Edwin Jackson put together what was his best start in a Cubs uniform, and he did it against the Cardinals. That’s just swell.

Starlin Castro had three hits, and Anthony Rizzo did some damage. It was a nice night for “the core,” and hopefully a glimpse into what things will be like in years to come.

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  • Die hard

    Sure– get hot at break so can cool down after… Theory— Cubs going full steam knowing can rest showing that team has a laid back attitude resulting from Sveum approach to game… Need to generate this Bellyfire every game– how? Replace Sveum

  • EvenBetterNewV2.0

    I don’t know if you are a troll, or just that ignorant, but this might be the dumbest thing ever posted on the internet. If you want bellyfire so bad eat some damn wings. If not, then please shut the hell up about it. There, you got someone to take the bait. You win for the day since trolling is all you attempt to do in life.

    • frank

      You mean you don’t find the continual diehardisms to be intellectually stimulating and well reasoned tomes extolling the virtues of that magic cure all known as bellyfire? You haven’t realized them to be the monumental intellectual achievement that they are? the discovery and peeling back of layers and layers of the well disguised, maladjusted, mal-intended machinations of the evil Sveum?

      • EvenBetterNewV2.0

        Not really Frank. But, the only person in this world that I hope gets some diehardisms is Mrs. Diehard or the doll formerly known as Kiesha. Unfortunately, he has enough to go around so we in turn are the recipients of his layers of the well disguised, maladjusted, mal-intended machinations of the evil Sveum. My only hope is for Mr. Diehard is that when he goes to Wrigley they bring out Sveum to the Darth Vader music.

        • frank

          Yes, I can see it now . . . the music in the background–the evil Sveum marching toward the umpire, lineup in hand, Moving to confront him, Theo Skywalker and Jedi Hoyer, seeking answers only the evil Sveum can give–answers about batting order and bellyfire. . . The evil Sveum turns and says, “Theo, I am . . . Suddenly, rushing toward the group is Jason McLeod of the Clan McLeod, screaming, “In the end, there can be only one!”

          Sorry–got carried away for a minute . . .

          • EvenBetterNewV2.0

            Now that was worth a Diehardism to get to this point. I will never say that ever again. But, for this one time it was worth it.

            • DarthHater

              I strongly object to this sullying of the good name of my cousin, Darth Vader.

  • Tim

    Kevin LIGHTS OUT Gregg