get a brain moransI am mighty tired this morning. Dear Cubs, Please don’t trade Matt Garza in the next eight or so hours.

  • I don’t know who Mike Bailey is, but he writes for a CBS affiliate in St. Louis, and he wrote this:

St. Louis Cardinal fans are acknowledged throughout baseball as knowledgeable, sophisticated and baseball-savvy. It is a reputation well-deserved and appreciated by ballplayers and managers who covet the weekend series in St. Louis where sell-out crowds enthusiastically cheer good plays by both teams.

But if St. Louis is the Mensa Society of the baseball university, then Cub fans are still using coloring books. They enthusiastically boo an intentional walk in a game situation, cheer for fans to throw an opposing team’s home run ball back onto the field and delight in mocking their team’s efforts when they lose and exaggerate the significance when they win.

  • This was not written ironically. I’m guessing Mike Bailey has not seen Baseball’s Best Fans on Twitter. If that’s sophisticated and baseball-savvy, I’ll gladly take the crayons employed by FacebookCubs.
  • Dale Sveum on Starlin Castro’s pre-swing approach, which is apparently improving. “He has the leg lift,” Sveum said, per, “but now he’s using it for the purpose it’s meant to be. He’s getting on his backside and the knee is getting over his back foot and he’s not front forward. It gives you the ability to use your hands and get to a fastball when you do that.”
  • Credit to Carlos Villanueva: in just his second start since returning to the rotation, he went six innings and allowed just six base runners yesterday. However you slice the outcome, that’s a great outing.
  • The Cubs’ top pick this year, Kris Bryant, officially signed yesterday and did the show-him-off-at-Wrigley thing, together with his family. His dad, joking about the pre-Draft process, per CSN: “They totally vetted him. He was vetted more than the President. They talked to his high school math teacher, his English teacher, all his coaches in high school, all his coaches at San Diego, his teachers at San Diego, athletic administrators, sports information directors. They knew what they were doing. They definitely did their job. I’m really proud of that.” I dig that.
  • Theo Epstein on the state of the farm system, in light of the Bryant signing (per CSN): “I feel really good about [where we’re at]. It’s obvious what direction we’re going and how important a robust farm system is for us. It’s one thing to talk about it. It’s another to start to feel like you’re making some headway. I like the people we have in player development. I like a lot of the talent we have. Hopefully one thing that will separate us as a farm system are the numerous potential impact guys that we have. We’ve had some depth for a while. Now, there are a handful of guys that we can look at and think ‘if we do a nice job of helping their ceiling, they can be potential impact guys in the big leagues.’ You need those guys to get where you want to go. It’s nice to look at the progress we’ve made, but we’ve got an awful long way to go still.”
  • Roscoe Village Fan

    I realize one shouldn’t generalize about an entire fan base but as a cubs fan, I have found it frustrating that fans are so quick to boo nowadays. Like booing Alfonso Soriano at the Cubs Convention or first game of the season. Sure, boo Marmol after he blows even the first save but I heard people boo Alfonso just a few days ago for striking out when he’s in the midst of an enormous tear. It’s like people look up from their beers for a second and go “hey, that guy who makes $20 mil just struck out! Let’s boo that bum!”. But Wrigley is a scene and not just a baseball game for a lot of folks, so I have some understanding of why it appears to outsiders that we are “unknowledgable fans”.

    • hawkcub

      Yes the extreme Soriano haters are ridicilous. You’d swear if he didn’t reject that trade last year we’d have the best record in baseball this year.

  • Jono

    Cardinals fans just don’t understand the difference between Wrigley fans and cubs fans. And that’s understandable, given that the stadium fan is exclusive to Wrigley and he cubs.

  • Jono

    Also, cardinals fans haven’t endured the type of losing we’ve had to deal with. It’s like a person living in a million dollar home criticizing a poor person for not properly enjoying their cardboard box

  • Scott


  • DarthHater

    Great. ESPN’s main baseball page features a photo of Soriano in the field looking like he’s doing the infamous Elaine dance from Seinfeld. I’m sure that will boost his trade value.


    • Jason Powers

      And George will trade for him – and Jay Buhner:

      Ken Phelps! Ken Phelps!

      • Mike

        My baseball people loved Ken Phelps’ bat! They kept saying “Ken Phelps, Ken Phelps!”

    • Funn Dave

      Hahaha, that’s awesome. I’m gonna have to watch that episode.

  • Bric

    I still don’t get why no teams are showing any interest in Carlos Villanueva. He’s reliable, versatile, consistant and probably pretty cheap.

    Also, Kris Bryant does sound like a great kid. I read somewhere the he gave his valedictorian spot in high school to another student because he had already earned a bunch of sports awards and it meant a lot to her. Very classy.

    • Brett

      I wouldn’t be so sure there isn’t interest in Villanueva. He’s just not as sexy of a name to report about right now, so I don’t know that the national guys are seeking out info on him when they talk to other teams.

    • mudge

      Was the school too Victorian to have two valid valedictorians?

    • Jono

      I think carlos is on a multiyear deal, right? I wouldnt be surprised if the cubs are holding off on trading him until either the offseason or next year when he has more starts under his belt.

    • Voice of Reason

      Sure there are teams that will take villanueva. But, well get less for him than we got for Feldman. In other words, we won’t get much for him.

  • Jason Powers

    Today is 3rd year without The Boss. Watching Yankees on MLB.TV and boy, they are laying it on thick, using adjectives like “very involved, so involved” and “came from a coaching background.”
    To make George sound quite the lovable owner. Boy, once you are gone – the lies people will tell. 😉

    (Of course, paychecks and broadcast appeal are “involved.”)

    • DarthHater

      Well, he was one of the most meddling … I mean “involved” owners ever.

      • Jason Powers

        Not nice in polite society to dwell on the ills of the dearly departed. But he built a winner! (Ok, Gene Stick Michael did a lot of that work while George was banned.)

        The 1970s was Gabe Paul. Oh well, George signed the checks! That’s a role too!

      • Jason Powers

        The Cubs just got mentioned for the most managers in the last 25 years! Yeah!

        The Yankees were “a model of consistency.” Yeah, highest payroll!

  • Toby

    If all you’ve got going for your state is baseball, Branson, bible thumping, handfishing and the Meramec cave, everyone would be a baseball genius.

    • Mr. B. Patient

      Let’s give ’em the Lake of the Ozarks, too. Great camping, if you can take the heat. I do love KC barbecue also.

  • fromthemitten

    LOVE the paula deen background

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