The 2013 MLB Home Run Derby – Rosters, Time, Broadcast, Etc.

prince fielder home run derbyThe Home Run Derby has long been one of my favorite annual non-Cubs-specific baseball events. Whether it was the formative Sammy Sosa years, the laid-back atmosphere, or the fact that I’m totally cliche and like to watch homers, I couldn’t say. I just know I like it, and I watch it every year.

The Wife, because she knows this and is awesome, suggested that we get some appetizers and have The Little Girl stay up a little late and watch some of the Derby with us. So that’s what we’re doing, and I’m totally stoked.

The Derby starts at 7pm CT on ESPN or Feel free to chat about the Derby in the comments below.

The AL Roster:

Chris Davis

Robinson Cano

Yoenis Cespedes

Prince Fielder

The NL Roster:

Pedro Alvarez

Bryce Harper

Michael Cuddyer

David Wright

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89 responses to “The 2013 MLB Home Run Derby – Rosters, Time, Broadcast, Etc.”

  1. cubchymyst

    I’m going to pick Harper.

  2. mooncricket

    Chicago cubs are improving

  3. ssckelley

    This lineup is not even fair. The NL is going to get crushed again.

    1. Austin

      I actually think Pedro Alverez could shock some people. Other than that yea AL always has the better lineup for the HR derby it seems.

    2. Timothy Scarbrough

      But who would you replace them with?

      1. ssckelley

        The league leader Carlos Gonzalez would be a good start.

        1. Cheese Chad

          He declined I think. That’s why Alvarez is in.

      2. Jackalope

        Giancarlo. Stanton.

        (He’s not on the DL still is he)

  4. cubchymyst

    Projected 548′ damn

  5. @cubsfantroy

    I’m going with Alvarez. I think he is going to shock everyone and come away the winner.

  6. cubchymyst

    Wish Bernman would shut up with the back, back, back.

    1. Jason Powers

      Sounds like a chicken clucking…bock bock bock!!!

  7. Serious Cubs Fan

    Could you guys imagine Baez or Bryant in this homerun derby a couple years from now?

    1. Cyranojoe

      Soler? Vogelbach eventually?

      1. someday...2015?

        I would like to see a strictly Cubs minor league homerun derby.

        1. Baez
        2. Bryant
        3. Vogelbach
        4. Soler
        5. Alcantara

        I think id take Vogelbach to win.

        1. cubchymyst

          I don’t think Alcantara would stand a chance, but that would be as fun to watch as this.

        2. ssckelley

          Rock Shoulders!

    2. Serious Cubs Fan

      Cubs Charity Event Idea: Cubs Prospects vs. Cubs Major Leaguers in a homerun derby at Wrigley. Boom I’d buy a ticket and I’d probably take the prospects over are big league players in a homerun derby. Literally would be awesome to watch

      1. sven-erik312

        That’s a great idea actually.

  8. zHolliday-

    David wright is pure class act. Hope Bryant is watching this and taking notes.

  9. Jason Powers

    Wright encourages Berman….why? He

  10. Chris S

    I’d rather see the recap tomorrow or watch it on mute than listen to Berman… Man, what a pompous windbag…

  11. Jason Powers

    Put it in the Truck, Yes!
    Aw, doing hawk!

    Cespedes! Can’t hit usually, but can drive it deep!

  12. Jason Powers

    Cespedes got that groove going! Hit that truck!!!!

    1. cubchymyst

      A broken window would be awesome

      1. Jason Powers

        Like a minor league game. What if they forgot to disconnect the alarm package.

  13. mjhurdle

    probably just me, but after the first few impressive HRs, i think it is more fun watching the kids fight for the ball in the OF than anything else. Those kids aren’t playing around.

  14. Jason Powers

    They needed more trucks. Line them up in center….make it realistic to see some damage. Not like money is the issue.

  15. mjhurdle

    Chris Davis is accidentally crushing balls 400+ ft.

    that dudes swing is so smooth

  16. Jared

    But…if we take a flier from an earlier post…they are ALL on PED’s!!! Don’t mistake my comment…I am 100% OK with it!!! Charlie Sheen said it best in Two and a Half Men…”I’d rather see a meat covered robot hit the ball 600 feet”…or something along those lines!

