Cubs Minor League Daily: Great Timing

javier baez aflOne of the best parts of the recent promotion of Baez to Tennessee is the timing. By the time I show to up to see the Smokies in person on August 12 and 13 Baez will have had a month to settle in to playing at the Double A level. I was already looking forward to that trip, but now August can’t get here fast enough.

The absolute dream scenario would be for Kris Bryant to almost immediately be assigned to Double A after he signs. I don’t expect it, but that would be ridiculously awesome.

Scores From The Weekend

Iowa -
Friday – This one wasn’t pretty. Three errors and just three runs led to a 10-3 loss.
Saturday – The Friday game was suspended and completed on Saturday, and that meant the Saturday was treated like a doubleheader and only seven innings were played. The Cubs didn’t score in any of those innings and lost 1-0.
Sunday – A seventh inning seven run out burst carried the Cubs to an 8-5 win.

Tennessee -
Friday – Early scoring carried the Smokies to this 3-1 win.
Saturday – Despite the first inning heroics of their new shortstop, Tennessee lost 8-2.
Sunday – The Smokies were rained out.

Daytona -
Friday – The surging Cubs beat Brevard County 5-2 on Friday.
Saturday – In their first game of the post-Baez era, the Cubs won again 6-5.
Sunday – They dropped the rain shortened Sunday game, though, 5-2.

Kane County -
Friday – It took a five run eighth, but Kane County pulled out the 8-7 win.
Saturday – They were blanked on Saturday, though, 5-0.
Sunday – This game went little better. The Cougars came up short in a 12-5 game.

Boise -
Friday – The Hawks allowed six in the third and lost 9-3.
Saturday – The big inning burned Boise again as they lost 5-3.
Sunday – Boise forced extra innings, but they lost the game 3-1 in ten.

Arizona -
Friday – In a well pitched game, the AZL Cubs came up short 3-1.
Saturday – Five errors helped sink the AZL Cubs in this 11-4 loss.
Sunday – A run in the eighth pushed it to extra innings, but the AZL Cub ultimately lost in ten 4-2.

Performances of Note

  • [Iowa] Pitching the game on Saturday was Barret Loux, and he actually pitched pretty well. He struck out 6 in 6 innings while giving up a run on 4 hits and 4 walks. Other than the walks, that is a very nice outing.
  • [Iowa] Logan Watkins had 2 hits and a walk on Friday. On Saturday he followed that up with another walk, and on Sunday reached twice on a walk and a single. He also stole his 8th base.
  • [Iowa] Donnie Murphy hit his 10th home run in his first at bat on Sunday, and then was lifted. Anthony Giansanti took his place in the lineup and proceeded to go 1 for 3 with a double.
  • [Tennessee] Alberto Cabrera struck out 7 in 7.2 innings of work on Friday. Now that his last bad start was over a month ago, I think it’s time to add Cabrera’s name to the list of near future promotion candidates.
  • [Tennessee] Arismendy Alcantara doubled and homered on Friday, raising his home run total to 12. He also stole his 21st base.
  • [Tennessee] Newly promoted shortstop Javier Baez did indeed begin his Double A career with a bomb. Christian Villanueva hit his 11th homer a few innings later.
  • [Daytona] Pierce Johnson struck out 5 in 5 innings for Daytona over the weekend, and it earned him his first High-A win.
  • [Daytona] Florida agrees with Pin-Chieh Chen. The speedy outfielder reached base 8 times over the weekend (5 of those on walks) and hit both a double and a triple in the process. His High-A line now reads .375/.500/.450 with 9 walks, 9 strike outs, and 6 steals (sample size alert).
  • [Kane County] Sheldon McDonald struck out 3 in 3 scoreless innings, but that was pretty much the extent of the good news on the mound for Kane County this weekend. The pitching for the Cougars has not been very good lately.
  • [Kane County] Albert Almora (his 3rd) and Dan Vogelbach (his 13th) both homered on Friday. Almora also put together a 3 for 4 day that included his 4th steal on Sunday.
  • [Kane County] With two more doubles this weekend, Gioskar Amaya is keeping his hot streak alive. While his season OPS is just .715, his OPS over his last ten games is .991. That stretch includes half his 4 home runs, four multi-hit games, and just 3 strike outs.
  • [Boise] Shawon Duston did not have a hit on Friday or Saturday, but he walked twice in each game. On Sunday he tripled to open the game and finished 2 for 3.
  • [Boise] Trey Masek and Tyler Skulina saw action on Friday, and both looked pretty good. Masek struck out 3 in 2 innings of work, and Skulina fanned 1 in a hitless frame.
  • [Boise] Second round pick Rob Zastryzny also made his debut this weekend. He pitched one inning on Sunday and struck out 2 while giving up one free pass.
  • [Boise] Andrew McKirahan struck out 4 in 2.1 innings of hitless relief on Sunday. His ERA remains a tidy 0.00.
  • [Arizona] Alex Santana worked 5 innings in the Friday loss. He finished with 2 K, 2 BB, and 2 R on 3 H.
  • [Arizona] Two innings in Sunday’s game were pitched by Starling Peralta. He struck out 3 in that span, and allowed a run on 3 hits.
  • [Arizona] Jeffrey Baez hit his first home run of the season on Sunday.

