Kris Bryant Signing is Officially Official, and He’ll Be Introduced at Press Conference at 11am CT

Kris BryantThe Chicago Cubs’ top draft pick in 2013 – and top prospect, depending on whom you ask – will be introduced today at Wrigley Field after his signing is officially official.

Kris Bryant, a standout at San Diego this year, was taken second overall by the Cubs, and subsequently signed for $6.7 million. That’s a record for the new CBA era, and I’m sure the Cubs are thrilled to have him. Bryant is as good as a prospect can get before he takes his first professional swing.

Bryant will be part of a press conference starting at 11am CT at Wrigley, which you can follow on a live stream at CSN Chicago. He’s also going to take batting practice with the Cubs (today’s game is at 3:05pm CT), but I don’t yet know whether that part will be streamed. I’m sure we’ll get breathless updates on Twitter, if nothing else.

A number of additional Cubs signings – most of which we’ve already discussed – will be made officially official today, which is the signing deadline.

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136 responses to “Kris Bryant Signing is Officially Official, and He’ll Be Introduced at Press Conference at 11am CT”

  1. hansman1982

    Get him on a plane to Arizona tomorrow and let’s get rolling.

    1. Mr. B. Patient

      Hell with that. He is where we need him….now….

      1. Jared

        So much for being patient, Mr. B. Patient.

        1. Mr. B. Patient

          Hey, he’s had 4 hours….for a Cubs fan…that’s patient.

          1. Jared

            Very true. A Cubs fan’s patience should be measured similar to dog years I guess.

            1. RoughRiider

              I’ve been patient for 62 years.

              1. Mr. B. Patient

                I started watching in ’61…..THAT was a productive farm system.

    2. Trevor

      They are saying he will most likely start in Boise with most the other college players due to the fact that he hasnt played since June. Althought i think he needs a game or two in Arizona first.

      1. hansman1982

        Arizona seems to be their, “Welcome to the Cubs Universe, here is what we expect out of you. Take a week, let the Cubs Way soak in and you’ll report to Boise/KC”.

        1. Spriggs

          …and “but first, play a few games here in Mesa so Spriggs can observe your greatness.”

          1. hansman1982

            Plus 5 Calendar Trivia points for that one…

        2. Stinky Pete

          Yeah, it’s like “Reception”.

      2. Tobias

        Just listened to the Bryant presser and Bryant says he will go to AZ for a few games then head to Boise.

        1. Spriggs


          1. Mr. B. Patient

            We expect full reports, sir.

            1. Tobias

              I’m hoping he’s still with the team on the 18th. I live in Surprise and the Mesa Cubs play the Surprise Royals. If I happen to go to the game, I will be taking a few notes.

  2. Tommy (TC)

    Word is the Cubs are using his BP session as a threat against rooftop owners a la mob enforcement

    “Would be a shame if we brought someone in here who started putting a bunch of baseballs through all your windows. These signs are for your own protection, see”

    1. Featherstone

      Ok, that’s not fair. I just spit coffee on my screen at work.

      Well done.

  3. Marc lang

    Excited to see the many potential all stars Theo and company are adding to this teams farm system.

  4. Chris

    I know this may be a stretch, but I’m an optimistic Cub fan so hey.

    What do you think of an infield of Bryant at 3rd, Baez at SS/2nd, Castro at SS/2nd and Rizzo at 1st? Sounds like it could be the best infield in the league in about 2 years. Not to mention the two studs in the outfield. (Almora and Soler)

    1. hansman1982

      If you are an optimistic Cubs fan then your lineup will look like this:

      Almora – CF
      Castro – SS
      Baez – 2B
      Bryant – 3B
      Rizzo – 1B
      Soler – RF
      Vogelbach – LF
      Someone else cheap and amazing – C

      I’d say we are due.

      1. cub4life

        aren’t Lopez and Escobar supossed to be pretty good?

        1. cub4life

          and and how about Johnson and Viscaino to the rotation?

      2. Patrick G

        I see more of Almora as a 2 hitter, unless Castro can start hitting like he did two years ago. You need someone that can handle the bat and put the ball in play, bunt, etc. Obviously Almora is only in A ball and don’t know what kind of player he is, but he seems like he will become a good 2 hitter if he stays on track

        1. hansman1982

          With this lineup, he’d be the best leadoff guy and Castro would be, probably, about your best #2, depending on who the C is.

      3. Hawkeye

        We will save so much money. Won’t need a single free agent signing ever again!

        1. Kyle

          We’ll need to sign a lot of pitchers.

          1. hansman1982

            Bah, (these are in no specific order because they will ALL be aces)

            Concepcion (Theo is smarter than we thought)

            BP – McNutt, Coleman, Blackburn, Hendricks, Mejia, Strop

            1. cub4life

              what about Shark?