  17. Austin

    I think the next best part of the HR derby besides the HR themselves is the amount of money that gets raised during this.

  18. Jason Powers

    Yeah, windows yes!

    1. cubchymyst

      Why haven’t they shown a close up of it yet

      1. Jono

        thats what I keep wondering

      2. Jason Powers

        Because its ESPN…there wasn’t a slam dunk to show.

  19. COW142

    Someone needs to put Boomer out of his misery! Horrendous announcer. Talking about the Polo Grounds for all you youngsters out there. I am 40 and I did not sniff a chance at seeing the Polo Grounds!

    1. Jason Powers

      Only in pictures…Remember the Astrodome or the Big O? Those places were death valleys for homers. Montreal more friendly to doubles on that shitty turf.

  20. Rebuilding

    They are now going to do a Sharknado sequel? Say it ain’t so

  21. Jason Powers

    Harper, not old enough to drink. But old enough to be a Cub…in a dream.

  22. ThompsonLives

    So the Cubs had a crack at three Cuban position players. One of them was second in ROY voting and 10th in MVP voting, one has set the game on fire with his exciting start, and the one the Cubs got is injured in High-A ball.


    1. X the Cubs fan

      And yet Soler is a top 20 prospect and is still the youngest out of all three with the highest ceiling.

      1. Hawkeye

        That highest ceiling thing is pretty debateable. If all money is even I think most GMs would take Solar third in that group right now.

      2. Justin

        I am pretty sure it’s safe to say that Soler doesn’t have a higher ceiling than Puig. Puig’s ceiling is the best baseball player ever. I know it’s not likely, but Puig’s tools are freaking ridiculous.. It’s obviously way to early to write off Soler though.

        1. chirogerg

          Soler has better ceiling, also better tools except arm and field. Puig had ridiculously unsustainable start, and since pitchers have adjusted, he has not hit well.

          1. Rebuilding

            Not a chance he has a higher ceiling. If you have watched Puig at all you wouldn’t say that. Will the league adjust some, of course, but it’s not like he is much older than Soler (1.2 years) and I pray Soler does in A+ ball what Puig is doing in the majors

            1. X the Cubs fan

              His power potential and approach at the plate are better than Puigs. Puig has shown hes a good player and all but theres no doubt in my mind Soler can be an elite player in this league.

              1. Rebuilding

                Hmmm…well, I don’t know really what else to say. I surely hope that’s the case, but I’m not sure what you’ve seen so far to lead you to believe that

              2. Justin

                Dude, what Puig has done in the majors is historic. His ceiling blows Soler’s out of the water at this point. It’s not even worth arguing. Of course the league is going to adjust to Puig, but damn he can come down to earth a lot and still be one of the top players in the majors. And I like Soler a lot, but to argue he has a higher ceiling than Puig at this point is a little out there imo..

                1. bbmoney

                  Puig’s pretty sweet. But he’s also shown signs that what he’s done his first two months may not last long. He needs to learn not to swing at everything. You aren’t going to BABIP .472 your whole career. Heck until he does it for a couple years I won’t even say he’s going to BABIP .372 normally.

                  That said there is a huge difference doing anything close to what he’s doing in the majors and doing well in A+.

            2. SenorGato

              I took a huge swing and a miss on Puig. Not even sure how good he will be in the long run, but I could not have been more wrong about his tools.

          2. ScottK

            Some truth to that – OPS of .720 in July. Isn’t he fighting a hip injury though?

      3. Rebuilding

        Yeah, I’m a huge Soler fan, but what Puig has done is almost unprecedented and he is barely a year older than Soler

      4. Jason P

        Hard to know Soler’s ceiling at this point. Puig still has the inconsistent approach and maturity issues that kept him from being ranked higher on top prospect lists, and he skyrocketed up the Dodger’s system so fast no one had a chance to develop a scouting report on how to pitch him.

        Also, he’s gained 30 pounds in a year. He was 215 when he when he signed, and he’s 245 now – that’s a TON of weight for one year.

