Travis Wood is an All-Star, but No All-Star Game and Other Bullets

travis wood beardIt’s going to be a crazy busy week once again. We’ve got all of the trade rumor stuff, the international signing stuff (plus, you know, Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez is still out there just about ready to be signed), the big Landmarks Commission meeting on Thursday about the outfield signage at Wrigley (you forgot about that, didn’t you?), and the draft signing deadline on Friday. Whew. There’s also a free one-day fantasy contest running on Friday, in which you should participate because it’s neat.

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71 responses to “Travis Wood is an All-Star, but No All-Star Game and Other Bullets”

  1. jstraw

    Travis’ Sunday start should be skipped. This is a sunk season. He should get to appear in the ASG.

    1. Brandon

      Agreed. It’d just one start, I say skip him and let him pitch in the ASG.

      1. Feeney

        I don’t necessarily agree. The Cubs pay his salary. He is payed to pitch for the Cubs not an All Star team. It is a sunk season. So make all the trades you want. Call up some prospects to see what they can do.

        But I don’t like the message that Wood skipping his start would send. Even in a lost season I want the guys on the field taking each game seriously.

        1. Peter

          [I made a naughty response.]

          1. ColoCubFan

            OOH! Clever Comeback! If that’s the only way you can make a comment, keep it to yourself please.

            1. Peter

              [I did it again!]

              1. Chris

                hey…you’re being a scoundrel.

              2. MaxM1908

                You hear that sound? It’s Brett cracking his knuckles. . . about to swing the Ban Hammer.

              3. BT

                feel pretty strongly about this Pete?

              4. Cubbie Blues

                What a colorful vocabulary you have. Do you normally go around calling people names or are you feeling particularly trollish this morning?

                1. hansman1982

                  Dang work getting in the way of me seeing another blocked comment by Bertolo.

                  1. DarthHater

                    Yea, stupid work! Slow down, Bert. We’re missing all the fun.

                    1. hansman1982

                      At least he is slow to deleting your comments…

                    2. DarthHater

                      Hasn’t happened yet. I’ve also never been arrested for trying to vandalize the Wrigley Field ivy.

                    3. hansman1982

                      Neither have I, just got the BP up on an usher one time. Tried blaming it on Bert but they took one look at him and laughed.

                    4. DarthHater

                      The ushers are trained in criminal phrenology. You need to grow some hair. :-P

                    5. hansman1982

                      I tried, once, to get my hands on Santo’s toupee so I could have hair but got drop-kicked by a 97-year-old usher.

                    6. TWC

                      If you can hold off, I’ll probably do my biannual shearing (±12″) in the fall. I’ll send it to you. That won’t be creepy at all.

                    7. MichiganGoat

                      TWC returning to the Midwest is always creepy

                    8. TWC

                      *biennial. Not biannual. Derp.

                    9. DarthHater

                      TWC: That Was Creepy

                    10. hansman1982

                      Thank God, rather than make a sweater with it, I will make a toupe.

          2. BluBlud


            1. Feeney

              Other people have made similar points. But I am the only dumbass!!!

          3. Carew

            Not cool dude

        2. miggy80

          I would have to say I disagree. The money management gets from the FANS attending the games and buying merchandise is the money they are paying Wood with, and in case you didn’t know the All-Star Game is the Fans game. Yeah I know that it determines the home field advantage of the world series, but this is the fans game and the fans should get the chance to see their team represented.

          1. Feeney

            Okay well that’s where I would agree to disagree. I watch as many Cubs games as I can every season. I pay for as I live out of market. I haven’t watched an All Star game since I was about 15. So 1996ish probably. Personally I think the ASG is a waste of time. But I know I may be in the minority on that one.

    2. BT

      It makes no sense. there is no reason why he has to pitch on Sunday. Bring up someone already on the 40 man roster.

    3. CubFanBob

      I would rather see Wood attempt to defeat the first place cardinals Sunday night. Cards shifted Wainwright around so he would pitch Sunday night. Not sure how many redturd fans are complaining. Sure it’s a personal honor to be named to the Allstar game but MLB is a team sport.

      1. Pete

        Agreed. Even if he skips his start, there’s no guarantee he appears in the ASG, correct? Sunday night’s game is on ESPN, and he would command more of the spotlight there than he would in the ASG.

    4. mjhurdle

      Beating the Cardinals on Sunday Night baseball in front of a national audience is better than getting 2 outs in the middle innings of a meaningless (to the Cubs) game imo.
      hopefully he dominates the Cards on Sunday night, then gets to enjoy the All Star break without having to actually pitch in it.

  2. Jay

    God, I hope we can ship Soriano out of town before he goes cold again, because once he does–he stays cold for a long time.

  3. SirCub

    I feel like some of the last bullet’s bullets could have been bulleted.

  4. David

    Gotta love whats goin on in the whole Cubs org right now. Major league team is overachieving in the past few weeks/ couple of months- it’d be great if we can keep it up even after the trading deadline, we have some of the top minor leaguers in all of baseball hopefully coming up in the next year or 2, a few more coming in the lower minors, more coming from the international draft, lots of $$ to spend…. All of our crazy patience will be well worth it.

