carlos marmol yesMy keyboard is going to explode, because there’s still another trade to write up after this one.

Today the Cubs and Dodgers finalized the deal that was heavily rumored last night. DFA’d and maligned reliever Carlos Marmol, together with about $210,000 in international pool money, will be sent to the Dodgers for reliever Matt Guerrier, who was himself recently DFA’d by the Dodgers.

I’ll get into Guerrier more soon, but it’s what you’d expect in a deal involving Marmol. The Cubs might try to reclaim some value for him over the next month, and see where things stand on July 31. Guerrier is 34, was ineffective so far this year, but has had success in the recent past. He’s a free agent after the season.


Given that the Cubs are including pool money, I’m going to assume that they’re saving actual money in this Marmol deal. He’s owed $5 million over the rest of the season, while Guerrier is owed about $2.5 million.

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