If only the Cubs could play the White Sox in every game.

It was tight early on, and it looked like a baserunning gaffe here and a throwing gaffe there would cost the Cubs. But then they busted things open in the 8th, and that was that. Matt Garza was as good as you’d like him to be, and a number of guys had great nights. Even Dave Sappelt had a four-hit night.

But you know who stole the show.

july 8 box

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  • ssckelley

    The Cubs trade bait put on a show last night. The asking price for Garza probably solidified with that performance and Soriano is hot right now.

  • Matt

    I truly believe the Cubs need to move Garza before his next start. He hasn’t been this hot in his Cubs career and I don’t want to chance injury.

    • Cheese Chad

      Although I agree somewhat and am excited about a possible return. I don’t think management expects an injury as often as we think. Other teams have good scouts and GM’s and can see if there is a sign of an injury possibly happening. Other than a freak injury I think the Cubs and other teams think he will remain healthy. A lot of times you can tell like David Price having a drop in velocity this year it seems it’s always a tell-tale sign that a guy will hit the DL (Halladay too). I think Garza pitching this well is a combination of him being that good and knowing he’s in a contract year. I say hold out for the best deal. That’s been their philosophy and you can’t let being unlucky or burned on a couple of occasions change your mentality.

  • Die hard

    Theo using the media to shop Garza accdng to Curt Schilling

    • davidalanu

      Die hard quoting Curt Schilling. Insert your own punch line.

      • http://www.michigangoat.blogspot.com MichiganGoat

        Yup that just about sums up my thoughts about this