        By comparison, the difference in weight from Barry Bonds here:

        To here:

        is 38 pounds. No way to know for sure, but Puig’s case seems suspicious.

  23. someday...2015?

    Woah. That little kid just got slapped hard!

    1. SenorGato

      Was it shown on TV? I wonder if there will be backlash and some phony national stir about hitting kids. It’s been a week since a couple weeks since Paula Deen and even more weeks since the ATL DJs allowed for some phony outrage to occur. Need moar.

      1. someday...2015?

        It was an accident. Kind of funny actually. The kid was so wide eyed and no one around even seemed to notice he just got slapped in the face.

  24. cubchymyst

    Think the most impressive home run belong to Prince. I like the fact that ESPN got a bilingual announcer instead of using an interpreter plus an announcer.

  25. Chris

    Looking forward to Baez, Bryant, and Soler playing in the Derby one year…

  26. Stogie

    Just think, Jim Hendry was interested in getting Davis from Texas a few yrs ago.

  27. demz

    I think we all see some Jeff Franceour in Puig right now, that’s all.

  28. Serious Cubs Fan


    You see the piece by Paul Sullivan in the Tribune this morning. Epstein says he does see the big 4 being ready at any point next season. So he straight up said he doesn’t think Baez, Soler, Bryant, Almora will mostly not get called up next season (the latter 2 I never really thought had a chance. Soler I thought could have possibly had an outside chance to get a call up in September 2014 if all went well, but the injury through a wrench to that possibility, not going to happen anymore. And in Baez’s case of getting the call up not likely either because of Theo/Jed “policy” of getting guys 500 at-bats in AAA. Bullets material possibly because a lot of us commentors debate on the Big 4′s ETA.

    Epstein Quote: “I don’t think we have a ton of help coming next year through the system.”

    1. Serious Cubs Fan

      Doesn’t see*

    2. Jp3

      I don’t know that the quote you mentioned Epstein said meant there is no way in hell none of the big 4 can get to Chicago next year. I think much like Baez’s promotion early to Tennessee someone could force their hand with a phenomenal 1st half. I just think he meant in general there isn’t a whole lot of help in the upper systems right now. I know it’s a long shot but if we’re floating around .500 and close in a wild card or central race and one of those guys is in AA tearing the cover off the ball in a position of need I could see us making a move early

      1. MichiganGoat

        Agreed, this is more about not getting expectations up for next year in terms of any impact the Big 4 will have on the MLB team next year. Best case senario is that next year our pitching continues to be better than expected, our bullpen solidifies, Castro & Rizzo return to the expectations everyone has, another handful of short term FA exceed expectations, and we sign/trade 1 to 2 long term players. We dance around the .500 range and sniff the playoffs and then 2015 we see the farm starting to make an impact on the MLB roster.

        Its a lot of “what ifs” but that is what a rebuild looks like.

        1. Serious Cubs Fan

          Agreed, I just thought I’d share it because it was interesting

      2. Serious Cubs Fan

        There is always still a chance, but isn’t likely from what it sounded. If you read the whole article Sullivan said Epstein was very blunt in his statements. He made it sound like it really isn’t likely. I’m not the biggest fan of Sullivan but it’s an interesting read. The whole article was basically saying they are going to take their time developing the big 4 and not rush them at all.,0,7371029.story

        1. MichiganGoat

          And that is the correct move, it wouldn’t surprise me if all the Big 4 find themselves in AA by the end of next year, but that would mean that they are absolutely destroying Kane County/Daytona.

        2. Jp3

          Very interesting, thanks for posting the link. Good stuff this morning, at least until the pros get here😃

          1. MichiganGoat

            I’m a pro goat!

            1. Jp3

              I almost put a caveat in there that you are already an established pro goat😊

        3. Hansman1982

          He’s just tamping expectations.

          1. Hansman1982

            Nope, that was Sullivan being his usual hater. He took the “not much help” and ran with it.

