nate schierholtz cubsA head’s up: I’m going to be intermittently unavailable today, so I might be a little slow on the draw if something big breaks. I’ll have it eventually (and I’ll try to keep checking in), but there’s your warning in case there’s a delay.

  • Nate Schierholtz did not start yesterday against a righty, which led to a(n understandable) wildfire of open speculation and questioning and wondering and worrying as soon as the Cubs’ lineup was released. The beat writers had the same questions, and asked Cubs manager Dale Sveum as soon as they got into the clubhouse. “He’s a little banged up,” Sveum said of Schierholtz’s absence, per “I’ll probably give him [Sunday] off as well and let him get six days off. I might have to use him to pinch-hit or something. He’s just banged up and struggling a little bit.” I can buy that. Schierholtz has had a rough stretch the last few weeks, and this time of the year, rest is probably welcomed by most players. When asked where Schierholtz was hurt, Sveum said, per Bruce Miles, “a lot of body parts.” Odd.
  • Tin foil hat time: Sometimes, a guy just sits out for the reasons the team says. Guys do get bumps and bruises, and a nice, long break is a laudable thing. Given the semi-odd description of Schierholtz sitting out, and the impending All-Star break that was going to give him multiple days off anyway, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that there are trade implications here. No, I’m not saying Schierholtz is sitting solely because there’s a deal in place or coming soon, and the Cubs want to make sure he doesn’t get hurt. And, no, I’m not saying he isn’t actually resting some bumps and bruises. I’m saying only that, if the Cubs were deep into trade talks involving Schierholtz, and he was dealing with the kind of minor stuff that guys frequently deal with in a long season (but that is serious enough to justify a rest day or two, so that he doesn’t risk a more serious injury while favoring a minor one), it might behoove them to give him these days off.
  • Matt Garza is a competitor ’til the end. “I don’t really like not finishing through the seventh,” Garza said of his start last night, per “Against a team like these guys, you keep pounding away. These guys are gritty and just keep grinding …. [The standing ovation was] awesome, but 6 2/3 [innings] doesn’t deserve that. Seven, eight, nine [innings] does. I appreciate it, but I hope this isn’t my last one.” If it was, Garza’s attitude in games will be missed.
  • Sahadev Sharma writes about the atmosphere at Wrigley Field last night with a season-best 42,240 fans in the house. Spoiler alert: it was rockin’.
  • The news is looking good on David DeJesus, who is heading to the team’s facility in Mesa, Arizona to continue his shoulder rehab. He could start playing in games there this week, before heading out on a rehab assignment somewhere higher in the minor league system. “He won’t have to play in tons of games as long as everything goes good, and then he gets in a real game and hopefully doesn’t swing and miss,” Sveum said of DeJesus, per Not to make it all about trade stuff – but this time of year, it’s hard not to – but if DeJesus is able to return in the July 23 to 25 range, as it now sounds like he could, there could be plenty of time before the July 31 deadline for the Cubs to show that DeJesus is healthy.
  • Brett Jackson, whose extended absence from Iowa became something of a short-lived mystery yesterday, is in Mesa, rehabbing his injured calf. He could be sent out to AA Tennessee at some point soon.
  • arta

    Nate could use the time off. recharge his battery, come back strong!

  • http://a-rodminorsavg.324hr/yr7 cub2014

    Cubs for 2014 I see and hope:
    OF Soriano-Sweeney-Dejesus
    IF Rizzo-Alcantera-Castro-Chavez
    P Shark-Wood-Jackson-Garza-Price
    Relief Vizcaino-Baker-Russell-Fujikawa-Strop
    Bench Lake-Borbon-Valbuena-Ibanez-Perzynski
    Trade for Price
    Sign short term deals-Chavez-Ibanez-Perzynski

    • Andrew kirk

      Seriously? I’m not even going to take the time to respond to that nonsense

      • http://a-rodminorsavg.324hr/yr7 cub2014

        A Kirk……. I know I dont like Perzynski either. But I think
        they will get a 3B on short term deal Chavez makes sense.
        Ibanez (someone like him) would be righthanded bench guy
        who could play corner OF or 1B. There has already been
        plenty of rumor on MLB that Cubs will go after Price

        so exactly what isnt serious?

        • Turn Two

          This post just doesn’t make sense on this site. It is a list of random changes that have no validity. Essentially you are giving us your fantasy cubs lineup. It would fit in on a lot of sites but at this one you generally don’t see random silty lists of players like this.

