stoveI really hope MLB announces/leaks/whatevers the Biogenesis suspensions by the end of this week to help clarify the trade market. I say that not as a fan of a selling team (although, yes, mass suspensions on contending teams would probably help the Cubs), but instead as someone trying to track trade rumors. Until there is relative certainty on the Biogenesis stuff, it’s hard for teams to make moves. The trickling effect isn’t difficult to imagine: say the A’s really like Yovani Gallardo, but don’t want to make a move until they know what’s up with Bartolo Colon’s possible suspension. Meanwhile, the Diamondbacks kinda like Matt Garza and would be ready to offer the best package, but they won’t do it until they know that the same package won’t land them Gallardo. And the Brewers aren’t going to move Gallardo until they know if they can get that one special, awesome prospect they’ve always wanted from the A’s. That’s not only a plausible example, it’s a tiny, tiny circuit when compared to how extended this trickle could become. I want clarity, and, for that reason, I’m quite certain all of the buyers and sellers out there want clarity, too.

  • He sat the last two days before the All-Star break to get a full week’s rest, but Nate Schierholtz remains a popular name in trade circles discussing available outfielders. “Multiple sources” tell TribLive that the Pirates are checking in on Schierholtz in their pursuit of an outfield bat. My position on Schierholtz remains unchanged: if he can net you a very good prospect/player, or he can supplement a bigger trade and turn a package of so-so prospects into a package of elite prospects, then, sure, make a deal. But short of that, he’s under control through 2014, will make a very reasonable salary next year, and has taken quite well both to platooning and Wrigley. The Cubs don’t have a ton of starting-caliber outfielders ready to break through by the start of 2014, so there’s just no rush here.
  • It’s been a long time – well, a long time in rumor season days – since the Padres were “surprising” and “competitive” and “buying.” Danny Knobler reports that they’ve now swung completely in the other direction, and are ready to sell.* The big name that could mean is Chase Headley (no, I don’t see a fit with the Cubs for the reason I’ve said before: Headley doesn’t help the Cubs for the rest of 2013, even if he would in 2014. Because he doesn’t offer the Cubs value in 2013 (i.e., they aren’t playoff contenders), but does offer that value – hugely – to other teams), other teams will rightly be willing to pay much more for him. Where the Padres selling does affect the Cubs, however, is if they make Edinson Volquez (a cheap rental, though largely ineffective) or relievers Huston Street or Luke Gregerson available. Those latter two would command serious attention, even if it’s a down year for both.
  • *Another exemplary reminder of how difficult it is to peg the market in early July, let alone mid-June. And buyers – the legit ones – know this. They frequently would rather wait to buy until late July when there might be more players on the market. This is why a team like the Cubs, even if they for certain want to sell in June or early July can’t always pull it off. You’ve got to have a developed market for it to work.
  • As one team comes onto the market, one team might come off (kinda). That team would be the Marlins, per Joe Frisaro, who are now sending signals that they don’t want to trade any of their younger/cost-controlled players, including Giancarlo Stanton, Logan Morrison, Steve Cishek and Mike Dunn. No one thought Stanton would be traded this year anyway (though this report, coupled with one from Danny Knobler, suggests the Marlins won’t trade him this Winter, either), and the Cubs don’t really have a competing piece on the market for Morrison, so there’s no impact there. But if Cishek and Dunn aren’t available, that helps the reliever market for the Cubs.
  • It doesn’t sounds like scouts trust Kevin Gregg as a sure-fire closer for contenders, given that, when asked by Danny Knobler, the listed on Jonathan Papelbon as a reliable closer that might be available (forget that Papelbon has blown 5 of 25 save opportunities this year … (ok, that’s a little unfair, because he actually has been dominant, though his strikeout rate is way down)). Gregg’s tough two games against the Cardinals on national TV the last two days probably haven’t helped.
  • Speaking of Papelbon and the Phillies, with Ben Revere going down with a broken foot, Phillies GM Ruben Amaro is openly admitting that they’ll look for a center fielder in trade. Too bad David DeJesus has been out, and that Ryan Sweeney broke his rib. Not sure either of them would have been a perfect fit, but desperation is always welcomed by sellers in late July.
  • Ken Rosenthal suspects that scouts from the Pirates, Orioles, and Tigers could have been looking at Cubs relievers this weekend, rather than, for example, Matt Garza.
  • Jon Heyman was on the Score this morning, and, among other things, he said that there should be more interest in Alfonso Soriano than there is, and that the Cubs would likely focus on the prospect return, rather than just saving money. That last bit could ease the fears of folks who had heard Ken Rosenthal’s thoughts on the Cubs’ priorities in a Matt Garza deal
  • Jay

    Unless Schierholz really helps get you prospects you really want by packaging him with someone else, I would be loathe to move him for all the reasons you gave above. His value is greater to us than most other teams.

