Cubs Reportedly Set to Sign Top Pick Kris Bryant for Full Slot Value of $6.7 Million (UPDATES)

Kris BryantJon Heyman, who has an unspoken close connection with Scott Boras’s camp, today reports that the Chicago Cubs are close to signing their top draft pick, San Diego third baseman Kris Bryant … who is represented by Boras. In other words, I tend to believe Heyman on this one.

With the signing deadline looming on Friday, this would be news we’ve long waited for. It will clarify how the Cubs are able to proceed with the rest of their spending (although, strictly speaking, it’s my guess that they’ve already got that all worked out).

Interestingly, Heyman reports that Bryant is set to receive a “record” signing bonus, which actually just means that he’ll receive the largest bonus in the new slotting system, with the young man picked ahead of Bryant this year – Mark Appel – currently holding the honor. The slot value for Bryant’s pick is sufficiently higher than Appel’s bonus that, as I’ve noted before, the Cubs can make Bryant the highest-paid player while still saving money under slot. That’s now what I expect to happen.

It’s a little bit of a surprise, given that Appel is also represented by Boras. While getting the biggest bonus for Bryant is a feather in the cap, isn’t not getting the top pick – and the top overall talent – the top bonus, like, the opposite of that? I really would have thought everyone would have agreed that a bonus just under what Appel received was appropriate (if not lower). The third pick, Jonathan Gray, didn’t even top $5 million.

In any event, hopefully this will be wrapped up soon, and Bryant can get his minor league career underway. Whatever Bryant gets, I believe the Cubs will have made certain not to exceed their bonus pool by more than 5% (as high as you can go without losing a future first rounder). I just hope that there was enough money leftover for later round over slot signings.

UPDATES: According to multiple reports (including Peter Gammons and Jim Callis), Bryant is getting slot from the Cubs, or just about $6.7 million. That is surprising for any number of reasons, and modestly disappointing (not for Bryant, who absolutely should have tried to get every dollar he can), if it proves to be accurate.

That said, it’s not that disappointing, especially if the Cubs already prepared for this with respect to their later round picks. The Cubs were about $200,000 over budget before Bryant signed because of over slots in rounds 2 through 10, and Bryant signing at slot will allow them to go over their total pool by about $500,000 without losing a draft pick. Take $200,000 of that away for the earlier round over slots, and you’ve got about $300,000 to spread around the later guys. Tyler Alamo was believed to be an over slot type, as well as Michael Wagner. Each has already signed. Trevor Clifton is believed to have agreed to a deal for “third round money,” which would be $500,000 to $600,000. It sure doesn’t seem like the Cubs can accommodate that if Bryant got slot, so, I guess we’ll see what happens – maybe he’ll end up taking less.

Let’s not lose sight of the fact that Bryant is a ridiculously awesome prospect, and, when he puts pen to paper, the Cubs’ system will get a further talent injection. This is all still pending a physical and the official officialness, but that’s expected soon.

Brett Taylor is the editor and lead writer at Bleacher Nation, and can also be found as Bleacher Nation on Twitter and on Facebook.

379 responses to “Cubs Reportedly Set to Sign Top Pick Kris Bryant for Full Slot Value of $6.7 Million (UPDATES)”

  1. ssckelley

    So goodbye Clifton?

    1. BluBlud

      This is what i fear, and this has me as pissed off at a Cubs draft pick as I have ever been.

      1. Rebuilding

        It’s not Bryant’s fault that the Cubs gambled and tried some overslot guys later in the draft

    2. TonyP

      I’m going to be pissed if we lose out on Clifton………..

      1. cubchymyst

        I’d be amazed if the Cubs lost out on Clifton. If Bryant gets 6.5M the cubs would still have 500K in overage available. They could offer Clifton 600K and still be under the 5% penalty limit. The question is Alamo.

  2. Tim

    So, High A or AA?

    1. Andrew

      I don’t think either. Appel is supposed to be the most polished player of the draft and he just got promoted to low A today.

