High School Catching Prospect Tyler Alamo’s Bonus Was $100,000 – Things Look Good on Trevor Clifton?

contractToday, Baseball America’s Jim Callis reported that Tyler Alamo, the Chicago Cubs’ 24th round pick this year, signed for $100,000 – the maximum allowed without counting against the team’s bonus pool.

Not only is the news a pleasant surprise in terms of it confirming that the Cubs were able to bring Alamo – a catching prospect whose talent far outstrips where he was picked in the Draft – but also in terms of the bonus, which many suspected would be a fair bit higher. Because Alamo received $100,000, none of his bonus amount will count against the Cubs’ bonus pool, which was feeling a bit up-against-it after top pick Kris Bryant reportedly received his full slot amount (about $6.7 million).

The Alamo signing, together with the Bryant deal, should leave the Cubs about $340,000 extra with which to sign – for example – 12th round high school pitcher Trevor Clifton, who has long been reported to be in the fold (but for “third round money”). That $340,000 extra – together with the $100,000 limit for picks after the 10th round (totaling a $440,000 offer) – wouldn’t quite give the Cubs enough to offer “third round money” to Clifton, but it’s darn close. Going over that amount to get Clifton (or any other later round pick) would put the Cubs more than 5% over their bonus pool, and would subject them to losing a future first round pick. The Cubs aren’t going to do that.

I tend to think that the Cubs have had all of this planned out for some time, and the Bryant deal/bonus was contingent on the Clifton bonus (as in, Bryant gives as much as the Cubs can give him, as long as it leaves them enough to make a reasonable offer to Clifton – but signing Bryant is the obvious priority). For that reason, I’m cautiously optimistic that they’ll get a deal finalized with Clifton by tomorrow. We’ll see.

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95 responses to “High School Catching Prospect Tyler Alamo’s Bonus Was $100,000 – Things Look Good on Trevor Clifton?”

  1. Dwhit33

    You going to do a draft signing recap like you have in the past?

  2. MichiganGoat

    Wait so the FO has had a plan all along? Huh whodathunk that was possible.

  3. King Jeff

    Come on SSC, where are you at now? We need to be reminded how terrible the front office is at negotiating, and how they screwed themselves out of signing these two.

    1. Timmyt

      They’re not terrible at negotiating, they just wait too long for deals that are too good to be true. I don’t blame them for this. What we really need, which they currently see as counterintuitive, is a mid/high contract player to anchor the middle of the lineup so Castro and Rizzo can start seeing pitches. Otherwise they’re both Brian LaHair by next year.

      1. Drew7

        So if they get a guy to, “anchor the middle of the lineup” pitchers will stop throwing the pitches that get Rizzo and Castro out?

        1. Hansman1982

          Of course, everyone knows if you have an $18M player hitting 4th, Rizzo would be doing awesome!

          1. gocatsgo2003

            I see what you did there… very tricky.

          2. cubswin


      2. Mr. Brent Kennedy

        False. Rizzo and Castro will continue to see the pitches (and locations) identified by scouting reports and heat maps to get them out, not by who is batting behind them in the lineup.

    2. ssckelley

      Pass me the ketchup, I am eating crow!!!!!

      This is awesome news.

      1. King Jeff

        I commend you good sir, most would have hid in shame.

        1. ssckelley

          Aw hell no, I am happy to be wrong. It isn’t the first time and will not be the last.

          1. TWC

            I’m glad to see that being wrong isn’t such a big deal. Make me think that when it happens to me, it won’t be the end of the world.

            1. DarthHater

              I seem to recall somebody whining a couple days ago about everyone piling on him because he was wrong about something…

              1. TWC

                Freakin’ Hansman…

      2. willis

        Ranch is a much better option. Trust me.

  4. ChrisN324

    I recall reading a comment on the BN post yesterday after Bryant’s signing that Theo and Hoyer were bad negotiators which was why they let Bryant take so much…..now it looks like that may not be so true.
    The FO keeps on moving forward, and I love it!