  • DarthHater

    Uh-oh. This can’t be good:


    • http://bleachernation.com someday…2015?

      That picture ruined my day.

      • Featherstone

        Is it just because he shaved his beard?

      • Danny Ballgame

        Is that what he actually looks like? Bring back the beard and dude hair

        • Cheese Chad

          Usually I hate when the world is a little less bearded, but I don’t mind this move. You’ve gotta stay one step ahead of the superstition.

    • mjhurdle

      i miss the beard, but i appreciate the shout-out to Flava Flav with the gigantic watch, even though it is on his wrist

      • Jp3

        That’s funny, looks like the watch Doc Brown was hanging on in Back to the Future…just a smaller version though.

        • Jp3

          Stop trying to top my post spam!!! Get off our lawn!

          • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

            Thank you for replying to yourself and not the spam – otherwise, I would have had to destroy your comment, too, to get rid of the spam.

            • Jp3

              Yeah that’s why I did it like that, someone told me that a couple weeks ago. That sucks you have to play spam police early in the morning like there is nothing else going on in rumor land. They should give you a break on spamage in July😁

              • Hansman1982

                I love the smell of roasted spam in the morning.

  • Jed Jam Band

    If I were the Pirates, I’d be trying really hard to put together a solution in RF. I mean, they’ve got such a solid team otherwise. Snider is just awful and Schierholtz could really help with that situation. On the other hand, would the prospect cost be worth it? Decisions, decisions.

    • On The Farm

      I would think if they really are that desperate then yes, the Pirates need to make the playoffs and try and win now. A guy like Schierholtz shouldn’t be that prospect expensive in the long run.

      • Jed Jam Band

        I tend to agree with you on this.

    • Kramden

      After ALL these years and they’re on the cusp of FINALLY being above .500 AND making it to the playoffs?

      You bet it’d be worth it to them!

      Who knows what next year and beyond holds for them?

  • Michael

    How about garza shierholtz for Perez, Olt, Jackson

    • Jed Jam Band

      Sign me up.

    • CubsFaninMS

      That actually sounds like a fair trade on both sides to me.

    • Cubbyboy13

      Not sure i want Olt. Rangers have some other interesting guys though. Jorge Alfaro, CJ Edwards, Nick Williams, Neil Ramirez, and Alec Asher are all interesting pieces

      • Mr. B. Patient

        That would be too much to expect. Olt would just be the cherry on the Sundae….any of your other choices would be another scoop of ice cream, and I don’t think we’ll get that for Garza. Perez and Jackson alone would be a good get. I think.

        • Nathan

          I think you misunderstood my comment. I wasn’t suggesting the Cubs would get all of those players back in a trade. Just naming guys in the Rangers’ system that I liked

    • http://cubsdailyrecaps.blogspot.com Jason P

      Sounds pretty good, but the Rangers would only do it if they’re confident they can lock Garza up long term… because they’re giving up a lot of future value.

  • http://www.bleachernation.com Salesguy

    Heard the pirates were also scouting Villanueva as well.

    • On The Farm

      By trading Garza and Villanueva before August the FO would have no choice but to pitch Raley and Rusin in the rotation (assuming they still want Arreita to work on mechanics).

      • Patrick G

        Depends the return. Pretty sure the FO wants near ready MLB pitchers, so they could potentially take the spots also.

        • On The Farm

          Nah, that would run the risk of winning more games.

          I kid, but I wouldn’t mind an extended look at the lefties so they can face more MLB batters.

      • Mike W

        They can actually trade Garza and have Scott Baker fill the void for now. He is scheduled to be coming back in August or in late July, but then the Cubs lose Garza which I rather they not do!

        • On The Farm

          That is why I said if they trade them both before August. Baker just made his first rehab start in the middle of July. If both guys get moved in the next two weeks we would need Raley and Rusin tag team baby

      • Josh

        Maybe for a short time, but barring a set back, they have Baker coming back, they could go to Cabrera or Hendricks, they could turn to Moscosco also. They do not automativcally have to use Rusin and/or Raley, and if they do only one could be needed for extended duty.