Other News

  • With both Soler and Baez out of the picture, the new 3-4-5 sequence for the Daytona Cubs appears to be Wes Darvill, Dustin Geiger, and Ben Carhart. Geiger is in the middle of a breakout season and has been getting plenty of attention in this space. Wes Darvill, an infielder, is a fairly raw athlete with a lot of potential but who hasn’t quite put it all together yet. Carhart was aggressively promoted to Daytona in his first full season out of college, and so far has held his own there. He has not shown much power, but he’s done enough to keep his name in play as one of the Cubs’ many fringe guys.
  • The best thing about the numbers being posted by Yasiel Balaguert in Boise is the walks. In 71 games last season Balaguert walked just 15 times. In 23 games this season he already has 13.
  • Yes, Bryant has until Friday to sign and there are no real signs of progress (at least, not publicly). No, I’m not worried in the slightest and you shouldn’t be either. This is going to come down to the final few days, but absolutely everyone with any connections to the prospect or draft scene is certain that Bryant will sign. There is a chance this will fall a part at the last second, but then there is a chance that a lot of unlikely things will happen [Brett: Asteroids!]. I’m not worried about freak asteroid strikes or an uprising of man-eating giant pandas, nor am I worried about Bryant not signing. [Brett: Holy crap, I inserted that asteroids bit before I'd read the next line! Luke and I are on the same page, man ... ]

Luke Blaize is the Minor League Editor at Bleacher Nation. He can be found on Twitter as ltblaize.

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  1. BluBlud

    Murphey pulled Sunday after hitting a homerun, thyen we find out that Hairston has been traded. It looks like Murphey is on his way to Chicago.

    1. Rich H

      Murphey got hit in the knee cap and after the HR they wanted to look at it to be sure. Not saying he is not the call up but that was not the reason for his being pulled.

  2. MXB

    If there is an uprising of man-eating pandas, it will be Pandamonium!

    Thanks everybody, I’ll be here all week….don’t forget to tip your servers

    1. Frank

      You need to find a manager to handle your upcoming gig’s.

  3. jh03

    That asteroids coincidence was awesome.

    1. Brett

      I couldn’t believe I had just typed it when I saw the next line!

  4. On The Farm

    Good stuff as usually Luke.

    I know its only High A, but I love seeing Johnson having success since his promotion. Maybe it is due to lack of arms in the system (or the fact that he was the first pitcher selected under Theo), but I am really excited about what this kid can do.

  5. dan

    Do not worry about Bryant? With Boras as agent anything is possible !!!!!!!!

  6. Jp3

    Bryant I guess could be there in a month. He could go to Arizona for a week then Boise and go 7 for 12 with 3HRs and 4doubles and the Cubs just go ok time for AA😜. Would be awesome.

  7. Jp3

    Luke if this happens it’d be in your best interest to get there early to watch the epic HR derby batting practice battles between him and Baez.

  8. HackAttack

    I missed why Hannemann was placed on the DL. Can someone catch me up.

    1. On The Farm

      I must’ve have missed this as well, anyone got the details?

