ask for what they did because Shark is far more important to us than them. That said, if their FO wanted to consider something close to that, I think we have the players to make it happen. I would love it if we got atleast 2 players close or at the major league level with that upside. Until we can come close to that, there isn’t a trade I want to see us in with Shark.

          1. Big Joe

            I can agree with that.

    2. Kevin B

      You think Shark/Baez would get the Diamondbacks to at least consider that deal? Like they would be doing us a favor? Then what would you do? Offer them more? Terrible trade for the Cubs.

      Why do you say the Cubs are enamored with Delgado? Just because they tried to trade Dempster (a rental) last year for him? Delgado has done nothing since then but get traded and demoted to the minors. One reason AZ is looking for pitching is Delgado has been useless.

      1. EvenBetterNewsV2.0

        1. Yep.
        2. Yep.
        3. Nope.
        4. Because where we are as organizations is different and what is useful to one team may not be to another.
        5. Who cares. They are a contender. We are not. Again, not hard to see why he would be more useful to us than them.
        6. Good, then lets get him at a low price. Maybe he could be the 3rd player in a deal?

        In any trade you are going to give up something to get something. Hopefully both sides would be happy. Sorry, you can’t see a hypothetical that I said probably wouldn’t happen for what it was.

  22. #1lahairfan

    Since we might trade a few of our outfielders at the deadline I think Grady Sizemore should be an option on a split minor league deal for 2 years.

    He was one of my favorite players before the injury. I think we should take a chance on him.

  23. Jason Powers

    All this conversation is about markets. Cubs have valuable pieces, to someone.

    Seems we have a high price to be fulfilled. Which is fine at this point. But if we are serious about trading 2 SPs, I assume we do one deal in the NL and the other in AL. Unless 2 GMs in the Al East/NL West are going to battle for the pieces they like for our benefit. Which would be ideal, but I can’t see it. (But baseball never ceases to surprise.)

    The FO being in the midst of a Stalin 5-year plan, has July 2013 as their moment to turn this team into a long-term contender. No excuses. You have 2-3 legit SPs that are trade bait for the right price. A slew of corner OFs to sort out. A cheap closer…shouldn’t be hard to get 4-8 top prospects back. So if this next month, they don’t get it done, they likely won’t ever.

    This is ‘their opportunity’ to prove they can turn this team around. At very least, the Cubs should rate as the best minors system (prospect wise) going into 2014 – with some crops making headlines/intros late in 2014. 2015: The potentials should be converted to kinetics.

    At the end of this season, it will be 2 years since Theo’s hiring. 2 more years to get a team to contend/put on display a squad that will by 2016. Else, you probably are not the leadership method needed.

    Presidents of the United States get actually less time, thanks to elections. (So, there is a comparison of graver importance – as the Prez CEOs the American Democratic System (Attention Deficit Syndrome).)

    Get Busy Theo/Jed Child!

    1. nkniacc13

      I wont say the Cubs have to have top farm system but they should be around the top 5.

      1. Jason Powers

        Scouting Book places the Cubs at #7.

        Seattle has Franklin, Miller, Carter Capps up. So, there not prospects anymore. (IMHO)
        St. Louis Miller up, Rosenthal up
        Texas Profar up
        Tampa Wil Myers up

        If we do indeed hall in 3 top prospects (25 through 200) and 3-4 middle road (200-500), I feel we should move up in overall talent to #2, or #1.

        Whatever Scouting book’s rating paradigm or Baseball America uses to calculate to through the minutia, the Cubs should be in the conversation for #1 hereafter.

        1. Crockett

          Not to mention Cubs add Kris Bryant…none of those teams add top 2 draft pick.

          1. nkniacc13

            Oh I agree they have added some pieces but until they get upper level pitching prospects its just seems tough for a team to be ranked in the top 3.

            1. Jason Powers

              Which is why we should be hoping we pull in at least 3-4 top SP prospects (at least 1 LHP) , switch hitting or lefty Catcher, maybe even a SS too (just in case). To go with Bryant (who I am awaiting his contract), Baez, Almora, et. al. This team has to rock this July’s trades. Make impact that will reverberate into 2016,17,18…

              1. nkniacc13

                I agree but outside of Garza I doubt we can get a top AA or better pitching prospect unless Shark gets moved which I don’t see happening. I think they go pitching hard but I just think they will have to take upside young starters High A or lower in most other deals

                1. Jason Powers

                  Here’s hoping tight races in NLWest/AL East/AL West puts pressure on FOs to trade for more than usual. They have fan bases too…

                  Arizona lost to ATL as their pitching exploded all day.

                  Maybe JJ Putz has a set back (he came back today)…Gregg & Shark…met AZ.

                  AZ, pony up Skaggs, Bradley, C Stryker Trahan, LHP Eury De La Rosa if you want to address your immediate problem for NL race.

                  But that door is closed – neither side could live with the consequences of a bust/or bad performances.

  24. Cubbieblue29

    Any updates on how Bryan Lahair is performing in Japan?

    1. Crockett
    2. DarthHater
  25. Die hard

    Unless Cubs ate half of Hairston and Jackson salaries in trade to contender

  26. toot

    Cubs need a Clint Hudrle manager. The guy knows what he is doing. Sveum is AA manager at best.

  27. Die hard

    I touched on this a few days ago … More details… Sori to Yankees … Chamberlain and Hughes to San Diego ….. Erlin to Cubs…. Cubs pay 95% of Sori salary and Yankees pay 50% of salaries of 2 pitchers….

  28. Rosenthal: Cubs Are “Listening” on Jeff Samardzija | Bleacher Nation | Chicago Cubs News, Rumors, and Commentary

    [...] same manner. That one, which had the Diamondbacks interested in Samardzija, ended (reportedly) with the Cubs asking for tip top pitching prospects Archie Bradley and Tyler Skaggs, and the Diamondbacks politely backing off. That’s the price of poker in any Samardzija [...]

  29. Matt Garza and 2013 International Free Agency | Obstructed View

    […] present all this minutia here, because despite Theo downplaying the […]

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