    2. cubbie blue thru n thru

      I’d guess Boise or Daytona there isn’t any room in KC infield

  3. On The Farm

    Who cares, when will they announce TWC’s signing? Or is he like a college senior and not subject to the July 12th signing deadline?

    1. probably Scott Boras

      In order to not overshadow Bryant’s signing, the Cubs want to wait to announce TWC’s signing until late Friday afternoon. He’s a pretty reasonable guy — he’s not asking for a financial huge bonus. Just other benefits….

      1. miggy80

        I heard that the signing of T-DUB hit a snag. Something like he’s holding out for Stevie Ray Vaughan’s Number One Strat.

  4. BluBlud

    If this is true, the Cubs are absolutely cinsane. I was very much in the draft Bryant camp, him or Gray, but if he wanted this much, he could have taken his ass back to college. This is why the league needs to step up and set the exact amount that each draft position gets paid. You don’t see this shit in basketball.

    He has a right to ask for s much money as he can get according to the rules, butin my opinion, Bryant now comes across as greedy and not being a team player, all over a couple hundred thousand dollars for a guy who will eventually be a millionaire. The FO shot themselves in the foot by signing all these other guys early.

    A #2 pick should never make more then the #1 pick, not Byron Buxton and not Kris Bryant.

    1. DReese

      He may never make another dime in baseball after this, so cash in now. I don’t blame him

    2. Norm

      Oh come on….relax.
      This could be the guys ONE payday in his life, your dam right he should get every penny.

      1. BluBlud

        At the cost of us sign Trevor clifton. or a couple others. I know those other guys are long shots and Bryant is more of a sure thing, but at some point you have to be a team player. Holding out this long, for a couple hundred thousand, making the team you are going to weaker because of it, when you are going to be a millionaire either way.

        I got into a debate with some of the guys here last year or early this year about loyalty, and taking less to make the team better. The peopl could learn a lot from Lebron James, Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade, Tom Brady, Tim Duncan and few others. All those guys took less money and there is a reason why those guys all have multiple championships.

        I don’t blame him for trying to get it, but is it really that important.

        1. cubchymyst

          I wouldn’t use a single one of those guys as an example. By the time each took a pay cut they were already multi-millionaires.

          1. Cub Style

            And Bryant would be regardless of a couple hundred K…

            1. Cub Style

              To be clear, I don’t fault Bryant or anything. I just think that’s a misguided point.

            2. cubchymyst

              Then let me make my point more clear. Each of those players were a multi-millionaire due to a previous contract before they took a pay cut on a later one. This is Bryants first contract so it is not a direct comparison. Also he is going to the minor league team initially, those players took a pay cut to bring more talent to a team competing for a championship at the highest level.

        2. Cub Style

          When I think loyalty, I sure as hell don’t think about LeBron James,.

          1. DReese

            speeches after they won championshipsCapture63.jpg

            1. DReese

              well that didn’t work but LeBron is on the other side and he never said we once but said I like 20 times

              1. BluBlud

                The guy took less money to win championship. If you still hate Lebron, you have to be a Bulls fan, because they are the only people who still hates him. Cleveland is already over it.

              2. Kyle

                People who dislike LeBron James for years: “Why hasn’t he won a championship?”

                Those same people now: “How dare he make winning a championship about him?”

        3. Norm

          Oh did they? Let’s take a look at their rookie contracts and see if they didn’t take as much as possible.

          1. BluBlud

            No they didn’t, because in the NBA, your salary is set based on where you are drafted. If you are drafted #1, you get this amount. No more, no less. So no they didn’t.

            1. Norm

              Well guess what? MLB has slot values. So you should be pissed at Clifton for wanting more than slot rather that the guy that took slot.

        4. JayPaul

          Wouldn’t it be just as logical to expect Clifton to take less money. Bryant looks like he’s coming in under slot still, maybe they both take a little less and both can start their professional baseball careers for the Cubs.

        5. brunsmk

          Did you seriously just say people can learn a lot of Lebron, I have to team up with a bunch of others to finally win, Wade, I cry about everything and am just a thug, and Bosh, I am not really that good so I am going to leach onto others. Now Duncan I am ok with that, class act through and through.

