dominican flagThe Chicago Cubs continue to go nutty – in a good way – in the international free agent market, which just opened up to a new period yesterday. After already signing top Venezuelan prospect Gleyber Torres, big-time Colombian pitcher Erling Moreno, and big-time Dominican pitcher Jefferson Mejia, the Cubs have added another prospect: Dominican catcher Johan Matos, according to Jesse Sanchez.

Although the presumably teenage catcher was not ranked on BA’s or’s top 30 list – and details are scant right now – the Cubs must have liked him, because he’s getting $270,000 to sign, per Sanchez. That’s a healthy amount in this market, and raises some interesting questions about how the Cubs plan to proceed.

After signing Torres, Moreno, and Mejia for $3.35 million, and after netting $963,000 extra to their $4,557,200 bonus pool yesterday via trades, the Cubs had about $2,446,210 left to spend, after considering the 5% they can go over without incurring dramatic penalties. With Matos getting $270,000, the Cubs are down to approximately $2,176,210, give or take a few bucks.

The question: is that enough to sign top prospect Eloy Jimenez, who has reportedly decided to sign with the Cubs, but who also reportedly expecting a bonus in the $2.5 to $2.7 million range?

If not, will the Cubs risk those penalties – which includes a drastic limitation on the amount you can spend for individual signing bonuses the next year (i.e., you still get your, say, $3 million pool, but the max you can spend on any one player is $500,000) – or will they trade quickly for more pool space? If it’s the latter, will the other team rake the Cubs over the coals, knowing that they really need the space? Or have the Cubs already planned for that?

And, if the Cubs do need to add pool space, how will we feel about the $210,000 in space the Cubs gave to the Dodgers in the Carlos Marmol trade?

Lastly, if the Cubs do manage to land Jimenez after all these other big signings, will we call them the Dodgers of Latin America? (SIGN ALL THE INTERNATIONAL PROSPECTS.)

  • nkniacc13

    kinda gotta think that Jiminez and Bryant situation is the same that they had a price that they knew

  • X the Cubs Fan


  • Cyranojoe

    The correct term for that is the DOYERS.

  • cubchymyst

    It was reported earlier that he was going declining a higher offer to sign with the Cubs. Maybe they can get him to sign for 2.1M. At this point who knows how many teams even have 2M left in their pools.

  • Jason Powers

    Could be the combo – more space – or are they are expecting not to be as heavy on top Int FA next year? Willing to incur a potential penalty for year. I guess it depends what happens with the Eloy Jimenez and any future trades.

    Fun to see them working hard…on the global market for talent.

  • waffle

    I suspect in the end we will realize the cubbies had a PLAN, that they are not just spending willy nilly. Or maybe they are….

  • Jono

    Does anyone know many many total international free agents have signed this season, including all MLB teams? Im curious what percent of this market the cubs got

  • kenster

    CAMP gets DFA’d! Great news

  • ssckelley

    I am just curious if the Cubs do not sign any players for 50k if that gets added to the pool money. The Cubs can sign 6 players for 50k and not have it count against their pool, does this work like the draft where after the 10th round only the amount over 100k counts against the pool? If this is the case then only 220k counts against the pool for signing Matos.

  • North Side Irish

    Jesse Sanchez (@JesseSanchezMLB) tweeted at 5:25 PM on Wed, Jul 03, 2013:
    #Cubs have agreed to a $2.8 million deal & a $250,000 college scholarship with @MLB’s Top Prospect Eloy Jimenez. He’s now at team’s academy.

    Not sure where the money is coming from….

    • X the Cubs Fan

      Thank you North SIde that is great news, but the money makes me worried (well kind of).

    • cubchymyst

      I thought I read that the money have to be secured before the signing and not after?

      • Dynastyin2019

        Before the signing, yes, but not before an agreement.

  • Jason Powers

    Wow! He he could go to Harvard! 😉

  • ramy16

    Northside irish..Where did you get that info? .. Not doubting you… Just hadn’t seen that info yet

    • X the Cubs Fan

      Magical world of twitter. Just Google “@jessesanchezmlb”

  • nkniacc13

    that means what the Cubs have about 700k they have to find or incure penalties?

  • ruby2626

    If a 5’7″ player with average speed, average range, no power and a guy who rarely walks can get you $800k in spending money, how tough is it to get another million or so.

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  • Mush

    We are all so typical conditioned Cubs. We are worried about repercussions next year instead of celebrating good moves this year. Great job Theo! Spend Ricketts billions.

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