            1. Serious Cubs Fan

              Thought as much

            2. MichiganGoat

              NO never not Sully

            3. Serious Cubs Fan

              Did you guys ever watch Sully when he went on Kap’s show Chicago Tribune live (now STL)? I couldn’t stand him. He was the most stuck up know it all, who was the biggest pessimist. Couldn’t stand the the guy and still can’t stand his writing sometimes. The only thing he was good for on that show was telling locker room stories about Big Z

      3. MichiganGoat

        I’m also expecting that one or two of the big 4 get traded for an established MLB player. I would love to dream it would be Stanton but I’m not sure we have enough AA/AAA talent to make that move happen.

        1. Serious Cubs Fan

          I would love to see Stanton in a Cubs uniform but it hurt to see a couple of the big 4 gone. My guess is we were trading the Marlin’s for Stanton that Soler wouldn’t be one of the players in the deal because of the very complex contract. I believe in Soler’s contract that he can opt out of his contract when he reaches qualifying for arbitration years. He can opt to go through arbitration if he thinks he can make more money through that process. But besides the point he’d be making a lot more then your average young player league and prospect. That doesn’t fit the mold of a Jeffery Loria (Marlins owner) type of player. He is dirt cheap and wouldn’t be wanting to pay a minor leaguer millions of dollars. Complete speculation and maybe they’d make an exception for a stud of Soler’s talents but I just think knowing how the Marlins are so cheap they’d opt for one of the other 3. I’m probably over thinking it, and they’d go for which ever one they thought had the most impact but you never know with a team whose owner is as cheap as Loria

          1. MichiganGoat

            Stanton will take at least 2 of our top 4 (and I believe that Bryant can’t be traded for one year) and then a handful of other top 20 talent. I would be a massive deal that would strip our system of at least 5 top 20 talent. When they decide to trade him (and all this talk that they won’t is just them being coy) EVERY TEAM IN BASEBALL will be putting massive packages of prospects to win him and I don’t think Theo wants to get involved in a major bidding war.

            1. Serious Cubs Fan

              On top of that Stanton could be the next guy in line to get a MEGA DEAL when he is trade. Who ever trades for him will almost certainly want to work out a longer term deal and at the very least buy out some of his arbitration years. He is young, talented, 80 scale power, canon for an arm. Dude is built like a NFL linebacker. Only down side on him is that he seems to get knick up quite a bit and is a little injury prone.

          2. praying the cubs get ready to win

            Maybe a package of Maples, P Johnson and Vogelbach for Stanton and we keep our big 4. Maybe we toss in aRussell or DeJesus.

            1. MichiganGoat

              It will take a lot more than that… you’ve got to start with a Big 4 name… because the other teams will be offering their top talent to get him. That is a pathetically poor return for Stanton.

            2. Jp3

              I doubt you could get a $1 menu item for Maples at this point. I hope he can straighten out his mechanical issues. Last night he faced 3 batters and walked all 3. Something isn’t right with him upstairs, I’m thinking its some kind of Ankiel or Wholers sort of thing. They pulled him quickly after he loaded the bases I guess and the next pitcher up retired the side for him.

              1. Luke

                So far as I can tell, the Cubs are reworking his delivery. It was speculated they would after he was drafted, but now we’re seeing the reworked mechanics in action.

                I don’t think we need to assume he has the same problems that took Ankiel off the mound.

                1. Serious Cubs Fan

                  Hey if pitching doesn’t pan out for Maple’s we could always trade him to the Bears. Maple’s was recruited as Punter at UNC and was going to go there on a football scholarship till the Cubs lured him away from his commitment with a big overslot deal.

                  1. Luke

                    I think he was going to walk on at UNC; I don’t think he was on a football scholarship. He had been recruited, though.

            3. Serious Cubs Fan

              They’d laugh at us and hang up the phone. Stanton will command AT LEAST 2 top 50 and a couple more top 20 guys.

              Its funny how we expect the world for Garza but we don’t expect that we’d have to give up anything to acquire one of the best young players in the game.

              Maples stock is extremely down (he’d be considered a throw in guy now), P Johnson is great but not consider even a top 100 guy (yet), and Vogelbach is considered a fringy top 100 guy right now, who has potential to break into it once he hits at higher levels. Like the thinking though. If we through in one of the Big 4 then they would pick up the phone and we’d at least have their attention.

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