          1. Cub Style

            And, you know, that Brady guy taking like a 40% pay cut. I hear that’s a lot.

          2. Hookers or Cake

            Yeah Duncan never had any help. And I remember how Jordan beat the Pistons all by himself. All those Lakers teams, and Boston teams where just one guy, and Dr. J didn’t really need Moses.
            Lebron brought one of the worst teams ever to the finals and got crushed but it was pretty amazing he made it that far. Plus all those Miami dudes left a ton of money on the table to win. That’s the whole point. Not a lot dudes do that anymore.

        6. Andrew

          why does he have to be the one to settle? why can’t trevor clifton settle for less. The point is neither had to settle and neither should. They get as much as they think they can get. If the cubs liked trevor clifton that much they could have drafted him earlier, they didnt, so clearly trevor clifton isnt that big of a deal to them. I have no idea who trevor clifton is, and i doubt you know very much about him either so i dont see why people care so much

          1. BluBlud

            yo are talking about the difference between a guy who might get 100,000 and half a million, versus the guy who is a multi millionaire either way. After taxes, you are talking about costing your team all for maybe $250,000.

            1. Rebuilding

              Well, shouldn’t Clifton then be willing to give up some to one of the $100,000 guys? He’ll be half a millionaire and probably have a better chance of earning more in the future. We all want Clifton but that isn’t Bryant’s problem – look to the player’s union who helped negotiate this system

              1. BluBlud

                I agree. The system sucks. Needs to be fixed.

        7. Justin

          Blublud, truth be told LeBron didn’t take a pay cut going to Miami. He signed in a state that doesn’t have an income tax, and actually makes MORE than if he re-signed in Cleveland. I am so sick of hearing that the “Big Three” took a pay cut. It’s just not true. I guess Wade did maybe because he was on the team already, but he’s a broke down old man. OK, I am done…

          1. BluBlud

            Lebron will make 19 million next year and if he had signed for max, in cleveland, with a 10% BUMP YEARLY, INSTEAD OF THE 5% BUMP YEAR HE CURRENTLY GETS, He would be making like 25 million. The state income tax in Florida will not make up the difference.

            1. Justin

              I don’t have Lebron’s contract in front of me, but he did NOT take a $6 Million buck a yr cut to play with the Heat. The income tax thing is a huge deal. I am pretty sure that he gets more per with the Heat or comparable with what he would have gotten in Cleveland.

              1. Blublud

                Justin, I’m pretty sure you are an idiot because you have no clue what you are talking about.

                1. Benjamin

                  Really? Idiot? No idea?


                2. Justin

                  Blublood I am actually certain you’re an idiot. Check the link out buddy boy..

                  Thanks for the back up Benjamin. SMH..

                  1. MichiganGoat


                    1. Timmy

                      the bill simmons article on the lakers today was amazing

                    2. Katie

                      Was wondering the same thing. The NBA blows, er…goats.

                    3. Justin

                      Just calling a dude out who seems to need it Goat.

              2. X the Cubs fan

                LeBron couldve been way way more money had he opted to go to a team where he would be the only star.

            2. JayPaul

              If I recall correctly, James and Bosh signed sign & trade deals w/ Cleveland & Toronto respectively just so they could be paid more than signing with Miami directly.

              1. X the Cubs fan

                I want to say James was the only sign and trade.

                1. Tobias

                  Bosh was also sign and trade.

        8. DARRRRRR

          Pretty sure Lebron, Wade, and Bosh all took max money…or very close.

          1. Blublud

            Nope, nowhere near max money.

          2. X the Cubs fan

            they all took pay cuts

    3. Austin8466

      Maybe it’s a record deal in the sense that it’s the most an offensive player has gotten as a bonus :)

    4. roz

      … a guy who will eventually be a millionaire

      You have heard of Matt Bush, haven’t you?

    5. bbmoney

      I don’t understand the anger. This is America last time I checked. He should be trying to get as much as he can. All players do. The team player concept, in this situation, just sounds silly.

      1. DReese


      2. Scott

        Yeah. I thought this was America.