          • http://a-rodminorsavg.324hr/yr7 cub2014

            Turn Two really?
            Actually this sites focus has been about trades and
            prospects and the competence of this front office.
            I just take it to the next logical step will the cubs be
            a playoff team next year and if so what would it take.
            My point being that they are only 3-4 moves away,,

            That is certainly not a fantasy lineup, it is a get by
            lineup until some prospects make it to the bigs.

            • Cyranojoe

              But he’s right, the trades and deals usually make sense. Yours is an almost complete overhaul with little justification from what I can tell. Why would they dump Castillo? Are you serious thinking they’ll dump Barney? Borbon’s going to stick on the bench? Etc.

              • http://a-rodminorsavg.324hr/yr7 cub2014

                CayennePepperJoe, my crazy overhaul is alcantera
                replaces barney and chavez or someone like him
                replaces valbuena. Castillo will need a backup if they
                trade Navarro, right? Borbon is a career .270
                hitter that has speed he would be a solid backup.
                Oh ya and a top rotation starter, well those moves
                dont make sense do they!

                • Cyranojoe


                  • TheoHoyer

                    I agree with you, Cyranojoe. Cub2014 is making no sense.

              • Geo

                And garza still on the team??

        • YourResidentJag

          Actually, if the Cubs trade Soriano (and possibly even if they don’t), they should pick up Kelly Johnson on 1-2 yr deal. Why? IMO he can play a adequate 2b with defensive shifts. And look at these slash lines at the break.

          Johnson: .236 13HR 44RBI OBP: .314 OPS: .751 OPS+= 109

          Hamilton: .227 14HR 39RBI OBP: .286 OPS: .704 OPS+= 96

          • nkniacc13

            why do they need to sign a 2b?

            • YourResidentJag

              On a 1-2 deal to get more offensive into the lineup? If nothing else, they flip him for prospects? So, you think Barney isn’t more than an automatic out in the batting order, right?

              • YourResidentJag

                Besides, if Soriano is traded, Johnson can play left until the young players come up. That’s bad for a 1-2 seasons, considering what the Cubs philosophy is in the interim?

                • nkniacc13

                  But what are you doing with Barney trade him? Because hes not going on the bench the cubs have basically said that

                  • YourResidentJag

                    You could. Why are you so high on Barney? His offense makes him nothing more than utility IF? What are you going to with Barney if and when Baez comes up and they decide to put Baez or Castro at 2b? Also, Johnson can play LF in the event that the Cubs are able to move Soriano. Again it’s a moneyball move to infuse more offense into the lineup.

                    • nkniacc13

                      Im not that high on Barney but apparently the Cubs FO is. What im interested in seeing is what they if they don’t trade their OF’s besides Schierholtz. You have a bunch of OF’s that are under contract for next year that don’t have options. My point with Johnson is you don’t sign another lh batter that doesn’t have a position to start and barring a bunch of trades he wouldnt

                    • YourResidentJag

                      Possibly, we’ll have to see though what they do with their current players, which (other than Schierholtz), essentially have the same offensive profile. It’s nice that the Cubs FO is that high on Barney now. Two yrs from now I don’t think they will be.

                    • nkniacc13

                      2 years from now I don’t think hes under cubs control as well.

                    • YourResidentJag

                      Yeah, so. Again, he’s a utility IF at this stage in his career. He’s kinda like what Jamey Carroll is to the Twins.

    • Jim L

      Take that idiotic lineup proposal to Bleed Cubbie Blue – Al will make you his right-hand man.

      • http://a-rodminorsavg.324hr/yr7 cub2014

        Strong words Jim L why all the hate?
        Idiotic? Really? added a FA 3b to fill the
        gap for Baez or Bryant and a FA ench bat
        and traded for a top starter, ya pretty radical
        and idiotic. What are you a Valbuena fan
        (career .225 hitter)?

        • http://a-rodminorsavg.324hr/yr7 cub2014

          typo: FA bench bat

        • Jim L

          Why fill in with older potential FAs when this FO is looking for guys like Schierholz who have a better chance of a breakout season and can possibly be flipped?

          Wouldn’t it be better for the long term to see what the AAA guys can do? Like Lake, Vitters, Jackson? It’s basically sink or swim for the last two. Alcanatara is probably going to spend at least 1/2 the season in AAA.

          Garza is too much of an injury risk to not trade him and the cost of acquiring Price, is going to be too high, prospect-wise, the system is not ready to lose pieces at this point.

