Enhanced Box Score: Pirates 6, Cubs 2 – July 5, 2013

Jeff Samardzija was not at his best today, and the Cubs couldn’t do anything outside of a two-run homer by Scott Hairston.

At least there was something new.

july 5 box

Full box.

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116 responses to “Enhanced Box Score: Pirates 6, Cubs 2 – July 5, 2013”

  1. Cubbie Tim

    Castro getting thrown out at 2nd was embarrassing. Time for another benching. Liriano pwns the Cubs.

    1. Die hard

      Ok let’s make it Castro to Orioles………Bundy to Cubs…

      1. TOOT

        What to do with RIOMG? The guy will be traded.

        1. TOOT


        2. Carew

          He will not

      2. X the Cubs Fan

        Why would we take that trade give me one reason.

        1. TOOT

          O.K…Without using advaned metrics, I make a trade for Castro and or Rizzo. Why is pretty clear. I don’t have the time to go into a numbers game.

          1. Scott

            You’ve been posting on the site all night. I think you have time.

        2. TOOT

          Is Rizzo your big bat answer?

      3. Can't think of a cool name

        How about we trade you to an Oriole site.

  2. walterj

    That’s six hits in two games . Not good at all .

  3. jmc

    stars win ball games. Cubs have no stars. Ricketts family knows bet they will make money even when Cubs lose.all well and good to buy 16 year olds from the hinterland. How many years will it take the Cubs to actually win?when the Ricketts family took over maybe 2013 2014 we were talking about now we’re much farther down the road.Wrigley looked packed today. White Sox fans would not put up with it. Does that make us chumps?

    1. willis

      It’s pretty embarrassing at this point.

    2. Rcleven

      CWS fans don’t show up even if the team is winning. Held 1st 7/8 of season last year and Cubs out paced in attendance.

  4. Die hard

    Shows that Shark is merely sushi against good team

    1. Bric

      Die Hard I find many of your comments straight out of left field but on this one I gotta agree with you. Everyone puts Shark up there with the rest o the top number ones in the league but he doesn’t even have the best stuff on his own team. I’ve brought up trading him for weeks now and everyone just laughs. But if the Brewers are going to trade Gallardo to get out of the basement then why shouldn’t the Cubs consider dealing Shark along with Garza and Gregg. He’s basically produced the same as Feldman and Villanueva, who were picked up for nothing in the of season and he’s already getting outpitched by Wood. He’s not that great.

      1. Die hard

        You have my vote … I see Theodore making any move that leaves no doubt he’s running show— until he’s not anymore

      2. YourResidentJag

        Actually Joe Sheehan agrees with this premise so….my God am I going to say this…DieHard could be correct. Sheez.

      3. demz

        I guess you missed that game where he made the St. Louis Cardinals look like a AA team in their own park?

  5. willis

    I called Liriano dominating…I’m so smart.

    Wait, he does it every time. Ick.

  6. Steve123

    Although we do suck this year, at the end of this season will we be better than last year in the offseason? I believe we will. It depends what we get through the rest of these trades but I think the Cubs will still be a better overall team

  7. dying cubs fan's last request

    “He can’t do anything right” Pirates broadcaster on Castro.

    1. Die hard

      He has no right to slam our guys– only we can

      1. Oswego chris

        Nice Animal House reference…

  8. Josh t

    Hey guys has anyone ever use ticketsnow.com? Just wondering if its legit or not. Thinking about buy a couple tickets to the game tomorrow but not sure if its reliable of not. Thanks

    1. cas-castro

      Ticketsnow is legit. I’ve used them before.

  9. mudge

    Castro’s running out of rope.

    1. Die hard

      Only one laughing is Quade– but his bosses killed the messenger

  10. Cubs_Questions

    Despite the fact that the results haven’t been there this year, I’m much more confident in this team heading into 2014 than I was in last year’s team coming into this season.

    I also think Theo and Co. are building this organization the correct way, from the ground up. There is way too much wrong with this team to just buy a player like Hendry did with Soriano in ’06. It won us a couple division titles, but we’re in a hard place right now in part due to the Soriano deal.

    Castro has been coming around, hitting .300 in his past nine games, and I expect Rizzo to come around as well. It’s too early to condemn these young guys.

    As for today, I really haven’t seen a more pathetic outing by the Cubbies in a while (outside of the 7th-8th inning madness that they put out there every night). I did like what Strop came in and did, though. He might become a nice setup option for Sveum, who so desperately needs one.

    1. TOOT


  11. mudge

    I expect Rizzo to come around. Castro is concentration decifient and will continue to be.