    6. X the Cubs fan

      Appel was a senior with little leverage besides maybe playing overseas.

    7. caryatid62

      You realize that MLB has a system in place for pretty much exactly that–it’s called the slotting system. And Bryant got exactly what his slot was. Just because the #1 pick went under that slot does not mean that the #2 pick should too.

    8. Tobias

      Why aren’t you complaining about the players that got over slot deals and possibly could have been a reason that the Cubs couldn’t sign Bryant? Are you feeling better now that Bryant signed for his slot value since you brought up the NBA rookie scale?

    9. hansman1982

      Wait a minute, is this another Tony Campana-type thing? Are you just being upset to have some fun with us?

      1. TWC

        Yes. Or at least that’s how he’ll frame it in a few months.

        1. hansman1982

          When he’s saying “Baez-who?”

  5. DReese

    Candelario in low A and Villanueva at AA I would say they put him in high A, unless there are more promotions coming, but I doubt it

    1. willis

      I think that too, but damn with those summer rain outs we may not get to see much of him. But there isn’t anywhere else to put him right now.

      1. DReese

        Yes there were and are going to be many rain outs

        1. MoneyBoy

          With hurricane season not that far away.

          Have a friend who lives in the Pensacola area; said they closed the beaches and ports the rain and waves were so high very recently!!

          1. willis

            Well, they could bump Villanueva up to AA when they send Lake up to Chicago, placing Bryant in TN?

            1. willis

              AAA I mean for Villanueva.

  6. Jay

    Blame Scott Boras, not the player. Although, the threat to return to college for his senior year was laughable and so I don’t see how he had any leverage that way.

  7. Austin8466

    Good for him. Get the money while you can. I hope they start him in Kane County, but I wouldn’t be mad about him starting in Daytona either.

    1. DReese

      Candelario is in Kane county

      1. Austin8466

        The guy will likely be a top 50 prospect, once he’s signed. I’m sure the FO will put him wherever they feel he will develop better. I doubt Candelario will be the reason he doesn’t end up in KC, should that be the case.

    2. Mike

      Just because of this late signing I could see him go to Arizona first and then KC later in the season. It’s too bad he didn’t sign when Appell did, he’s already in Quad Cities.

  8. Ben (BG2383)

    If I was Bryant I would do the same thing. I certainly can’t blame the kid for looking out for his financial security for the rest of his life. It will suck if we don’t get Clifton because of this but not Bryant’s problem

    1. BluBlud

      It is Bryant’s problem. If i was Bryant, and I seen a high upside guy like that for my team, and we are talking the difference between me getting 5.8 and 6.3 million, I would take the 5.8, because that guy might just be the pitcher that helps me win the world series one day.

      1. Rebuilding

        Do you think that Soriano should have signed a $5 mil check over to the Cubs this year to sign another FA pitcher? Is he not a team player then? Being a teammate on the field and getting all of the money you can are two different things

      2. Believe in 2015

        You should never think that way Blublud. What are the odds that Clifton and Bryant both develop into major leaguers? As a player, Bryant realizes that he must take advantage of this opportunity. This is his first major payday and could be his last, not trying to sound pessimistic though

      3. Ben (BG2383)

        The chances of that are very remote. There is probably a better chance both bust out than both make it.

      4. Crockett

        No you wouldn’t. This is the ONLY guaranteed money you might ever get from baseball. You could sign and play three weeks, get a concussion, and be done forever. That 500k is a big deal.

        1. BluBlud

          So, how much different is you lifestyle going to be if i just gave you 5.8 million dollars right now, or if I gave you 6.3. it’s not going to be all that much different. And, unless Bryant is a dummy and go on a splurge, he is never going to be broke again in his life. If I was able to get my hands on 5.8 million, I would never work again and be able to live a very good life.

          1. On The Farm

            Maybe he wants to have a family in his future, last I check a half a million dollars is a lot of money to have to be able to spend on your kids future education.