          So yeah, this is the type of line-up I would expect from Yellon over at BCB – ignores everything the FO has done the last two years and thinks it can acquire mediocre players to slip into that second WC spot.

          • nkniacc13

            I could see all 3 of those guys as well as watkins moved before next year

          • http://a-rodminorsavg.324hr/yr7 cub2014

            Jim L, are you OK out in the sun to much today?
            By adding a quality starter and a Free Agent 3B?
            Bringing up Alcantera? Thats consider radical and crazy?
            they signed Jackson to a long term didnt they?
            they have samardija and wood for a few more years
            FO knows they need to start winning next year. They
            also know that they are probably going to end up being
            close to .500 this year. I hope they bring back Garza
            unless the haul is very good.Look if they dont try and trade
            for Price they will bring in another starter unless Baker
            shows he is healthy. You cant win with Barney and
            Valuena. The rookie 3B arent ready so you have to fill
            the gap with a Free Agnt

      • Andrew

        calm down dude you dont have to respond if you dont want to, its not like hes trying to troll or something. If you have something to say in specific just say it. Personally I prefer posts like this that show specific short term moves than all-prospect lineups for 2015-2017 where there isnt actually any room for debate.

    • Kenster

      I would have to say
      C: Castillo
      IF: Rizzo, Valbuena/Watkins, Lake, Castro
      OF: FA, Sweeney, DeJesus
      BN: Bogusevic, Sappelt, FA C, 1 other bench filler like a Donnie Murphy, BJax or Ty Wright
      SP: Shark, Wood, Jackson, Baker, Rusin
      RP: Russell, Strop, Guerrier, Cabrera, Coleman/Rosscup, FA, Parker

  • http://bleachernation arcola

    If you are trying to trade someone why would you implicate injuries?

    • Brett

      Under that theory, the involved teams know Schierholtz is just resting.

      • Hansman1982

        And/or realize that the “injuries” are incredibly minor an by the time he starts for them will be worked out

  • josh

    How much does he get in FA? More than Anibel? Less? Not Greinke $$ right? I know it hasn’t happened a lot but paying him Anibel $ wouldn’t bother me if we traded him for a good package of prospects. This could be be a market inefficiency that they capitalize on. I know this is an inefficiency that has been available to use in the past but this is one a big market
    should capitalize on.

  • http://a-rodminorsavg.324hr/yr7 cub2014

    So who gets traded this year IMO:
    Schierholz-Barney(if he can get a little hot
    rest of July)
    -keep soriano soler wont be ready for 2 years
    why pay his salary and only get low level prospects?
    -please sign garza! if you can or bring him back
    after a trade

    • tim815

      All MLB All-Stars and solid regulars were once low-level prospects.

      If Epstein has no idea paying the freight on a 5-year deal to Garza, trading him to upgrade the system makes all the sense in the world.

      • http://a-rodminorsavg.324hr/yr7 cub2014

        tim815 I agree 5 year deal would be hard to do for
        this FO for Garza I am just saying if you can keep
        him please do because prospects are just that.

    • Assman22

      Pirates were at Villanueva’s last start…nothing imminent…Towers has checked in on Lake…possible bat-for-arm MiLB trade…

      • someday…2015?

        Wisler for Lake could be a nice trade for both sides.

        • cubzfan

          Wisler of the Padres? Towers is the Arizona GM now.

      • Rebuilding

        Villanueva would make a lot of sense for the Pirates. Would have to think they are in on Schierholtz too. Kyle McPherson looks like the kind of guy we would target – just back from injury, but MLB ready

        • cubzfan

          Villanueva and Schierholtz for McPherson and Josh Bell would be nice.

  • Jp3

    Any word on when/where Bryant will be reporting? I’ll be Internet stalking his Arizona at bats until he surfaces.

    • Mr. B. Patient

      No kidding.

      I was streaming Bryant’s press conference, and the significant other looks at the screen and says, “who’s that”, I explain who Bryant is. Her response? “Oh great, know you’ll have two man crushes, this guy and Javy”

      (I don’t have the heart to tell her about Albert, Pierce, and Jorge).

  • http://a-rodminorsavg.324hr/yr7 cub2014


  • http://a-rodminorsavg.324hr/yr7 cub2014

    If Cubs finish 39-31 they will finish with 81
    wins probably around 5 games out of wild
    card. So they are not that far away. I figure
    about 3 free agents and top of the line starter.
    they can be a 90 win team next year. While
    they wait on Baez-Soler-Bryant-Almora in
    2015 and 2016.