        • On The Farm

          No need to start an arbitration clock on Hendricks, I bet they use Raley and Rusin since they are on the 40 man, have already used their options, and Rusin actually is having success in Iowa and pitched on three days rest in Oakland. These guys aren’t completely worthless.

  • Spriggs

    It sucks that Gregg is ineffective twice on National TV – and that (theoretically) costs the Cubs some return in his trade value. On the other hand, he could rip off 10 or so saves in a row and it doesn’t affect anything much the other way. Same with Soriano. He gets red hot… a Ruthian streak almost, and it has no affect on his interest? Another crazy anti-Cubs phenomena?

    • On The Farm

      If Kevin Gregg pitched for the Cardinals, their GM would be a genius, Duncan would further cement his status as all pitchers he touches turn to gold, and Molina would get a lot of the credit for making sure Gregg does what he does best, throw strikes.

      But, he plays for the Cubs so no one wants to give anything of value for him.

      • cas-castro

        Duncan isn’t their pitching coach anymore. Its all yadier Molina
        Derrick lilliquist is their pitching coach this year.

    • AD

      If we can get anything for Gregg I will take it. We took a flyer on him, so whatever we can get will be a steal. One of the better pickups by the front office. And, for all of you questioning the waiver wire pickups, look no further than Gregg. It only takes one good pickup to be successful. Hopefully Gregg can get back on track and rip off a few 1-2-3 innings after the All-Star Break.

      • Spriggs

        What good will it do if he rips off a few 1-2-3 innings? That’s my point. Nobody cares if he rips off 10 saves in a row. Nobody cares if Soriano hits another 6 or 7 homers next week… On The Farm is right. They’re Cubs. Nobody will give real value for some reason.

        So what if we took a flyer on Gregg? Nobody really wants him (including us!). It’s ridiculous.

        • On The Farm

          It’s as if the Cubs are the Twilight zone of baseball

  • Cubbies4Life

    OMG, Rizzo then Castro and now Wood? Shavin’ stuff for good luck? Who’s next – The Shark? AAAARRGGHHHHHH!!!!!

  • dhard84

    Just out of curiosity, does anyone know when the All Star trade news “quiet period” ends (is it Wednesday?)

    • Mr. B. Patient

      Wednesday at midnight (EST) I believe.

  • When the Music’s Over

    The MLB trade rumor season is hilarious. So great that all these “plugged-in” guys not only contradict each other from day-to-day, but they also often contradict themselves from day-to-day. I wonder how much of what they say is total fabrication just to stay relevant in the process.

    • Mr. B. Patient

      You asked:

      “I wonder how much of what they say is total fabrication just to stay relevant in the process.”

      I say: Most of it. They are ‘trolling’ themselves for page hits. It’s a new world we live in.

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      I tend to think it’s less an issue of fabrication, and more of a combination of a few things (source isn’t great but the rumor is sexy; teams talk to other teams about all kinds of crazy things in a very exploratory fashion; teams talk internally about all kinds of even crazier things; the people involved in these deals are real human beings subject to re-thinking things and changing minds).

      • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

        (For me, making up a rumor is just something I would never, ever do. The upside is far too small, and the downside to your reputation is too large. I also really respect my readers, and I just wouldn’t do that to them. That’s why I haven’t had an originally-sourced rumor yet this trade season – I just haven’t been tipped on a reliable one yet. I’m not ashamed to be honest about that.)

        • TWC

          I’ve been wondering what happened to your tipster.

          • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

            There wasn’t just one. As others have noted, and I’ll only obliquely reference, the new front office runs a very tight ship. Good for them.

            • TWC

              I blame Hendry.

        • DarthHater

          Here’s your first. Cubs’ 41st round draft pick T. W. Conroy has tested positive for “certain substances of an illicit nature.”

          • DarthHater

            Speak of the devil. 😛

          • Headscratchin

            In the case of Conroy I suspect the only part of LOOGY that applies is left handed. As in left handed cigarettes…

  • ruby2626

    Not sure I agree that Luke Gregorson is having a down year. 2.93 ERA and 1.02 WHIP is still pretty good. Believe he got off to a red hot start and then cooled but overall not too shabby. Would love to get him, although I think he grew up a Sox fan I know he would love to play in Chicago, still spends a lot of time here in the offseason. It’s funny that by complete coincidence his Dad and Brian Schlitter’s Dad have been on the same softball team in the past. Haven’t seen Brian’s Dad since last year however. Would love to see them both on the Cubs.

