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I just set my preliminary roster for Friday’s one-day, free fantasy baseball contest. The contest has cash prizes, and signing up helps support Bleacher Nation – so, like, do it.

I say “preliminary” because I’m always open to tweaking my roster before the games start on Friday, depending on whim, injury, trades and (increasingly) weather forecast. That preliminary roster is all about hype. It uses up a lot of my budget to get the “hype” guys, but whatever. It’s a strategy. That means, yes, I have Miguel Cabrera. Yes, I have Yasiel Puig. Yes, I have Charlie Morton. (Ok, that one was just a salary thing.)

We’ll see. Friday will probably be the day that Puig’s BABIP regression smacks him down.

By the way, you should also sign up for this thing. The full contest details are here. The gist is this: you go to Draftstreet, you sign up, you pick a roster of players from Friday’s games, and you watch your guys rack up points for you on Friday. The top scoring team wins $100, and the next 14 teams win cash, in declining order of awesomeness.

It’s truly a lot of fun, it’s free, and it’s easy. Sign up now.

  • ncsujuri

    Miguel & Puig….who do you have pitching?!?!

  • Doug

    All signed up Brett. Hopefully I can finish in the top 3rd. Heck, I’ll take the top half!!

  • Cyranojoe

    Putting all my money in the pitching and Molina. Going to have to stay on top of whether they’re gonna let him play on Friday…

  • Chad

    When it’s cubs v. cards I pretty much pick whoever the cards have on their team.

    • Doug Gray

      That’s a pretty good strategy unfortunately.