            Oh get over it. Its the Cubs fault for trying to draft overslot guys in the later rounds, not Bryants. Now would you please pull your head out of your ass so you can step down from your high horse on how you would “turn down 500K if it were you” and “think about LeBron James”

            1. BluBlud

              Right, because 5.8 million is not enough to raise a family. Im not faulting him for taking it, I just had a different perception of what it would be.

              1. On The Farm

                Right, well let me know when someone offers you $500,000 and you say no I want to give it to the Cubs so they can sign go out and get more talent, and I will let your view hold some water. Until you have been there you don’t know what it is like.

                1. BluBlud

                  If the Cubs offered me 6.3 million, but if you take 5.8, we can add this talented guy to the team to help us win, I would take it.

                  Once again, players do that. Look at the heat. They have a team of guys who all took less money then they could have gotten elsewhere so they could be the best team in league. It does work.

                  1. On The Farm

                    Oh right the Heat, maybe you forgot to mention that by time he got that contract he had already been a millionaire for SEVEN YEARS! Different situation, there is no gaurentee for Bryant he will make the majors, let alone get another big league contract.

                    I love how you say if they were giving me 5.8 mil this is what I would do, well they’re not. The truth is you don’t know all of the personal details about Bryant, you don’t know what its like to be offered that amount of money, so you can’t say without a doubt what you would do. I don’t care what your morals, or loyalties are.

                    But This is my last post on this matter because obviously you just know what is best for each player, that they should only put the team first.

          2. mak

            I can’t believe you’re sticking with this argument. Give me a break.

            1. TWC

              Mak, meet BluBlud. He’s nothing if not stubborn.

            2. BluBlud

              Who are you again. It’s my opinion. Once again, if it’s there, then fine. I hope he a great player, but I just have a different perception of him now.

              Reggie Bush was my favorite player until he pulled the I think I should have been #1 so I want #1 money, even though I was really # 3. I’m glad football anf basketball fixed it, now it’s time for the MLB to step up.

              1. Doug Gray

                Would you have taken your current job if during the interview process the owner told you the company would be a lot stronger if they could hire another employee in addition to you but the only way they could afford it would be if you took 15k less than you wanted. Would you have taken it for the good of the company?

              2. Scott

                TWC is a future star. Singing announcement coming soon.

                1. DarthHater

                  You mean TWC can also sing? Or is it his agent who’s going to sing? Either way: wow!

          3. Brandon

            Thanks BluBlud now I don’t have too type the same words. Man, just give me $1M and I’m set for life!

            1. bbmoney

              Give? This ain’t charity.

              Draft guys are already signing for less than market because of the leagues system….., see Jorge, Soler and his guaranteed money.

          4. Adam

            You realize that it is the agents that do the negotiating not the player?

            Agent: This is what they are offering, we’ll reject and get you more.
            Player: Ok.

            Sure a player can say stop negotiating I just want to sign. If you had a business, and someone was offering X amount, do you think you should just say sure thanks for the money, or are you going to negotiate? Bryant is his own personal business, his agents are well within his rights to negotiate for the salary he wants. Not to mention the agent is going to get 10% and the government is going to get the other 50%.

      5. mjhurdle

        or he might also be the guys that flames out in low A ball.
        Also, where do you draw the line? why not take 5.2 so that the Cubs can land more over-slots? why not 4.3?
        why is it Bryant’s responsibility to make the money work for the Cubs draft picks?

      6. TonyP

        He should sign for whatever he wants. I would be just disappointed in losing out on other picks because he took more of the pool than anticipated. I don’t blame Bryant at all….. Most prospects turn out to be not significant anyway so if we lose out on a couple O’well I guess……….

      7. Chet Masterson

        I assume you also tell your company to give you a smaller raise so it can be spread around to the new hires out of school because they may one day be VPs. Kudos.

        1. BluBlud

          I am actually leaving my company, taking a paycut and a position demotion just so I can move to Nashville Tennessee, which I’m doing next thursday. So once again, money is not everything.

          1. Andrew

            Well maybe Bryant wanted to stay in San Diego another year and wants more money if hes gonna go to boise or Kane county or wherever he gets sent to

          2. Darin

            So, where is your loyalty, then? You’re clearly not doing what’s best for your company and thinking about your own needs/wants. You should be more of a team player for your company.