              1. hansman1982

                Traded for the next top-5 SP.

                1. cub4life

                  I was thinking that was your thought.

            2. Funn Dave

              “because they will ALL be aces”

          2. Mr. B. Patient

            With that lineup, who needs pitchers….???

            1. hansman1982

              Well, with the pitching prospects all turning into Aces, it won’t matter. We will be the first team to ever have a run differential higher than the Runs Scored by any other team. 1200 RS, 100 RA. (sadly, all of the RA came on errors by Castro.

        2. hansman1982

          Ha, imagine how pissed some folks would be with a $50M payroll with that lineup and staff.

      4. Luke

        Vogs in left? Um…

        I’d also flip Rizzo and Bryant. Righty-lefty-righty

        1. cub4life

          how about bryant 3rd then Riz and Baez? I mean putting the biggest power at 3rd?

          1. Mr. B. Patient

            Let’s put higher OBP earlier. it’s gonna be:
            1- Alcantara 2b
            2-Almora cf
            3-Soler RF
            4-Bryant 3B
            5-Rizzo 1b
            6-Vogelbach dh
            8-cheap and amazing C
            9-Castro ss

            managed by Ryne Sandberg, hitting coach Koy Hill

        2. hansman1982

          Psh, Vogs is an awesome fielder, he could easily handle LF. I mean Soriano can.

          I’d rather have Bryant’s power higher in the lineup. It’s righty heavy anyway.

      5. JB88

        I would be willing to bet $100 that line up never, ever happens. And hell, I’d even let you sub-out Vogelbach and change around the positions at which those players are playing and I would still make that bet.

        1. hansman1982

          If I were you, I’d bet a million bucks that lineup will never happen in any order at any positions.

          1. JB88

            I’m just looking to make an easy hundo …

      6. Tobias

        Wouldn’t you have to put Alamo at C in your lineup?

      7. farmerjon

        CF- Almora
        2B- Alcantara
        3B- Baez
        LF- Bryant
        1B- Rizzo
        RF- Soler
        DH- Vogelbach
        SS- Castro
        C- Castillo/?

      8. TonyP

        Rizzo – 1B
        Alcantara– 2B
        Castro – SS
        Almora – CF
        Bryant/Baez – 3B
        Bryant/Baez – LF
        Almora – CF
        Soler – RF
        Someone else cheap and amazing – C

        1. TonyP

          Should have refreshed. Jon and I are on the same page….

      9. MoneyBoy

        Mother of god that would be an amazing lineup !!!!!

      10. hansman1982

        That was fun to be overly optimistic.

      11. Coop

        I’d go with:

        Alcantara 2B
        Almora CF
        Baez 3B
        Rizzo 1B
        Bryant RF
        Vogelbach DH (I hate DH, but I’m guessing NL has it by the time this lineup is valid)
        Soler LF
        Castro SS
        Castillo C

      12. johnny chess

        Nice! Which minor league team will they all play for?

    2. JB88

      Obviously, it is optimistic, but I wonder if it is a bit light on veteran influence. Not the infield, necessarily, but the offense in general. IOW, it is great to have prospects at every position, but do you really want young players playing every position on the field? I remember some brutal Cleveland Indians teams from the early 2000s that tried that, even with some very good prospects.

      At the end of the day, I think you want a farm system that produces star talent, but it needs to be balanced with vets in the lineup. Are Castro and Rizzo those guys? I guess they could be, but they still would only be 25, 26 when these kids are breaking in. It is one of the main reasons that I expect the Cubs to trade away one or more of the big 4 at some point for some more veteran talent.

      1. hansman1982

        We’ll re-sign Campana to give us TWTW and BellyFIRE and sCRAP+ we need.

        1. Mr. B. Patient

          Do you get TWTW from a clinic in Florida?

          1. hansman1982

            Not anymore…

      2. 70'scub

        Hope future vet talent (Bat) is acquired like Ejax was. Cub FO lost no talent and lost no future draft picks.

  5. Hawkeye

    Are we expecting any other signings today? Is today the deadline for all signings, or just the first 10 rounds? How many have we signed total and who did we miss on? Basically, I just need an update as to where we stand, and am not sure where to look.

    1. cms0101

      Today is the deadline for all signings, other than college seniors. They can sign past today, but the signing bonus rules still apply regardless. All underclassmen and high schoolers must sign today or go back to school.

  6. Chris

    We can pick up a couple veterans, maybe sign a good catcher. Sign a couple veteran pitchers.

  7. Dan Hyde

    I wish they’d have the feed give adequate volume. I can’t hear a thing.