    1. Die hard

      Maybe he needs to see a specialist for attention disorder

      1. Scott

        He should contact Gray and see where he got his adderall from.

  12. PaducahCubFan

    That’s one of the weakest collections of batting averages I’ve ever seen on the right side of a box score. The few “pieces” that are in place: Shark, Castro, Rizzo haven’t exactly been dominating this year. That’s what is frustrating.

  13. TOOT

    The teams “building” blocks are hitting .230ish and we are to believe that this is a mere mirage? Something that can be explained by “advanced metrics”? Don’t blow smoke up my ass. It won’t work.

    1. mudge

      It did last time.

      1. TOOT

        I know! I’m a Cub fan for life. Good grief!

  14. curt

    this is for cubs_questions yr more confident about 2014 based on exactly what, who know if Castro comes around , I think rizzo will but after that , shark might be ok, but after them what inspires the confidence I hope they do get it turned around but I think we’re further away than closer to turning the corner, kids will be awhile yet but who knows .

    1. Die hard

      Buyers remorse?– I recall how giddy BN was when Theo gave him long term contract…fan fickledom

    2. willis

      Yeah I’m kind of in that boat. At least after last year we could all say “well, Castro and Rizzo are going to be great, Castillo could be good…” and all that is very questionable now. I still think they are all talented but have been extremely disappointing this year and it just feels like two steps back. I’m not sure what to hang a hat on at this point to give any kind of confidence going into next year.

    3. Rich H

      I know I am not the person you asked the question to but let me give it a shot.

      I think that next year will be better because of this front office/ management teams ability to find valuable pieces. Last year at the end of the year we could have gutted the whole team except for Shark,Castro and Rizzo and there would have been crickets as far as complaints.

      This year we add Sheirholtz (which everyone seemed to be atleast blah at when he was signed) who has shown to be a good piece. Valnueva has taken that next step to be above average which very few saw coming even as late as April. We found a nice piece in Sweeney to make some of our older outfielders more expendable. So that is atleast 3 more steps in the right direction.

      We have traded Feldman (who way over played his numbers) into a couple of real impressive projects (Can we fix them?). We still are probably going to trade Garza, Soriano, DeJesus and Gregg for closer to the majors talent so those are more pieces to the puzzle.

      Think of this like a mosaic that the front office is making one piece at a time. They never look like art till they are finished but with this front offices track record of finding guys that could fit in I think we are going to be one step closer to competing next spring. Next year we will be pushing .500 and after that when our kids start coming up we are going to be in business.

  15. LWeb23

    Heard today on a podcast.. Out of 654 players in MLB under the age of 30, Starlin Castro has the worst WAR out of all of them. -1.4. I’m in the camp that says all players go through a regression period early in their career, but just couldn’t help but throwing it out there.

  16. Crockett

    So Castro is the worst player in baseball younger than 30 this season? Hard to believe.

  17. Die hard

    Buster Brown Olney missed this one— Garza told Cubs he’s not signing with anybody he’s traded to which is forcing Cubs to agree to eat his salary in any trade

    1. Josh


      1. mjhurdle

        asking Die Hard for a source is just about as pointless as asking him for a logical explanation of his reasoning.

        1. TOOT

          Not really. Sources do say Garza is not going anywhere, and there are salary and, believe it or not, extension talks.

          1. Rich H

            Not unless he comes off his 5 years and no trade clause. If he won’t he will be gone. The ball has always been in Garza’s court on that.

            1. TOOT

              You don’t like Garza? His injury? What is it that bothers people with a Garza extension?

              1. Rich H

                When a guy that has not pitched in almost a year wants a 5 year contract because of his supposed value then he is looking for a sucker.

                I like Garza but I do not love Garza. There is about 20 pitchers in the majors that I would take over him and all of them are healthy with no histories.

                He supposedly passed up a 3 year extension for about 55 million because of him wanting 2 more years and a no trade clause. So I am to the point that he can go.

                No no trade clauses EVER. We got seriously screwed by giving them out like candy during the Hendry tenure. Let not start down that road now with Garza. If you want a no trade clause then work your butt off become a 10/6 player and earn it as is in the CBA.

                1. X the Cubs Fan

                  I don’t want argue about this because quite frankly it would be to easy, but Matt Garza did pitch Wednesday.

                  1. Rich H

                    Are you saying he did not miss 10 plus months between starts from the July of last year till the end of May this year? Wow I thought that was almost a year. But if my math is wrong then I for sure will stand corrected.

