travis wood beardA very nice – and deserved – accolade for Travis Wood today, as he was named to the National All-Star squad. Barring a shocking turn, or an unthinkable rash of injuries and “I don’t want to play”s, Wood will be the Cubs’ sole All-Star representative this year.

Showing ridiculous control and command of his pitches, Wood looks to have turned a corner in his career, and cemented himself as a viable long-term number three starter (which is actually high praise). He’s got a 2.69 ERA (8th best in the NL), an 0.979 WHIP (4th best), and has already accumulated 2.1 WAR for the Cubs this year. So far, 16 of his 17 starts have been “quality starts.” When Wood has the ball, he gives the Cubs a great chance to win.

You could have made a case for Jeff Samardzija, as well, but Wood absolutely merited this recognition this year, and it’ll be fun to see if he actually gets to pitch in the game on July 16.

You can see the full AL and NL All-Star rosters here.

(For a look at how much things can change in a year, you are reminded of the Cubs’ two All-Stars in 2012.)

  • cubchymyst

    He deserved if based on the beard alone, but seriously he has been having a great year.

  • Tobias

    It’s seems like such a long time ago that Wood wasn’t even a lock to make the team back in spring training.

  • willis

    16/17 quality starts is pretty much ridiculous. It’s hard as hell to do. Congratulations to Wood. He definitely deserves it.

  • willis

    Garza just nailed him with a shaving cream pie…saying “congrats buddy” live on TV. God I wish we could keep that dude.

    • Jeff

      Jackson got a win…OMG!!!

      We can get Garza back in three months..

      • dumbledoresacubsfan

        What would the possibility be of our FO being a bunch of masterminds beyond what we can fathom?

        What if they’ve gotten it figured out with Garza to trade him for prospects that will help the team in the near future, and already have a number set to resign him in the off season?

        That way he plays somewhere else for a little while, has a chance to get a ring, and then comes back to Chicago with the players he helped us get…

  • http://Bleachernation Lou Brock

    Congrats to Travis he deserved this honor. This makes FO trade of Marshall looking like a real winner.
    Keep your eyes on Washington Nats in Garza deal. Rizzo – GM not happy with Haren replacement at this point. Nats are loaded with high end prospects and have proven before they will pay for quality starters. Look for Cubs to ask for Giolito and Jordan both pitchers who have had TJ surgery, and a catcher in A ball named Nieto.

  • Cyranojoe

    Didn’t get to watch the game, why did Jackson get pulled in the 6th?

    • Brett

      Over 100 pitches, kinda looked like he was losing it.

    • Spencer

      He was at like 96 pitches and put two guys on base. Lefty was due up next, so Sveum went to Russell.

  • Spencer

    Happy for Travis; he deserves it. Maybe the Cubs will tinker with their rotation a little bit (hard to do because they don’t have an off day before the break) and move Travis up a day or two so he can get an opportunity to pitch in the game.

  • Timmy

    Deserved, imagine how good his record would be if Theo wasn’t trying to sabotage the Cubs for a higher draft pick.

  • EB

    Wood is on pace to pitch on Sunday the 14th against the Cardinals, which would make him ineligible to play in the All-Star Game.