  • Justin

    I still maintain that if the Cubs could get Martin Perez in a deal with the Rangers that would be so freaking awesome. I like Olt a little bit, and a hell of a lot more than Vitters but don’t care really if he’s involved. But if the Cubs could switch out Olt for Vitters too that would be even more freaking awesome. Make it happen Thed..

    I don’t know how any playoff caliber team could completely trust Gregg as their closer even before the last couple games. But yeah I like him as a throw in Reed Johnson style if it helps I guess.

    • Crockett

      Yep. Probably unlikely now, as Garza would be replacing Grimm in the rotation, not Perez.

      So I think the Cubs would be looking for other guys from the Rangers.

  • dash

    MLB should announce the suspensions immediately, and if any All-Stars are involved they should be prohibited from participating in the AS Game and any related activities.

  • Zachary

    Guys like Colon and Cabrera could of used that clinic when they already tested positive so unless the documents are after their suspensions I can’t see those guys getting suspended

  • Mick

    I think you’re overlooking possibly the best reliever/closer on the market which is Glenn Perkins. He’s under team control on an extremely friendly contract for the next 3 seasons. He’ll be the #1 target for teams in need of a RP or a closer. I’m not sure the Twins would trade him to Detroit although. Another possible Twins trade candidate is Josh Willingham but he’s currently recovering from having his knee scoped a few weeks back. He’s more likely a waiver trade candidate.

  • North Side Irish

    Phil Rogers ‏@ChiTribRogers 54s
    Chris Davis just gave Brant Brown, the former Cub, a shout-out for helping him develop as a power hitter while in the Rangers’ farm system.

    Brown will forever be the guy who came closest to killing Ron Santo during a radio broadcast…

    • TWC


      • Stevie B

        Yeah….That will be etched in my brain for ever.


  • Adam

    To me there is a sliding scale with Soriano. His production (lets just say .260 with 20 homers and 80 rbis) is probably worth somewhere in the 6 million dollar range. So if you trade him now and save $8-10 million on $27 million, then I don’t expect much back in prospects. If Cubs eat $25 million of his contract, I’d expect a little more in return for prospects.

    • Eternal Pessimist

      If the Cubs can afford to eat the $25 million in his contract, I would assume they would just as easily roll that money into the payroll of another free agent.

  • http://Bleachernation Lou Brock

    Keep Soriano, Sweeney, & DeJesus for starting OF next year with Gillespie and Lake as your 4th & 5th outfielders. Platoon Valbuena & Lake at third, Castro at SS, platoon Watkins and Barney at second, and Rizzo at first. Catch Castillo and Navarro another year.
    Pitch Samardzija, Wood, Jackson, Villanueva, and Arrieta / Cabrera or the pitcher we get for Garza.
    Closer should be Strop, setup men Russell, Parker, Bowden, and young power arms acquired in deals.

    • Eternal Pessimist

      I like this idea. You get to bring Lake up and keep him in the line-up often enough with a platoon so he doesn’t get too stagnant. Not likely to be a playoff team, but maybe a respectable team until our 2015 call-ups.

  • cerambam

    “Headley doesn’t help the Cubs for the rest of 2013, even if he would in 2014. Because he doesn’t offer the Cubs value in 2013 (i.e., they aren’t playoff contenders), but does offer that value – hugely – to other teams), other teams will rightly be willing to pay much more for him.”

    Though I agree with you, I have to take a page out of your own book: you can only acquire guys when they’re available.

    Obviously, the cubs wouldn’t be happy/willing to match what other contending teams would be willing to throw at the Padres for Headley, but that’s the only way they can get him if they want him.

    I don’t think it would be unreasonable for the FO to go after someone LIKE Headley or Stanton during a season in which they are not explicit buyers due to the plain fact that they know who they want and when they plan to compete.

    Maybe they were hoping to wait until the offseason for a Headley or Stantonn trade, but decide to pull the trigger now because the Padres flopped a little too early. It would be an aggressive move (that may not be worth it), but its not a move that makes 0 sense.

    • Mick

      29 years old, free agent to be in 2015, he’ll make about $11 million in 2014 which is about break-even if he produces in 2014 like he’s producing in 2013. I still think you’d be buying high on Headley even with his poor first half. Also, you’d be trading some of our top prospects for a guy that doesn’t fit the present or the future of the Cubs’ organization. So, yea, I guess it makes zero sense.

      • On The Farm

        but he’s available..

        • Mick

          but he’s not free..

