Within a five minute span, Travis Wood was named an All-Star, Javier Baez homered in his first AA at bat, and the Cubs beat the Pirates. Spread out the joy a little, boys.

Edwin Jackson pitched well enough to win, and the bullpen was perfect (including two very impressive innings from new addition Matt Guerrier).

And then there was this guy …

july 6 box

Full box.

  • Dylan

    Seriously, AL. Take him.

    • Diesel

      If the nl adopted the dh tomorrow would you still be as quick to trade him?

      • Rich H

        If the DH was in the NL AND the Cubs had their renovations done so he has a batting cage close to keep loose I would be all for keeping him. But as it is he might get us a nice return if he can keep this up for another couple weeks.

  • mudge

    Guerrier rolled through the seventh and I was clenching myself against his removal. But there he was, rolling through the eighth. This is how you win baseball games. Borbon does a nice impression of a lead-off man.

  • THEOlogical

    What type of prospect (# wise on a good or bad org.) are the Cubs asking for on Soriano? I guess all the factors have to line up pretty well to trade him. Hopefully he’ll give in and net us a decent return.

  • willis

    For most of his start this was as good as Jackson has looked all year. Which, seeing the investment in him, is great to see.

    Some power from Soriano and a shut down by the pen, good day.

    • Die hard

      Yea why ruin it by pointing out Castro line? I won’t

      • EvenBetterNewsV2.0

        Why stop trolling now?

  • Die hard

    Hate when Cubs tease like this—what a mess team would be without Soriano?! — which is scary as nobody to replace him

  • http://bleachenation Sacko

    Who is Sori considering to go to. He did say he would go this year.

  • mudge

    He’d prefer an East coast team in contention.

  • http://cubsdailyrecaps.blogspot.com Jason P

    Luis Valbuena may not quite have the bat to start at a corner infield position for the Cubs long term, but he could make one hell of a utility player with his approach, defense, and sneaky power.

    He made another great play today on that Starling Marte ground ball near the foul line. Marte’s a pretty good runner, but Valbuena fired off an absolute rocket of a throw to get him wittout even stepping into it.