                  2. Rich H

                    When the story of his extension was buzzing is when he was hurt in Spring Training by the way. I forgot to put that into context so I can understand the confusing.

            2. X the Cubs Fan

              I’d give him 5 years or 4 and a mutual option so about 4 year 65 million

      2. Die hard

        My intuition is my source– which gave you scoop week ago confirmed by insider Luke today that Bryant wanted playing assurances before accepting the Cubs final offer… Intuition built up over 75 yrs of seeing how people react.. People don’t change — only the juxtaposition they find themselves in at any given moment…

        1. X the Cubs Fan

          Luke didn’t actually agree with you he just said it wasn’t impossible.

          1. Die hard

            It’s not fashionable to agree with me-but he came as close as anyone with inside poo could ever do

        2. Rich H

          Clever way of saying I MAKE SHIT UP!

        3. Scott

          “My intuition is my source”-How very Stephen Colbert of you.

    2. Rcleven

      Do you make this up as you go along. Or is this all scripted?

  18. Salesguy

    You don’t give up on young players going through bad stretches, it those stretches, that make them better players. Castro and Rizzo will have problems, and struggles, but that doesn’t mean you get rid of them during those times, you use lost “building” seasons as teachable moments. That’s how you build a championship organization. I would tak a team full of Rizzo’s and Castro’s as my eight in the Field any day.

    1. Die hard

      Agree but you omitted an important element— need a top mgr who knows how to nurture the youngsters …. He’s a Phillies coach

  19. someday...2015?

    Alcantara just keeps on raking. 2-2 with a HR and a double so far tonight.

    1. college_of_coaches

      Alberto Cabrera is dealing once again tonight as well.

  20. Lou Brock

    I’m thinking someone talked with Castro about getting a better secondary lead after yesterday’s debacle in Oakland , but I guess they forgot to tell him it really does’nt matter when your team is down 3 runs late in the game. Maybe that gets covered after today’s pickoff at second base.

  21. Mike F

    i think it is very unfair to lump Rizzo with Castro. He looks to me like a young player with some upside feeling his way a little. Castro has made it clear he is no HOF talent. Clearly he is playing poorly in all phases of the game. His approach at the plate is a complete mess. His mental approach in all phases is even worse. Getting picked off at 2nd with 2 outs in the 8th is completely shameful. Castro’s baseball IQ is getting even worse and while I have been a Dale and Theo apologist, they are letting this kid develop horrific habits. There is no way to put a happy face on Starlin Castro’s approach, and Sveum tolerance of it, as much as I hate to say, along with so many young hitters failing should put his job on the table. No one has their best everyday, but the mental mistake Starlin Castro continue to make day in and day out shouldn’t be tolerated.

    1. TOOT

      No it is not. It is fair. Thats all I will say.

      1. Me

        Cause your a idiot who can’t explain himself, Thats all I have to say

        1. TOOT

          Again,advanced metrics will not change my view. I have been called worse.

  22. Canadian Cubs Fan

    Just watched the “highlights” of the game, and I can’t tell which is more face palm worthy, Castro getting caught off 2nd or the Pirates double steal.

    I haven’t lost complete faith in Castro, but the concentration errors are getting pretty maddening. When he dogged it trying to score on Sori’s single in Oakland I thought he deserved to be pulled from the game. Not sure what will get through to him.

    1. Die hard

      Maybe the Cubs are letting him deplete his value so much that he waives any no trade clause just to get out of Dodge before jailed for ballplayer impersonation

      1. TOOT


  23. Carew

    This was a bad game. It made me cringe and I can sit through the bad ones.

    That being said, I’m gonna try to stay away from the comment board for a couple days. Today has been irritating. See ya later my friends.

  24. Tom A.

    Man oh man ! Castro is young and still learning. He had so much early success, we forget he is still learning. He needs a break to relax and get mentally back into baseball. Come on Dale, give him he needed days off !

    1. Die hard

      Better late than never-but futile … I’ve been singing that song for 2 months already which proved only one thing– the Cubs brass does not read BN..

  25. Lou Brock

    If we deal Garza to Texas we have to make sure we get this kid from low A ball Hickory Crawdads, C.J. Edwards. RHP with crazy good numbers in two years of pro ball. Fe is 21 years old and a 47th round pick. In 143 innings he has given up 82 hits 54 BB, with 183K’s !!
    And the best stat of all — 0 —– ZERO HR’s in 143 innings in a hitters ballpark.

    1. X the Cubs Fan

      he had a very good season last year too. Him, Olt, Ronald Guzman and Perez would be a great return for Garza and Soriano.

