astros logoWhew. Did you catch everything?

Today the Chicago Cubs, in addition to trading Carlos Marmol to the Dodgers, and trading Scott Feldman and Steve Clevenger to the Orioles, sent AA second base prospect Ronald Torreyes to the Houston Astros for the Astros’ second and third international bonus pool slots, which amount to just shy of $800,000.

Torreyes, 20, was something of a favored prospect around these parts since the Cubs acquired him as part of the Sean Marshall trade a year and a half ago. He’s a small second baseman could do one thing exceptionally well: hit. He struggled in the first half at High-A last year (where he was exceedingly young for the level), and was struggling again in the first half this year at AA (again, young for the level). His stock had probably fallen, and he was running into a serious positional crunch as he moved up the Cubs’ organizational ladder.

It’s sad to lose an intriguing prospect, but I suspect that now the Cubs have plenty of money to go as nuts in the international market as they’ve apparently wanted to go. Having already spent big bucks on Jefferson Mejia and Gleyber Torres, I think Eloy Jimenez is probably coming later this week.

  • justinjabs

    By my calculations, the Cubs added $963,100 in IFA money today.

    • Timothy Scarbrough

      Is that accounting for the money lost to the Dodgers?

      • Devin C


      • LWeb23

        Yes. I like it. Thats pretty damn good, if you put it into the perspective that we signed the #2 or #3 (depending on BA or MLB ranking) to a $1.7 million dollar deal.

      • cubbie blue thru n thru

        I’d assume he his the cubs got about 400k from O’s 800k from astros

    • Grant

      My calculations agree.

      Also, taking $785K from the Astros means we should have the most to spend now.

  • Peter

    I like it, they are really shaking things up!

  • Patrick

    The Cubs must really like these IFA’s because they’re making some concessions to go out and sign these guys. If one or two of these guys could turn into an impact prospect the Cubs farm system is gonna look might fine next year.

    • Patrick


  • Sweet Swinging 26

    Is this a sign of Alcantara moving to 2nd and a call up for Baez?

    • demz

      No. Baez will be in high-A I think the rest of the season.

      • BluBlud

        There is no way Baez stays in Daytona all season. The rain out have probably spead his promotion up. I suspect we’ll hear about Baez in AA within a week or so, if not the next 24 hours.

  • waittilthisyear

    excellent. there is a certain troll on the comment section who relishes in attacking theo for acquiring a man of such small stature (torreyes) for a man of such great height (marshall). hopefully, this can close the book on that, and, o yea, get eloy on board. although, your post last night may have tempered expectations on eloy, it ain’t my money and someone has gotta spend it. hopefully he becomes a stud for the cubs

  • Jared

    Are they allowed a 5% overage without giving up slots next year similar to the draft?

    • LWeb23

      There is some sort of allowed overage, not sure exactly the percentage though.

    • JoeyCollins

      Allowed probably isn’t the right word. There are penalties for going over your pool amount, and the penalty up to %5 is, if i remember correctly, a %100 tax on the overage. This is a penalty the Cubs are willing to take. Teams are allowed to spend whatever they want they just have to deal with the associated penalties. It looks like the Rangers are going to blow way past their pool amount and not be able to sign anyone for more than 250K next year.

  • thatriot

    i dont get why we had to throw that money away to the dodgers. they didnt give us anything of value, so couldnt we have just allowed Marmol to go to waivers?

    • Coldneck

      My guess is the Cubs get to take the $2.5M savings between Guerrier and Marmol’s contract, which will pay for Eloy Jimenez.

      • Eric

        you’re not saying that it’s actual cap money just that it’s money the Cubs need because they are poor, right?

        • Coldneck

          Correct. I’m saying they save $2.5M in cash, which will likely pay for Jimenez;s signing bonus. I’m not talking about pool money at all.

          • Kyle

            We’re sending the Marlins $2m in cash as well. So we’re actually only saving a few hundred thousand on the deal.

            • MoneyBoy

              Marlins huh??

            • Coldneck

              The Cubs must see value in Gurrier if they were willing to give up the bonus pool money and only save a couple hundred K.

      • Chad

        Not really, because that doesn’t go into the IFA bonus, so it is really just a savings for the cubs. Which is fine by me, but it doesn’t affect the international signings. The Torreyes deal however, I really really like.

      • nkniacc13

        they cant take that savings for IFA its 2 different pools

    • Eric

      We are no longer the “we can just buy everything” Cubs. We have an owner who “a million here a million there” is important. Kinda sucks but you also get smart signings like Rizzo with this approach.

      • SenorGato

        The big money will be there when the team is ready. Right now they’re building something that allows any major splurges to really max their impact…I think/hope.

