contractWe hoped the good news would come in today, being that it’s the signing deadline and all, and what-do-you-know, it did.

Today, the Chicago Cubs agreed to terms with the young man who was the first draft pick to say that he’d be signing way back when (like, the day after the Draft): 12th round high school pitcher Trevor Clifton. After all of the concern about not being able to give Clifton “third round money,” the Cubs signed him for $375,000, per Jim Callis, which is a good bit under the third round level. That doesn’t mean that Clifton – who ranked 148 in the Draft to BA – isn’t a prospect to get excited about. In a Draft that didn’t have many high school pitchers among the upper level talent, the Cubs grabbed one of the few, and got him all the way in the 12th round.

The Cubs also signed 19th round college catcher Will Remillard for $150,000, again per Callis. Remillard, a redshirt sophomore at Coastal Carolina, had originally indicated that he wouldn’t be signing. It sounds like he upped his stock by subsequently playing in the Cape Cod league, and got a little over slot bonus from the Cubs. Everybody wins. Catcher is an organizational position of weakness, and the Cubs loaded up on them in this Draft.

All in all, it looks like it was a good Draft for the Cubs. I expect we’ll have a round-up next week, once the official signing announcement comes out and guys get assigned.

  • bryan

    Javy baez hits go ahead single in tenth and had a 2-4 day. Smokies pitching looked great tonight. Kirk and Cevrenka especially.

    • Matt R.

      Good to see Javy get some more hits. Hope he rides this and continues to make them adjustments.

    • someday…2015?

      And now he’s 2-3 in game 2 of the doubleheader with a HR. It’s really nice to see him making adjustments this quickly. Here’s to hoping he keeps it up!

  • Serious Cubs Fan

    Bad News for Gregg Trade situation: The Red Sox have acquired pitcher Matt Thornton and cash considerations from the White Sox in exchange for outfielder Brandon Jacobs, according to a White Sox press release. according to Jon Heyman

    • Tobias

      Plenty of teams still left that need bullpen help. Arizona is one of them. They need someone to close very badly.

      • Anonnifan

        Its still bad news. The White Sox basically gave Thornton away for a non-impact player with a ceiling as a utility outfielder. Granted, Thornton is not a closer, and has a ERA closer to 4 than 2, but still.

        • ssckelley

          That is not bad news at all, in fact IMO it is great news. If the Sox can get a young prospect in return for a non closer the return should be much higher for Gregg.

  • AD

    Does anybody know much about Bobby Parnell? He has been connected to the Tigers and Nick Castellanos.