michael bowden cubsAfter serving his purpose last night in mop-up duty, the Chicago Cubs shuffled lefty Brooks Raley back down to AAA Iowa today. In his place, they’re bringing up – no, not a position player yet – reliever Michael Bowden, who is, perhaps, even more well-travelled than Raley.

At the end of May, the Cubs outrighted Bowden to Iowa, so they’ll have to add him to the 40-man roster once again today, which will, I believe, bring it back up to 39.

Combining his stops at Iowa this year, Bowden has been ridiculous: 2.41 ERA over 18.2 innings with 28 strikeouts and just 3 walks. As I said: ridiculous.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Bowden manages to stay up for a while this time, especially if the Cubs wind up dealing a reliever or two over the coming few weeks.

  • Required

    Good I like this guy! Never really got a chance here before.

  • ssckelley

    I like this move, Bowden has done pitched well for the Cubs ever since they got him from the Red Sox. Hopefully he can get his strikeout rate up like it was at Iowa. He had struck out 28 in only 18.2 innings of work at Iowa.

  • BluBlud

    Good move. The guy should never have been sent down in the first place. Welcome back Mike!!!!!!

  • Chef

    .911 WHIP. I hope he can stick this time.

  • Oswego chris

    I will say it again…coached against Mike Bowden…awesome kid…struck out 17 of 21 guys…best H.S. performance I have ever seen…I just didn’t want our team tontop his record of 19

    • cubchymyst

      Where did you coach that you went against Waubonsie?

    • Edwin

      Wouldn’t almost any player who makes it to the Major’s (or even the minors) look like a stud in High School?

  • DarthHater

    We need to get one of them high-speed rail lines running between Des Moines and Chicago.

    • Cheese Chad

      Agreed! Ames to Chicago would work too.

      • Beardface

        As long as it passes through the Quad Cities!

    • Required

      I like this idea. Knowing the city of Chicago they’d probably put up a fight and tax the Cubs like crazy!

    • LWeb23

      I don’t have any credible sources, but there have been rumbles the last couple years of a DSM -> IC –> QC –> CHI Amtrak train.

  • http://www.opportunity.org. seamhead

    Bowden’s velocity was down when he was last in the majors. Let’s hoe he has fixed his mechanics.

  • Adventurecizin’ Justin

    I like Bowden…but I feel he’d be better if his mechanics were much smoother.

  • Die hard

    Just woke up from nap– no Bryant and no Jumbotron — got a feeling they will be linked forever

    • On The Farm

      Bryant is greedy taking slot, if he would have taken less we could have signed Alamo, Clifton, and got a Jumbotron!

      • Robert

        According to Jim Callis of BA we got Alamo to sign for the 100K slot. :)

  • EricR

    I have a feeling this may be the last chance for Mr. Bowden in a Cub’s uni.

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