            1. mjhurdle

              loyality apparently means that only non-MLB draftees can look after their own interests.

            2. Scott

              Maybe it is actually what is best for the company…

      8. ssckelley

        I disagree with you here, it is not Bryants problem but the Cubs FO. It is Boras’s job to get his client as much money as possible and it is the FO’s job to make sure they have enough money to sign all the players they want. I still complain about how much Hannemann got as a 3rd round pick when all the experts viewed the pick as a underslot move, to save money. Heck even the guys dad was on record saying they were looking for 700K, that 300K may be the amount needed to get Clifton.

        Like I said in my comment below, I am starting to wonder about this FO’s negotiating skills. It appears that Boras owns these guys.

  9. itzscott

    Excited…. Another “gem” the Cubs are adding to their collection. I don’t think that’s ever actually happened unless one wants to consider the last time being when Santo, Williams, Hubbs, Kessinger, Beckert, etc started filtering in way back in the early 60′s.

    Finally something concrete instead of all the armchair speculation on Garza’s return.

  10. ramy16

    Remember fellas…Scott Boras is his agent

  11. Rich

    Not one of you would take 500k less because of some other draft pick!
    You are not privy to those negotiations nor is your agent suggesting such a thing

    Easy for us to say when we are not in that position
    Maybe as a veteran player you ask another player to come join u after you have millions
    Not at this point

  12. North Side Irish

    Eric Stephen ‏@truebluela 5m
    Carlos Marmol’s day so far with Rancho: Home run, line drive single, throwing error on errant pickoff to 1B

    Sounds familiar…

    1. hansman1982

      and we doubly win that trade. God Colleti is a moron.

    2. On The Farm

      Is Marmol batting? Maybe they are re-inventing him as a catcher again and this is his batting line.

  13. Falselife

    I can’t help but feel that the Cubs really worked hard to get themselves out of a position of leverage. Waiting so long on this deal put them in a bad spot, and they had to have known it would. Oh well, kid produces this will all be forgotten.

    1. TWC

      Or the contract w/ Bryant has been all-but-final for the last several weeks (as had been rumored) and team was just waiting to complete the rest of their major signings.

      1. Falselife

        Valid point. It is fair to argue that they signed everyone they wanted and felt like the objective was met. I’m just tense as I wait out the trade deadline saga…only 3 weeks to go.

  14. Timmy

    If I had to guess, I’d say that Theo and Jed are making Ricketts pay up the ass as revenge because he didn’t put caps on draft picks.

    They’ve taken a lot of slack, including from me, for working for one of the worst 3 owners in the history of baseball. Do we really need a walmart under the scoreboard? Or do we just need a good team and some good hot dogs?

    1. TWC

      More lies, more trolling, more specious bullshit. Please go away.

      1. MichiganGoat

        Just shun him he’s trying to be BetterDieHard

        1. Timmy

          what is this bizarre internet culture of shunning fellow fans for rooting for the team to win within my lifetime? you guys are like baseball ascetics.

          1. hansman1982

            what is this bizarre internet culture that doesn’t want to see our team have all the resources possible to put a team on the field that is capable of winning within my lifetime.

            you guys are like baseball communists.

            1. Timmy

              i am proud to have introduced communism insults into cubs internet shunning

          2. DarthHater

            Rooting for the team to win within your lifetime is not the same as day after day repeatedly posting the same tired BS Wal-Mart comments and anti-Ricketts hyperbole. People who get annoyed by the latter are not annoyed by your fandom, they are annoyed by your annoyingness.

            1. Timmy

              stop defending walmart already

  15. JeffR

    So we do know how much they can offer Clifton now? And how much less it is then the rumor that he was going to sign for?

  16. Tommy

    Gammons saying Bryant got slot. Wish we could all have the last month back

    1. Falselife

      Price you pay for living on the bleeding edge of anything. Casual fans will have no idea bout any of this and be happy to start wearing the uniforms when we are winning again.