  9. On The Farm

    Have the 2013 Chicago Cubs signed first round pick Kris Bryant to the 2013 Chicago Cubs as a first round pick?


    1. Jp3

      Oh no, where has ménge been?

    2. MichiganGoat

      Really? Don’t you think Brett and everyone else will be all over this once he signs (and he will sign) these daily – “Has Bryant signed yet?” are tiresome. Just wait it will be here as soon as it happens (unless it happens in the middle of the night), be patient.

      1. Jp3

        It’s bait Goat, you bit it i think😝. Pretty sure this person was mocking that Shelby menge I think.

        1. MichiganGoat

          you’re probably right… I only slept for 2 hours last night so my cranky is in hyper mode. I’m taping a sign “DON’T BITE” on my computer right now.

          1. Jp3


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        2. On The Farm

          Indeed I was poking fun. Sorry aboot that.

      2. Brett

        Never thought I’d see the day that MG missed an inside joke.

        1. Jp3

          Maybe MG hasn’t had his coffee yet?

        2. MichiganGoat

          Teething 10 month old will do that to the psyche of anyone’s mind… I’ve only slept 4 hours in the last two days. CRANKY GOAT

          1. Brett

            Oof. Not looking forward to that stage with number two. Knock on wood, he actually sleeps very well right now. The two-year-old, on the other hand …

            1. MichiganGoat

              so did mine until these last few weeks… now two hours is a lucky night. Wife and I are taking shifts and trading household chores for nighttime child watch. I also lost bet and got two days in a row.

          2. Jp3

            Yeah i can relate MG, i’ve got an 8 month old…. he’s cutting them as well

        3. MichiganGoat

          I’m starting to see colorful animals around my desk… what my child’s bear just told me to shut up and drink my coffee. Going to be a long day. I forgot how much a teething child sucks.

    3. #1lahairfan


  10. Frank

    Are we there yet?

  11. #1lahairfan

    Junior Lake is just the kind of player that can put up monster numbers in the PCL without improving much at all as a player.

    1. On The Farm

      Speaking of your handle, does anyone else remember that a year ago at this time Brian LaHair was an All-Star?

      1. MichiganGoat

        ah distant memories…

      2. #1lahairfan

        That was great.

  12. Oswego chris

    One nice thing about being older than u chaps…kids are grown…

    But the girls talk back now

    1. MichiganGoat

      hell my five year old has already embraced her inner diva and the worst part is that she is starting to remind me of my ex-wife… and I thought teaching taught me patience

  13. MichiganGoat

    Okay the evolution of Brett:

    1st Fancypants
    2nd Ace
    3rd Brett
    4th A cognitive break that created Luke – they are Borg like *Asteroids
    5th Fancypants returns only to disappear again

    The 6th evolution is the scariest since it will open a gate that the creation of MG started years ago.

    1. MichiganGoat

      Crap replace FancyPants with PuckerPants… damn you teething baby. My mind is fractured.

    2. Bric

      Goat, as a math teacher you should realize that Brett’s name changes aren’t evolutionary since the subject doesn’t experience any fundamental changes. They’re more like iterations, such as the Collatz Conjection, where Brett= N.

      If N is even, divide it by 2 to get n / 2. If n is odd, multiply it by 3 and add 1 to obtain 3n + 1. Repeat the process (which has been called “Half Or Triple Plus One”, or HOTPO) indefinitely. And there you have the iteration of Brett’s name changes quantified in mathematical process worthy of its own Sabermetric.

      1. MichiganGoat

        I’m not a math teacher… but that response combined with my hallucinogenic state from sleep deprivation really did blow my mind.

        1. Bric

          Thanks, bro. You need to try get a nap in sometime day. Summer afternoon naps are the best.

          1. MichiganGoat

            What is this “nap” word you just said… I do not know this word.

            1. DarthHater

              Guess you aren’t one of them narcoleptic goats.

  14. North Side Irish

    Baseball America released their Mid-Season Top 50 Prospects and the Cubs have three in the top 20…Baez (#10), Almora (16), and Soler (18) as expected. Players from the 2013 Draft weren’t considered so Bryant would not have been included even if he was signed.

  15. DarthHater


  16. DarthHater

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