        • Timmy

          The team will only be ready if we sign players that make us ready. There is something else at hand with these decisions that have nothing to do with making the team better. You guys are too credulous with spin.

    • bbmoney

      I mean it was either that or just waiver Marmol and pay him all his salary anyway…..that’s the baseline for the Marmol deal.

  • Jason P

    Jesus Christ, is it July 31st already? I liked the first 2 trades, but this one I don’t know.

  • Cyranojoe

    So we’re (probably) getting two of the top three international free agents? Badass!

    • caryatid62

      I look forward to possibly seeing them in A+ in 4-5 years.

      • Eric

        Well the pitcher they signed is almost 19 so I don’t think it’s THAT long.

    • Dynastyin2017

      We could be getting the best IFA from 3 different countries. Torrez – Venezuela, Jiminez – DR, and Moreno – Colombia. Too bad we missed out on the SS from Italy.

  • Rich H

    This one I really like because Torreys was fringy at best at this point. I hope it works out for Houston as well. I am beginning to think this is the new “it” day to start the trading season from now till the deadline on the 31st.

  • mak

    I like Torreyes a lot — his hit tool and his age especially — but they did get significant money here. Torreyes has so much competition at 2b that it makes some sense to get grow the system at the lower levels instead.

    • ssckelley

      I like this deal to, the Cubs are basically buying a lottery ticket in exchange for surplus. Arguably the weakest of the surplus as Torreyes is struggling this season.

  • nkniacc13

    Brett will there be anymore do you think? So if all 3 players acquired that mean roster movement again. DFA Camp would be my guess then send down Rusin so what would be the 3rd roster move for the cubs pitchers.

    • cubchymyst

      From my count 3 left the 40 man (Feldman, Clevenger, and Marmol) and 3 were added (Arrienta, Strop, and the guy from the dodgers)

      • nkniacc13

        Wrong Marmol wasn’t on 40 man. Then the 25 man is another ? because Clevenger wasn’t on that one ether

        • cubchymyst

          Forgot the spot opened up the second he was DFA. So yeah some more movement is likely coming. Now that I think about it some more, was Clevenger ever activated from the DL?

          • demz

            Clevenger was activated and then optioned. He was still on the 40 man.

          • nkniacc13

            yes then optioned to iowa

            • cubchymyst

              Thanks for the update, remember reading about him and injuries last night and wasn’t sure what was up with him.

      • mdavis

        we still need to call up someone for Sweeney’s spot dont we? or are all 3 of these guys adding to the 25 for the series since we can use the DH and PH isn’t as crucial?

      • mak

        Looks like the Cubs will need to clear a spot on the 40 man for Arrieta/Strop/Guerrier because Marmol had been DFA’d.

        Feldman opens up a spot on the 25 man and Sweeney on the DL, so 1 more spot needs to be cleared on 25 man. Makes a lot of sense here to DFA Camp. May also send a reliever down to bring up another positional player (perhaps Wakins?).

        For now, looks like Rusin (already on 40 man) will take Sweeney’s spot tonight.

      • nkniacc13

        I guess Arrieta will go to iowa so you have to wonder if that means that Rusin goes down after tonight and Villienuva goes into rotation.

    • cub4life

      Well has Rusin starting tonight. By my calcs on the active roster Feldman is off and sweeney is DL’d and then on the 40 man Clevenger is off and then Arrietta, Strop and Guerrier are on. That being said there will have to be a roster move off the 40 man and the 25 man for the 3rd member (DFA Camp, another trade or something else that I can’t see right now). When they report Rusin will be sent back down (he is only up to pitch tonight in Feldmans spot). this is what I get out of it.

  • SenorGato

    Torreyes was one of the main pieces in the overrated 2B depth here in the system. Now move Watkins, eventually Barney, and send Baez there!

    Anyway, for all the raves about Torreyes’ amazing hit tool – he’s hit maybe .262 as a Cub. Usually when guys are said to have amazing hit tools they hit the ball rather than just not strike out.

  • Norm

    eh, so they traded Torreyes for the chance to sign the equivalent of a high school sophomore.

    • Cyranojoe

      Eh, so they traded a fading Torreyes who didn’t fit the FO’s model for the equivalent of one of the best high school sophomores to play the game outside of the U.S. Yeah, I’m okay with that.

      • Kyle

        They didn’t do that.

        They traded him for the equivalent of about the 60th best HS sophomores in the game. People can try to frame this as “we had to to sign Jimenez!” if it makes them feel better, but it’s false. This is Mejia-level money.

      • Norm

        Fading? Wow. A 20 year old in AA with a 109 wRC+ is considered “fading”?

