washington nationals logoThe Chicago Cubs will be announcing the Scott Hairston trade later today (presumably in tandem with a roster move), but Jon Heyman is reporting that the pitching prospect the Cubs will be getting in the deal is Ivan Pineyro.

As I’d guessed, the Cubs aren’t getting a top prospect – he looks to be in the 20 to 30 range in the Nationals’ system, at best, which is better than I’d thought the Cubs would do – though he might be something of a “riser.” Pineyro, 21, was recently promoted to High-A after pitching extremely well at A-ball (so well, in fact, that he was named an All-Star). After a mixed 2012 campaign split between rookie ball and short season low-A (weak baseball card stats, but great K/BB), Pineyro is sporting a 3.24 ERA over his 15 starts this season, 13 of which came at low-A. He’s got a fantastic 3.27 K/BB this year, which goes well with his 3.42 for his career.

On paper, I’m loving this guy. He’s 6’1″ and about 200 lbs, so he’s not a huge guy, but plenty big enough to let you dream on him as a future starter. In a system thin on upper level pitching talent, Pineyro could immediately be one of the Cubs’ best 10 or so pitching prospects. Getting that for Scott Hairston, after his slow start, is quite a deal.

I would imagine we’ll hear quite a bit more about him in the coming days, assuming Pineyro is the guy, but the early reaction: this is a great get.

UPDATE: Just to get in a confirmation, Ken Rosenthal says, yeah, it’s Pineyro. Local folks seem to be confirming as well, though they might be just parroting the Heyman report as I was. Either way, I’d say this is the guy. And I like it.

And an UPDATE for officialness: the Cubs have announced the deal. It’s Hairston for Pineyro, with each side getting a PTBNL (according to the Nats’ announcement, anyway). Best guess is that the relative calibers of the PTBNLs will depend on how Hairston does with the Nats. It’s also possible that the PTBNL list from which the Nats get to choose is a lot better than the Cubs, which could pull back the reins on how great this deal looks for the Cubs. I suppose we’ll find out in time. For today, I’m smiling.

  • mak

    I think that the FO thinks, at least, that Pineyro is more than a guy with decent numbers. With Hairston signed for so cheap in 2014, there was absolutely no need to trade him unless there was an offer they couldn’t refuse. So something tells me that they really liked this guy.

    • Cyranojoe

      I agree with you, mak. One side benefit to the trade, though, is that trading Hairston opens up an (outfield?) spot on the 2014 roster for a trade, FA, or prospect to take over.

  • http://Bleachernation Lou Brock

    Pineyro’s last time out was superb – 7 innings , 3 H, 1BB, 3 K’s , 0 R. That was only his second start at A+ ball. I like this deal. Well done FO.

    • cms0101

      It’s getting exciting. There will be 3-4 guys in the AA rotation next season that could actually amount to a quality ML starting pitcher.

  • Rebuilding

    Not sure if this was linked before, but here is a short Phil Rogers take on the deal from the LA Times: http://www.latimes.com/topic/chi-cubs-trade-hairston-for-pineyro-20130708,0,2121428.column

    • Rich H

      A couple comments one – If Phil Rodgers is getting stuff on the LA Times website shouldn’t it be about something LA oriented?


      • Rebuilding

        I believe the Tribune Co. owns the LA Times so I guess they get subjected to him out there too

  • JBarnes

    “I don’t expect that it will be a top prospect – or even someone in the Nats’ top 30…”

    “As I’d guessed, the Cubs are getting a prospect that looks to be in the 20 to 30 range in the Nationals’ system…”

    Hmmm did you guess that?

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      Haste. Sorry. My gut was that I’d originally said “back-end of the top 30 at best.”

  • North Side Irish

    Jesse Rogers ‏@ESPNChiCubs 2m
    There are players to be named later on both sides but Hoyer says should not affect overall balance of the trade…

    • JulioZuleta

      I’m thinking it will be Dave Sappelt going to the Nats and Bryce Harper to the Cubs. Seems pretty fair on both sides.

      • Jp3

        Nice, they wanted Brent Lillibridge but since we traded him their plan B is Sappelt

      • BluBlud

        You idiot, that is way to much to be giving up for Bryce Harper. Giving up Sappelt and Hairston, and all we get in return is some pitcher in the minors putting decent numbers and Bryce Harper. If Theo does this crap, he just be fired instantly. :)

        • Katie

          Bwwahaha! This made me titter.

          • DarthHater


  • Matthew Nomad

    Just off initial feelings…im impressed. I didn’t expect much of a Hairston trade, so some more young pitching is already an upside. And after watching Jose Rosario throw on Saturday, I’m all for some movement in the arms department.

  • Steve

    In the past 60-years the Cubs have finished a season over .500 only 17 times. 28% of the time. NOT VERY GOOD!!!

    • TWC

      You passed Trolling 101, which is “Commenting indicating General Disdain for your Target”, but you missed the prerequisite Internet Douchebaggery 99, “Relevance”. You douche.

    • DarthHater

      You only used caps lock for 12% of your characters. Not very good.

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