    1. ssckelley

      The idiots…I can’t believe there were people on here saying that!

      1. DarthHater

        No, no. You need to take lessons from Die hard on how to never admit being wrong about anything: Step 1: Deny you ever said it. Step 2: Point out that, when you said it, you included numerous caveats that your critics failed to read. Step 3: Distract the critics by issuing a new absurd non-sequitur. :-P

        1. Timmy

          what do i do

          1. TWC

            Go away.

            1. Timmy

              jesus built my hotrod

          2. DarthHater

            Step 1: Repeat Wal-Mart/Bleachers joke. Step 2: Repeat trading Marmol for Marmol joke. Step 3: Repeat Fox News joke. Step 4: Accuse critics of paying no attention to your carefully reasoned, fact-laden arguments. :-P

            1. Timmy

              thank you for paying attention <3

              i also make some excellent social critiques about current baseball culture, but that's a pretty good list.

              1. Timmy

                what do other people think about me?

                1. wvcubsfan

                  Things that would get them banned from ever being able to comment on Bert’s blog again.

                2. PcB

                  That you have nothing to add to this website or life in general. Stop fishing, nobody cares about you.

                  1. wvcubsfan

                    I didn’t think I was that bad :o

                    1. PcB

                      Not you ;)

                      Also, How the hell do I add the image I uploaded to gravitar to this site?

                    2. PcB

                      NM, I’m good.

  5. cubchymyst

    Is anyone surprised that the Cubs are going to go right up to the 5% limit again. I’m surprised by how it is being partitioned, especially because I didn’t think Alamo would sign for 100K. Can’t wait to see how much it took to sign Clifton and Wagner.

    1. cubchymyst

      I mean if the sign Clifton and Wagner how much they get.

  6. The Dude Abides

    Guess that confirms that the FO does know what their doing and all of the chatter over this was a bit on an over reaction of “what if”?

    Hopefully there is some other signings or trades in the coming days so we can continue talking about reality instead of numerous rumors or wishes.

    Better yet hopefully next year we actually put a team on the field where we talk about the upcoming Cardinal series actually mean something.

    1. MoneyBoy

      Not only do they not know what they’re doing, they’re miserable at getting those they drafted signed! I mean, of the first 24 rounds, they have signed 22, with one failing a physical and one still unknown. Horrible!! Pitchforks to the ready!!

  7. JulioZuleta

    Did we ever hear a bonus for Hankins?

  8. Bilbo161

    Happy Happy Joy Joy

  9. Serious Cubs Fan

    Can I just say, hats off the Jason/Theo/Jed for stealing this kid Alamo in the 24th round! and he only sign for 100k! Great pick

  10. Rebuilding

    Alamo must be a team player

    1. JulioZuleta

      Could be. Also, all of us may have absolutely no clue what the market rate for him was. I tend to doubt the “team player” thing a little bit because, if he was willing to sign for 100K even though he was a 4-5th round talent, teams would have taken him much higher.

      1. Rebuilding

        Oh, I know. I was just having a little fun at BluBlud’s expense

    2. ssckelley

      Either that or he really didn’t want to go to school. The FO must have had some damn good inside info on this kid for everyone else to pass on him and the Cubs snatched him up in the 24th round.

      1. King Jeff

        I don’t remember which one, but either Alamo or Clifton, and maybe both had made comments in the past about not wanting to go to school.

        1. cubchymyst

          I know for sure Clifton made a comment like that

    3. Scott


  11. Eric

    The silence from those that were bitching about Bryant getting slot yesterday is certainly enjoyable…..Waiting to see how things play out before ripping the front office a new one might be a better approach.

    1. JB88

      But what fun would that be?

    2. Blublud

      I still feel Bryant is greedy, but I never called out the FO. If he was going to get slot, why didn’t he sign a month ago. He could already have 75+ at-bats. I don’t see the purposed in waiting a month. The perception was he was waiting because he was going to sign below slot, but take all the money he had left. This crap is confusing.