        • Serious Cubs Fan

          I don’t mind the Torreyes trade, but we certainly didn’t give up a fading prospect. The kid can play. I think he can make the majors one day. He can hit, and his obp skills are improving. He doesn’t have size to be a big power hitting 2nd baseman, but I really think the kid is a good prospect. He’s ONLY 20 YEARS OLD PLAYING IN AAA!!! He’s so young. I think he can be serviceable major leaguer one day. He may never be a stud but I think the kid can play

    • Dumpgobbler

      I think its one of those “Hes not really one of our guys” type thing.

  • Joey

    All told todays deals shake out as:

    Steve Clevenger, Carlos Marmol, Scott Feldman, Ronald Torreyes for Jake Arrieta, Pedro Strop, Matt Guerrier and $963k of bonus money

  • nkniacc13

    So cubs got Wood, an IFA 16yr kid and Sppalet for Marshal correct?

  • Chad

    I believe Alcantra is the 2B of the future. Plus Amaya and Watkins are probably better prospects at 2B than Torreyes was anyway. Maybe not Watkins, but he’s closer to the ML.

    • SenorGato

      Don’t forget young Javier Baez.

      I’d give Watkins the nod over Torreyes, it doesn’t say a whole lot to do so.

      • Chad

        I think Baez is a better fit for 3B, but if Bryant signs and can stay at 3B you’re probably right. I’d be ok with Baez at any infield position or as a trade piece. If he can stick at SS I’d love to see the cubs trade Castro to be honest with you.

        • SenorGato

          I don’t really think Baez has fit a mold defensively, which is why 2B remains such a legit option for me. The only reason he gets profiled to 3B so often is because his kind of power is so extremely rare at 2B that it’s hard to imagine having a guy there that can do what he might be able to do.

          Cross the “wow, he’s still at SS” bridge when we get there, because realistically he should spend almost all of his time in the minors (especially while developing his offense) there.

          • Chad

            I get what you are saying, but I think Alcantra has good offensive potential for a 2B and Baez could profile at 3B. Good problem to have if Bryant can stick at 3B as well. Or Villanueva etc. etc. I agree Baez probably won’t play SS in the majors, but you never know. Gotta keep him there for trade value as well as development.

            I just kind of wish the Castro experiment would be over.

      • Dr. Leroy Quackenbush

        Don’t forget about Bruno as well. I think the FO likes him as well and 2B is probably his best shot.

  • nkniacc13

    So Sweeney apparently goes on 60 day DL and Sapplett is recalled. That allows the 40 man spot to open so all 3 players are fine there. When they get to the Cubs they will have to make a couple of moves with their 25 man roster at that time

    • cub4life

      well Sweeney going to the 60 day means he’s worse then sespected (we were told 4-6 weeks so…) and why do we need Sappelt back up? we have to many OF already.

      • nkniacc13

        because of the 40 man situation.

        • cub4life

          well I guess I understand needed another postion player added and i guess he is the obvious……They have some work ahead of them to clear it.

          • nkniacc13

            Well I think there will be more trades and maybe some today involving players that they want to start clearing space for. I wouldn’t be shocked if they start by DFA Camp when everyone gets with Cubs. I could also see them making another IFA move today

            • cub4life

              I can see that too. As it stands now they have added 4 to the 25 man and removed 2. And removed 3 from the 40 man and added 3. So without any other trades they would have to remove 2 more from the 25 man (prob Rusin sent back down and DFA Camp or Sappelt back down or…….???)

              • nkniacc13

                Id say DFA camp because you are adding 2 bullpen arms

              • cub4life

                oh and Does that mean Villenueva is back in the rotation?

                • nkniacc13

                  I would guess so. Villienuva to rotation with the 2 bullpen arms coming in. Arrettia to Iowa so no 25 man spot needed there.

  • Luke

    Alcantara now has no one competing with him for 2B time, and I suspect he will be placed there for the remainder of the season. Long term that looks like his position.

    Torreyes has one great tool, but there have always been questions about how well that would translate higher up the ladder, and without all the other infielders in the system he was easily expendable depth.

    I think we’ll see him in the majors one day, likely in a utility role, but because this deal helps clear a log jam and may pave the way for a potentially impact guy to join the Cubs farm system from the IFA pool, I really like this deal.

    • SenorGato

      Someone’s always competing for another guy’s spot. I believe one of the biggest things with this new regime is constant internal competition in the minors – if you take a long term 25 man spot on the ML roster here coming from the farm then you’ve earned every inch of it.

      Alcantara’s going to have to watch behind him for Baez and, if he’s legit, Torres. That said, agreed that right now he is tops on the prospect depth chart there and has earned that ranking this year.

  • curt

    This is all great if one of these guys ends up in Chicago someday .fantasy minor league drafting.

  • BluBlud

    I going to play the prediction game.