    2. DReese

      No, that sucks

  17. Assman22

    He didn’t get slot, Gammons is an idiot…Cubs have two proposals made with Bryant that depend on the remaining unsigned draftees who were given a deadline of tomorrow to decide…Cubs not waiting til the 12th to sign Bryant…

    1. DReese

      The assman with his insider info

    2. cubchymyst

      This is exactly what blublud wants. Willing to take less to get the other talent signed but the Cubs are not going to wait on them. If the money frees up it goes to Bryant.

    3. JulioZuleta

      Seriously, If you’re going to keep trying to give us “insider” stuff. A) try to be right more often please and B) Don’t call others idiots when, as it looks, they turn out to be right.

      Callis just said it was slightly *over* $6.7M. I’m not sure if you’re still a follower of the book of joeby, but it sure seems like that ship sailed with the last front office.

      1. hansman1982

        I’d say he’s gonna live or die on this comment.

    4. BluBlud

      I hope not, I hope he is more iof a team player then that.

      1. JulioZuleta

        Hah, that’s pretty crazy. For most draft picks, their first contract is their only contract. He has every right to get whatever he can. Nothing wrong with that at all.

    5. TonyP

      Thanks for the info Ass!!

    6. Tommy

      And Bryant signed for just over 6.7 million, which is slot

  18. Rich

    6.7 according to Sullivan

    1. North Side Irish

      Jim Callis ‏@jimcallisBA 2m
      #Cubs, 1st-rder Kris Bryant agree on $6,708,400. San Diego 3B, BA College Player of Year, massive power, also good patience & arm. #mlbdraft

      Ugh…should’ve been done a month ago if he’s getting slot

      1. North Side Irish

        sorry…ABOVE slot…

    2. Assman22

      All depends on what the remaining unsigned draftees do…should be made official tomorrow…

      1. someday...2015?

        Thanks for all the insider info assman. It’s much appreciated.

        Anything new with Garza?

  19. JulioZuleta

    If it turns out to be slot, I don’t see how we could possibly still sign Clifton for “third round money.” Not that it’s a huge loss or anything, if we don’t get Clifton.

    1. DReese

      I think the Cubs are maxed out then

  20. BluBlud

    I guess I am more angry at the system then I am at the player.

    1. DReese

      Don’t hate the player hate the game… and Bud Selig

      1. Andrew

        No, just hate Jerry Reinsdorf.

    2. Ben

      You couldn’t have said this 56 posts ago before calling Bryant out and trying to compare him to the Miami Heat?

  21. ssckelley

    I am starting to believe this front office is horrible at contract negotiations. First they overpay for Hannemann, you look at all the money being thrown around in International spending, and now this. There is no way Bryant goes back to school and leaves 6 million dollars on the table. If they talked him and Boras down to 6.3 then they should have gotten him down to 6, you do not go back to school and gamble 300K when there is 6 million dollars on the table. If I was the Cubs I would have went no higher than 6 and planted my feet in the ground and dared him to go back to school. This FO has a great strategy on how to build an organization but I am starting to think they are wimps at the negotiation table.

    On the other hand if the Cubs still end up with both Alamo and Clifton without giving up draft picks then I could care less about any of this.

    1. BluBlud

      I concur

  22. Cory

    6.7 just reported

  23. JulioZuleta

    Before the Boras hates starts (it probably already has, I didn’t read much above), he is reaallllyyy good at his job and by all accounts, never does anything unethical/shady. Hard bargainer? Sure. Great for his clients (advisees)? Absolutely. Now that my dream of being in Kris Bryant’s shoes is gone, I want to be in Scott Boras’s.

    1. Andrew

      ya you gotta admit the guy works his ass off for his clients. Obviously, he has a large stake in getting that money but if im a player that wants to make as much money as possible in my short career, I’m going with Boras.

      1. JulioZuleta

        As a matter of fact, I believe Scott Boras won’t see a single penny of this. He’s an “advisor” not an agent right now. Boras takes high level draftees in the hopes that they will stick with him for the rest of their careers/future extensions/ free agent negotiations. I’m 95% sure that he doesn’t make any money at all off of this deal.