      1. ssckelley

        That’s Boras for you.

      2. ssckelley

        Actually check that, the Cubs may have had something to do with it as well. It is possible that the Cubs had a range of what Bryant would sign for, and they went around to all of their other draft picks and negotiated with them first before coming back to Bryant and giving him the rest. There were players that the Cubs drafted like Martinez who were not going to happen, I remember reading he wanted 1st/2nd round money.

        Just a theory. Bottom line is they are all signed and will be playing in the Cubs organization.

        1. TWC

          “Bottom line is they are all signed and will be playing in the Cubs organization.”

          Which. Is. Awesome.

          1. Blublud

            Despite my opinion, I agree with this 100%.

  12. Serious Cubs Fan

    Lets be clear, signing clifton isn’t worth losing a draft pick next year, but we offer him $440k, and 250K in college scholarship money. Scholarship money doesn’t count against the bonus pool.

    1. Josh t

      Serious Cubs Fan: like that idea. Offer Clifton $440k + $250k in scholarship money. $690k value is above 3rd round money

      1. ssckelley

        I think this is exactly what is happening, everything on twitter is pointing to Clifton signing after Bryant does. Clifton is getting whatever is left of the pool money plus the 5% overage. Even his mom tweeted that he was next.

        I am tickled pink that the Cubs were able to get Bryant, plus all these other highly ranked prospects, all within their pool budget. I am even over the Hannemann thing now, good for him to get the cash. I can’t help but wonder if everyone ranked the draft classes after everyone has signed where the “experts” would put the Cubs.

        1. MoneyBoy

          Kudos to you for standing up!!

          Assman’s comments were along the lines of “Bryant gets full slot less whatever they give Clifton, if Clifton signs.” I guess we’ll find out.

  13. King Jeff

    Tyler Alamo ⚾ ‏@TylerAlamo_ 7m

    Passed all my tests! Officially a Chicago Cub πŸ™βšΎ God is great

    1. TWC

      I know I’m wading in to it here, but just *once* I’d like to see an athlete do something noteworthy and proclaim his/her secular humanism as great.

      1. DarthHater

        Flying Spaghetti Monster is awesome.

        1. DocPeterWimsey

          We hang one of those on our tree every December. My son has no idea that is not typical!

          1. DarthHater

            May FSM shower you with extra virgin olive oil!

          2. cubchymyst

            A Ramen

          3. Cyranojoe


      2. Adventurecizin' Justin

        Could not agree more, TWC.

      3. DocPeterWimsey

        Hmmm, that would require an athlete who even knows what secular humanism is! My guess is that is not only a minority, but not even a very big one.

      4. Doug Gray

        Exactly!! I find it comical at best that all these people really think their imaginary friend would give a rats ass whether or not they can hit or throw a slider.

        1. DarthHater

          Well, really, isn’t the whole point of having an imaginary friend that you can make him do whatever you want?

        2. wvcubsfan

          While I don’t think that what ever deity you chose or refuse to accept as the master of the universes cares one iota whether a certain person strikes out or hits a home run in a particular at bat. I will not disparage that person for giving thanks to the person/spirit/figure that they feel “blessed” them with the physical gifts that allow them to play sports at the highest level.

          1. DarthHater

            They get picked on because there’s something a bit superficial and phony when every player starts appending “God is great” to a 60-character tweet about how he just signed a contract to get paid millions of dollars to play a kid’s game.

            1. wvcubsfan

              Maybe they think their facebook “friends” won’t like them anymore if they don’t put junk like that on their twatters.

              1. DarthHater

                Yea, probably.

            2. Doug Gray


      5. Scott

        How great would that be…”I’d like to thank myself for using reason and critical thinking in order to put me in a position to be successful. I think that challenging my parents religious dogma has given me the n=confidence necessary to accomplish this great feat.

        1. Doug Gray

          Very nicely done Scott!!