  26. Lou Brock

    How about Garza and Soriano $$$, to Texas for C.J. Edwards, Font, Claudio. All young pitchers with great upside and not on their current ML roster.

    1. Geo

      For all the guys preaching , give Castro time or another chance . How many more years of mental mistakes must we deal with before you realize it’s not a maturity problem but a mental one??

      1. Timmy

        I agree that we should still support Castro. I’d argue it’s not even completely mental as much as morale and lack of support. We can’t expect a singles hitter to get good pitches when he doesn’t have lineup support. Baseball 101 failed by our GMs. The guy gets on base because they pitch to him so they won’t have to potentially pitch to a 3 or 4 hitter that might hit hard. A singles hitter then makes basic contact to be set up for the next wave of RBI guys.

        We’re blaming him too much for structural problems. He’s clearly pissed about the team. Then again, he’s rich so do your job the best you can, Starlin…

        1. Geo

          I couldn’t disagree more with you , morale for this year what about the other four or five years?? Morale to? How many more years of excuses for his mental lapses? Will you be saying the same thing five years from now? Even thd past few years were his numbers were better he was still killing them here and there with stupid mental lapses he needs a shocking jolt he’s to lackadaisical , he has concentration problems. Maybe theo should order a medical observation to diagnose posible add problem. There isn’t 5 years of morale problems that exist here.personaly I think they should send him down to aaa & to tell him that the reason they are sending him down is so that he should clear his head & work on his hitting & that mental lapses are intolerable at the major league level & that even if he gets on track with his hitting if he doesn’t grasp the importance of concentrating & avoiding chronic mental lapses , they will make him realize that that is the difference between major league & AA or aaa .. Or just trade him for a good return while value still exists.

          1. Geo

            First you need a drill Sargent to straighten chit out, then you need a player friendly coach once everything is straightened out.

  27. CubsFanSaxMan

    The Castro drums are beating louder every day . . . just sayin’.

  28. DocShock8

    Sounds like Baez being promoted

    @TheCCO_Minors: RT @daytonacubs Congrats @javy23baez on his promotion to @smokiesbaseball! Catch an interview @Cubs pregame on @wgnamerica 3:30 EST on Sat.

    1. X the Cubs Fan

      YES!!! We all new it was coming but it’s exciting. An infield with Alcantra, Baez, Villanueva and Bour with that pitching and outfield that team is by far the prospectiest.

    2. DocShock8

      And it sounds like Alcantara is being promoted to AAA as a result.

      1. DocShock8
        1. Kramden

          That’s a start….

          Hope they move up Almora & Vogelbach, finally sign Bryant and get Garza, Gregg and DeJesus traded already with Soler in the wings.

          Once those happen I think we’ll all finally be able to wrap our minds around the reality of a new core emerging that will include Rizzo & Castro because right now it’s no further along than it was a year ago and I think we’d all like to see some solid indication of what’s to be.

        2. Jason P

          Sounds more like 1 journalist’s speculation to me – “The promotion of Javier Baez to Tennessee should result in Arismendy Alcantara being promoted to Triple-A Iowa”.

          I wouldn’t be surprised to see Alcantara move up, but I also don’t think it’s a given just because Baez was promoted. Alcantara’s been playing second ever since the Torreyes trade, and given how shaky he’s looked at short this year, it’s fair to wonder whether the move is permanent.

          Additionally, Alcantara’s never played a full season at any one level, and he’d be extremely young (21) for the PCL.

      2. someday...2015?

        Well deserved all around.

      3. Kramden

        I’d rather they promote Szczur to Iowa, put Andreoli in CF, promote Soler to a corner OF spot at TN when he recovers, promote Villanueva to Iowa and send Bryant to TN when he signs.

        Quite a team TN would have that’d be infinitely more interesting than the parent club.

        1. Jason P

          You had me until the Villanueva part. He’s not exactly setting the world on fire at AA, and it’s still his first season there. Plus there’s no way Bryant starts at AA without at least getting his feet wet at some level of A ball. Case in point, I don’t believe any player the Cubs drafted this year has even made it to Low-A Kane County yet. Granted, Bryant may be more advanced than any of them, but AA would be really pushing it, especially for this FO.

          1. Patrick W.

            I don’t think the Mike Zunino path is totally out of the question for Bryant, minus the entirely too early call up to the major league club.

  29. Deacon

    Baez promoted? Thanks for the bread and circuses Emperor Theo!

  30. G_Racin

    Boy… Scott Hairston was kicking it all over right field. He misplayed two balls into triples… and he’s not the only one. The entire defense let Shark down big time today.

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