  8. Chris

    From what I hear, Vogelbach has lost a lot of fat and turned it into muscle over the course of the last year or so. Who’s to say he can’t drop another 20 pounds? I mean I think that’s a realistic goal. He then could actually play the outfield, maybe not a gold glover, or nowhere near it, but I can re-call some pretty bad outfielders in my time, Soriano, Dunn. If he’s hitting 30 homers and 100 rbis in the lineup who cares.

    1. Kyle

      Even with all that weight loss, he’ll still be short, squat and slow.

      1. Kyle

        And for the love of dog, Soriano is not a bad outfielder.

        1. 70'scub

          He really plays the best Deep Left field in the NL.

          1. Hee Seop Chode

            is that name mean 70 foot tall scrub or 70′s cub?

    2. Tommy (TC)

      I’ve seen Vogelbach play in the field about 7 times this season (he’s DH’d a bunch of other Kane County games I’ve seen), and he is NOT AN OUTFIELDER. He’s barely able to play 1B. All the weight loss in the world wouldn’t change that fact. His bat would need to be 5+ wins on its own to overcome the wins lost in the outfield and on the basepaths for him to be a league-average player.

  9. Chris

    When Soriano first was in the outfield he was horrendous. Yes, he has become a lot better which is why I believe others who play the infield can do the same. But if you remember back a few years when Soriano was doing the hop when he caught fly balls…… he wasn’t that great.

    1. MoneyBoy

      NO ONE had bothered to teach him how to be an outfielder. It wasn’t until Sveum and this coaching staff came along he got any sort of coaching.

      Have you been paying attention the last year and a half ????

      1. Chris

        Yes I have been watching the last year and half, hence, my comment by saying “he has gotten much better, which is why other can learn the position.”

      2. cms0101

        When he first became an outfielder, there were absolutely lessons that the Nationals, and then Cubs, attempted to provide him. The part of that story that nobody seems to remember is he never wanted to be an OF. He didn’t listen to instruction. He didn’t improve until he wanted to improve.

        1. Cubbie Blues

          Do you have anything to back that statement up?

    2. Kyle

      Soriano always had the natural abilities to be a credible LFer. That’s why he was never as bad as people wanted to say, even at his worst.

      Vogelbach has the natural abilities to be one of those concrete pillars they use to keep cars from driving into buildings.

  10. George

    A couple of years from now, we are going to be tired of winning so much. I wonder what it’s like to lose?

    1. Peter

      Well it’s been over a 100 years of losing, winning will never get old.

  11. AlwaysNextYear

    Any word on Trevor Clifton.

  12. Rebuilding

    Kevin Towers said today that the Diamondbacks will definitely not trade either Bradley or Skaggs in any deal. It is also rumored that they are now after Peavy

  13. miggy80

    Almora – CF
    Barney – 2B
    Castro – SS
    Baez – 3B
    Rizzo – 1B
    Soler – RF
    Bryant – LF
    Castillo – C

    1. Rebuilding

      Can we drop Barney to #8 and move everyone else up 1?

      1. miggy80

        If this line up was today then I would. I’m looking down the road 4-5 yrs. I believe his bat will get better, and will be better with protection behind him. I think his defense is so superior it will be hard to replace.

      2. Jon

        How bout we just swap Alcantera in for Barney?

    2. DocPeterWimsey

      If things go as is reasonably hoped, then you’d want Bryant and Soler (both of whom have the potential to be good OBP guys) in the top 3, with Castro and Baez (neither of whom have the potential to be really good OBP guys) after Rizzo.

      1. miggy80

        That would be sweet too. I just hope the top four all end up in Iowa at the same time for at least one home stand.

      2. hansman1982

        Under this scenario, Castro would return to his .350 OBP ways and would be acceptable in the #2 slot.

    3. Rebuilding

      I agree. I would like:

      2b – Alcantara
      CF – Almora
      LF – Bryant
      1b – Rizzo
      RF – Soler
      3b – Baez
      SS – Castro
      C – ?


      It’s fun to dream

      1. Dijon

        I may have missed something but where did Kershaw come from? Or is he just wishful thinking?

        1. hansman1982

          This whole comment chain is wishful thinking.

        2. DarthHater

          “where did Kershaw come from?”

          Better ask your old man to explain that one…

          1. Rebuilding

            Very wishful thinking in a world where the Dodgers ownership decides they’ve overspent, we get a Cubs Channel and then we sign Kershaw to 8/260 with team options for a 9th/10th year

            1. Dijon

              My dad told me Kershaw came from some alternate world where Roy Hobbs doesn’t get shot, then ends up being the best pitcher ever, changes his name and becomes ageless…. Not sure if that is right though

  14. Bilbo161

    Maybe Alex Jackson at Catcher?

