The Cubs jumped on the Cardinals early and never looked back. Amid increasingly pointed trade rumors, Matt Garza pitched well against a good lineup on a big stage. He wasn’t quite as dominant as he’s been over the past month, but he looked plenty good.

Starlin Castro was great with the glove, and had a couple more hits with the bat.

But I just can’t leave this alone.

july 13 box

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  • Njriv

    Man, do we HAVE TO trade Garza?

    • matt


    • frank

      I’ve been in the “keep Garza” cam all along, so I disagree with Matt–we don’t have to trade Garza; however, he seems intent on testing free agency, despite the recent talk of an extension. If a reasonable deal can’t be made, it’s probably better to trade him then get a single draft pick as compensation if he walks. Prospects are just that, and a crapshoot for the most part. Look at how so many people were clamoring for Olt last year–this year his stock has dropped and many of those same people would be pissed if he was the centerpiece of a trade this year.

  • mudge

    Goodness, assured of a split. Weird inning from Gregg though.

  • Kansas Cubs Fan

    That play by Castro was beautiful, and then a nice dig by Rizzo.

    • cubmig

      Castro handled that pick like he was an eagle trapping a salmon…….it was pure, beautiful inbred instinct at work. No muss,no fuss…just accurate, smooth efficiency.

      • Kansas Cubs Fan

        Eagle trapping a salmon… Nice!

  • Tim

    Kevin “not exactly LIGHTS OUT” Gregg gettin it done again

  • jh03

    Could only listen today (stupid fox/mlbtv national TV rules), but is there a chance Starlin’s error/double/single gets changed to a hit? Everything I read/heard said it was a hit.. box score said differently…

    • cubmig

      It should. It hit the 3rd baseman on the lower leg where his glove should have been. I guess because he should have had it, they called it an error…….but it was hit damn hard, so it could have been called a hit as well.

  • PKJ

    I wish they could pony up the cash for Garza. When theyre ready to contend in 2015 or whenever, he’ll still have lots of value. I know this rarely happens, but I hope the Cubs make a strong push for him after the season.

    • Benjamin

      It’s not a matter of ponying up the cash.

    • Cyranojoe

      Do you want to give him 4-5 years, big/ace money, AND a no-trade clause? Because that’s probably what it would take.

  • Kyle

    I was wondering the same thing, very hared hit ball

  • cubchymyst

    I like the streak the Cubs are on entering the all-star break. Just hope they can keep playing around like this the rest of the way.

  • http://Bleachernation Lou Brock

    Does Fox not have the K- Zone in use like we see on local TV ? Wally Bell sucked for Russell and Gregg from what I saw.

    • Van

      Sucked for Garza as well.

      • dying cubs fan’s last request

        The strike zone was aweful the whole night. Bell was drunk.

      • willis

        That dude was staring at strikes all night. He was terrible.

      • Matt

        If he had been consistent, I wouldn’t have cared, but he seemed to give the Cardinals pitchers a lot of calls he didn’t give to Cubs pitchers.

  • Rcleven

    Good ball game tonight for the Cubs. Except for the bungle by Borboun in right a good clean game. Valubuana playing out of his mind at third. Castro with the back hander to close out the game.

  • cubmig

    This was a damn nice win…….I hope those “knowledgeable” deadbird dickheads tweet-away how good their team played to lose to a “lowly” team like ours. Ratbastardos.

    • Frank

      I prefer to call them what they are redturds.

      • pete

        Still sticking with the mulleted multitude.

  • todd mccombs

    Garza line was not very good tonight- 12-h, 2bb only 6.2 innings with only 4 k’s .

    Garza was lucky tonight. Not very sharp

    • Wester

      Against the best offensive team in baseball

    • John

      Garza gave up 10 hits not 12, 9 of those hits were singles, and He was pitching with an extremely tight strike zone. No it was not his best performance but definitely not bad considering the hitters he was pitching to and like I said the strike zone.

    • Njriv

      For most of the game the wind was blowing straight in. He was just pitching to the conditions of the ball park.

    • Cyranojoe

      Score was 6-2 when he left. I’ll take it against a lineup like that, and so should any team in the race for the playoffs…

      • willis

        Every time. Love Garza. He was good enough tonight.

  • Travis

    “That Hansle’s so hot right now.”

  • Oswego Chris

    Awesome Zoolander reference!

  • ThompsonLives

    Yeah, Wally Bell’s strike zone was full derp tonight.

  • fromthemitten

    damn I was getting drunk dialed by my future boss when Sori homered

  • Canadian Cubs Fan

    Just watched the MLB At Bat highlights, and I’ll give Buck & McCarver some credit (which I never do), when the game ended they gave Castro full credit. Even said he put on a clinic tonight. I was shocked.

    Solid win.