          • On The Farm

            darn you and your making sense abilities..

          • Mr. B. Patient

            I’m with you, Mick. Why deplete a farm system you’ve worked so hard to build for a 30 year old guy that’s had 1 great year?

            if they (SD) want to do a salary dump, and ask for meh prospects, take a shot. Otherwise, let’s move on.

            • Rebuilding

              Not to mention that Headley is just not a game changer. Before his career year last year he had never hit over 12 HRs or slugged over .420 (and every year besides that one was under .400). He caught lightning in a bottle last year and made himself a ton of money, but I would definitely pass

      • cerambam

        Saying that Headley doesn’t meet the present or future of the Cubs makes less sense to me. I am in no way advocating a trade for Headley right now, it was merely an exercise in examining the possibility of trades for good players during lost seasons (as I noted).

        However, a 29 year old, at a position of need, who offers 1.5 years of control and used to play for our current GM is not a 0 sense move. Especially considering the likelihood of competitiveness beginning the next 1-2 years.*

        *If you get to assume that we have to trade our top prospects to get him, then I get to assume we worked out a team friendly extension to keep him.

        • DarthHater

          I like this game. I get to assume that, through a series of trades, our starting outfield next year will be Cargo, Trout, and Stanton. 😛

          • cerambam

            That’s exactly my point. It’s not reasonable to assume who is going to be involved in a hypothetical trade that I said might not even be worth it in the first place.

            That is all besides the fact that I said players LIKE Headley.

            • DarthHater

              i’m not being critical or even trying to make a point. I just like assuming that will be our outfield. 😀

              • cerambam


                • cerambam

                  I just wanna be like you, Darth.

            • Eternal Pessimist

              I think the “what ifs” are more fun if you look for logical trades. We are currently looking to trade away pieces with 1/2 to 1 1/2 years control to replace them with more control when we compete in 2015.

              Of course I’ve already written off 2014, more or less.

          • Mr. B. Patient

            Would your scenario leave Harper as our 4th outfielder?

    • Devin

      Headley is 29 and has had one good season; which was also the only season that he’s hit over 12 HRs. Let’s not go after a player, and buy incredibly high IMO, based on one good year.

  • Mick

    Red Sox looking for an upgrade at 3B, cough*Chase Headley*cough per MLBTraderumors.com. This could be impactful to the Cubs if the Padres get the prospects we’d want for Garza.

    • cerambam

      But the Padres would no longer be buying if they sold Headley to the Red Sox. Why would they trade Headley to acquire Garza?

      • On The Farm

        No we can’t get prospects from Boston, if they send them to the Padres, Boston is one of the pitching rich suitors for Garza

    • cerambam

      Or did you mean it would be bad for the cubs because the Red Sox gave the prospects the Cubs want for Garza to the Padres for Headley?

    • Rebuilding

      I would think a Headley deal would be centered around Cecchini +. We were never getting him for Garza anyway, but the additional arms to go along could affect us. I wouldn’t do it if I were the Red Sox – Headley has only had one truly great year. Other than that he’s been pretty blah. Cecchini is going to be a beast and might be ready as soon as September

  • Ed

    Not sure how legit a source this guy is, but he’s reporting a 3 way deal is close involving Cubs Rangers and Mets — RT @DFWSportsbeat: Rangers reportedly nearing deal for Garza And Marlon Byrd from Cubs. Olt in deal…more to come

    • Rebuilding

      Ugghhhh…unbelievable the Mets are going to get anything useful for Byrd. Wish he would have done this during last year’s first half

    • cerambam

      That tweet was 3 hours ago though, and no one else seems to be hearing that.

      • Rebuilding

        Yes, but even if not in this hypothetical deal Byrd is going to be moved somewhere for at least a lottery ticket

    • nkniacc13

      If that were to happen I wonder who else would be included in the Cubs

      • Rebuilding

        Making up hypotheticals. The Mets have a black hole at SS. Irrespective of what I said about Lake yesterday, if you could get Rafael Montero from them then ok.

        Rangers: Garza and Byrd
        Mets: Lake
        Cubs: Montero, Olt, Font and Jackson

        • nkniacc13

          I could see Lake being traded before the deadline.

        • AB

          I’d rather have Lake than Olt.

          • Rebuilding

            I would rather have Montero than both

            • Rebuilding

              That part of the trade is essentially Lake for Montero/Byrd. Fills our need for a MLB ready starter and their need for a SS and also makes up for the fact we can’t get Perez from Texas

  • Mr. B. Patient

    I know they’re busy, but how many times, today, have Theo and Jed checked into this site to get trade ideas?