    • Cheese Chad

      Unfortunately you’re probably giving up one of those guys for Price.

      • http://a-rodminorsavg.324hr/yr7 cub2014

        To get Price I would think it would take one of our
        top 4 prospects a pitcher like Rusin or Cabrera or
        Hendricks plus a couple more. But if you keep Garza
        and add Price WOW!!! But that is why you stock pile

        • Mark S

          It would take MUCH more than that offer.

          • http://a-rodminorsavg.324hr/yr7 cub2014

            Mark S,
            Not much more, interestingly he is same age as
            when Garza was traded. Garza was fresh off a 15
            win season with a .5 earned run higher we gave up
            3 low level prospects and a 5th outfielder to get him
            and we also received Rosscup back. So really 2 prospects
            and Sam Fuld. To get Price it would take a top 10 mlb
            prospect a top 10 cub prospect a pitcher ready to go
            into the rotation and mlb ready player and probably a
            low level prospect as well. So if you said Baez or Bryant
            Hendricks,Rusin and someone else its certainly doable.

            • http://Isa Voice of reason

              Sure it’s do able to get price, but the cubs aren’t in any position to trade for price. This team is at least two years a way and in all likeliness 3 years away from competing. If they thought they could compete in a year or two they would be signing garza to an extension.

              Look around, were half way thru the season and still no minor leaguers ready to step up and play in the bigs. He’ll there isn’t even anyone close right now.

              • http://a-rodminorsavg.324hr/yr7 cub2014

                So Voice if you add Price keep Garza and add
                a short term run producer and Alcantera at 2B
                you dont think this is a playoff team? The biggest
                assumption is you keep Soriano and DeJesus but
                why give them away. Until these rookies are ready
                you will need these guys to be good.

                • http://Isa Voice of reason

                  Far from a playoff team.
                  I don’t want price. Too many innings on that arm. And, I don’t want to give up what the rays are going to want to get him. If price was the final piece to us contending then I would certainly do it, but that ain’t the case!
                  Adding Alcantera is a nice piece, but certainly not the major shot in the arm this team needs offensively. This teams offense is offensive.
                  You mention soriano and dejesus as keepers, but the fo doesn’t want either. Soriano will probably be traded. He’s old, dude. And dejesus isn’t anything major. They picked up Sweeney off the pile of released players and he was doing just as well as dejesus.
                  This team is so far away from contending. They need three solid bats next year.

  • Mike Taylor (no relation)

    Texas is rumored to be the favorite now for Garza. If Nelson Cruz is among the “BioGenesis” players who’re taking the “plea” deals with MLB, Texas will be out a RFer, probably for the rest of the season, so Nate Schierholtz looks real attractive right now. The rulings will be after the ASB, no doubt.

    Mike Olt will definitely be included (just in a Garza deal) and hopefully, we can land some bigger prospects with Schierholtz included.

    #1. Mike Olt 3B/RF
    #5. Wilmer Font RHSP
    #11. Roman Mendez RHP (piece in the 2010 Saltalamacchia trade, off DL stint)
    #14. Neil Ramirez RHSP
    #18. Nick Williams LH OF

    • Mr. B. Patient

      Wouldn’t trade Olt for Schierholtz straight up. That being said, if he is a throw in, it’s worth the risk. He could always figure it out. Just don’t think he’s a featured guy at this point. The other are all interesting guys, maybe Mendez’s injury history is a bit of a concern. Overall, it may be the best we get, and would improve the farm. Not bad.

      • Josh

        I would love it of we could get Jackson included in a deal with Texas……saw him pitch 3 times this year……sits between 92-96 and he was still hitting 96 late in each of those starts…..did seem like he would lose confidence in his breaking stuff, but when he went back to those he was tough

      • Brent

        Wouldn’t trade Schierholts for Olt straight up? I hope that was a joke. Nate is not that valuable. I think this is a classic example of over valuing our own players. Right or wrong. Olt has had a down year, but he still has the potential. He was # 20 in all of baseball coming into the year. You absolutely take a flyer on a guy like that. At worst he completely loses it like B Jax, but at heat he figures it out and becomes an All Star 3B.

        • http://Isa Voice of reason

          Don’t worry, the rangers ain’t trading olt straight up for schierholtz. And, if the cubs had the chance they wouldn’t hesitate to trade schierholtz for olt.