  • Shawn

    If given the choice between listening to Joe Buck and Tim McCarver, or having my toes beaten with a hammer, I’ll take the hammer.

    • bryan

      id let my face get beat with a hammer. not only does joe buck hate the cubs, he hates the bears as well. douche

    • Paul AssenmachWAR

      The only thing worse than listening to Tim McCarver talk about baseball is listening to Tim McCarver talk about Pearl Jam. Last night, we got both.

      • DocPeterWimsey

        Does McCarver think that Pearl Jam hasn’t been the same since John Lennon left it?

  • Oswego chris

    I wonder if Tim McCarver has ever made a humorous reference in his life, or even made another human laugh…intentionally…

    • Matt

      Well, he did make sure to point out that “Everyone in Wrigleyville” overreacted when Garza got hit, even though they did nothing more than you’ll see at any other park when that happened. Typical of him, he’s so transparent with his dislike for the Cubs.

  • someday…2015?

    Lincecum with a no-no through 8. Pence with a game saving diving/sliding catch to end the 8th. 131 pitches so far.

    • someday…2015?

      Lincecum with a no-no. 13K 4BB 148 pitches. Great performance!

  • Jason P

    I’d still like to see Garza extended if he’s being at all reasonable on the price. And you’ve got to figure he would be, with the qualifying offer threat and his (probably undeserved) reputation as injury-prone.

  • Jason

    hendricks was pulled after five innings and only 50 pitches. wonder if triple a is calling

    • Jason P

      Sure hope so. He’s earned it. Hopefully Cabrera follows.

  • cubsin

    Hendricks will be the starting pitcher in the Southern League All-Star game.

  • Jason P

    Oh Lord… MLB network is doing a documentary on Ken Harrelson titled “The Colorful Life of Hawk Harrelson”.

  • Doctor_Blair

    I liked what I saw from Castro tonight… To me, it seems like he usually relies on his natural athleticism instead of really pushing himself. This (again, imo) seems to translate into lack of attention and a lack of hustle. Tonight there was none of that – he ran hard out of the box and around the bases, hit decently, and did well defensively.

    • DocPeterWimsey

      Castro will never *look* like he’s running hard because of his running style: Castro has very long strides, which means that he needs a lower frequency of strides per unit time to go as fast (or faster) than someone with shorter strides. However, people incorrectly associate frequent strides with with running hard. Moreover, Castro does not waste arm motion when he runs: people also associate that extra “pumping” with running hard, even though it actually does very little for you one way or the other. (I do know people who think that it slows you down, but my understanding is that it actually doesn’t over short distances.)

      The one down-side is that long strides make it more difficult to slide than short strides: the footwork required to slide quickly can lead “long striders” to nearly trip over themselves, or overslide the bag or slide too quickly to avoid either of those fates. We’ve seen Castro have problems with this. However, I don’t know that running stride is something that guys can easily adjust: running is a pretty innate thing for most people.

  • Serious Cubs Fan

    Bruce Levine reports if Garza is traded to Texas, Mike Olt will likely be included in the deal. I hope is not the center piece, there is no question he has preformed himself out of the top 100 prospects, and has had a terrible year no matter how much better he is playing now.

    • frank

      Couldn’t agree more.

  • bryan

    If a Garza deal is centered solely around olt im going to be pissed. That would make no sense with the 3b depth we have in the minors (Villanueva,Bryant,Candaleiro,Lake). Ill take olt and perez, but a high quality pitching prospect should be a must for Garza. and im a 23 year old welder in NW ohio, so if I can figure that out Theo and Jed and company sure know that as well.

  • bryan

    Not to mention Valbuena had done more than enough to hold down 3b up in the bigs. Please don’t settle for olt.

  • Satch Dobrey

    Love Rizzo’s defense. He is a great 1st baseman but what is with his swinging at balls in the dirt or near dirt? Last night, bases loaded, 2 down, 2-2 the count, a fastball at the shoetops and Rizzo lunges and takes a half swing and rolls into an easy out. Right now he is scrwed up thinking too much at the plate as this is a way too common occurrence.

    • hansman1982

      Really, right now? Maaaaaaaaaaaaybe a week or two ago he was slumping but his OPS is over 1 for the last week.

    • hansman1982

      Seriously, folks, stop breaking down every AB that doesn’t lead to a strongly hit ball and micro-analyzing it as if that 1 AB can tell you anything.

      • DocPeterWimsey

        Or, at least take into account that half of that AB was the pitcher. Ted Williams was incorrect when he said that the only reason batters ever got hits was because pitchers were idiots. He would have been much closer to the truth had he said that batters only get hits because pitchers cannot execute 100% of the time.

        • hansman1982

          It would be nice if the stat sites would start carrying something to show the quality of pitching they faced during a game. Over the course of a season, it would be generally useless but on SSS reviews it would put player performance into perspective.