    1. Mvandy524

      It’s nice to see the wins coming our way and thing working in our favor for a change. Completely agree and hope July will be a good month for the Cubs

  5. Mvandy524

    Someone argued on here with me about Soriano being one of my favorite cubs. We both agreed his days are numbered and it might be best for him and is if he is traded. But for this reason is why he was one of my favorites. His infamous hot streaks are fun to watch and the energy he brings to a lineup if incredible. He has never been the kind of player his contract said he was it was Hendrys fault for over paying. Anyways ill be upset when he is gone but happy to see that contract off the books and the return he brings.

    1. BluBlud

      It was not Hendry’s fault, it was ownerships fault. The force the contract for Soriano to make the team more valuable.

      1. Carew

        Didnt Someone add more money and years than originally planned?

        1. North Side Irish

          Long been rumored, but never acknowledged, that Crane Kenney and Sam Zell upped it from six years to eight…

          1. North Side Irish

            Oops, sorry…meant Tribune Company, not Zell

            1. BT

              I’ve heard a couple of writers acknowledge it. Of course they only did so after Hendry was shown the door, and they had spent years holding him responsible for it publicly, all the while knowing he had only wanted 6 years on the deal.

          2. Carew

            Kenney aint too smart huh

  6. Stinky Pete

    “I’m not sure I can think of a Cub whose hot streaks were so markedly hot.”

    While not as consistent year in and year out, I can recall Derrek Lee being incredibly locked in.

  7. Clark Addison

    Billy Williams was a streaky hitter too.

  8. arcola

    Ryne Sandberg was another player who warmed up when the weather did.

  9. Kirbs414

    From a selfish standpoint – this Sundays game is the only Cubs game I’ll get to all season so I’m glad I get to watch our all-star pitch and not some triple-A fill in. But Wood has really deserved it this year and I wish he got the chance to play on Tuesday.

  10. fortyonenorth

    Maybe Wood get’s to pinch hit (or pinch run). That would be an appropriate use of his talents, based on his results this year.

  11. Mr. B. Patient

    Huffington Post of sport blogs.

    1. Mr. B. Patient

      Because it’s a one-stop shop.

  12. Mr. Gonzo

    On the outside, Soriano was all-class last night in front of the scouts. But on the inside…get-me-outta-here-o_zpsa3a9c9d7.gif

    1. Chris

      haha “Mista…mista….get me outta here!!!”

  13. Danny Ballgame

    Got any more of that gum Ace?

  14. @cubsfantroy

    Wood can still pinch hit and pinch run.

  15. North Side Irish

    Baseball America is doing their Midseason Prospect Update series and handing out awards for each team. For the Cubs, it was Baez (Best Player), Alberto Cabrera (Biggest Leap Forward), and Brett Jackson (Biggest Disappointment).

    The first and third ones aren’t surprising, but it was nice to see Cabrera get some recognition for a strong season back in the rotation.

    1. cubchymyst

      Figure Alcantara would be a heavy favorite for biggest leap forward.

  16. Tom A.

    Beat the enemy Cardinals is priority #1 ! I would even feel better about the Cubs going 18 and 144, if those 18 wins are all against the Cardinals !!! Can’t stand them and love it when our Cubs beat them. Series is something like 1,175 Cubs to 1,118 Cardinals all-time.

    Playing in an all-star game is not as great of a priority as beating the Cardinals.

    Wood pitching Sunday gives us a better chance at beating the Cardinals and that should matter to us Cubs fans.

  17. jstraw

    I just think it would a nice reward from the FO to Wood to let him be available to pitch in what could be his only ASG. *shrug* At what real cost?

    1. Whiteflag

      It be nice to let Wood decide, but I’d choose Sunday night on ESPN.

  18. Whiteflag

    Anyone know how Wrigleyville West is coming along?

    1. King Jeff
      1. TWC

        Man, what I wouldn’t give to work on a project like that….

        1. MichiganGoat

          ALL THE HAIR!

        2. King Jeff

          How could you not love coming to work everyday there?

          1. TWC

            Well, the heat, really. But I might put up with it for a 2-3 year period just to work on that facility.

            1. King Jeff

              I learned how to work outside in the heat and humidity from my Dominican and Cuban friends in South Florida, so I don’t think it would be much of a problem for me.

      2. Spriggs

        They starting laying sod on the fields the other day. Still hard to believe it will be ready for spring training.

      3. Whiteflag

        Thanks! I don’t have facebook, so I couldn’t find any pictures. I can seem them from your link though. Looks awesome.

        1. King Jeff

          Spriggs lives in the area and says that they are even further along than the pictures posted. Would love to see it with the sod down.

  19. Serious Cubs Fan

    You think Scott Baker would take discount to sign with the Cubs next year? I doubt it, but we paid for his rehab and surgeries and gave him $5.5mil to sit in Mesa and rehab. I know he’s looking for his first big contract but I doubt at this point any team would give him more then 2 yrs bc he’s still unproven coming off surgery.

    So say if it came down to an offer of $5.5mil from the Cubs and a $6-6.5mil from another team. I think he should have some loyalty to the Cubs since we committed so many resources to him already. But nature of the game, is you go where the best money is

  20. Scott Baker Could Pitch for the Cubs Eventually and Other Bullets | Bleacher Nation | Chicago Cubs News, Rumors, and Commentary

    [...] of Wood, remember all that he-won’t-pitch-in-the-All-Star-Game stuff? Well, I can’t be certain, but it sounds like the Cubs or Sveum or Wood or someone [...]

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