    Good Luck guys….make us proud.

  • http://a-rodminorsavg.324hr/yr7 cub2014

    Luke or Brett,
    Is there a stat that shows errors by 2B and
    how that translates to runs scored. I.E.
    15 errors equal 10 runs? Just curious
    because Alcantera I think has 15 errors and
    Barney has 3 so do 12 errors translate to
    9 runs on average?

    • Mr. B. Patient

      Fielding stats like that are a bit unreliable, but I guess dWAR would help. Remember, though, Alcantara has made only 4 errors @2nd base in 99 chances. That’s not horrible for a guy who hasn’t had a ton of playing time there.

  • http://bleachernation.com someday…2015?

    Tweet from @KrisBryant_23

    “Off to Mesa!!”
    2:09pm – 15 Jul 13

    • Jp3

      Woooooohoooooooo!!! In a slow few days for cubs news seeing we have one guy in the all star game and he probably won’t even play, and we can’t announce a trade involving Garza, this is awesome news.

      • http://bleachernation.com someday…2015?

        I thought so too. Can’t wait to see his name in the box score every night.

        • Mr. B. Patient

          So do we think he’ll get game time in Mesa, or only workout time, then go to Boise to play?

          NO. I’m not patient…

          • http://bleachernation.com someday…2015?

            About a week of games in the AZL and then up to Boise is my guess.

        • Jp3

          And now I have another man crush to deal with. I’m curious too if he’ll actually play in Mesa or just show them how studly he is then ship him to Boise.

          • Mr. B. Patient

            I think he’ll need to hit .300, 10 homers and rescue two babies before he’s promoted.

  • Headscratchin

    I went to the Texas AA team game last night against the San Diego AA team. Didn’t see anyone from the Rangers do anything good, but the San Antonio team looked pretty solid! THAT team looked more worth scouting than the Texas team did.

    Rymer Liriano of the Missions looked like a stud!

  • Rebuilding

    Sheehan on the Score: “the Cubs record is the worst thing about the organization right now and probably the least important thing going forward. They are closer to the World Series now than at any time since Mark Prior stood on the mound in the 8th inning in the 2003 NLCS. Probably in 2015, but definitely by 2016 the Cubs won’t just be very good, they will be one of the best teams in baseball.”

    Aside from forgetting about some pretty good teams in 2007-8 I think this is pretty spot on. For those who dislike the White Sox he said they are about where the Astros were 2 years ago. Ouch

  • Stogie

    I’m glad Ryan Sweeney is hurt so we can’t deal him. I don’t get why we should. He’s not expensive, he’s not old, he plays good defense, he produces. It’s not like he’s gonna net an elite prospect anyway. We may be rebuilding, but we have to have some players that can play in the big leagues.

    • twinkletoez

      Because he is a Free Agent at the end of the year so its better to trade him and get something then have him walk at the end of this year?

      • mudge

        How about signing him at the end of the year?

  • http://bleachernation.com someday…2015?

    Miguel Gonzalez cleared to sign with a MLB team per MLBtraderumors.

  • http://It'searly Mike F

    Olt is the most hyped prospect in baseball to carry so little evidence to support his status. Even excluding Baez, the Cubs have multiple realistic prospects including lottery pick Bryant and plenty in the OF. A deal that in any way centers on Olt would be very disappointing.

    • Rebuilding

      At this point he won’t be the centerpiece. However, you would be buying a Top 100 prospect entering the season while his stock is down. He has had vision problems this year due to one of his tear ducts not working – that has now been fixed. In June he put up 255/364/520 so there is something there

      • http://www.bleachernation.com Luke

        That K% still concerns me. And it’s been high at every stop of his minor league career.

        • Rebuilding

          Totally agree. At this point he’s a flyer to me, not the centerpiece

          • http://It'searly Mike F

            Throw in or flyer, maybe ok, not in anyway a significant addition though…..

  • AD

    Any word from Assman today?

    • Rebuilding

      Not that Ive seen, but ABTY7 (who usually has pretty good info) is saying that with respect to the 2 teams negotiating with Garza’s agent a deal with them would include a PTBNL contingent on Garza signing an extension/new contract with them

  • NotAssman22

    Garza on verge of being traded tonight with an announcement on Wednesday

    • cjdubbya

      I love this guy.

    • Sandberg

      How’s the return?

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