  15. Danny

    You won’t have 9 home grown talents in one line up – a few will be traded as they upgrade the rest of the roster…Remember, it isn’t about the move, it is about the NEXT MOVE and acting like a big-market team…

    Draft/sign International players
    Sign a core of players (began already with Rizzo and Castro, probably add Shark to that list)
    Trade a few for pitching (David Price anyone)
    Add a top notch Free agent (2015)
    Win World Series…

    1. InTheoWeTrust


  16. Rebuilding

    I’m going to go out on a limb and say that with the new revenues from the Cubs Channel Clayton Kershaw will be a Cub in 2015

  17. Die hard

    Synchronized signing of slugger Bryant with Jumbotron sign as latter blocking of wind blowing in makes former a needed home run threat which should make Cub fans sing over both signings– the two will be chain linked forever

    1. DarthHater

      Yes, it was very accommodating of the Chicago Landmarks Commission to agree to schedule their meeting to coincide with MLB’s deadline for signing draft picks.


      1. hansman1982

        No, no, no…MLB changed their draft signing deadline to match the Chicago Landmarks Commission schedule.

      2. Die hard


    2. millhah

      I <3 your posts

  18. North Side Irish

    Bruce Levine ‏@ESPNBruceLevine 34s
    Kris Bryant 8 home runs so far in BP session At Wrigley.

    1. hansman1982

      BABE RUTH, WHO?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?


    2. DarthHater

      Has anyone checked his bat for cork? :-P

      1. Featherstone

        Too soon Darth.

      2. Die hard

        Like between your ears!

        1. TWC

          You seem to have some aggression issues.

          Need a hug?

    3. ssckelley

      Has he pee’d into a cup yet?

  19. Chris

    I wish I could have seen him take BP today.

    1. someday...2015?
  20. CubsFanSaxMan

    Too many dreamers on this post today.

    1. TWC

      Oh, for sure. This board needs more grumpy pessimism. ::rolls eyes::

      1. Cubbie Blues

        Die Hard, this is your cue.

        1. DarthHater


  21. InTheoWeTrust

    Great Posts today…

  22. Stinky Pete

    Clifton just tweeted that he’s officially a Cub.

    1. Hansman1982


      1. Stinky Pete

        It’s not impossible. I used to bulleye… Ah Piss. We’ve done this before.

  23. sect209row15

    One thing I learned from Oswego Chris is the Cubs will need a catcher. A very good one. To win.

  24. Mike

    Cano is the veteran bat to sign in the off season! Put him in the 3 hole followed by Bryant and Rizzo when Bryant is ready.

    1. Mick

      We won’t need Cano after we trade Garza for Kolten Wong.

    2. On The Farm

      I would think Ellsbury would be a good bat to sign this offseason. I know he has the injury history, but put a “John Lackey-like” clause in there and it should be a good deal.

  25. Josh

    Trevor Clifton signs per his twitter account!

  26. North Side Irish

    Jim Callis ‏@jimcallisBA 5m
    #Cubs sign 11th-rder Trevor Clifton (148 on BA 500) for $375k. Tenn. HS RHP, sits 92-93, up to 97, promising curve & change too. #mlbdraft

    More confirmation…

  27. johnny chess

    First of all
    Rizzo, Castro, Dejesus, Schierholtz Castillo,and Barney are your 2014 starters
    That leaves Left and 3rd.

    1. On The Farm

      Jackson and Vitters

      1. johnny chess

        1st Rizzo
        2nd Barney
        SS Castro
        3rd Vitters?
        LF Schierholtz
        CF Jackson
        RF Dejesus
        Me no like!!!

    2. Mr. B. Patient

      Do you really think we’ll find a taker for Soriano?

    3. cubchymyst

      No Valbuena?

  28. Die hard

    Will explain it like to a 6 yr old-if no Jumbotron then no Bryant to take advantage of reduced in winds– would’ve been a pitcher cause winds blow in more than 50% of games.. Now not so much

    1. TWC

      You’re wrong, acutely ignorant, and intentionally obnoxious.

      1. Die hard

        But how do you really feel ?

        1. DarthHater

          Strong memo to follow.

        2. TWC

          Pretty good, thanks. Counting down the hours until work’s over for the week.

          I guess I’m a little sore that you left my hug offer hanging. *sniff*

          I still love you though.

  29. Die hard

    Bryant-Chuck Connors-Jim Hickman-Pete LaCock-Kevin Orie-Morphed into one?

  30. Die hard

    As Yogi would also say-a nickel ain’t worth a dime– Bor-ass’s new motto ?

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