    • Mr. B. Patient

      All right Mike, let’s be greedy. They keep Font, we get Alfaro.

      • Mike Taylor (no relation)

        Alfaro is also injured. I think the MLB has to approve a trade involving any player on the DL. If I was greedy, I would have included Perez.

        • Mr. B. Patient

          I thought the DL thing only needed to be approved at the big league level. I don’t recall anything needing approval last year when we got Visciano. (but I could be wrong). Also, as greedy as we are, we didn’t name Profar.

          • Mike Taylor (no relation)

            I was thinking about that, too, but I think all players need to pass physicals in order to be traded, so if you’re hurt, you can’t pass… hence, the MLB approval. Maybe it was because Vizcaino was on the Braves’ 40-man roster?

            I could be wrong, though, if it’s just a hurt A-Ball prospect, you wouldn’t want MLB to muck up or delay your trade, but it seems like MLB likes to stick its nose in everything.

    • Cheese Chad

      I’ve never seen the “who’re” contraction. I think I’m a fan.

      • Mike Taylor (no relation)

        I use it all the time. It’s my 2nd favorite, next to:
        y’all’re = you all are
        y’all’ll = you all will

        • Danny Ballgame

          Very well done gents

    • Jim L

      Do you think swapping either Olt or Font for Cody Buckel would make a plausible trade from both teams standpoints?

    • Luke

      A slugging 3B who has trouble making contact, two quality relief pitcher prospects, and change.

      That seems a little weak for Garza and Schierholtz.

      • cub2014

        Luke, I think everyone just needs to let Olt
        Go besides the cubs Already have vitters. Oh ya
        and Bryant Baez iVillanueva. And Candelario not
        to mention Lake.

  • Mike Taylor (no relation)

    Sorry, Font is a closer, not a starter.

  • Oswego chris

    At this point, if Brett Jackson was missing…why are we looking?

  • Tim
  • Corey

    ONe thing I just noticed. The cubs haven’t played a bad game in a while. SUre, they’ve lost, but they haven’t been commiting errors, etc. (Outside of the Angels game, where shark was just destroyed.

  • Die hard

    Maybe him or other OF going to Phillies cause Revere gone?

    • Jed Jam Band

      The Phillies don’t really seem to be too interested in committing to any strategy really. Also, I doubt that. He’s more valuable to a team in serious contention.

  • Cheryl

    Maybe we should take a look at those who haven’t been talked about too much in terms of trades. Vogelbach has been mentioned on and off and is doing okay, Lake is probably on some team’s radar. Those that seem off limits are Rizzo and Castro. But because they’re off limits that doesn’t mean inquiries haven’t been made Barney is mentioned now and ten in terms of trades. Maybe the ones that are quietly having a good season are the ones that other teams figure would blossom in their system. Tag one of these with Russell and you may get a very decent return

  • Hawkeye

    I really worry about the 2014 cubs, I know it’s early but I would just as soon hang on to Soriano. I don’t see getting much for him and he very well may be the most dangerous bat in our lineup. Unless the Cubs FO is very active in free agency replacing Soriano and Garza with similar players (which I don’t feel they will), next years team may be much worse then this years team.

    • rockin’ dawg

      Agree. If we can’t get top-100 prospects, I would rather see us extend Garza, keep Soriano, sign a FA 3B, and be competitive next year.

      • notcubbiewubbie

        wouldnt want to get rid of future hall of famer.

  • nkniacc13

    The interesting thing with any trade they make is that basically last year they went and tried in trades to get AA or so pitching because of the lack of upper level prospects. Now at this years deadline they have a couple in AA who appear ready to move up but don’t have spots at the AAA level at this point. I wonder if you may see a couple more minor league for PTBN made soon depending on what levels the cubs are hoping to get players from especially if they are going after pitching

  • melrosepad

    I’m cursed. Finally make my first I-Cubs game of the year and happy to not see Ian Stewart. So what do I find? We are playing the Isotopes and Ian is starting at 3rd for them. Joy.

    • Jp3

      I hope he gets the golden sombrero.

  • hansman1982

    Garza given notice he will be traded soon…now, how soon is soon:

  • http://Bleachernation Lou Brock

    If trading with Texas Cubs must be sure to get CJ Edwards in the deal. This guy looks to be the real deal based on his numbers the last 2 years. Zero HR’s in over 150 innings pitched and 190 K’s. I would ask for Edwards and either the C Alfaro or the OF Williams for Garza straight up.