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Today the Chicago Cubs, in addition to trading Carlos Marmol to the Dodgers, and trading Scott Feldman and Steve Clevenger to the Orioles, sent AA second base prospect Ronald Torreyes to the Houston Astros for the Astros’ second and third international bonus pool slots, which amount to just shy of $800,000.

Torreyes, 20, was something of a favored prospect around these parts since the Cubs acquired him as part of the Sean Marshall trade a year and a half ago. He’s a small second baseman could do one thing exceptionally well: hit. He struggled in the first half at High-A last year (where he was exceedingly young for the level), and was struggling again in the first half this year at AA (again, young for the level). His stock had probably fallen, and he was running into a serious positional crunch as he moved up the Cubs’ organizational ladder.

It’s sad to lose an intriguing prospect, but I suspect that now the Cubs have plenty of money to go as nuts in the international market as they’ve apparently wanted to go. Having already spent big bucks on Jefferson Mejia and Gleyber Torres, I think Eloy Jimenez is probably coming later this week.

  • ruby2626

    Granted since I know Brian Schlitter’s Dad I’m a bit biased but the kid deserves another shot. 16 strikeouts to 0 walks since his promotion from AA to AAA with a 1.65 ERA. One arm surgery ago he was upper 90’s, sounds like he’s improved his breaking ball and control and I’m sure he can still bring it. He is still only 27, hard to justify a has been or never was like Camp taking up his spot.

    • cub4life

      I think he is the type of guy that they want to spend the year down in AAA and maybe get the call in Sept. Then get his shot in the spring for the MLB roster.

  • Cheese Chad

    I hope it translates exactly like that.

  • Jorbert Solmora

    Erling Moreno just signed.

  • North Side Irish

    Kiley McDaniel ‏@kileymcd 3m
    Others July 2nd news: Cleveland signs Junior Soto/OF/DR, Atlanta signs Jason Laguna/RHP/Nicaragua, Cubs sign Johan Matos/C/DR.

    Don’t know this one…

  • Jason Powers

    At least the plan is kicking in…
    Take a 1.0 WAR guy Feldman – flip him and Cleavenger for 2 MLB ready guys that need some tweaks. Pedro Strop put up a 2.5 WAR last year and Arrieta did have periphals that can work. Both are control problems – assuming no major injuries – this is fixable. Sometimes to huge upside.

    Meanwhile, we invested in the long push to grow talent from the International pool, as both baseball and business, are globalized to points of critical mass for all parties. The investments are small if you look at the Angels/Dodgers spending sprees.

    Ask yourself: Would you rather spend $15-30 million over 3-4 years in the IPA on sheer numbers of players, that you scouted, and confirmed their ages – and place into your system of structured development – with a development likelihood of stars perpetually coming threw the system, thereafter: or, put all your eggs in the Albert Pujols/Matt Kemp/Carl Crawford/Josh Hamilton baskets, where if the investment gets injured, your are, in essence, out of luck, possible saddled with debt burden for years?

    I wrote this prescient article on Albert, long before his foot woes and slumps which points to a host of bad deals:

    The Cubs today both hedged well (2 MLB pitchers for 1 that is not coming back and are under control through 2017, and are unlikely to get huge ARB bumps unless performance warrants such), and invested well.

    If we amass the theoretical value of Scot Feldman, another 1.0 WAR for this year, a plausible hope, do we sign him to a extension? No – not at $10-12 mil for 3 years. (Jackson money)
    So, we actually got 2 guys that could fulfill on the promise they once had – for possibly 6 years of playing time.

    If they don’t pan, there are more minor investments that could. While paying for talent is a necessity, it should never be just 7-8 zeros, but 6-7 zeros. Dollar sign of the muscle should be arbitrage more than not. The Cubs did that today.

    Flames begin now.

    • Bric

      Yep, it was a good day and obviously planned out by Thedstein for at least a week now (since at least Marmol’s DFA).

  • Serious Cubs Fan

    You know what blows my mind? These young unproven 16yr/old IFA ‘s are getting bigger bonuses then the kids in the MLB draft. The kids from the states are older, a little more proven, with the basically the same amount of upside, but the mlb draft limits theirs bonus’s because of the slot money. I mean the very top of the draft gets bigger bonuses of course but these really young kids who are getting these bonuses based off of complete projectability.

  • ruby2626

    The earliest an American born player can sign is after his senior year in high school when the kid is about 18. Seems kind of silly that we are drafting 16 year olds, maybe the rule should be changed to where you can’t pick a kid before he’s 18. How long before a 15 year old Dominican kid living in the U.S. goes back to his native country to live with relatives for a year in order to get drafted 2 years earlier.

    • Hookers or Cake

      The IFA $$ drop off pretty quickly. Slot for the 11th player is under 1 million.

  • Serious Cubs Fan

    Anyone know how much we signed the (IFA) Catcher Johan Matos for?

  • http://msn Sacko

    Are we also saying Barney is more secure?

  • #1lahairfan

    Bad move. Whatever prospect we get for this money will never be up to Torreyes’s level.

    • waittilthisyear

      he will almost certainly be taller

      • TWC

        My seven-year-old son is almost up to Torreyes’ level.

    • #1lahairfan

      I see what you guys did there.

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