shawn camp cubsWell, the Chicago Cubs finally decided that they’d seen enough from Shawn Camp, not unlike they had with Carlos Marmol. A year after being the team’s MVP, according to Dale Sveum, the Cubs today designated Camp for assignment to make room for an influx of new relievers, including recently acquired Pedro Strop and Matt Guerrier, who should be joining the team tonight. The Cubs also optioned Chris Rusin – yesterday’s Scott Feldman fill-in – back to Iowa.

Camp struggled mightily this year, dealing with ineffectiveness and injury. The 37-year-old has an ERA over 7 and a WHIP of 1.870. His walks were up, his Ks were down, and he just never seemed to get his footing a year after leading the league with 80 appearances.

The Cubs now have 10 days to trade, waive, or release Camp. A trade is inconceivable – maybe even more than the inconceivable Marmol trade, but the front office found a way – so I’m thinking it’s waivers. Camp has a $1.35 million contract this year, which isn’t much, but I’m not sure a team is going to want to put him on the 40-man roster immediately. Instead, I expect he’ll clear waivers, and then may elect free agency, hoping to latch onto another organization and work his way back.

  • King Jeff

    It’s going to be nonstop like this all the way through the trade deadline. Better get your rest while you can Brett.

    • cubchymyst

      It could be more entertaining if he doesn’t get his rest.

      • Hansman1982

        672 hour blogathon!!!

    • Brett

      The last two, two and a half days have killed me. If it were the Deadline, I’d be prepared. As it is, I’m slightly wrecked.

  • willis

    Hooray, but I’m way too devastated about the Butler news to get too fired up for this right now. But it’s the right move.

  • ssckelley

    This sucks! The Cubs draft position just slipped a little for next years draft.

  • Steve123

    This week is only getting better!!!

  • Die hard

    Bring up Lake Baez Alacantra etc and send down Castro Hairston and Soriano

    • Live Easy

      I want some of what you have been smoking…. Wait, no I don’t

  • cubmig

    With all the movement happening, I wonder what the players are thinking, saying amongst themselves….. am also wondering if management has let them know they all expendable or trade bait if the price is right. This must be a hell-of-a-time for a player to feel secure…..

    • Die hard

      Think Cheech and Chong tripping in a cloud of smoke down the highway of life without a care in their world watching the other world pass them by.. That’s about sums up the players thoughts right now

      • Carew

        Well, they are in Cali right now and just left Washington.

  • Kenster

    They said Villanueva and Arrieta wont start Sunday.. Who do you think will get that call? Rusin cant be called back up within 10 days unless there’s an injury. Speculation for Rondon’s rule 5 DL stint?? his 90 days have to be up by now

    • cjdubbya

      Looks like 94 days for Rondon if my math is right. (That many days since the Cubs’ first game of the year, if you count off days in that)

  • @cubsfantroy

    It’s about time. I wonder who is next.

  • Dale Jr

    Next!!, The garza return

  • Scotti

    Question: When did Camp hit 10 years service time (or has he yet)? If the FO likes him this could explain some of the dragging of the feet on sending him down.

    • Scotti

      To answer my own Q… Cot’s has him not even close (7+ headed into the year).

  • Jay

    This guy actually should have been DFA’d before Marmol….which is saying something. Camp seemingly threw more gopher balls than Anthony Young, Doug Capilla, and Amaury Telemaco combined.

  • TonyP


  • Dustin S

    Best of luck to Mr. Camp. Last year would have been much more painful than it was without the way he threw last year. The 80 appearances last year probably took a toll.

  • Josh

    So as of right now, Iowa stands at 24 and Tennessee has 23 on their rosters. I would imagine it will be position players moved into those spots because each team in already carrying 13 pitchers, but who do you see moving the ladder? Or are we looking at the likes of Vitters and Jackson coming off DL soon and then some downward shuffling happening?

  • Jono

    Relieves are so volatile. Unless you have a Mariano, Kimbrel or Chapman, it’s probably best to not give out long and expensive contracts.

  • RicoSanto

    From day one of the season I said Camp was of the worst pitchers in baseball. His stuff reminded me of a 12 inch softball pitcher. If I can see it why cant Sveum ( He loved the guy ) or others . He was way worse than Marmol

  • Toz15

    How did they not see it??? Well they can’t see that if Rusin was righthanded, he’d never pitch above AA. At least we won’t set any more WP records. Jackson can’t last long enough to do it himself…. he needed Camp.

  • Die hard

    If Yankees make it to playoffs with their woes final year closer Rivera could get serious look at MVP and Cy Young … A cherry on top to great career

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