      6. beerhelps

        just when I want to give up on most of the posters here, you guys pull me back in and remind me that this is a pretty cool community Brett’s got going here. Kudos.

    2. MoneyBoy

      Another catcher in the fold !! HS kid yes … but fingers crossed.

  14. Danny

    Maybe, just Maybe Clifton didn’t sign for “3rd round money” and it is like the guy who says he has a big Penis but really has a pinky in his pants…Considering it is Clifton and not anyone else who has said it was 3rd round money, I think it’s fine…regardless the Cubs aren’t forfeiting a pick.

    1. willis

      Hmmmm, a penis reference. This can only go great places :)

      1. TWC

        I expect a bunch of flaccid jokes.

      2. DarthHater

        Damn. And I was just about to respond to Die hard that he couldn’t be Bruce Willis because Bruce Willis has a penis. Now it’s ruined!

  15. Timmy

    gary fuller was a rhodes scholar

  16. AlwaysNextYear

    This is great news and should be a reality check for all of the wannabe GM’s that made silly post yesterday after the Bryant signing was announced. Reality is the FO does this for a living and they have had great success in the past and up to this point so why not trust them when most if not all of us here have nothing to do with professional baseball for a living.

    1. ssckelley

      Yeah, all them idiots! I cannot believe people would ever question what Theo and Jed do. Especially that guy questioning their negotiation skills, what a clown!

      1. TWC

        Eh, he’s still amazing. I know ’cause he told me so.

  17. JeffR

    Looks like Clifton is still signing

  18. Kramden

    I think we need to give Epstein & Hoyer their props and credit where credit is due at this point…. Between the draft and how they’ve aggressively gone after the top talent internationally, that’s quite a haul of talent they’ve infused into the system the past couple of years.

    Been a die-hard Cub fan since 1960 and I’ve never seen the quantity and level of quality talent brought in at anywhere near the pace it is now.

    This is the first time since Dallas Green that I’ve felt the Cubs were in good hands, feel positive about their future and maybe that they actually will win a WS in my lifetime.

    1. Die hard

      Again— I am Die Hard and all we have today is eternal hope

    2. cubswin

      I’ve been a Cubs fan since the late 80′s. I agree with you about the talent being brought into the system. I am growing more and more optimistic about the future of this franchise. I too commend the genius that is Theo. He appears to be a business mind that every front office would love to have. I am glad the Cubs were able to pry him away from the Sox. For those of you who complain about his ability to run the FO should wait for everything to unfold. If at the end of all the trades and signings the Cubs are screwed up then you can be a pissy fan and complain.

  19. Kramden

    What more does Almora need to do to convince Epstein/Hoyer that he’s easily figured out Low A pitching, he doesn’t appear to be challenged and it’s time or him to move up already?

    Also, it looks like our favorite prospect pitcher, Pierce Johnson, hasn’t skipped a beat and has segued into his promotion pretty painlessly.

  20. someday...2015?

    Another retweet by Trevor Clifton a few hours ago…

    “Now that Bryant and Alamo have signed it’s @trevorclifton1 turn”

    1. JeffR

      That was yesterday. His girlfriend or friend tweeted tonight something along the lines of that they are having dinner before Trevor leaves to go play professional baseball.

      1. someday...2015?

        No, that was tweeted 4 hours ago by some guy and retweeted by Clifton sometime in between.

        1. JeffR

          Yeah you are right. I’m pretty confident he is signing after seeing that tweet from his gf.

          1. someday...2015?

            I’m guessing sometime tomorrow we’ll here about an agreement.

  21. JeffR

    Good dinner with my parents, @Whitney_Smith23 and @trevorclifton1 before Trevor leaves us to start his pro baseball career! Love them! 😊— Madison Blevins (@M_Blev_4) July 12, 2013

  22. Damn It Feels Good To Be A Cubs Fan

    [...] they could use some of the savings on their other draft picks but at the end of the day I think they did just fine (Bryant actually got paid more than the #1 overall pick due to a little thing called [...]

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