    Alcantara to 2B in Tennessee, Baez up to Tennessee to play SS. Vogelbach up to Daytona, will alternate with Geiger as DH and 1B, Geiger can also play 3B). Shoulders slie in and plays 1B. It could also be Shoulders getting the promotion instead of Vogs.

    • Noah

      While I’m not anywhere near as certain as you that Baez is getting promoted in the next couple of weeks, it’s at least as likely that Alcantara is promoted to Triple A as it is that Baez gets promoted to Double. Alcantara is hitting really well in Double A, and no prospect is manning the position in Triple A. The Cubs could also do the following (or some combination of the following) if they want Baez to get more PAs in High A before a promotion: shift Elliot Soto into a starting role at either SS or 2B or promote someone like Wes Darvill.

      • Justin

        I just want Baez to get the hell out of Daytona because of the rain cancellations. It’s pretty ridiculous how much important game time the guys in Daytona lose because of freaking rain. Dude needs to play. Drives me nuts…

        • willis

          He lost a shit load last year as well after the promotion. So I definitely agree.

  • cub4life

    Arrietta just got optioned to Iowa.

  • Kubphan82

    Brett, can you talk to Jason Parks… I don’t know, in a week? Lol

    I’m almost kidding, but it’ll be a different looking team by the end of the trade deadline.

  • scorecardpaul

    I am a little confused?? Do we actually get the cash from Houston, or do we just get the right to spend it?? I know it doesn’t have that much impact either way, ( because it is a small amount when considering what a MLB team spends in a year) but I was just confused with that point.
    If we actually get the cash, what happens if we don’t spend it??

    • Timothy Scarbrough

      Right to spend it/

      • deej34

        The right to spend it. Essentially increases your cap to avoid penalty. Still have to break out your own checkbook.

  • Kyle

    This is the deal that seals it for me. We got caught overpromising IFAs and underestimating how willing teams would be to trade pool money.

    Torreyes isn’t a great prospect, but when you spend $800k in IFA pool money, you’ll be *luck* to get a prospect like him in four years.

    I can’t say it’s a “huge” ripoff because it’s a minor prospect for a minor amount of IFA money, but it’s still a ripoff.

    • When the Music’s Over

      Totally agree, but in the end it’s Ronald Torreyes. He’s a nice player in that his age/contact combo are nice in AA, but that’s all he’s got. When taken in context of all the other 2B options in the organization (not going to say they’re all superior to him), I couldn’t really care any less. May as well take some blind cuts on some international long shots.

    • Coop

      Seems like IFA pool might be one of the new “moneyball” market opportunities that teams with good international scouting may try to take advantage of. Perhaps we are underestimating the value of IFA pool money. Seems like few teams so far are willing to part with their IFA money. Similar to what Jason Parks was saying – teams really value young players right now. That could also lead one to believe teams are placing a premium value on the opportunities to sign young players – much like the draft compensation effect on otherwise valuable free agents like Lohse and Bourn.

    • Austin8466


      You stop taking your meds today or something?

      • Kyle

        You are a welcome and useful member of community.

  • Chad

    Just noticed that the Padres don’t have Cabrera on their active roster ( and only have 3 Infielders listed. Doubt it means anything but thought it was interesting

    • bbmoney

      isn’t it just because he’s on the DL? Gyorko’s not there either.

      Amarista is listed as an OFer, but he plays quite a bit of 2b, and maybe some SS too.

      • Chad

        Good point, I did not realize that. Someone mentioned him earlier in a Padres deal and I just found that interesting, but now it makes much more sense.

    • Serious Cubs Fan

      Wouldn’t want cabrera. Lots of links to that PED clinic down in florida. I mean he’s a pretty good player whose playing well, but that PED story really scares me off.

  • cubsin

    We get the right to spend our own money on IFA’s.

  • Cheese Chad

    Wow, this is a big day. I imagine it quiets down for the Cubs until closer to the deadline with Garza, Soriano, DeJesus. But I guess when you have a lot of trade pieces then there is a lot of movement. I like the deals though. Really like the idea of upping the international pool money with the way the new CBA shapes up. Less money in the amateur draft so spend it internationally.

  • Jp3

    So Feldman, Clevenger, and Torreyes gone, Baez getting a bump soon hopefully? Alacantra going to AAA and Baez to AA? Get everyone out of Daytona before they drown

  • Cheese Chad


    Jose Mercado
    Solo faltan horas para el festival de firmas millonarias para los julio 2 del 2013, el mas cotizado Eloy Jimenez a Cubs

    Can anyone translate? claims this means he is close to signing with the cubs.

    • Austin

      Only hours away millions signatures festival for July 2, 2013, but quoted Eloy Jimenez to Cubs

      This is according to google translate.