  24. JeffR

    While I certainly see Bryant’s side of things, its hard not to think he is a little selfish for holding out for slot knowing the cubs hands were tied. Because if they didn’t sign him, they would have lost there first round pick next year.

    1. JeffR

      Because they would have went over the 5%

      1. JulioZuleta

        They left themselves wiggle room to not be put in that situation. And if they had overspent and put themselves in that spot, that’d be their own fault. Also, if the Cubs had gone over that 5%, it would have meant that they went overslot in other areas. If you’re Bryant, why say “Ok guys, since you went overslot on other guys, I’ll take underslot just to make everyone else’s life easier.” He didn’t do anything wrong/unethical at all.

    2. JulioZuleta

      Nope. They weren’t over. They wouldn’t have lost a pick.

      1. JeffR

        My point was the cubs had to sign Bryant otherwise they lose his slot money, reducing the 5% overage.

        1. JulioZuleta

          Right, but they still wouldn’t have been over to the point where they would have lost a pick.

          1. JeffR

            Well if that’t the case then the cubs should still have about $335,000 to spend, being that’s what the overage is on the 2nd pick slot.

    3. hansman1982

      That’s also thinking that the Cubs didn’t have a clue what Bryant’s demands were.

  25. 5412

    HI Guys,

    This whole thing is for show, plain and simple.

    Boras had to justify to Appel why he held out. He got enough this year to make a good case for it, plus he got to go to his home town team.

    Second, the Cubs, Boras and Bryant all know that it would be insane for him not to sign, he likely might find himself in the position next year of having to sign for less money. The trick is for all parties not to come off as being too greedy and leave a bad taste.

    So it is for show. Cubs need to sign him under-slot because they really are trying to improve the team overall, which should eventually make Bryant a lot of money should they be regular post season contestants. So the answer is to allow Bryant to sign for more than Appel, and underslot for the Cubs.

    For all it is a win-win, including Boras. Boras has a lot of gain by doing this, for the sake of a couple hundred thousand dollars it is not worth making waves. Both the Cubs, Boras and Bryant will have to be doing business down the road.

    Bryant would be better served with a handshake and a wink about a projected time he goes up on the 40 man roster.


  26. cubchymyst

    How about wait and see who all signs after the deadline. Bryant might get all of this money and the Cubs still end up with several of the later round guys. It might be less likely now but going crazy before all of the information is known doesn’t make much sense. Who knows maybe the later round guys are asking for more then the front office deemed they are worth and decided to pass.

  27. JB88

    So what the heck were the Cubs haggling about in those extra 10 minutes on draft night then?

  28. Justin

    I am cool with Bryant holding out for every buck. I can’t say that I wouldn’t do it too. We are talking about hundreds of thousands of dollars and all. But I really hope that it doesn’t cost the Cubs much in later drafted guys, especially Clifton. That guy really intrigued me.. I just hope to God that Bryant can stick at 3rd. If he’s an outfielder his value goes down the shitter… Vitters you suck, btw.

  29. Nick

    Can Bryant make a quick impact as Bryce Harper has? Can Bryant be as good as Harper?

    1. Randy

      Not likely, Bryce Harper is younger and still isn’t close to his ceiling. Bryant has the potential to be an all-star. Harper has the potential to be a multi-year MVP

  30. Bricklayer

    I want to know how the Astros, two years in a row, draft and sign the #1 overall pick for less than slot and less than #2 overall?

    1. Justin

      Simple, the Astros negotiate with the top players in the draft and give them a take it or leave it price. It’s all about negotiating before the draft with the top pick. Illegal as hell, but it’s what is going on…

    2. hansman1982

      Last year, they drafted someone who wasn’t the consensus #1 pick. Easy negotiation there.
      This year, they drafted the somewhat-consensus #1 pick who was a college senior with 0 leverage. Easy negotiation there.

    3. ssckelley

      Evidently the small market teams are better at negotiating.

      1. Boogens

        I think that having the #1 pick two years in a row and the willingness to draft among several choices, gives any team, even a small market team, leverage that can be used to give the appearance of better negotiating skills.

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